BLX Buds reviews 2022-Is BLXBUDS worth a buy?

BLX Buds reviews:

Getting to see perfectly working earbuds have become a difficult task. You get one today and within a month it will begin to pose one issue or the other, from not connecting well to intermittent lose of Bluetooth connection. These are among the reasons while I stopped using wireless pods last 2 years.

Well, if you get those highly costly earbuds, it may be fair yet still confusing in performance and may not be user-friendly.

But if we talk of under 50$ earbuds, forget it, it will certainly have one issue you will find out while using it except it is a magical brand of earbuds.

That was how my attention was drawn to two of my friends who were complaining bitterly over their earbuds. One has an under $100 earbuds while the other has one of these over-priced buds. Their complaint ranges from poor quality of Bluetooth connection, no sound sometimes, poor sound quality and inability to answer calls using the buds.

I became surprised as their earbuds are costlier than mine yet I have not noticed any issue with mine. I was shocked because earlier within that week, I was planning to upgrade to a more costlier brand just to show off. But what is the essense of leaving my BLX buds that is simple-to-use and without fault for over 3 months to a big brands that are so complicated to use with no extra value? Absolutely, it will not add up; it will just be a waste of resources.

When I told them about the brand I am using, they were amazed that it is so affordable yet has no issues. I had to tell them that the earbuds sales at a discounted price plus a full 30-day guarantee. Should there be any fault, I can easily go for full refund or exchange depending on what I want and the extent of damage or dissatisfaction. Honja and James became speechless and decided to try my own brand of earbuds, dropping off their exorbitant, confusing and complicated ear pods.

This is making it the 6th month they have used this BLX buds and what they like best is the ease of control and the compatibility to Android and iPhones by the buds.

Thanks to this company based in the United States that has risen to provide solution to the problems faced while using earbuds by providing a simple-to-use and affordable brand. Their earbud is not just affordable, it is both cost-effective and with a 1-year warranty.

At first, I didn’t believe the producer as I had seen it as a measure to sell his product. But after making my order last 9 months and as well getting what I ordered within a week. I will like to say that the company’s claim is true and their earbud is magical. This is the first under 50$ earbuds that have not developed a fault within 3 months of me using them.

I have waited for the Bluetooth to fail me or the changing pad to stop charging abruptly but my fears were brought down as this earbud has continued to work.

BLX buds are the best under 50$ earbuds, ergonomically designed to bring out the beauty in you. No wonder, It is among the trending phone accessory currently—this is because you can use it both for your Android and iPhone. The battery is quality and most of the users have made reports like:

Wow! So happy I have made this order for BLX buds, it fits into my ears well and has good stereo output with long-lasting battery capacity. Love it.

Definitely, it is a must-have earbuds for everyone who is looking for simple, quality and durable one at an affordable price.

In this post, I will give you the full and latest update on BLX buds from my experience. I will also put across a safe affiliate link at the bottom for you to make your order under a discounted price from the official BLXbuds website.

It is important you also know that most of the online reviews or threads you read in other sites may not be an independent review like what you see from us.

This is why we have taken out time to let you know why having BLX buds is better than wasting your hard earned money on other buds that are exorbitant without extra value.

You need to make up your mind on what exactly you want—to buy costly brand or to buy simple buds that will give you what you want.

Moreover, the customer care services is always ready for exchange and return services for a space of 1 month after the purchase.

What is BLX BUDS?

BLX buds review

BLX buds is an innovative product at an affordable price from a fast growing tech company. If you are the type that has problem with the sound volume of your current earpiece, worry not as this BLX buds has capacity to offer you a stereo range of 20Hz to 20KHz. It will also offer you topnotch ergonomic representation.

Imagine having an earpiece that everyone around will think you bought it over $200 simply because of the way it looks and the stereo quality it outputs. Honestly, those who have made orders for this product had not had any reason to regret it.

Very classy and lightweight headphones with the best and latest Bluetooth to help it connect with your devices. Yes! You will not have complaint of Bluetooth interruption up to 10 meters away. You can answer calls, listen to music and other presentation that your mobile phone or gadget can output.

This is not your usual offer. It is hard to come by especially at such affordable price but it is understandable, the company wants everyone to have their brand. Unlike other companies that are selling brands, this Hong Kong based company has decided to offer you quality and quantity.

Why should you go for BLX buds instead of others?

  • It is classy: anything that brings out your best look especially in a social gathering is worth it. BLX buds is the key.
  • It is lightweight: unlike other earbuds that are heavy on your ears, this is not so. You will barely know you have something over your ears. No pain on your ears and no irritation.
  • Instantly connects with other Bluetooth device: With Bluetooth 5.2 version you will stay connected and uninterrupted. Not just that, it is compatible and gives you instant connection with your devices.
  • Easy-to-use: You don’t have to use a couple of devices to be able to use this buds at first time. It is simple, follow our guide on how to use it and you will meet no difficulty while using it.
  • Cost-effective: People keep going for this product because they know that this is almost the test product from the company. The current price is definitely lower compared to the services it offers. The best thing anyone can do now is to get his own pair before its price will increase.
  • Quality audio stereo: Very good sound system. Even at a little distance the Bluetooth still upholds the quality of its sound.
  • Quality battery: It has one of the best batteries among earbuds. It is better seen than what any independent review can tell you.
  • Sold Online at their official website: this gives you chance to make your order from the comfort of your home. You also make your choice on the number of units you want and where you want it delivered to you.
BLX buds reviews

Features and specifications of BLX buds

  • Ultra lightweight: Imagine carry this earbuds on your ears for 24 hours? Some brands of earbuds will start irritating you or being heavy on your ears. This is not the case with this earbuds. It is light enough for you to wear it for 3 days without any complaints.
  • Easy to charge: It is all about plug and charge. The white light shows when it is completely charged while the red light shows you need to charge it more.
  • High fidelity sound: It is not just about social media reviews of BLX buds, it has the best sound quality you can deserve from any earbuds.
  • Pair up instantly: It does not waste time to pair with your other devices. Ensure that the Bluetooth is visible when searched. Also it works more with the latest versions of Bluetooth like range of from 4.0 to 5.2. As you know the latest Bluetooth can easily work with older brands more than the reverse. So you have the best from this device due to its latest version of Bluetooth.
  • Long lasting battery: The battery has the capacity to sustain you for at least 16 hours if fully charged. How you will know when it is fully charged is that it will show white light when you are charging it.
  • Very portable: Very easy for you to carry it on your pocket or hange it on your belt rest.
  • Very Ergonomic: The producer made it so beautiful to wear it. The goal of the company is to offer you the best.

What you may not like about BLX buds

  • The cost is affordable: If you are the type of person that like buying exorbitant products, definitely this is not for you. But the question I want to ask you is to check how many of the products you bought costly that really offered you the best of services. It is not about the cost, it is about the quality of services. Some companies are already established and only aim at selling their brand and product at the same time. They do not care much about the brand people gain from it. If people complain much, the company will release new version or model of the former. This is not the case with BLX Buds. Its highest aim now is to offer the best to people as they are still new to the market. So try it today and see the difference.
  • They may run out of stock when you want to buy: People are really going for this product and it is trending very well on social media. That’s why it is difficult sometimes to get it as the company runs out of stock due to high volume sales. The good news is that they are back with excess production. You will not longer experience such run out of stock again.

How to use BLX buds

It is simple to use BLX buds, if you have used any other brand, you will definitely know how to use this brand. Below are the things you do:

  • Receive the delivery
  • Get it charged
  • Get the Bluetooth setup
  • Connect with your device
  • Enjoy your quality sounds.
BLX earbuds reviews

How BLX buds works

BLX buds works in a simple way, it uses the latest and most advanced Bluetooth technology to connect with any device. This makes it to remain strong and connected up to 5 meters away from the source of connection. You can keep your phone in the parlor while staying at the laundry or kitchen if you are busy.

It also has quality sound system. With this, you are good to go. You will never regret buying BLX buds. This is because, while others will be complaining of loss of connection and poor sound quality, you will be excited you have this earbuds.

Nothing beats an earbuds that work. It is no more of the brand, whether popular or costly or not. It is always about it working well. And that is what you will get with BLX BUDS.

BLXBUDS reviews customer reports

I have used a couple of wireless headphones, especially those under $100 ones. I hate them because they offer me little or no good sound quality. But my colleague convinced me to buy this BLXBUDS. I didn’t how, but his words swept me off my feet and I made that transaction. I am really glad I did because BLX buds is everything I need in a wireless headphones.

Braden Yens from Germany

“Many online reviews are false, just a ploy to make me buy their product.” This believe kept me for months from buying this BLX buds until my birthday when my girlfriend order one for me. Thanks to her for offering me such a quality device. It worth a gift to a loved one and I will always love her. Cheers!

Dunka Mabrus

I didn’t even feel as if I am wearing anything for over 48 hours. I love the quality of my music and call conversation I get while using it. You know when you work in the hospital and don’t have time to be raising your phone each time it rings, really, you will need a hand off headphones in order to answer your calls effortlessly. It has really been helpful and I recommend it to everyone looking for an affordable quality headphones.

John Louis From Illinois, USA.
BLXbuds reviews

Cost of BLX Buds and where to buy it

The cost is effective compared to what you will gain from the earbuds. To enjoy more discounts and free delivery, make your order today from the BLX earbuds official website.

Frequently asked questions on BLX Buds reviews

Is BLX buds legit?

BLX earbuds is made by a Hong Kong based company that is into quality audio techs. The company is still starting and that is why the cost is still as it is. Looking at the affordable cost and comparing it with the quality service it offers is enough to ask if it is legit. But it is. Just strong recommendation from users.

Do I have warranty on BLX earbuds?

Definitely, there is warranty for each unit you purchase. You have at least one month warranty to return it and claim refund or exchange in case of any dissatisfaction.

Where do I buy BLX buds?

You can get this product on many online platforms including Amazon, Walmart, etc. However, the best place to buy from is from the official website. There you are sure that your transactions are safe and your card information are secured. You will also enjoy discounts and free shipping by purchasing from the main BLX earbuds website.

How long does BLX earbuds last after charge?

How far this earbuds can last after.charge depends on whether you are using it or it is not on use. If it is on use it can last for more than 12 hours before showing light light which shows that the battery is low. You can also check the level of battery capacity that it still has simply by placing it back on the charging pad.

Best place to buy BLX buds?

The best place to buy BLXBUDS is from the producer. An affiliate link is already made available at the bottom of this post to help you make your purchase effortlessly.

Does BLXbuds worth it?

Definitely, it is up to you. To either buy this quality earbuds or go to waste your money looking for useless brand. It makes not sense to buy Earbuds over $250 and still be complaining of sound quality and the complexities that it poses.

Final note on BLX buds review

BLX earbuds has become a market name. Almost a popular brand. What really is the secret? From the research by our team, WHOLE GADGETS, we have found out that their reputation is not far from their quality which has earned them recommendation from every singular user.

BLX buds will give you quality sound and uninterrupted Bluetooth connection up to 10 meters away. Definitely incredible but real. Has one of the most reliable sound quality and battery capacity. It will boost your appearance and make you look great with less than $50. That’s a great offer you can’t afford to miss.

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