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Coolair review is here to guide you in order to enjoy the 50% discount and free shipping accrue to every order made on this cool air conditioner.

As we know, it is summer period again. A time when everyone battles with hot temperature and the restless heat that comes all day and worst in the room every time. I still remember how I got my self rolling on top of my bed till morning just because of this summer heat. I hate that feeling! In fact, when I finally breath cool breeze into my nostrils it was really awesome.

You know that feeling! We all have experienced this issue at one point or the other.

I am happy now because this best portable air conditioner, an innovative alternative to AC or fan, has changed a lot including totally cooling the temperature--it is not only cheap but also exactly what everyone needs to withstand the summer hot weather.

Carefully read the review below and see the reasons why many people are talking about this air-cooling device. I have also offered you a safe link to make your order.

What is Coolair air conditioner? [portable air conditoner reviews]

This cool air device is compact and lightweight air cooler that has the capacity to get your room very cool in less that 10 minutes. When compared with a lot of other coolers including your conventional air conditioner, this Cool air is cost-effective, portable and does not absorb much energy. The video below also helps you understand more about this portable air cooler.

Cool Air review
coolair review

This portable air cooler is so special in design as it is made in such a way that it performs three things at once; cooler, humidifier, and purifier. It chiefly does those things in no

CoolAir by design is portable in nature. It is so lightweight and compact that you can carry it with you on your holidays and anywhere you want. Besides its compact size, this cooler is this much efficient that it can cool down your home or office or garage. So with this cooler, you can beat the heat anywhere you want. It is an energy-efficient cooler which doesn’t increase your electricity bill by consuming more power and energy.

Besides cooling CoolAir also clean the air around the area. With a 300ml water tank, it humidifies the air around and that too without making any noise. Unlike other coolers, it does this work silently and efficiently. So it also helps you in cost down as with this you don’t need to buy another humidifier.

It is not enough; this cooler has more to offer. Apart from cooling and humidifying, it also helps in purification of the air. There is an evaporating filter fitted inside the cooler. This filter helps in trapping airborne and pollutant particles. After trapping the particles, it also the fresh air to go outside. There is also a moonlight setting option that comes in 8 different colors. These lights will help you at night, and some colors are so soothing that will make your body relax.

You can place the device anywhere including your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and office area. It is so convenient to use the cooler that you can place it in any corner of your room and it will fit the space well.

What’s the buzz around CoolAir Devices? AKA the “Cheapest Air Conditioning Device”? These are hot summer days, and people are after CoolAir products to cool down. So how exactly does this little device work? Does it really pull warm air from the room and cool it down? Is it really that cheap? We had the same questions so please find below our CoolAir review.

cool review 01

Since it consumes less power and electricity, this device won’t cause you any problem. Also, unlike what is obtainable in some other coolers, the cool air can work tirelessly for 24/7.

It is the best alternative to your traditional coolers especially when you’re looking for a product that won’t dig a hole in your pocket whilst giving you cool air at its pick.

What are the features of this cool air?

In this section of the coolair review, we would be talking about some of the top features of this cool air device.

Design and Display

One thing that sets this device out from others is its exclusive and sleek design. With its portable design you can carry it around to any place within and outside your home with great ease.

This sleek design really complements its cooling prowess and gives you the best cooling experience. In addition to that, the device has an LCD display, which is bright and easy to read. The feature allows users to perform operations on the device with ease.

This Air cooler is a small cube-shaped device, measuring only 17cm x 17cm x 17cm, making it ideal to be placed on a desk. Also, great is the fact that it comes in different colours ranging from white to blue and even black.

Seven Built-in LED lights to match your mood

This device has the unique feature of having multiple built-in LED lights you can use. You can use any of the LED lights that matches your mood or just the LED lights you like the most at the point in time. It gives that amazing moon light feeling.

Damn, you might even want to use each LED light for each day of the week. It’s all up to you.

Fast Cooling Feature

Despite the fact that this device is small, it is incredibly effective. With this device in your home, expect coolair ac to start cooling within 60 seconds. With a whisper-quiet three-speed controlled fan, be rest assured that it’s cooling process started in less than a split second without wasting time. More still, you can utilise these fans settings while at work, playing sports or taking a nap.

Efficient energy system

Traditional air conditioning systems can consume up to 3500-5000 watts. Naturally, if a device consumes this much energy, it is bound to increase your energy bills. On the other hand, the cool air only uses 350 watts of energy, which is at least ten times less than traditional air cooling systems!

Water to provide energy

Unlike what is obtainable in your traditional air coolers, this particular device makes use of water to provide you with that refreshing source of cool air. It simply means that you won’t have to think and bother about gas leaks, soldering pipes and refilling gas all at a high price.

This water tank can be effortlessly filled as it has a capacity of 750 mls and lasts for more than 8 hours before needing a refill.

Othe features include

  • an anhydrous automatic power-off system
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Works as a humidifier and an air purifier for a healthier environment.
  • Removable tank that has a capacity of 750 mls for water.

Specification of this cool air:[coolair reviews]

Dimension174 × 170 × 170mm
speed20 Speed Settings
water tank capacity750 ml
power supplyA USB port for easy power supply.
LED lighting8 different LED moonlight setting.
Fanthree-speed controlled fan

How does Coolair work?

coolair review

Here I will break down this review into three sections for better understanding. We will look at the structure of this Cool air conditioner, we will also look at the performance of coolair device, and lastly we will consider the cool air functionalities.

Structure of this device

The design of this device has a role to play in its functionality. I’d explain how. First, we know that most conventional evaporative coolers are usually large devices that look more like portable air conditioning units. In the case of the cool air, it is a cube-shaped cooler that measures 17 cm by 17 cm by 17 cm.

It also has a 750ml removable tank inside. This tank is used for holding water that would aid the cooling process.The water in this tank is absorbed inside the cartridge, spreading evenly over the surface of the cooling system.

As the fan in the back blows hot air over the water, it evaporates, cooling the air and adding moisture to it. The water tank provides three to five hours of cooling and the cartridge can absorb about 400 ml of water; refilling when the cartridge is full extends the cooling time from one to three hours, totaling up to 8 hours of cooling.

Controlling the Cool Air is easy thanks to the buttons on the top panel. Press and hold the center button the cooler turns on or off. Use the speed and temperature adjustment buttons. With 3 speed settings, there is plenty of room to offer between a gentle breeze to a burst of fresh air.

Tap the button once and you will access the main menu. This allows you to adjust the color of the water reservoir light – you can easily match your décor – and the intensity of the light; or you can turn off the light. With Night mode, the reservoir light goes out and the main screen darkens, so do not distract. There is an option to shine a specific color when the cartridge gets dry, so you know it’s time to refill.

How does it Perform[coolair reviews]

Once the cartridge has fully absorbed the water from the tank, Cool Air can operate at maximum efficiency. The cooling or humidify effect depends on many factors, including ambient temperature and relative humidity. Evaporator coolers work best in hot, dry environments.

Cool Air has a useful guide that shows the expected performance of the cooler: at 25oC with 30% relative humidity, you can expect air output to be 15.4oC; at the same temperature but with 60% relative humidity, the outlet temperature is 19.7 ° C.

Testing in a room with an ambient temperature of 22.8 ° C and 53.2% relative humidity with an external meter, I left the cooler for the first time for 20 minutes to give the cartridge enough time to absorb enough water. When the cartridge was saturated, we measured CoolAir output at 16.3 °C.

The Air Cooler reported that the entry was 22.3 ° C and the outlet was cooled to 16 ° C. In other words, the sensors are very visible. You can see the cooler in action with the thermal imaging camera below: the blue part of the image is cold air.

We measured the maximum air speed at 15 cm to 2.1m/sec, dropping to 0.8m/sec at 1m. At minimum speed, the anemometer was not sensitive enough to detect airflow. Compared to a traditional fan, the Cool Air does not exchange much air, but it does not have to. I found myself surrounded by a draft of cool air that refreshed me much better than a fan.

Being too far away from the device means that you can stop feeling the maximum benefit. Cool Air  was able to make my desk much more comfortable. Similarly, it is extremely useful for sleeping, keeping your body cool on a hot night.The noise is not bad at all; It measured 53.9dB at 1m with maximum power. At minimum power, the noise levels were 33.4dB, which is just the room background noise.

The power consumption is excellent. According to the plug-in power meter, the Cool Air was consuming 2W at minimum speed and only 6.2W at full power. This is much less energy than an air conditioner would consume. The power consumption is so low that the Cool Air is powered by a standard micro-USB cable, so it can opperate connected to your computer.

Functionality Proper

Just like I explained above Cool Air has a 3-speed fan setting so that you can change the speed according to the temperature outside. This fan works in accordance with the induction motor. There is a USB port for its working you can also use that to power it. This just for the convenience of the user.

Cool Air not only cools the air but also filters it. There is a Filter inside the cooler which traps the pollutant and airborne particle to give you clean and fresh air. The water tank of the cooler will also amaze you with its capacity. This small cooler can work for straight 8 and a half hours without refilling the water tank. If you use cold water then it can work for more hours also. So with the cooling feature, this cooler also acts as a humidifier.

There is a small door at the top of the Cool Air through which you can add adequate water. Generally, the capacity of the water tank is 300ml. You can add water or ice as per your choice in it. Once you have added the water you can close the door at the top.

What Can Coolair Do?

CoolAir provides a number of ways to provide instant relief during the hottest days.

  • It has a three-speed controlled fan. Whether you are sitting at your computer or working out in your living room, the CoolAir has the right setting for you. 
  • It is USB powered. 
  • The CoolAir is a 3-in-1 gadget. It cools, purifies and humidifies the air around you, making your personal space fresh and clean. 
  • Its built-in water tank lasts up to eight hours. 
  • The CoolAir is sleek, compact, light-weight and portable. It can fit in your workspace, at home, or anywhere you are traveling. 
  • It has a mood light setting with seven different color options that helps set the tone that starts and ends your day. 

Just Add Water!

While it resembles a smaller air conditioner unit, the CoolAir does not require any convoluted installation steps. As a matter of fact, this 6×6 air cooler is user-friendly and requires only a few easy steps to use. 

  1. Simply fill the tank with cold water. The small tank allows the CoolAir to act as a humidifier and purifier in addition to cooling you down. 
  2. Plug the CoolAir’s USB cable into a power source. 
  3. In less than a minute, you will be surrounded by cool, clean, and fresh air. 
Cool Air review
cool air review 3

The CoolAir essentially pulls warm air through its evaporative water filter and pushes out cooler, clean air. Do not be fooled by its size. Small but powerful, the CoolAir will continue to pump out cool, fresh air for eight hours.

What are the benefits of this device (CoolAir Review)?

Cool Air review

This device that produces very cool air is equipped with a 3-speed fan that can be manually controlled. It simply means that there are appropriate settings for you depending on the intensity of the air you so desire.

Coolair consumes less power and is powered using a USB Cord. It simply means you would have no need look for those rare charging cords for your device in case you misplace the one that comes with it.

This device does not stop in just providing cool air. It equally humidifies and purifies your air thus assures you of a clean and ever fresh air in your room. Unlike other products that make use of costly gas to generate cool air, the coolair device makes use of water. All you need do is to fill its integrated water reservoir which lasts for a reasonable amount of hours before needing a replacement.

Another great feature is the fact that it is lightweight, compact thus making it fit to occupy any small space in your home. It’s portable nature makes it easy to be carried around for travels.

With its seven different LED lighting moonlight setting, it gives you that freedom in setting the colour that matches your tone and personality for the day.

No one would ever want to get a device that puts their health at risk. This is not the case with the cool air device as it safeguards you from some health issues. As you might know already, our body partly shuts down to rest. This is a vulnerable moment and a chance for allergens as well as risky substances to go inside our body. Once put in your room where you sleep, your cool air device will efficiently capture and filter polluted air hence keeping you safe and far from falling for germs.

CoolAir traps impurities in a systematic way, targeting airborne particles which circulate in the air and hold on to it. This air cooler comes equipped with a filter that works this way. It eliminates airborne particles, thus avoids the worsening of allergens, asthmas as well as respiratory issues.

Cool Air also helps in providing you a longer life span. The effects of air pollutants stay in the air for many months and even years as well. The continuous functioning action of CoolAir at home, in your office or private facilities, will continuously provide the most security for your wellbeing.

The issue of air pollution is getting worse as the years come by, and our body requires all the help to combat these impurities. Cool-Air is a simple, cost-effective as well as readily accessible solution to keep your home free and safe from pollution.

What I didn’t like about this device (coolair review)?

Despite all the impressive benefits and features that we have seen in this coolair review, there are few other sides we wish you to know:

Restricted Range

The device only works optimally in the premises of 45 yards. This is really expected considering its portable size. However, it only means that this device is excellent for cooling places that aren’t large. Persons who have the intention of making use of it in spacious places should simply have a rethink as this device will not be effective in such large spaces.


Just like you know, this device works by dispersing water vapours for cooling. It is really important to have this at the back of your mind. This device will not always work in places with very high humidity. Therefore this device is best used in places with dry atmosphere.

Air Power

The conventional air conditioners are large and have the capacity to effectively regulate indoor room temperature. However it is worthy of note that this device is wonderful and is portable to targeted at a person. should not be compared to the conventional air conditioner (as mistaken by some people) as it cannot affect the whole surrounding temperature as well as a whole air conditioning system but Coolair acts as an innovative air conditioning system to the immediate space.

Who needs this device most (CoolAir Review)?

To maintain the neutrality of this coolair review, I will give you my expert opinion on persons I feel this coolair device is really meant for.

  • First, persons if you want your room to be fragrant always then also this the cooler for you. It will help in sucking out the fresh air and push out the fresh and fragrant air. This cooler is also energy-efficient and cost-effective This will put no burden on your pocket and there will be no increase in the electricity bill.
  • Cool-Air comes with 3 different fan speeds which ideal for every age group. Especially for the kids, you can set the speed to the low and you don’t have to worry all night about the temperature being too low for them. Moreover, there comes the moonlight setting that will ensure your kid will not bang to the doors at night.
  • Your search for the air cooler is ending here. If you want a cost-effective yet efficient cooler, Cool Air is the product for you. You can cool down your living room or your office or your garage in just 10 minutes.

Who does not need to buy the coolair?

Truth be told, not everyone needs to purchase this device. There’s no doubt that this device is really a good one,very powerful and all that but I feel that some persons need not spend their money to purchase it.

First, people who need a good air conditioner in very large spaces do not need to purchase this device. This includes places like banks, hotels and all that. It makes more sense to purchase something bigger, something that can cover larger areas of spaces.

Also, this device cannot replace the air conditioner in your car. so if you have the intention of purchasing it and obviously thinking it will replace your car ac, then you better have a good rethink as it is obviously not the best for you though may give you some comfort.

Coolair price? (CoolAir Review)

First time I came across this device, i thought it would come with an outrageous price after seeing some of its features. Surprisingly, it is quite affordable and can even be gotten with a 50 off fire sale promo price as at when this review was written. This promo also come with some special packages. You can click on the button below to see if this promo package is still available.

where can I buy coolair?

Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today. Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Some customer Reviews

We live in UK and have NO AC so the house always get hot. We suffered heat until we saw this coolair review UK details on this best portable air conditioner. Wherever I’m in the house, all I do is to bring it with me and it definitely cools the room down.

For colder results put ice in the back of the tray and fill in with water, that’s one of my tricks. I recommend this cheap portable air conditioner to everyone reading this review as I once did!


“I struggle to sleep with noise and heat at night. CoolAir is so small and compact that I can take it with me whenever I have to stay away for work. At first I thought that the portable air conditioner price will be too high but I was disappointed. The mood lighting setting is an extra bonus, which helps me relax enough to fall asleep in an unfamiliar hotel room”

George zordoff

“I am always warmer than everyone else in my office. We have a centrally controlled cooling system, and I was sick of always being too hot. A friend recommended CoolAir Portable AC to me, and I haven’t looked back! Now I can control the temperature of my own personal space without affecting anyone around me. It’s amazing!”

Michael Wang

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coolair Price?

At the time of publishing this review, the Coolair price was listed at $89. This price included a 50% discount as well as free shipping.

Does CoolAir really work?

Yes, it works very best as personal portable Coolair air conditioning device. Like I have said above , it is highly reliable and dependable at any time.

Is air cooler worth buying?

Yes! Unless you enjoy the harsh temperature and the heat which comes with summer. It is worth buy because it is cost effective as it will only work where you want it to cool, unlike the generic AC that cools every where thereby increasing cost. It is also portable, so you can take it to anywhere.

What does AirCool mean?

Aircool or Coolair, it is still the same. It is referring to the best portable air conditioner with the ability to cool the air in no time.

Are air coolers better than fans?

By far, the air coolers are better than fans in the sense that fans only rotate the hot air in a room but air coolers will pull in the air, absorb it and then humidify it into cool air.

Which type of air cooler is best?

From what I have seen and the reviews people have sent across, coolair remains the best portable air conditioner.

Can Air Cooler be used without water?

No, you need water for you to achieve the humidifying effects.

Can we put ice in air cooler?

Yes, it helps the air cooler to humidify the hot air and turn it into cool air. It is advisable to always add ice into your cooler air.

How do you explain air cooler?

Simply, it is a portable, affordable, easy to use and reliable air conditioning device.

Where to get this device

Personal portable Coolair air conditioner can be ordered online from the official company’s website. It is available online at a 50% discount. Currently the company has limited stock available with free shipping due to the promo. So I would suggest you make your order now to enjoy the promo too. You only need to pay 89$ for it.

However, if you decide to order three of them, the total cost will be 267$ and an extra two will be given to you free. If you do not find the product satisfactory, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. They are also providing free shipping worldwide. A link to the official page is below.

What makes purchasing from the official site better

First and foremost it is the most secured and easiest place to ensure that you get what you purchased. Secondly, the manufacturer has a 30-day money back guarantee policy which means that you can always return your device 30 days from the day you received your order if it does not work as indicated.

Also, you will enjoy ongoing discount sales attached to the product and will know of other emerging benefits that accrue to customers.

Support team contacts:

email at support@hyperstech.com or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)


For reaching this part of this cool air review, you deserve an accolade as you are already an expert in this personal portable coolair air conditioner. I have no doubt that you will enjoy this device.

I am also happy that your issue of summer dry air will be solved by this cool air review. If you have not clicked the button to order, you can do it below.

Thanks for reading this review, you can also read more of our reviews on our review page.

Cool air review
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