Cavalier Essentials Reviews 2022: Does it worth the money?

If you want to cut your hair without breaking the bank, Cavalier Essentials can be the perfect solution for you. But does this clipper worth it? Here are Cavalier Essential Reviews that tell you everything about this rechargeable clipper.

As we know, the facial beauty of someone is majorly dependent on the smile and the style of hair the person is carrying. This tends to be the first point of focus when we meet people for the first time. The majority of women, have to grow their hair for the hairdressers and hairstylists to work on them. These dressers and stylists twist attachments of different sizes and shapes to decorate their hair in such a fashion that they always look attractive to any beholder.

So many men can go to any length to ensure that the hairs on the head receive the best style. For the menfolk, it’s a whole new ball game, unlike ladies. They have to cut their hair to maintain their handsomeness. As such, they are at the mercy of the barbers. Actually, barbers are doing their best in trying to give them the best haircut in town. 

But what do you do when you can’t get to the barbershop? What do you do when you don’t even have money to give to the barber? Assuming you and your children want to have some stylish cut but you’ve run out of cash or as we’re in a global lockdown, you can’t get to a barber across the street? Will you give up and embrace the caveman look of your hair and that of your children? 

Could you believe that: trying to get to the barbershop, paying someone to cut your hair, and waiting for your turn in the barbershop would be a past action with Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper? So you could save yourself all this stress and save tons of money too.

With your own hands, you could give yourself the style you actually wanted to cut. Sounds unbelievable like a fairy tale? But that is pretty possible and easy if you would calm down to go through our detailed review of Cavalier Essentials hair clipper for your smooth and attractive haircut. 

A great chunk of the male has always assumed that cutting their hair is just one of those things they couldn’t do by themselves. To some, it is a skill that only the barber knows too well. How the barber handles the clipper, pruning the hair to give them a fine look and clear cut, send ripples of amazement all over their body. Their heads feel the delicate hand of the barber as he ensures that the cut matches the style they have chosen. 

This Cavalier Essentials review is meant to address the product’s benefits, specifications, customers’ reviews, and also tell you whether it is safe and effective to use or not. 

Cavalier Essentials Review
cavalier essentials reviews

Why cavalier essentials choice is the best?

The main design of cavalier essentials is for comfort and easy control while using it to cut hairs. The good looks of the design come as added advantages. It is quite easy for you to carry it anywhere you intend to go whether you are at a conference that will last for days or on a journey camping. You can easily pack it inside your bag and carry it for the event.

It is user-friendly in the sense that it requires not much special skill and because it is too easy for you to carry it while making use of it.

Unlike other ones that are discomforting while in use, Cavalier essentials provide whisper-quiet cutting sound.As we said already, you should not be scared of having this tool because you are not a pro. Having it alone is a ticket to being a pro on barbing as it will offer you a free class tutorial on how to barb.

With this rechargeable battery, you can use it very well for up to 5 hours of run time when there is no light. This is an advantage.

With this stainless steel, you have a guarantee that it will last for a long without rust on the blades. This also helps the blade to cut with superior precision and sharpness.

Cavalier essentials are Cordless: This makes it Tangle-free for easy maneuverability while in use. You no longer have the issue of how to hold it to avoid making mistakes while using it. Glides smoothly through hair to offer the best haircut.

What are Cavalier Essentials?

Cavalier essentials is a rechargeable clipper that helps you avoid the unnecessary queue that comes with going to the barber’s shop. It also helps you avoid the fear of getting an infection from the barber’s shop. You can use it on yourself and also on the hair of your family members easily. It is a very user-friendly clipper without any hassle whether you are a professional barber or you are someone who has never handled a clipper.

It is a great tool for men and women who wants their hair to be in shape all the time. While men use it often as they always go by a haircut, ladies who enjoy low cut or who want to cut their eyebrows can also have it. The Cavalier Essentials hair clipper is powered by a high-performance gear motor that makes it possible for no-rough cutting.

It is cordless thereby removing the issue of knowing how to grab the cords while making use of it. Cavalier Essentials is a noise-free haircutting tool as it is paired with Q-SUS low-noise technology which will ensure that cutting hair won’t sound like mowing the tree with a gas saw. It comes with a metal handle that is easy to control. With the rechargeable Li-ion battery, it will be possible for you to use it with or without an electric power supply as far as it’s been charged previously. The charge itself lasts for a reasonable time depending on if you charged it well from the first day you bought it.

Cavalier Essentials is very affordable and durable. Anyone can use it and it also makes sense that you have a haircutter that you can use at your will whether there is light or not. That is what we like most about this device.

cavalier essentials reviews

Content of Cavalier Essentials Package

  • Cavalier essential instructional manual or booklet
  • x1 Cavalier Clipper Kit
  • x1 FREE Protective Hair Cape and Dual-End Comb
  • FREE Access to Professional Barber Masterclasses
  • FREE Access to “Cut your own hair like a pro” master class

Specifications of Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper

  • It is cordless
  • It is made of high grade stainless steel
  • Comes with high performance motor gears
  • Has a Li-on rechargeable battery
  • The run time of the battery is at least 5 hours  if charged to 100%
Cavalier Essentials Reviews

Benefits of Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper 

From what we have said above, the importance of great advantages you will have if you own cavalier essentials are unlimited. It cannot be compared with going to the barbing salon for haircuts. Many users of this haircutting tool have attested a lot of benefits that come with having it. Below are some of the benefits you should expect to have as an owner of cavalier essentials:

Opportunity to learn barbing skills

With the video that gives you free access to professional barber masterclasses and free access to the “Cut your own hair like a pro” master class, you are more than a step higher to becoming a haircut expert for yourself and those around you like your family members. Just by having this clipper has already given you a go-ahead deal to cut and cave any hair on anyone’s head. Really very incredible but true.

It gives you control over your haircut and that of your family members

If you are in the class of those who do not like in any way and reason to waste time queuing up for a haircut in a barber’s shop, this device is for you. Many of us who hate using another man’s clipper for the fear of contracting skin infections including dandruff, now have the rare chance to take charge of their hair and do it their own way.

This is better as prevention is better than cure and sometimes it is too hard to get rid of an infection contracted from the barber and even if you end up clearing the infection your bank account will bear the hardship as it goes with thousands of dollars. All you need is to have your own Cavalier Essentials clipper and then, you decide the fate of your hair.

You can give yourself the best stylish haircut you ever wanted to have. You can trim and cut your hair to the level you always wanted it to be. You can style it in any of the styles you ever liked but have never had it because you could not afford the payments. You can also take care of those of your children.

Cavalier Essentials scam
cavalier essentials reviews

A single payment for the purchase and unlimited free barbing

Nothing beats the fact that you do not need to spend money each time you desire and deserve a haircut. In other words, if you are monthly salary-based, you do not need to wait for your payment before cutting your hair. Like, all you need is to make out that 15 to 45 minutes of your time to do the cutting and you know what you saved for yourself.

Imagine you have 5 kids that would need to cut their hair at least every 3 weeks, multiply the cost of cutting the hair of each of them by 5. The amount you would save just by having this clipper will shock you. This is really an investment. You do not even need electric power for you to use it as it stores voltage that helps it to work even without a power supply.

If you also have similar hair like mine that I cut every two weeks for me to have my best facial grace, you will enjoy it as you will not need to postpone it to the 3rd or 4th week because you do not have the money. All you need is to pull out your clipper and you are ready to offer yourself the best looks.

Cut your hair even under lockdown and curfew

You are not limited by anything as you can always do the cutting any time without unnecessary delays either as a result of some issues resulting in curfew or lockdown. For example, during the immediate past lockdown against covid-19, it was not funny as many people had to remain indoors for months without even coming out to their barbing saloon or being barbed. Imagine you have your own clipper, not just having a clipper but the one that is reliable to serve you even when there is no power supply. You would always look your best.

Cavalier Essentials
cavalier essentials reviews

Cavalier essentials are ever ready clipper for your use

Cavalier essentials is a great device in that it can be pre-charged for anytime use. The indispensable part of this hair cutting tool is that you have it and you use it when you want for what purpose you want to use it for. If you are worried about how to fasten your hair growth, use this best hair regrowth remedy. You can also use a top eyebrow hair pen.

It is a Unisex clipper

Though men make use of it often, it does not negate the fact that everyone can use it. Even if you as a lady do not keep a haircut, you can still use it for your eyebrows. Like lining up the hairs on your eyebrows. Ladies prefer to have makeup but with this tool, you can carve your hair.

You cut your hair at your own time without queue: Have you had an urgent need to appear formal? Without prior notice, you are invited for a job interview or for defense either for a project or for other purposes. Do you know there could be a reason to attend an emergency conference? In this case, you may need to keep your beards in shape and give your hair that needed touch like trim touch it.

In this case, all you need is to use your clipper and in no time you are ready for the business of the day. Here, you do not need to queue or beg your barber as if you have no hope. Not even if your appeal will help all the time, sometimes people with your kind of need may resist such appeal. Cavalier essentials is truly a veritable tool for all that want to look good.

Who is Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper for?

You might be wondering who Cavalier Essentials hair clipper is actually made for? Of course, the product is designed for men but women can also use it. As far as you want to have a haircut, the clipper is meant for you. There is no doubt that the clipper was primarily designed for men’s hairstyles, but women also have many things to use it for except for haircuts assuming you are a woman that plates your hair.

It will work on any kind of hair. So the women are not left out. If your hair is busy, or you want to change trim or re-style it, simply order your own pack of Cavalier Essentials clippers. It will do you lots of good.  You can also use other tools for hair straightening and styling.

It is for all ages so children and teenagers are not left out of the use of Cavalier essentials. So basically, everyone who wants to cut, trim or style their hair can use a Cavalier Essentials clipper to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. It’s meant for your hair.

As a woman, you might never have a haircut but your children are in need of it, all you need to do is to get them one or two of Cavalier Essentials clippers and watch them have their cuts under your roof. As a dad, you might be bald but your children are not. You may also hate your children going for a haircut outside to avoid contracting any of these hard-to-treat infections.

We know you are not happy when your children look cavemen-like because you could not schedule a time with the barber due to the lockdown or because it was hard getting to your kid’s turn due to the heavy turnout of persons for haircuts. Therefore, you need to get them Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper. After going through the master class videos, you will be able to cut your children’s hair yourself. You won’t need the barber or any third party anymore. It will be you and your children. 

Is Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper scam?

Sincerely, the first time we come across reviews on these cavalier essentials, we felt like it is too good to be true. Like after seeing what was written as things it does, we still have some reserved doubt. We only decided to give it a try and honestly, it worked beyond what the reviews said. If you go through the instructional booklet before use, it will really be worth it.

Many people who do not know about barbing also went ahead to use it from its pack without first charging it or even going through the professional barbing masterclass. You already know the resultant outcome. They came back to label this device a scam with statements like, “cavalier essential scam or cavalier essential hair clipper scam”. Luckily, the producer company has good customer care representatives, so when they were contacted, they were able to find and correct the mistake of those people. Today those people who felt that is a scam now have positive reviews over the product.

Our candid advice to you is to first charge this clipper to 100% before using it and to also go through the instructional manual and possibly go through the videos if you a novice in hair barbing. We assure you that it will not time you much time and these will also help you maximize the use of this device.

Hence, as regards whether Cavalier Essentials is a scam or not, we make it bold to say no! Cavalier Essentials hair clipper works just as you would expect it! No customer who used it rightly has ever reported it to be fake. In fact, the one I bought works normally and the clipper cuts like magic.  So you would be doing yourself a great deal of damage if you are thinking that the product is fake or has some fault. Be mindful that there are a lot of clippers out there from different companies.

Therefore, do not mistake them for Cavalier Essentials to avoid regrets. Always choose wisely. Cavalier Essentials is at its best if your hair has gotten out of control. It’s snag-free, easy to control, and has a durable battery that lasts up to 5 hours. You can also use the best gadget germ killer for your gadgets.

Customer Reviews of Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper 

Before you ever make an order for any product, it is important to first know what other users of that product are saying. If their statements are somehow against the product, you better pull off from entering into such a trap but if it is all good, it means you have a green light to continue. For this wonderful clipper, we have gathered for you what other users have to say about it. Below is the user’s report on this device:

I can’t believe I used to pay someone else to cut my hair. I always assumed it was just one of those things you couldn’t do by yourself, but Cavalier Essentials makes it easy! I actually prefer the way my hair looks now and I’m saving a ton of money by skipping the barber.

James V. – Washington

I never liked going to the barber, I’m just not good at explaining how I want my hair to look. Now I don’t have to! The videos make it surprisingly easy to learn and the clipper [woks] like magic. It’s only been a couple of months, but I’ve already gotten good enough to give myself a fade!

Tom R. · Utah

My boys have never looked better! I got fed up with trying to schedule haircuts for three teenagers every month, so I decided to give Cavalier Essentials a try, and I’m so glad I did! They get a lot [off] compliments on how their hair looks now. I must be doing something right because my husband has asked me to start cutting his hair too!

Megan P. · Washington

What is the cavalier essentials clipper price?

To make sure customers can purchase this clipper, the company has a threat tier offer of 50% Discount on their ordering page. Currently, users can choose from:

1 Cavalier Essentials Package (Most Popular) $109.99

2 Cavalier Essentials Packages $201.99 

3 Cavalier Essentials Packages $274.99

Be it known to you that you can get refunded or the item replaced if the design and structure of the product don’t exactly meet your needs. However, the only condition is that the product won’t exceed a period of 30 days in your hand. And you have to send the item back in the original unopened packing. After the stipulated period, the guarantee expires. 

Read also another review on the best clipper for your pets.

Best place to buy Cavalier essentials

Buying Cavalier Essentials won’t be tiresome because you can currently buy it only on the manufacturer’s official website. To process the payment, you ought to have a valid credit card or a valid PayPal account. The reason is that they are the only payment method accepted on the online store of the manufacturer at the moment.

Following this process duly will ensure that you purchase the original product and not the fake ones circulating within the markets. Original and quality products are only available at the online shop of the producer. Be it known to you that purchasing from a place other than the official website of the manufacturer might imply that you would be scammed of your money.

You are also entitled to 30 days of a kind of testing the quality of the product. After these 30 days of grace, you can decide whether to continue or to return the device. If you are planning to return the device for any reason, please be sure to repackage it in its original package. This makes the process of your refund or exchange of product faster. So, avoid the heartbreaking story by purchasing directly from the website. There are no two websites: just one official website. The one that has its link is on the link below.

Chance for a Lifetime Warranty 

In addition to the 30 days exchange and return period offered by the Company, you also have the chance to protect your device throughout your lifetime. The warranty is a one-time offer which is only valid with an additional of $22. Paying the said money means that your product is covered for LIFE and therefore, you stand to lose nothing. It assures more security on your device and gives you more boost as you will have your replacement anytime the device got damaged. Amazing, right?

Frequently Asked Question on Cavalier Essentials Reviews

Can I really learn how to cut my own hair with Cavalier Essentials?

Yes, you can! By practicing with the follow-come library of masterclass videos, you can quickly learn how to give yourself a professionally-looking haircut in any style. You can also learn how to give your kids the best looking haircut.

Is it safe to use the Cavalier Essentials clipper on children?

Yes, absolutely. The clipper is quiet, skin safe, and designed to prevent hair tugging and snagging. You can use it for any child up to a year without any issue. If the child is not cooperative, you can leave it when the child sleeps or call on the mother to pet the child.

Will the Cavalier Essentials clipper work on women’s hair?

Yes! While the clipper was primarily designed for men’s hair styles, it will work on any kind of hair. Perhaps, the women can also carve their eyebrows and also use it on their children.

How do I clean the Cavalier Essentials clipper?

The clipper comes with a special brush to remove hair from the blades and lubricating oil to keep the motor running smoothly. To be very sure you got the right product, you have to place your order from the official online store of the manufacturer. This is the surest way to be sure of the product you are buying.

Will I need a pair of scissors to finish the job while using cavalier essentials clipper?

The Cavalier Essentials clipper is perfectly capable of completing an entire haircut on its own. If you want to add a little extra style or a few finishing touches, we recommend the Styling Kit upgrade. With the styling kit upgrade, you can do more extra stylings easily.

What about the rest of my body hair?

It all depends, the Cavalier Essentials clipper is best intended for the hair on your head. This does not mean that it will not cut other hairs. You can use it for your beards and eyebrow carving.

Conclusion on Cavalier Essentials hair clippers reviews

Cavalier Essentials Hair Clippers make cutting, styling, and grooming hair at home to be very simple and enjoyable. Cavalier Essentials clippers’ blades are made of high-grade stainless steel with an ergonomic handle made of durable metal.

I am glad at the level of information you have received. You are now an expert in both the use of cavalier clippers and also on the safest place to buy it online. Kudos!

To make your purchase, you need to use the following steps:

  • Navigate to the producer’s online store
  • Fill the form provided
  • Ensure that your address details are correct because this will help your delivery to be at your doorstep.
  • Expect your ordered product within 2 days if you bought cavalier essential from the United States. If you ordered the product from any other country within the globe, your delivery will arrive within 5 to 7 days. It is very simple and comes with no fear.

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