Coolfeel Max Review 2022: Does this really cool air?

Coolfeel Max review

Does coolfeel max really have solution to this summer heat? Is there really a portable way out to the heat of this summer? Is there any simple device to use to cool my hot this season? Is there any way me and my entire family can avoid the imminent suffering of heat this summer? These and more questions will be well answered in this well-crafted review.

As we are already aware, temperature rise above a certain set-point progresses to harm the functional cells in our body. It does this by killing essential enzymes made of proteins in our body and this will pose great health challenge if not intervened in time.

Different health bodies of high repute like World Health Organization have warned that people should avoid heat or high temperature with everything within them. This stern warning is because of the health hazard this heat can cause.

On the other hand, summer as we also know is a time when the temperature is beyond our control. We need external effort from device(s) to regulate the temperature around us to be at least optimal and commensurate to our internal system’s temperature of a range of 34.7 to 37.2 degree Celsius. Why is it important to regulate the temperature outside our body system?

This is primarily because the outside controls the inside temperature as when the temperature outside continue to grow worse, the inside will definitely become heated up. You remember how your fire from gas cooker or electric cooker heats the pot and the pot directly heats the content. That is exactly what happens; the external temperature around us directly heats our internal system about to kill the content.

This was evident in the over 70,000 persons that died in Europe consequent on the high temperature prevalent last year. The question remains: how do you cool the temperature around you this summer in order to have a safe home for you and your loved ones?

How to cool the air arround you

We are already aware of the dangers of not having a cool temperature around us. We already know the required temperature and need to know that temperature above 38 degree Celsius is already a cause to see your doctor while above 40 degrees Celsius can cause some medical impairment. The steps to stay cool this season are outlined below

  • Stay under cool shelter
  • Avoid your exercise during the heat-peak hours  of the day
  • Take shower regularly

The above are the major ways to escape the scourge of summer heat. Now, the problem many people have complained seriously about is how to maintain the above guide outside home, may be while going to office, or how to frequently maintain the above guide at home. This same problem has led people to fall back to the traditional way of cooling the hot, using AC system of maintaining cool shelter.

Even at this, the problem of installation and health hazards that come with this system of cooling are enormous. For example: the AC system can lead to respiratory infection, it can cause cold and many other medical palaver.

These issues associated with AC system of cooling have brought us back to square one of ‘what simple and infection-free way of cooling our temperature?’ Well, if this is among your worries, then you do not need to worry again as the Whole Gadgets team has received this complaint severally and through this platform we want to review a solution at hand for heat cooling.

The device which is the solution at hand is CoolFeel Max. You may have seen people go for this device as the best alternative to AC system. This choice is what and why this review is made.

Take on your reading seat and let us review this together.  Remember to share to your friends after reading, subscribe or give the link of our website to them for other interesting reviews.

Are you ready for the Coolfeel Max review? Now let’s start!

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

What is cool feel max?

Basically, this simple device called Coolfeel Max is a personal cooler device. It is very portable and allows for cooling of the temperature around without much stress and in no time. It has a button which helps you control the level of cool air it produces

Coolfeel max is a very easy to use cooling device produced under joint cooperation of Korean Engineers and European laboratory researchers. The drive for producing this cooling device is to avoid the issues and complications that come with AC system and also to make an affordable, simple, portable ventilating system capable of producing very cool stream of air.

Coolfeel max is very suitable for all ages and is not cumbersome to use. It can be used while doing exercise, having a walk or work anywhere. In fact, it was made with the mind to offer the people the simplest and very affordable air cooling device.

It is not also made solely for summer as the producer-Company is fully aware that other factors also lead to increase in temperature in other seasons of the year. So the major purpose of this device is to cool the temperature around.

Do you now know what this device is? Alright, let us also know what the features are.

Features of CoolFeel Max

  • Simple to use
  • Portability and very lightweight with neck hanging style
  • New instant air cooling technology
  • Has a lithium battery enabling it to have an extended battery life
  • Works on any environment and temperature
  • Fast Charge with normal Micro USB Cable
  • Leaf-less fan technology with tested and trusted hazard-free ability to produce cool steams of air.
  • Uniqueness

As a norm in Whole Gadgets, our team (with me inclusive) has used this device for a minimum of 3 weeks and have compared it with other means of cooling the air around us.

We make bold to say that this device with double wind head is of high quality with advanced technology. Its ergonomic designs made it very similar to headset designed it allows it to hang on our neck on its own without manual support. This look enables it to be used while doing exercise, go for shopping, and do your work or other outdoor activities without disturbance.

In fact, the coming of this device is timely as it helps much under this time when you need to close your mouth and nose. Its portability, infection free and easy to use with rechargeable battery are part of its uniqueness. These uniqueness is not found in ceiling fan which only circulate hot air in the room and the AC system which is capable of sending you into the emergency unit of any near-by hospital.

Advantages of Coolfeel Max

There are many advantages or benefits of having one. Few of the advantages are below:

  • Portability: it hangs around our neck without making it very portable to use.
  • Ease to use: This device is user-friendly even to someone who never used such a device. This is unlike other modern devices that are difficult to use from the start. Its rechargeability through a USB cable that works for smart watches; is also an invaluable advantage.
  • Silent motion: this device does not make any sound while producing the steams of air. It comes with an intake filter and very high-quality silent fans.
  • Adjustable speed: It comes with control means into low, medium, or high speed. All you have got to do is to adjust it to your choice.

Who can use Coolfeel Max?

This device is not age sensitive as it can be used by anyone at any age. All that is needed is to turn it on and hang it on your neck. Buum, your air will be cool in no time.

How to use Coolfeel Max

There are four steps in making use of this device.

  1. Unbox it
  2. Charge it
  3. Turn it on
  4. Hang it on your neck

With the above done it will offer you a cool air in a very short time.

Words from Coolfeel max user

I love coolfeel fan. I use to have heat around my apartment which makes me sweat over my whole body but since I started using it for months, it has not failed me. It helps me stay cool as it holds up. I recommend it to everyone in this summer season.

Maxwell Damko

Coolfeel max price?

You can place your order online through the official company’s website and then the delivery will be done by the company to your home. All you need is to track it with your tracking ID. Click here for the official link.

Why it is better to buy from Coolfeel max website

It is better to buy from the official company as it is safe, they currently offer 50% discount with free delivery under their recent promo. Moreover, I have provided you with their support line below.

You can make purchases or read reviews on similar devices which include: quality wireless power bank, quality weight scale, best eyeglass for correcting myopia.

Coolfeel max Support team contacts:

email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Conclusion on Coolfeel max reviews

With the review you have read now, I have no doubt that you have found your best solution to the summer heat that is already in line. This review is 70% solution to the heat while making your order will offer the remaining 30% for your solution for air cooling to be complete.

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