AndroidTV Box review 2021: the best quality TV streaming box?

AndroidTV Box review offers you a guide on a streaming gadget that helps to stream movies straight to your TV. You don’t need to break your bank account in order to have a smart TV for this to be possible as every TV is made smart with an Android Tv box device. With the level of innovations entering the technology world a choice for the best gadget is becoming a serious story for another day.

You probably may have seen, used, or heard about streaming devices but there is one issue; you enter the market to buy a streaming gadget and you are faced with more than 100 brands to choose one without any assurance of durability and quality on steaming capacity except the normal adverts done on both the best and worst devices.

In fact, one can be easily spoilt by the review that different review sites are writing on these brands of streaming devices. The intention we have here is to make you understand what a streaming device is, help guide you through where you can buy the best by offering you a link to the official website where you can enjoy the warranty, discount, and free shipping.

Feel free to leave our site if in the end you are not convinced with this product but we can assure you that our reviews are always on the best gadgets. For us to comfortably go through this guide together, all you need is to draw your chair nearer as we take you through everything about the AndroidTV box from the features, benefits, why you need it, cons and pros, and other interesting information.

In the end, we will offer answers to the frequent questions we have always received. Sit back and enjoy this well-crafted review. To start with, I know you may have heard about this steaming device what does it really mean?

What is AndroidTV Box?

AndroidTV box review

In a bid to have a standby store for videos that can be watched at will, this little media center came into existence. It is a device that can be used to stream videos from video sites and also network TV shows. Just like the name, Android goes, it is the TV version of its mobile counterpart of android. With this feature, it can output HDMI to the TV giving it HD viewing ability. It comes in different sizes and shapes and works perfectly on Television to offer you the best.

It is really nice as an affordable, fast, and reliable means of watching most of the online videos as it has the capacity to convert every TV to smart TV. The AndroidTV box is designed to offer superb quality streaming with both speed and stability. The powerful box will allow you to quickly load everything TV shows, and movies to the latest apps, pictures, and games.

It is also a surprisingly low-price, especially when compared to rival products. By purchasing just one single piece of technology it will be possible to ditch your current TV package, which will result in continued savings and superior service.

AndroidTV box reviews

How does the AndroidTV box work?

This device is easy to use as the major thing involved is to connect the box to a TV, set it up to the internet via wired Ethernet or WIFI connection. After the connection to the television and the internet, apps can be installed. For example, Netflix and YouTube apps can be installed to stream live videos.

AndroidTv box Features

The AndroidTV box is known for its modern and sleek design, but the impressive internal components are what sets this box apart from the competitors. The box features the latest Android system, which is enhanced by a powerful processor and plenty of storage space.

This plentiful power and storage can be used to stream thousands of live channels and videos from a variety of providers, while also providing smooth and responsive navigation through all apps. This AndroidTV box also supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, which will allow you to browse your favorite websites and play the latest games.

The box even includes Bluetooth 4.0, which will make it possible to connect a range of Bluetooth devices such as a keyboard, mouse, and video game controller. You can also use a WiFi Ultra booster to enjoy your online streaming. The box also features four 2.0 USB ports that are able to support items such as a 2.4GHz mini wireless keyboard with a touchpad mouse via a 2.4GHz USB dongle.

Alternatively, USB ports can be used to access files on external devices to provide endless hours of entertainment. Whether you use your AndroidTV box to stream content or access the host of available apps, the 4K 64bits H.265 video display and playback will provide you with HD quality visuals.

The 4K resolution is the highest-resolution currently available for in-home entertainment devices and will provide a minimum resolution of 2160 pixels high and 3840 pixels wide. To provide flexibility, the TV box is fitted with an HDMI and AV out port, which will enable you to plug your device into the HD port or RCA option for standard definition.

Content of the AndroidTV box

AndroidTV box review

Within the box you will receive everything you need to start streaming, including

  • Stylish black TV box
  • Infrared remote control.
  • RCA cable.
  • HDMI cable.

The remote control is thoughtfully laid out, with simple to control buttons for viewing apps, input options, and controlling the TV output settings. Unlike other TV remotes, this device features a mouse input, which is designed to provide easy navigation through touch-focused apps. By clicking once, you will open a black mouse cursor on the TV screen, this can then be controlled with the multi-directional ring.

There is also a useful user guide that will take you through the installation process. The detailed information will explain how to use the device, however, this device is easy to use and the design will be simple to understand too. Simply follow the instructions to plug the leads into the correct sockets and once the power is connected a blue LED will light to the front of the device. The TV screen will then load an initial display which will ask you to load the main menu of the device.

By working through the various prompts, you will connect to your WiFi network and be up and running in just a few minutes.

Who could benefit from this AndroidTV box?

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows and are looking for a high-quality cheap priced TV box, this is the ideal choice. The device is designed to run the latest Android operating system and is preinstalled with KODI 17.3, which will provide full access to the most popular apps such as, Skype, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Vudu, Flicker, and Picasa.

Alternatively, if you are a member of services such as Amazon Prime or Skystream android TV box you will have exclusive access to films, TV shows, and music with features including cloud storage and 7-day replay. Whichever way you choose to stream your content, the home screen is designed to provide a simple to navigate user interface.

AndroidTV box review

The box will be pre-loaded with an initial screen layout which includes categories such as online videos, recommended apps, my apps, settings, and music. This versatile range of shortcuts will suit almost every user’s needs, but it is also very simple to tailor this menu to suit your specific requirements.

It is possible to link the device to your Google account which will sync any data between your various devices. The ability to download and install a range of apps will be of particular benefit to those who have a Google account. So it is necessary to create one if you already do not have a google email account so as to enjoy the full benefits of the Android TV box.

Frequently Asked Questions (AndroidTV box reviews)

What is Android TV box used for?

Android TV box is used as one of the many devices available to convert your television into a smart Tv, so you can stream all of your content directly to your big screen. It works with an android operating system very well like those smartphones made of android.

Are there AndroidTv box amazon reviews?

The Android TV box also has its reviews on many forums including in Amazon where you will see many cheerful buyers make their comments. You can also see advice made by those who have already bought the device.

Can I see best cheap androidtv box?

If you are looking for an affordable, but yet ever ready to offer you the best streaming services. This AndroidTV box is the exact match of what you want.

How to choose androidtv box?

For you to choose the best android, you have to: look for the right processor, storage option, availability of USB ports, the operating system versions, options for network connectivity, Bluetooth support, google play support, etc.

What are the AndroidTv box channels?

A lot of Kodi add-ons allow you to stream live Tv channels. Some of these channels are the basic ones which are available on regular cable TV. These include ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, and PBS. You are sure to get these channels through live streaming on your device using Kodi. You are sure going to get these channels on your live streaming device.

What is the fastest androidTV box?

Android TV box made with 4K HDR streaming media player, and preinstalled with KODI 17.3 it is one of the fastest Android TV boxes in the market. It does not only deliver speed, but it also delivers the best sound and visuals.

AndroidTV box Price?

AndroidTV box price is highly affordable and cost-effective. In fact, having a TV streaming device does not worth you breaking your bank account. Therefore, the AndroidTV box website is the best place to make your purchase. At the time of publishing this AndroidTV box review, the AndroidTV box price was listed at $99. This price included a 50% discount as well as free shipping.

How can I buy the AndroidTV box?

In order to purchase this AndroidTV box Price, you only need to follow the steps below

  • Visit the official AndroidTV box website
  • Place your order and fill the other required spaces for the delivery
  • Expect your product in no time.

Why is it better to buy from the official website?

It is better to buy from the official company as it is safe, they currently offer 50% discount with free delivery under their recent promo.

Also, remember that you have to send the heater back in its original packaging. As for the warranty, you’ll get three years of coverage on “defects in materials or workmanship”. Should any of the original parts break down under normal use, the manufacturer will repair or replace the parts that went bad.

Moreover, I have provided you with their support line below:

Support Team Contacts

Email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Conclusion on AndroidTV Box reviews

Are you looking for the best and cost-effective way to turn your TV into a smart TV? From our research through use, we are confident to tell you that AndroidTV box is the ideal. The powerful technology is ideal for those who do not want to be held back by buffering when streaming HD content, as this device will not freeze, overheat or stop functioning, even when in use for many hours.

Although the box is designed to stream content, its picture quality, support for all types of audio and video formats, and ability to download as many Android applications set this AndroidTV box on high among other devices that perform the same function. Now is the right time to take advantage of this device, especially with the discount and free shipping available.

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