ArcticBreeze Review 2020: Available at 50% discount

ArcticBreeze Review

ArcticBreeze Review is here to offer you solution to the summer challenges. It will also offer you a safe link from Hypertech company for you to make every order under 50% discount plus free shipping to you wherever you are.

If there is something I don’t like about summer, it is the heat that comes to hurt my peace. Sometimes, the temperature can as high as to roast human being.

This heat does not spare home or offices- it is always there to haunt every life it sees. Many people once had this issue until they purchased a device that was reliable and able to cool their hot.

Do you feel like the heat of the summer is getting on your nerves and you cannot cope with it any longer? Are you really in need of temperature cooler that is simple, affordable and easy to use?

If yes to both/ any of the above or you still have more reservations concerning summer season that has caused you sleepless night with no solution to lower the temperature.

Then, this Arctic Breeze Review is for you as the solution you have been looking for is nearer than you ever imagined. You are in luck to have seen this review.

In this Artic Breeze Reviews, I will tell you all you need to know about this this product; features, benefits, customers independent reviews, cons and .

The price and how to make your order to redeem the discount is also available here for you. I will also show you other products made by this high-class company.

If you are ready, then let’s begin.

What is ArcticBreeze?[Arcticbreeze review]

ArcticBreeze Online Review
Arctic air price

Arctic Breeze is a lightweight or let me say a very portable air conditioner system which stands out among so many out there in the market in terms of its function and satisfaction.

Without a doubt this is best among all air coolers. It is reliable and does not increase your electricity bill. The producer-company understand how worrisome the monthly bills can be if that side was not considered during the making of this device.

Its portability also makes it possible to be carried around to anywhere you wish to go without causing you any stress. 

The Arctic Breeze will come in a boxed kit with all necessary things you will need to get it installed. The installation is easy and does not require professional expertise to set it on the go.

Unlike other air coolers, this arctic breeze is quiet, vibration free and cost effective.

Feature Of ArcticBreeze

  • Award Wining Efficient Air Cooling Technology
  • Perfect for Room and Desk Air Conditioning
  • Long Working Mode For Night Time Up to 8h
  • Silent Working For Zero Disturbance
  • Easy to Use, Just Press a Button and Go
  • Standard USB Power Supply for Convenience

What is the Specification of the ArcticBreeze?

Specification of the ArcticBreeze
ArcticBreeze Review
Dimension174 × 170 × 170mm
Speed20 Speed Settings
Water Tank Capacity750 ml
Power SupplyA USB port for easy power supply.
LED lighting8 different LED moonlight setting.
Fanthree-speed controlled fan

What Does it Come With?

Once you place your order through this link, you should expect to receive the following inside the ArcticBreeze AC Device package:

  • Air Cooler
  • 1 USB Power Cable
  • 1 Instruction Guide
  • “I love CoolAir” sticker

Is ArcticBreeze air conditioner legit?

ArcticBreeze air conditioner is legit
ArcticBreeze Review

ArcticBreeze is offering an excellent product that is catering to the need of the customer in this hot summer.

It is an air conditioner which is portable and can be taken to the office, camping, park, beach, job, walk and everywhere you want. 

The company also have some others offers, which is for sure eye-catchy and will attract a lot of customers. These air coolers like wearable air cooler and table top air coolers

The website for making the order is also very legit as their processes and processing of all transactions are under 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Apart from the greatexperiece my family currently enjoy with this product, Hypertech company is known forproviding a quality product with a lot of features that cannot be compared to any other product in the market.

So I am confident to recommend this product to you as a quality product and the website link is also legit.Their delivery is also in no time.

How does ArcticBreeze work?

Like I said before now, this product does not need special skill or professional expertise to install it. It is asy to install and not cumbersome in use.

It is also small enough to fit almost everywhere. The 5 steps to follow to make it work are as follows:

  1. set to the desired position
  2. Fill the tank with water
  3. plug in USB
  4. set the wind direction
  5. adjust the desired temperature

Why do I need this ArcticBreeze air cooler?

The ArcticBreeze cooler cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air. Simply fill with water, plug it into a standard wall outlet or USB port & enjoy. It runs up to 8 hours per fill.

This product serves very well with the use of minimal electric energy thereby reducing the bill from air cooler. Of course I know no one will not like to change to a product that reduces the month bill.

This Arcticbreeze air cooler is also portable, so you can go to any where with it.

What are the benefits of this device

ArcticBreeze Portable AC

This device that produces very cool air is equipped with a 3-speed fan that can be manually controlled.

It simply means that there are appropriate settings for you depending on the intensity of the air you so desire.

It consumes less power and is powered using a USB Cord. It simply means you would have no need look for those rare charging cords for your device in case you misplace the one that comes with it.

This device does not stop in just providing cool air. It equally humidifies and purifies your air thus assures you of a clean and ever fresh air in your room.

You may also want to complement the cool air device with the pureair max charcoal bag for fresher better air

Unlike products that make use of costly gas to generate cool air, the ArcticBreeze device makes use of water.

All you need do is to fill its integrated water reservoir which lasts for a reasonable amount of hours before needing a replacement.

Another great feature is the fact that it is lightweight, compact thus making it fit to occupy any small space in your home. It’s portable nature makes it easy to be carried around for travels.

With its seven different LED lighting moonlight setting, it gives you that freedom in setting the colour that matches your tone and personality for the day.

No one would ever want to get a device that puts their health at risk. This is not the case with the cool air device as it safeguards you from some health issues.

As you might know already, our body partly shuts down to rest. This is a vulnerable moment and a chance for allergens as well as risky substances to go inside our body.

Once put in your room where you sleep, your cool air device will efficiently capture and filter polluted air hence keeping you safe and far from falling for germs.

ArcticBreeze traps impurities in a systematic way, targeting airborne particles which circulate in the air and hold on to it.

This air cooler comes equipped with a filter that works this way. It eliminates airborne particles, thus avoids the worsening of allergens, asthmas as well as respiratory issues.

ArcticBreeze also helps in providing you a longer life span. The effects of air pollutants stay in the air for many months and even years as well.

The continuous functioning action of ArcticBreeze at home, in your office or private facilities, will continuously provide the most security for your wellbeing.

The issue of air pollution is getting worse as the years come by, and our body requires all the help to combat these impurities.

ArcticBreeze is a simple, cost-effective as well as readily accessible solution to keep your home free and safe from pollution.

Who needs this device

To maintain the neutrality of this ArcticBreeze review, I will give you my expert opinion on persons I feel this coolair device is really meant for.

First, persons if you want your room to be fragrant always then also this the cooler for you. It will help in sucking out the fresh air and push out the fresh and fragrant air.

This cooler is also energy-efficient and cost-effective This will put no burden on your pocket and there will be no increase in the electricity bill.

Cool-Air comes with 3 different fan speeds which ideal for every age group. Especially for the kids, you can set the speed to the low and you don’t have to worry all night about the temperature being too low for them.

Moreover, there comes the moonlight setting that will ensure your kid will not bang to the doors at night.

Your search for the air cooler is ending here. If you want a cost-effective yet efficient cooler, Cool-Air is the product for you. You can cool down your living room or your office or your garage in just 10 minutes.

Pros and cons of this air cooler device.


  • It is cost effective
  • Works as a humidifier and a cooler device
  • It is very portable for use
  • Consumes less energy compared to other types
  • Has great designs that helps it in function
  • The link for order is safe and from hypertech company


We have not really seen any fault from this product except these two below:

  • It can online be ordered for through a link online and will be delivered later, though soon enough.
  • The on-going promo of 50% discount plus free shipping is for limited time.

Independent ArcticBreeze customer reviews

Since this post was first made, we have received many positive feedbacks. We tried our best to verify most of the customers to be sure they are humans and placed their order through our link.

Below are just 3 out of the many verified customer reviews on Arcticbreeze cooler:

Whole Gadgets, I am really pleased to have placed my order and got this cooler in no time. I am impressed that the heat of summer is now of the past. Thanks.

Ariel D. From Israel

I don’t like doing this review of a thing, but my wife is a bit fat and will always complain of heat every time even after summer. When I first saw your review, I decided to make a try to know if it could be of any help to my love. Currently she enjoys it especially the portability and less energy consumption. Thumps up to this product.

R. Allan, from Phoenix, US

I have little kids that I really need the air around them to always be cool. This Arcticbreeze air cooler is the secret. I strongly recommend it to all that needs a reliable air cooler.

Maryann from Tucson, US

Frequently Asked Questions: [Arcticbreeze review]

Does the Arctic air really work?

Yes, arctic air really work provided that it is properly installed.

How does cool breeze really work?

It pulls hot air in to humidity and then release the cool air out.

Is the Arctic air cooler any good

Arctic air is really good as it cools around us. It works best as a personal cooler.

The best arctic air reviews

If you are looking for the best arctic air reviews, go no further as it is here from independent reviewers.

best portable air conditioner

If you are looking for the best air cooler, Arcticbreeze is here for you. It is tested and trusted.

arctic breeze portable air conditioner

Arcticbreeze air cooler is really portable and cools the air very well.

arctic breeze air conditioner reviews

Like our customers have done and we have provide few of them, there are many reviews on this Arcticbreeze cooler product.

How long does the Arctic air last?

Arctic air last for a minimum of hours. This means that you can use it all nights to cool the air around you.

Can Arctic air cool a room?

It depend on the size of the room but Arctic air works perfectly as a personal portable air cooler.

What is the best portable air conditioner on the market?

There are many portable air cooler out there but after checking a handful of them I confident to recommend Arcticbreeze portable air cooler for it hours after full charge and reliability.

Is air cooler bad for health?

So far there is no report yet concerning harm to the body or negative health implications rather the cool air it brings makes it the best for summer.

What is the smallest portable air conditioner on the market?

Arcticbreeze air cooler her is small enough to fit into any where you may intend to use it on.

What should I look for when buying a portable air conditioner?

When buying a portable air conditioner, you must take note of its duration after charge.

Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without a window?

This portable air conditioner, Arcticbreeze works best towards a person. It directs cool air to the owner at the same time cooling the part of the room around the person. So it can be used with or without a window.

Are portable air conditioners worth it?

Yes, hey worth it as they offer pure and humidifier air especially during summer.

Does arctic air work in a car?

Yes, it works every where at home, office and inside your car.

Is an air cooler better than a fan?

Yes, it is better than fan as it is targeted at you. Air cooler is personally and humidifier the hot air into cool and pure air before releasing it. Fan circulate the hot air around the room.

What is the price of this ArcticBreeze cooler?

This product is highly affordable even without the on-going promo. Now you have at least 50% discount per each order, it very affordable and very cost effective.

How can I buy the ArcticBreeze?

The Arcticbreeze is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today. For you to purchase this Arcticbreeze, you only need to follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website through this link
  • Place your order and fill the other required spaces for the delivery
  • Expect your product in no time.

Why is it better to buy from the official website?

It is better to buy from the official company as it is safe, they currently offer 50% discount with free delivery under their recent promo.

Also, remember that you have to send the it back in its original packaging.As for the warranty, you’ll get three years of coverage on “defects in materials or workmanship”.

Should any of the original parts break down under normal use, the manufacturer will repair or replace the parts that went bad.

Smartlight price

Moreover, I have provided you with their support line below:

Support Team Contacts

Email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)


Finally, with all you have learnt above, I have no doubt that you are now an expert when it comes to Arcticbreeze or Arctic air cooler devices.

Thanks for enjoying our reviews. We expect you to write us a review of your experience with the product when you start using it.

If you have made your orders, just be patient as it will arrive in no time. You can also use the company’s support detail above if need be.

Also, check our review page for more interesting reviews.

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