Autoocular Glasses Review 2021: The best driving night glasses?

Autoocular for night driving

Autoocular glasses reviews:

One of the things that change constantly in our bodies apart from body temperature and sugar levels is our ability to see, the human vision. We see things according to the light reflected from them in a very simple process; light in the environment shines on an object or an object emits light rays, the lens, and rods in the human eyes intercept the light rays accordingly and sends signals to the brain which then lets us know what we’re seeing or what we’re not. That is just the mechanism of sight in a very simplified form.

Now our ability to see can be affected by the amount of illumination in our surroundings, we see better inadequate lighting, and may not be able to see when faced with glaring/blinding light or when faced with a lack of light source.

Our vision sometimes is not as stable as we would need it to be, especially as we get older. Studies have shown that older people need as much as 10 times the amount of light, young adults need to see clearly. A 50- year old driver may need twice as much light to see as well as a 30- year old.

Amongst the activities we carry out with our eyes open, driving plays a huge role. You simply cannot and should not drive with your eyes closed or without sight, for your safety, the safety of other road users, and to avoid ruining public and private properties.

The sun is a primary source of light and provides this energy abundantly, during the day everywhere is lit and every individual with normal sight can see their immediate surroundings properly. But what happens when the sun is gone? Our vision becomes poor and we temporarily lose sight of things around us, not really seeing anything which is why the invention of artificial lighting was a very crucial step in human development.

While most people transit to and from their living quarters en route to other places they might have to be during the day, these days night driving has increasingly become a normal thing around the world. More and more people are driving at night.

This is probably because it has been made relatively safe by the government over time through the introduction of high beam street lights and headlights so that visibility at night can be increased. Living costs are still increasing every day, hence most people are taking up jobs as Uber drivers in the night after their normal work in the day.

Uber has recorded an increasing number of night drivers over the past 5 years. Truckers generally prefer driving at night, this is because of the free road and relaxed traffic laws at night. Driving in the absence of natural lighting comes with its own risks despite efforts being made to make it as safe as possible. For example, it is a fact that the majority of road accidents occur at night or in the dark.

Although traffic is much lesser on the roads than during the day by as much as sixty percent, more than forty percent of all fatal car accidents still occur at night since a driver’s ability to perceive and judge distance severely impaired at night, the human eye requires light to see leading to night driving as a top cause of car accidents.

It has been discussed that ninety percent of a driver’s decisions are made according to what he or she sees, and although our eyes can adjust to accommodate weaker lighting conditions, it still makes for a poor driving experience even for an experienced driver or someone with top-notch driving skills and can lead to a fatal accident. There are other causes of accidents at night while driving such as impaired drivers or intoxicated drivers.

Studies show that nearly 30 people die every day in crashes that involve a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs. Impaired drivers are most frequently on the road after dark. While drunk driving is steadily declining, the number of drivers under the influence of drugs has increased. Drivers driving while they are tired has also lead to an increase in nighttime road accidents. Fatigue is known to be dangerous while driving.

Poor and compromised vision is the leading cause of accidents at night and many people find themselves spending more time driving in the dark. Depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision can be compromised in the dark, and the glare of headlights from an oncoming vehicle can temporarily blind a driver.

Even with high-beam headlights on, visibility is limited to about 500 feet (250 feet for normal headlights) creating less time to react to something in the road, especially when driving at higher speeds. Coupled with the fact that as we get older we stop seeing as clearly as we could before.

As mentioned earlier, a 50-year old driver may need twice as much light to see as well as a 30-year old. Also according to the American Optometric Association, some older drivers also may have poor vision due to cataracts and degenerative eye diseases.

You might want to learn how to get over compromised vision while driving and maybe you have seen or heard of special eyeglasses with tinted lenses that are designed just to assist you in seeing better while driving in the dark or on a road with poor lighting facilities. These glasses called nighttime glasses are available for purchase in the market now.

And in this review article, we made an expose on our experience testing the best there is in the market now, the  “AutoOcular glasses”. You will read about its benefits, how it can be worn, and why you need it. We made sure to tell all there is about it, so read on for a great guide to making up your mind to buy some nighttime glassed for safety.

Autoocular Glasses Review
Autoocular Glasses Review

What are AutoOcular glasses?

AutoOcular glasses is a pair of nighttime glasses that were designed to help you see clearly in the night while driving in harsh weather conditions or in poor lighting situations. This pair of glasses is one that every single driver should consider acquiring not regarding the number of years of experience you have in driving.

The AutoOcular company announced last year that they have released a super high–quality device designed to reduce night driving glare and eye strain which are common issues when driving at night, during snow or rainy conditions.

There are far too many road accidents caused by impaired vision or strained eyes, with an increased risk of occurrence in the dark. Driving at night can be difficult, especially when you take cognizance of your ability to see clearly and the brightness of other car lights blinding you on the road.

The AutoOcular glasses are new and innovative items to help you see better whenever and wherever you may be driving. AutoOcular glasses have been designed to be lightweight and durable while still being effective. The high-definition Anti-Glare lenses also protect against UV rays and the natural glare from the sun so you can see better in any weather condition.

It is a device that has been proven to help reduce the rates of preventable accidents on the road, it will help you see clearly and prevent accidents. Your safety matters to your family, your friends, to us and to you too.

Autoocular Glasses Review
Autoocular Glasses Review

Features of AutoOcular glasses

We found out that the AutoOcular glasses have many features that are unique to them and actually fulfill their aims of guaranteeing you total satisfaction. Click here to see the benefits of AutoOcular glasses. They include:

  • Anti-glare technology: We mentioned earlier in this review that these glasses are made with the latest anti-glare technology which blocks the dangerous blue light emitted from headlamps. You do not have to squint whenever oncoming drivers forget to reduce the brightness of their headlights.
  • Lightweight: AutoOcular glasses have been designed to be very light. Users have never complained about it being heavy or bulky while wearing them. Despite all the technologies put into it to combat glare from headlights and dark conditions, it is still lightweight. You will not even notice you have them on your face.
  • Usable with any type of glasses: AutoOcular fits easily over your regular prescription lenses and is designed to be overlaid on glasses while driving. Their lightness does not interfere in any way to make the driver not feel like wearing it. If you are suffering from short-sightedness or if you are far-sighted, you do not need to worry as the company put that into consideration before finally releasing the product.  You can still use a clear view of any spectacle you are currently using.
  • Photochromic Lenses: The photochromic lens reduces glare so it is easier to see despite poor visibility. The polarized lenses also change the way light is reflected and removes unnecessary reflections on your eyes.
  • High Fashion appeal: It comes in a beautiful lemon yellow color which is very fashionable and also unisex. Hence, it can be worn by both male and female drivers.

Specifications of AutoOcular glasses

  1. Polarized lenses with a yellow filter.
  2. It has a Lightweight frame.
  3. 2X scratch guard coating on both the inner and outer lens
  4. Adjustable nose pad for extreme comfort
  5. Lenses available are W 60 mm, H 50 mm.
  6. Bridge of the glasses is 15 mm
  7. The Temple is 135 mm

How to use AutoOcular glasses

The suggested usage is very simple and can be known even without being told. You simply put on the AutoOcular glasses on the bridge of your nose and fit the supporting arms over your ears and if you wear glasses, place the glasses as an overlay over your glasses. You should wear them in the evening and night, and you will start to see instant results in your vision.

Autoocular Glasses Review
Autoocular Glasses Review

Pros of the AutoOcular glasses

These are some of the features and benefits of the AutoOcular glasses that give it such a high rating from us:

  • It blocks too much bright light. It provides an instant reduction in glare from oncoming traffic, bright street lights, and people who leave their high beams on
  • It makes it easy to see in the dark. The special yellow lens tint helps increase contrast at night. While wearing your AutoOcular glasses, you will immediately be able to see more clearly even if it is almost pitch dark
  • It has anti-reflective lenses on the inner and outer coating.
  • The glasses are unisex and have four unique frame styles that are modern and unique.
  • They offer enhanced clarity.
  • AutoOcular has also been designed to be perfect for low light, and fog conditions. So you can be prepared for anything.
  • AutoOcular glasses can also help to fight light sensitivity. It reduces light glare while driving which in turn can relieve eye strain, headaches, and migraine attacks when you are on the road.
  • It can be used with your normal adjustable prescription glasses too. You just overlay them
  • You and your family will be safer and you will no longer have to fear driving at night.
  • It is currently being sold at a discount and so very affordable and cheap
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Cons of the AutoOcular glasses

  • It can only be found online
  • Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, shipping might take longer than was stated on the official website but efforts are being made to rectify the issue.

Why should you buy AutoOcular glasses?

AutoOcular glasses let you see enhanced color, and clarity just like high definition TVs and it is at the fraction of the price of designer glasses. It protects your eyes in style from all sides (unlike clip-on), just slide over prescription glasses.

Whether you are driving, reading, or golfing, these versatile glasses make seeing a whole new experience. It has been designed to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and block light from all sides. This high definition lens technology dramatically reduces glare, provides clarity, and enhances color as you have never seen before.

Where to buy AutoOcular glasses?

AutoOcular driving glasses is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality. To process the payment, you only need to have a valid credit card or a valid PayPal account. The reason being that they are the only payment method accepted at the moment and are secured payment channels that place the buyer at a higher priority.

Below is the information about the Suppliers:

Company Name: Legacy Enterprises LLC

Company Address: 17412 Ventura Blvd #311, Encino, CA. 91216

Company Email:

Phone Number: United States: +1 888 247 9088

Note that Shipping is free for now and may change anytime the manufacturers want, you should hurry now.

The AutoOcular Glasses are also currently available at a 50% discount price and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like the product. This is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Your order qualifies for free shipping when ordering 2 or more units.

Customer reviews of the AutoOcular glasses

“I use glasses to see better and sometimes driving at night is so hard for me because I still have to squint to see properly, I can’t avoid driving at night because I have late afternoon shifts that end in the evening and I don’t like using the public transport. Since I got the autoOcular glasses, I’ve not had to strain so much to see at night”

Dylan Clinton 

“In love with them” “First of all, they look designer so I don’t have to worry about my appearance while wearing these glasses. I love the way it fits me perfectly and doesn’t feel heavy or leave markings on my face. I’m in love with them!”


“Other than my job as a trucker, I’d rather spend my nights indoors with a duvet over me and my cozy pillows. I’ve always been careful to drive slowly while on the road at night and I end up spending a lot more time than I should. I got these AutoOcular glasses as a trial and I’ve been using them ever since. I can drive at my normal pace and get home in one piece”

Peter Brooke

Frequently asked questions on AutoOcular glasses reviews.

When should I use AutoOcular?

The main purpose of AutoOcular is to combat the elements around you while driving at night. Wear AutoOcular during your evening commute, in the rain, snow, or foggier conditions so you can focus on your driving and stay safe on the road.

How does it work?

AutoOcular uses high definition tinted lenses that are designed to provide your eyes comfort and clarity by reducing the glare from traffic and harsh lights.

Can I wear them with my glasses?

AutoOcular fits most prescription frames well, so you do not have to adjust or change your glasses to use them.

Are AutoOcular uncomfortable to wear?

No, AutoOcular is lightweight but built to last, so you will not even notice you are wearing them.

I think I drive just fine at night. Do I really need AutoOcular?

Everyone can benefit from AutoOcular. It promotes safe driving and helps lessen the chance of accidents. It also makes for a great gift for your family and friends who commute, and with the discounts you receive by buying more than one, you can save a lot of money too

Final notes on AutoOcular glasses

AutoOcular glasses are a must buy if you are going to be driving at night or doing anything with machinery in poor lighting. If you are an adventure seeker and just want to be able to see at all times then this is just your thing! There are no downsides to getting these glasses as they can be worn over and over again without wear and tear if handled properly.

These autoocular glasses are currently making waves in many countries of the world including United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Colombia and other part of the world.

They actually work and help reduce strain on your eyes when not in normal conditions so it is a win-win for everyone and they’re unbelievably affordable. We hope you found reasons to take that step and make that purchase of the AutoOcular glasses, or not, from this article.

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