Aaptiv Fitness App Review 2022: the best Workout App?

Aaptiv Fitness app review

Having a nice physique was once adjudged to be men’s priority. Today, with the growing need to have a good looking body shape, the ladies are up for it. One thing that comes from attempt to build your body is that you become stronger and fit. Fitness is of top-notch importance for all that wants to maintain their health.

Like they say, “health is wealth”. You need to plan your life as to accommodate space or the schedule for exercise in order to keep fit. You have to prepare your mind that your fitness is in your hands. You may not be looking for hypertrophic muscles like those that gym but certainly, you want to be at alert every minute. Do you know that those that take out time to do exercise have a stronger immune system? Do you know they hardly fall sick?

Well, it is one thing to know the advantages of doing exercise or keeping fit but it is another thing all together to have what it takes to achieve it. Attaining fitness involves small skill. You ,an not know everything but to a reasonable extent, being guided by professions can make you attain good physical looks very fast. Yes! The profession, either virtual or real live, will be to instruct, motivate and correct your mistakes.

We understand how costly it is to have a real live coach for your fitness. Really, it is not easy to engage the services of another man who has used many years to acquire the needed skills to offer you the best fitness. You have to pay the instructor more than a 1000$.

While this may be the best way for it, the problem that comes it this is that it is for a fixed interval and time. The schedule may not change. That is, If both of you have agreed to always take out time for exercise every Saturday morning, it may not change to Friday evening simply because you may not be available on Saturday.

In view of the challenge with keeping up with real life fitness instructor, there have been multiply research on how to replace this human deficits with audio or virtual instructor. The innovation has really been life changing and immensely impacting. With this audio instructor, you can be in the mood for exercise any time and it also alerts you as soon as it is that time for your exercise.

Many people have also queue in for this virtual instructor as it is easily accessible, very affordable, and cost-effective. There are many brands of this fitness app which begs the question, “which is the best and most reliable?”. While we do not have an exact answer to the question, we believe you will be the best judge after reading this review. Have come across many fitness apps and compared them, we believe Aaptiv Fitness App makes the difference.

Aaptiv Fitness App makes the difference as it offers beyond the workout routine. It offers you tips on how to maximize your health. In this Aaptiv Fitness App review, we will walk you through all the things you should know about it including the features you will see, the benefits you stand to gain, what other users are saying, and other good and bad sides of this app.

Aaptiv Fitness App apps are currently trending in different countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and around the globe. It comes with a 50 % discount plus free delivery to wherever you are around the world. Rush now and grab yours from the online store of the manufacturer.

Let’s dive deeper into the Aaptiv Fitness App review.

aaptiv fitness app review
aaptiv fitness app review

What is Aaptiv Fitness app?

One major problem with registering under a fitness professionals is that you work according to their schedules and sometimes it is for a particular period. I am not talking about how expensive it could and the fact that some trainers only care about the money. Fortunately, there is a cheaper or more affordable way which will always work according to your schedules. If you have seen someone using Aaptiv App, you will understand what I am talking about.

Aaptiv Fitness app is an audio-based fitness app with different kinds of workout routines guided by personal trainers with groovy tunes to motivate the user. After paying the monthly subscription, you can access the high-quality workout experience, which would be provided to you by a top-notch fitness club at a very low price. You only need a token for a subscription so as to get the latest fitness guide. These monthly changes will also help you to advance to a high way of doing exercise.

It provides training in guided tempo runs, strength train, and perfect downward dog with many other guidelines also. It aims at bringing quality, which will be provided by a personal trainer and also helps in producing effective results with its workout programs. And also helps you in sticking to your workout routine through your smartphone. This audio-based system has a way of making you feel you have a live trainer. In this regard, you will pause and continue whenever you want.

You can also use it according to your plan, any day you feel like removing from the training due to obvious reasons, can be removed at ease. It is also practical based as you will see a real video of people doing same thing you are about to do. You can also send any question or enquires to the convener and you will be replied in no time. Aaptiv app is really a great way of making your professional fitness trainer available when ordinarily, they aught not to be available.

aaptiv fitness app
aaptiv fitness app review

Features of Aaptiv Fitness App:

Quality Training Programs

It gives quality-training programs to its users to maintain their fitness and stick to their daily workout regime. Trained professionals lead the training program.

Groovy Tunes

The workout sets come with music tunes according to your preference to keep the user motivated towards their workout. The tunes are set according to the preference of the user.

Continuous Personal Training Prompts

The app comes with continuous training prompts, which keeps the users motivated. It gives the feeling that someone is working out alongside you. It helps the user to stay on track for their workout routine.

Workouts according to your Schedule

The user is in full control of their workouts and you can choose the workout routine that fits your schedule. And it also has a feature in which you can save the workout routines that you like the most.

aaptiv fitness app review
aaptiv fitness app review

Advantages of Aaptiv Fitness App

  • Aaptiv Fitness App is cost-efficient: to have the best fitting ever, you do not need to break your bank account because, at a very minimum cost, you can work out anywhere and at any time without going searching for professionals. You already have a guide with 20 certified fitness professionals who are very good in many areas.
  • Aaptiv Fitness App helps the users sticking to their routine: You don’t need to sacrifice your schedule for any other thing as you do not have to go to the gym or any fitness center to use the app. You can workout at home or if you are on a vacation, then also you can continue to workout
  • One can save the workout they like the most in-app: You must not even engage in a monthly subscription, all you need is to identify the fitness that you like most and would want to continue in them and save them up. By doing so, you will reduce the stress of searching for it every time you want to work out. As simple as that.
  • Aaptiv Fitness App provides quality-training programs: You do not need to work out every day to achieve that body physique of your dream. No! But as they say, nothing can beat persistence and continuity. So, should you develop a regular pattern of doing your workout, like twice or more per week, you will develop your desired fitness in no time.
  • Aaptiv Fitness App provides groovy tunes: The training from Aaptiv Fitness App is always very interesting and comes in a fashionable way. It comes exactly how the user wants it like it suits any user so that they can enjoy their work out thoroughly without any boredom.
  • It also sends continuous personal training prompts: we all feel good when we are motivated. That is exactly what this app adopted, to send you personal prompts of motivation so as to keep you engaged and into the fitness training.
  • The user can also work out according to their schedules: There is nothing as challenging as a fixed time for a fixed event. In as much as it boosts seriousness, there is a place of compromise according to a superior event. For example, you could decide to shift your training from morning to evening if you have a must-attend-to event in the morning. There is no particular time that is fixed for using the app. The user can work out when it is convenient for them.
  • The app also provides training in different areas: With this fitness app, you will receive full training in guided tempo runs, strength train, and perfect downward dog with many other guidelines for you. There are over 2000 different programs for you to choose from.

Disadvantages of Aaptiv Fitness App

  • The first drawback of the app is that all the workouts are audio-based. It is a drawback because if the user has not seen or done the workout, then it can be very difficult for them to do the workout though it comes with a detailed explanation on each training.
  • It offers only built-in workouts for outdoor running, treadmill, stair climber, meditation, yoga, and strength training, stretching, and elliptical. These areas are already great for your fitness but if you are the type that wants more, then you may check other areas.
  • The third drawback is that it does not sync with any fitness band or Garmon. The app does not sync with these bands for providing better fitness knowledge to you.
  • The last drawback is that the app gets stuck on pause when you end your workout. At this point, you need to restart the phone to continue enjoying the juice it has to offer.

How Does Aaptiv Fitness App Work?

Aaptiv Fitness App works through your smartphone via its app. So all you need to do is download the app on your phone and make sure that you have a pair of headphones. I highly recommend this pair of wireless headphones. These are the best, but these are a more budget-friendly option that still works great. The essence of the headset is that it has a way of making you focused. You will only listen to the trainers and do exactly as they say.

It works in a very simple way and only a person with hearing difficulties will not enjoy it. All you need is to have your phone full charged to avoid your phone switching off when you are using it.

aaptiv review
aaptiv fitness app review

Aaptiv Fitness App Workout Categories

There are many categories for you to choose from according to the one that best serves your interest. It is also in such a way that you can switch between categories and you can also save the category you like best to avoid too much time searching for the category you like best. Below are the different categories:

  • Outdoor running
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Stairclimber
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Meditation
  • 5k Training
  • 10k Training
  • Half Marathon Training
  • Full Marathon Training
  • Partner Challenges
  • 7 Minute Quick Hits

What is needed for Aaptiv Fitness App to work?

You will need a phone, computer, or tablet for the app to work. Also, you will need some dumbbells for the strength-training workout. For those who have access to the gym, there are specific types of equipment that are needed like the rowing machine and the app can be used with them also. Also, depending on your location you will need trainer cues. Then you have to buy the subscription to the app. The app includes the following things:

  • Audio-guided workouts
  • Strength-training workouts
  • Indoor/outdoor running workouts
  • Walking workouts
  • Yoga workouts
  • Rowing workouts
  • Elliptical workouts
  • Indoor cycling workouts
  • Stair climber workouts
  • Stretching routines
  • Abs workout
  • Monitor for weight loss
  • Training programs3
  • Guided meditations
  • Race-training programs (from 5k to marathon) 
  • Partner challenges
  • 20+ personal trainers
  • Great music (top 40 hits)
  • Ability to save your favorite workouts 
  • Accountability coaches/reminder notifications

Aaptiv Fitness App Price

The good thing about this fitness app is that it offers you a 30-day free trial. As the said, the test of the pudding depends on the eating, after this 30 days of free trials, if you like it then you will proceed to the next level where you can enjoy the full package for the best fitness of your body.

Within those 30 days, you will be provided with all you need to know about fitness and the best way to start. Like, these first 30 days that are free are building ground for your subsequent use of the app. If you have used it for those 30 days and you love and enjoy what it offers then you can choose to continue your membership on a paid basis.

You will be automatically billed annually for 12 months of unlimited workouts or monthly. All depending on your choices and ease. If you are under the annual bill, the cost comes out to be just $8.33 per month! And you can cancel your membership at any time with no hassle and no extra charge.

You also have another option to go with a month-to-month payment bill, this will cost $14.99 per month for unlimited workouts. In this case, you will be billed an extra charge of $6.66 every month. It is all a matter of choice as we advise people to go for the annual bills and then opt out when you are okay. Nevertheless, this charge is less than what you pay if you should have a live trainer. This fitness training app also has many advantages.

Best place to buy Aaptiv Fitness App

For many reasons, we advise you to order this Aaptiv Fitness App through the official website. The relevance of becoming a member of the official site abound. To do so, or you have some inquiries, you can use the button below to navigate to the official sites.

Conclusion on Aaptiv fitness App reviews

Aaptiv Fitness App is innovative as it creates the impression that your trainer is around. It comes with motivational prompts to keep you going. It is really worth a use.

The app is not yet perfect but is a good way to start staying fit for many people. You just have to download the app and pay the subscription and start your workout. There is no need to go anywhere to use the app. You can conveniently use the app anywhere you like and at any time without hesitation. It comes with motivational music so the user stays focused on the workout.

Customer care is also good for the app. The app is cost-efficient and saves a lot of money for the ones who pay high prices at the fitness clubs for workouts. You can save your favorite workout and start to work out whenever you want. The app is recommended for purchase.

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