Airpump power reviews 2022: the best rechargeable tire pump?

The AirPump Power saved my day! Please read on and See How It Can Save YOUR Day Too!

Hi guys. My name is Miles, and I’d like to tell you about this small, inexpensive, but totally KILLER device that really saved mine a few months ago. Seriously, you need to get one of these things for yourself!! But let me explain how I discovered it…

It all started when I was driving to my sister’s wedding upstate. It’s kind of corny but weddings have always been a real “Big Deal” in my family. Dozens of our friends and relatives get invited. In short, there was NO way I could miss it. Seriously, my family would positively kill me.

So I was about 30 miles into my road trip, and wouldn’t you know it? I got a flat tire. Of all the luck, right? I drive to work every single day, but NOW I get a flat when I’m in the middle of nowhere? Really?

Well, I figured I’d just call the Auto Club to have them come out and fix the flat. It would delay me, sure, but I’d still have plenty of time to get to the wedding.

All was good until I looked down at my phone. There was NO cellphone reception out here in the middle of nowhere! Not a single bar!

FAN-freakin-TASTIC. Well, there goes getting any help from the Auto Club! It really made me realize how much we depend on modern technology – as it disappears, and suddenly you’re back in the Stone Age! (Or at least the 1990s, LOL).

I went to grab the spare tire from the trunk, but it was totally deflated (I confess, I am definitely not a car guy…. I’m an SEO guy, and I haven’t even looked at the spare tire in years).

“My spare tire was totally flat and completely useless!! Oh man, was I ever screwed!!”

My spare tire was totally flat and completely useless!! Oh man, was I ever screwed!!

I could hear my mom lecturing me already. “You should have come a day early, then this never would have happened, blah, blah, blah…”, she was NEVER going to live this down!

Just then, I spotted a middle-aged man approaching in a fancy, late model sedan with out-of-state plates. He pulled over and said “You look like you’re in a bit of trouble. Anything I can do to help?”

I told him my situation, about the wedding, my sister, etc. He reached into his glove compartment and said, “I’ve got just the thing you need!” He pulled out a device about the shape and size of, well… a hot dog. Like a hot dog in a bun. It was tiny.

“This is gonna get you to that wedding!” he said. He gave me a closer look at it. To be honest, it looked like one of those wireless Bluetooth speakers (you know the kind) – not like anything that was going to fix my car.

“What is AirPump Power?” I asked.

Airpump power reviews

“It’s called the AirPump Power”, he said, pointing at the label. “It’s a state-of-the-art inflation device. Not only will it fill up your tire, but it will also let you gauge the exact tire pressure you need so you don’t mess up your suspension or gas mileage!

That’s what makes it “smart” – it uses an LCD screen to show you PRECISE inflation pressure. The major sports leagues use these to gauge the pressure on footballs and soccer balls, it’s that sensitive. I use mine all the time, and let me tell you, it’s been a real lifesaver!”

“Really?”, I said. “That little thing is going to inflate my tire? I mean, it’s really tiny. You sure it’s up to the task?”

“You tell me!” he said. He found the correct pressure for my tires (it’s written on a sticker inside every car door apparently – who knew?) and started filling up my tire… with this small, lightweight, handheld device with no cords. There is no way this is going to work, I thought to myself.

But lemme tell you, I WAS wrong this time! My tire got inflated in nothing flat! (Forgive the pun! Who’s being corny now?)

“Well, you’d best be on your way if you intend to make that wedding”, the man said.

“Thanks, man”, I told him, “You’re a real lifesaver. You have NO idea what a help you’ve been. My sister would have my head on a stick if I showed up late! And jeez, my mother would disown me!”

He really laughed at that. “I know the type, my sister is exactly the same way! Well, we don’t get to choose our siblings, right? But there are some things we can choose. I used to work in military contracting, where things HAVE to work. There are a hundred imitations out there, but none of them work as well as the AirPump Power. I’ve tried them all, and it’s the best out there. If you visit your folks often, you should definitely get one.”

I thanked him for his assistance and drove off towards my sister’s wedding. As soon as I got home from the wedding, I ordered my own AirPump Power online. I visit my family every six months or so, and there was NO WAY I was ever gonna risk getting stranded over a simple flat tire again! And for a price this low, you should never risk it, either!

The man told me to avoid fakes and copies by only ordering the AirPump Power from the official website (there are a LOT of inferior fakes out there!). Here is the link that I used (CLICK HERE) to make sure I got the real thing!

I ordered online, and I got the item within a week! Really fast shipping!

I was really amazed at the quality! It might be small and lightweight, but the quality is definitely top-notch and well-built! It was like something you’d buy at the Apple Store

It shipped in great packaging that kept the item secure during shipping!

The instructions were SUPER EASY to follow. Just hook it up, read the LCD, and that’s it!

It was so easy to use, I used it to check the tire pressure on the other tires on my car. Oooh boy, were the WAY off! It only took me ten minutes to set them all perfectly, and my car is riding more smoothly than in the entire time I’ve owned it! And I’m getting better mileage, too!!

Think The AirPump Power is Just For Fixing Car Tires? Here’s What Else The Amazing AirPump Power Can Do For You!

Airpump review

Uses of AirPump power tyre pump

  • Ever been out in public and discovered that your phone battery is dead? Not with the AirPump Power! You can use its built-in battery to charge your cellphone!! Never get stranded again!
  • Got one of those inflatable mattresses that you use when friends stay over? Stop wheezing trying to fill it up, the AirPump Power will inflate it in seconds!
  • Like lounging in a raft in a swimming pool? This pump will inflate ANY pool toys, easy as pie!
  • Like riding a bicycle? This simple, cordless, hand-held pump will fix ANY flat tire in a jiffy! It even comes with a mount that fits on your bike!
  • Like sports? You can fill up any football, basketball, soccer ball, and with PRECISE, league-standard pressure, too! I showed it to my community soccer coach, and he was so amazed he bought one, too!
  • Ever try blowing up a white water raft?? Well, save your lungs, this air pump will do all the work for you! (I go white water river rafting with my friends sometimes).

Keep this device in your car and you’ll never be stuck with a flat tire again. AirPump Power is Your Portable Power Station— An Air Compressor Pump, a Power Bank, and a Flashlight All in One!

This innovative smart pump will keep you prepared for any situation! While most air pumps are made with only one job in mind, AirPump Power was designed to pump up virtually ANYTHING. It’s equipped with a powerful electronic compressor that allows

you to inflate everything from tires to toys— all with the push of a button!

This handheld device is more than just a pump though, it’s a complete emergency multi-tool. It features a built-in power bank that can charge your phone when your battery’s low, and an LED flashlight – so you’ll never have to pump up or power-up in the dark.

AirPump Power is no bigger than a water bottle and weighs less than a pound, making it easy to store in your car or garage or carry in your bag to keep it handy while you’re on the go. It comes with everything you need in a convenient carrying case, including a car charging cable and a USB charging cable, so you can power it up anywhere.

This Cordless Air Pump Can Inflate ANYTHING Around the House or On the Road!

AirPump Power’s smart system lets you pre-set your pressure level up to 150psi. That means there’s no guesswork, no hard-to-read pressure dials, and no risk of over-inflation. You can use AirPump Power to pump up just about anything:

  • Car Tires
  • Motorcycle Tires
  • Bicycle Tires
  • Air Mattresses
  • Pool Floats
  • Sports Equipment

You don’t need to be a mechanical expert to use AirPump Power; the controls are so simple that anyone can use it!

Here’s How Easy It is to Use AirPump Power:

  • Set your pressure level on the LCD screen.
  • Attach the inflation hose and valve adapter.
  • Hit the start button.

That’s it! AirPump Power will automatically stop once it reaches the optimal level of inflation.

AirPump Power is Loaded with Useful Features:

LED Flashlight: Provides up to 7 hours of light

500mAh Power Bank: Charge your phone anywhere

150psi Air Compressor: Fill a flat tire in 8 minutes

Digital LCD Display: Easy-to-use controls and Selectable

Pressure Units: psi, bar, kPa, or kg/cm²

Full Set of Valve Adapters: Inflate anything with ease

Why is AirPump Power Better than Other Air Pumps?

The average hand or foot-powered air pumps are exhausting to use, they won’t give you a reliable pressure level, and they’re not really useful for anything bigger than a beach ball.

Other electronic air compressors have more power, but they’re clunky and complicated, and usually tied down by an extension cord.

AirPump Power is the only air pump that’s useful for any situation in the house or on the road: Keep it in your glove compartment so you’re never caught off guard by a flat tire Take it on camping trips to inflate your air mattress and keep your phone charged Store it in your garage to inflate your pool floats and sports equipment Stick it on your bicycle to keep your tires and suspension fork inflated on long rides.

Airpump reviews

AirPump reviews customer reports

This thing is fantastic, I use it all the time! It’s faster and cheaper than using the air pump at the gas station. Anyone who drives should have one of these.

Jason M. from Jacksonville, Florida

I keep one in my glove compartment for emergencies. I haven’t had to use it for a flat tire yet, but it’s come in handy a few times when my phone has died. Makes me feel a lot safer just knowing it’s there.

Vanessa C. from Minneapolis, Minnesota

I can’t count how many times this little pump has saved the day for me and my kids. Our garage is filled with basketballs, soccer balls, pool toys, and bicycles – no matter how flat they get, AirPump Power can fill them back up in seconds!

Stephen P. from Baltimore, Maryland

How Much Does AirPump Power Cost?

Electronic air compressors can cost as much as $150. Add in the cost of a power bank – $60, plus a rechargeable LED flashlight – $25, and you’re looking at well over $200!

AirPump Power, on the other hand, combines all these features into one portable device, including all the charging cables and valve adapters you’ll ever need, for less than $100!

Get your AirPump Power now and you’ll be prepared for any emergency. Inflate ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, and keep your electronics fully charged. It’s the perfect tool when you’re running low on light, power, or air. Get total peace of mind with the ultimate portable power station!

Conclusion on Airpump power reviews

This Amazing USB-Rechargeable Device, AirPump Power, Inflates Tires, Includes a Built-In Flashlight, and Charges Your Phone! NO MORE having to haul around huge, awkward, inaccurate air pump devices!

The AirPump Power is about the size of a hot dog, and it Includes a variety of nozzles to fit ANY valve, on ANY object you need to inflate! There is NOTHING else you need to buy! No more need to be hooked up to a wall socket (and where can you find THOSE on a bike ride in the middle of nowhere??)

The AirPump Power is Rechargeable from ANY USB outlet! You can charge it on your laptop, wall socket, even from your car’s cigarette lighter socket! No more being tied to a long extension cord! NO MORE guessing about how much pressure to use or worrying about over-inflating any item you inflate with it!

The AirPump Power features a precision LCD panel that shows you EXACTLY how much air pressure you are applying. With a maximum pressure setting of 150 PSI (standard for car tires is between 30-35 PSI), it can display pressure amounts in ALL of the standard measurement readings (PSI, BAR, KPA, and Kg/cm²). No more worrying about OVER-inflating your tires, and you can set the pressure on sports balls to the EXACT league standards!

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