Altuscam HD Drone Review 2021: the best 4K quality Drone

Altuscam HD Drone Reviews:

Do you need to buy a drone? Looking for something affordable and of good quality? Are you searching for the best drone for your aerial pictures? Do you want a lightweight and portable drone? Something you can carry along everywhere you go? Then search no more, you just found the right article for you, when you’re done reading this you’ll have all the answers you need.

Photography is evolving every day, it sure has come a long way from the days of the photography rooms and box contraptions that required a lot of processes to set up. We moved past the earliest cameras with film, the Polaroid, and other ones with their required tripod stand camera. Aerial shots had to be done physically from a scary height and on only a few occasions.

Art was mostly of things that could be seen with our very own eyes, but we moved past that, and very fast too. Now we have the luxury of drones and aerial shots are everywhere. These drones and drone photography are the trends now and there are a lot of brands manufacturing varieties of drones in different shapes, sizes, functions, and specifications.

Drones are a welcome technological advancement, in science fiction movies and real life cases too. Now featuring in photography for aesthetic shots, drones have been employed by the elite photographers or photography inclined people to get top notch pixels.

These drones are however applicable in a lot more fields than just photography. A drone can be used to take pictures, survey an area, or can be used simply for entertainment purposes, people have a lot of fun while flying drones.

Depending on sizes and functions, drones have different prices and require different skills to operate. Some drones are lightweight and easy to handle, while some are a lot more heavier and a bit more sophisticated to operate. However, you do not need to attend any special classes to use the photography or entertainment variants of drones.

You can simply learn to fly the drone from the manual accompanying the package. Some drones do require permission to fly and may have some flight restrictions. You will be informed with everything you need to know about a new class of lightweight drones called the AltusCam HD drone in this review article. You’d get to learn all about its specifications, functions, abilities, and whether you should get it or not as you read on.

Altuscam drone review

What is the AltusCam HD drone?

AltusCam HD drone is an innovative camera drone that is lightweight, compact, and a portable pocket drone. Through the help of remote control, you can easily control it in the air while taking HD (high-definition) photos and videos from an amazing aerial view.

This drone camera can be airborne to take pictures according to your needs, so you will definitely be getting your perfect picture at any angle. The AltusCam HD drone is currently popular in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, and France and was named the hottest tech of the summer because of its high demand.

Part of the Altus Cam HD drone’s popular attractions is that it is incredibly easy to use. It is compact, lightweight, and possesses all the features of a top-of-the-line drone. Incredibly, the AltusCam drone is less than half the cost of your existing top-of-the-line drones. This is ideal for beginners or those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single drone purchase, especially if you don’t plan to earn money from using it.

Designed for everything from VR racing to selfies, there is certainly not a shortage of drone models available, so why are so many people choosing the AltusCam HD drone?

Why the AltusCam HD drone

There are usually at least three general things to consider/reasons to make a purchase for every product. You have to first check out the affordability, is it within your budget? Can you comfortably get another of the same quality to replace it if need be? The second most important thing to consider should be durability, how long is its shelf life/ life expectancy?

Can I use this over and over to get value for my money? Does it last long? Can I use it for a long period of time if maintained properly? These are some of the questions I believe we ask ourselves before making a good purchase. The third and probably the most important general “thing to consider before buying a product” is the ease of usage.

You don’t want to buy a product you can’t utilize and then end up not enjoying it or letting it lie forgotten in your junk box. A good purchase should be easy to use with easy instructions that everyone can easily catch on to, both for safety purposes and to avoid stress too.

The AltusCam HD drone checks all these boxes and more. Drones are fascinating devices but they can be intimidating, especially the larger and noisier types. Figuring out how to maneuver it in the air and making sure it won’t crash can be discouraging for someone that is just learning to fly a drone.

But there are many types of drones that are good for beginners. The AltusCam HD has been a great drone to train on and practice tricks in the air. It’s also great for taking amazing photos and videos. More reasons why you should choose AltusCam HD drone include:

  1. Affordability – There are lots of reasons why we are recommending a pocket drone like the AltusCam HD, but the main reason would have to be the price quotation for this product. Other drones could cost up to hundreds of dollars per unit, while the price of the AltusCam HD pocket drone only costs $96.99. If you are just learning to fly, this is a great drone to practice with and you won’t have to incur a lot of costs or feel bad when you crash your drone or not.
  2. Durable – Pocket drones are built to take a crash or two. Many people buy pocket drones for children and people who just want to pick up a hobby. If you take a close look at the design, you’ll notice right away that the material is lightweight and the propellers are completely replaceable. The AltusCam drone is perfect for testing new tricks and flips without worrying about permanent damage, which is really all we needed to hear before making our purchase.
  3. Easy to use and Great for beginners – Learning to fly the AltusCam HD drone will probably take only a few minutes. Having no experience, I found this to be very quick and easy to learn. I’ve read up on some AltusCam HD drone reviews and there are claims that children even as young as eight years old are learning how to fly their drones with first practicing on this device.
  4. Compact – AltusCam HD is a pocket drone, and it does actually fit in your pocket! It’s great to carry around with you if you have an impromptu trip to the beach, park, or even on a hike or if you just want to be able to take unplanned photos of beautiful places from a bird’s eye view.
  5. Lightweight – If you do a little research, you’ll find out that not all drones are allowed to be flown in public spaces both for privacy, safety, and security concerns. They must be a certain weight and not be able to fly above a certain height. The AltusCam HD drone is so lightweight that you won’t have to worry about breaking laws or being fined if you are flying it in a public space. Although, you must always fly with caution to avoid causing some accidents or triggering unwanted reactions!

AltusCam HD Drone Specifications

  1. AltusCam mini-drone has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope.
  2. AltusCam mini-drone comes with an in-built HD camera.
  3. It has a remote control distance of about 70 to 80 meters.
  4. This drone has a lightweight of 85 grams.
  5. It has a maximum flight time of 10-15 minutes.
  6. The charging time for a full charge is less than 1hr 30minutes.
  7.  The dimensions of this quadcopter is 250x250x35mm.
Altus cam drone review
Altus cam drone review

Features of AltusCam HD Drone

  1. Flight Time – AltusCam HD offers you 10-15 minutes of flight time which is impressive for such a small drone. However, if you want a longer flight time, you can buy extra batteries for your drone and enjoy your flights.
  2. 6-Axis Gyro – Stability is very necessary for drones to ensure easy control. AltusCam HD comes with an advanced stability algorithm that keeps this drone stable even in windy conditions.
  3. HD Camera – AltusCam HD comes with an onboard HD camera that takes photos and record videos at high quality. Also, AltusCam HD has easy-to-access controls and is highly durable.
  4. Height Hold – This feature is used when taking standstill photos and when landing this drone gently.
  5. 3D Flips and Rolls – When flying a drone, people try to learn new flying tricks and movements. This is where this feature is most useful, for all kinds of maneuvers and controls.
  6. Wifi FPV – This feature is used for enabling easy smartphone controls.

How to Set Up the AltusCam HD mini drone.

One thing we really love about the AltusCam HD, is that you can use it directly from your smartphone. There is a separate controller that you can purchase if you’d rather have it, but we found out that you can use your phone because it makes it easier for you to access. It’s a simple set up that takes only a few minutes, here are the steps to using your AltusCam drone once you buy it:

  1. Download the free app onto your smartphone
  2. Use the main interface to take off, navigate, and land
  3. Start flying and take aerial photos and videos

Why Is the AltusCam HD drone Better Than Other Drones?

AltusCam HD mini drone is better than other drones because it is cheaper hence more affordable, lightweight and portable, and durable too. If you’re interested in learning to fly drones but are not ready to spend thousands of dollars and hours of learning, you need the AltusCam HD. You’re better off buying a few AltusCam HD drones for your friends and family than buying one expensive drone you may only use a few times especially if it is not needed in your line of work, or an important part of your leisure, why let dollars go to waste? We made a list of things that make the AltusCam drone your best choice:

  1. It is easy to operate.
  2. It has one Button Take-Off / Landing
  3. It is portable
  4. Amazing Aerial Photography
  5. Compact
  6. Unique Angles
  7. Convenient to move around with.
  8. Comes With a Free App for download and enhance controls.
  9. Lightweight
  10. Fun to use
  11. Compatible With Smart Devices like your smartphone.
  12. Very Affordable

The AltusCam HD drone is the ultimate drone for beginners, children, and even professionals photographers that want 4K photos and videos. When you get the AltusCam HD, you are getting more than just a drone.

You are getting perfect selfies, wide group shots, incredible landscape footage, and endless entertainment all in one mini package.

Post pictures on your social media and share videos from your drone, and you could gain thousands of followers wondering how they can get the same amazing pictures! Once you start using the AltusCam HD, you won’t be able to go anywhere without it!

Altuscam HD Drone Customer Reviews

We know this is the deal clincher for most buyers, like us! In addition to our article, we have also included feedback from other customers so that you can see what they have to say about the AltusCam drone. We hope that this will guide you in your choice of purchase, as always we bring you the best deals and products. Enjoy.

Olivia Green– “Well I’ve never really put much thought to buying a drone, but as an aspiring model I’ve had to come up with innovative photoshoot ideas to snag the interest of a modeling agency, since I got this drone, I’ve been able to recreate pictures and get angles of myself like never before, it sure made my Instagram followers increase. And it was so easy to use, I simply loved it”

Sue Young- “ My son is a very active child and has always wanted to be flying toy airplanes. He talks about being a pilot and flying the big crafts, so I thought I’d surprise him with a drone for his birthday.

I checked out the prices of other drones and really couldn’t afford it on my salary but this AltusCam drone was a great discovery. I was even able to get another for my second son with the discount price, I’d say thumbs up”

Matt- “ I’m a creative photographer and I love taking landscapes and natural scenery photography, sometimes the heavy-duty drones come through for me but then when I’m not really working or on set, I just want something portable and lightweight to carry around with me just in case I spot some potential beautiful picture.

This wasn’t happening until I got this AltusCam drone, I can easily carry it around with me and not even feel like I’m with much baggage. Even better, it was cheaper than what I thought it would be”

Where can I buy Altuscam HD Drone and Altuscam HD Drone price?

We would rather purchase products from the manufacturer’s websites especially if it has secure payment channels and money-back guarantee options like the AltusCam drone. You can simply get the AltusCam HD drone directly from the official website. The manufacturer is giving a 50% discount on every order made today with free delivery to your home. If you find out you don’t like the product, which is a very questionable decision, by the way, you have the option of returning it and getting your money back within 30 days. Isn’t that superb?

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Altuscam review

Frequently Asked Question on Altuscam HD drone review

Do I need to register my AltusCam HD drone with the local aviation authorities?

No. In the United States and Canada, registration is required for drones weighing 0.55 pounds (250 grams) or more. AltusCam HD weighs just 0.18739 pounds (85 grams)! Of course, you’ll always want to be mindful of the rules concerning drone use within your community.

What does AltusCam HD drone come with?

You’ll receive one HD drone, a carrying bag, charging cable, mini screwdriver, and an instruction package that will teach you how to fly in just minutes, we know this because we learned it just minutes too!

Do I need anything else to get started with Altuscam HD Drone?

Your Android or iOS smart device (phone or tablet) functions as your AltusCam HD remote control. You’ll also require a power source to connect the USB cable to for fast, efficient charging of the unit’s battery.

Where is the best place to fly Altuscam HD Drone?

AltusCam HD is compact enough for getting great shots indoors and out. In order to avoid any potential complications, it’s best to fly in open areas without low barriers or large crowds of people to avoid any unprecedented and nasty events.

Is there an emergency switch in case I lose control?

Yes. Your AltusCam HD comes with an Emergency Stop should the need ever arise; however, the unit is designed to build up confidence and skill in new users. The unit features multiple speed levels and responsive fine-tuning adjustments for added control.

Summary of the AltusCam HD Drone reviews.

It’s a great buy and serves every of its claimed purposes. We loved it while testing it and apparently customers love it too. It is lightweight, portable, and affordable which affords your physical comfort and financial comfort too. It’s easy to use and makes for great pictures so that you can have mental comfort and aesthetic satisfaction. You can’t go wrong with this AltusCam drone.

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