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[Latest] Drone X Pro review 2020: know these premium features before buying it.

The first time I saw the use of Drone X Pro I was held at awe and left with the puzzle solved by this tech magic. Really, this gadgets is the best of its kinds. They are innovatively designed and a beautiful tech to behold.

I have made a step by step explanation and preview on all about Drone X pro with this article. In this article I want you to pay attention towards these direction:

  • Features of the drone x pro
  • My opinion on the pros and cons of this device
  • The company that produces this tech and their contact info
  • What other buyers are saying about this high tech innovation
  • and a lot of other information

I’m here to really review this product to enable you macimize the use of this gadget and also offer you a like to buy it directly from the company under a safe purchase of your product. Carefully read this review and thank me later.

Before we dive in fully for the review, it is my candid interest to let you know of our other products which include:

Introduction to Drone X Pro

Seeking some perspective? Sometimes a bird’s-eye view is what you need. Thanks to the ever growing X Pro, you can gain a whole new, mile-high point of view – easy!

It is one of the most efficient drones in the market as of today. The X Pro is actually a modified and improved version of the ordinary dronex. It was designed by brand that has gained a long-standing reputation in the production of drones.

This foldable lightweight drone is precision engineered to provide simple flying and high-quality action shots at a cheap price. The lightweight drone is equipped with a high-quality camera to the underside, alongside four rotors which make it possible to take stunning pictures without the need for vast flight experience.

Drone X pro review
The foldable nature of the drone

Instead of complicated controls, this quadcopter drone is designed to use a simple remote control and your own mobile phone.

What are the Features of this Unmanned Aerial Device?

Drone X pro
novel drone x pro

No dronex pro review will ever be a review without letting you know about the features of this awesome flying piece. Let us take a gentle look into its top features:

Foldable Propeller

For beginners, propeller according to encyclopedia , are mechanical device with shaped blades that turn on a shaft, to push against air or water. They basically propel or move an aircraft but in this case the drone x pro. Built to be portable and also transportable, the propeller s of this drone are foldable and not fixed as well; which means you could fold them up everytime the X Pro happens not to be in use.


The Drone X Pro was designed to be a lightweight (360g) drone that similarly provides to the portability of the device. The light weight of this flying machine additionally makes take off quicker and easier that a number of the heavier drones currently in the drone market.

Remote control

Drone X pro
Remote control

As expected, this quadcopter device has a two joystick remote control that helps you to navigate your drone to any space so you desire. This remote control is wireless with a 2.4GHz connectivity and affords you the rare freedom to fly your device as far as possible. Interestingly, this remote control can equally be connected to your smartphone. Through this connect you can do two things, monitor the movement of your drone and second, observe all it captures first hand.

Quality materials

The materials used to produce the drone x pro are all selected primarily based on their quality, making sure that the drone is long lasting enough for every indoor and outdoor activity.

High-Definition Imaging

The unmanned aerial X pro machine comes with an on board HD digital camera of two megapixels this is capable of take pictures and file movies in 720p HD. You can freely record HD films with a recording capacity of 120 frames per second. You can also take pictures of as much as 12MP. The camera is also able to capture nevertheless snap shots at a extensive attitude of 1200. With the panoramic mode, you can be able to seize 3600 images with one click of a button. 

Extensive Battery Life

All drones need to be charged at some point in time. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of drones in the market today take ages to get charged. It can be quite frustrating and infuriating to get a drone and spend 80% of the time charging it, 10% of the time flying it and the remaining 10% worrying about the battery life.

Luckily, this is not the case with drone x pro,as it comes with a fast-charge feature and a prolonged battery life that permits you to fly the drone for so long as 12 minutes at a time without the need to trade the batteries of the drone in the meantime or on contact with the ground. It is also worthy to note that this is a great improvement considering the fact that drones in its rate variety lasts for just about 5-9 minutes.

Gravity Sensors

The gravity sensors deployed by the manufacturers of DXP additionally ensures that the drone never collides with any surface, because it will mechanically turn and automatically change route when obstacles are detected. This of course means that your drone will almost always be in good shape and safe while flying.

How does the X Pro work?

If you’ve handled drones before, you should have no problem with the x pro. This is not to say it is difficult for beginners. No, its not. In fact the manufacturers have always used the simple-is best approach when it comes to their products. It is very easy to use.

With a little punch on the power button, the drone comes alive. This device comes with a remote in the form of a joystick. This is beneficial for directional purposes. It means you could guide the motion of the Drone and have splendid footages through the use of the remote. 

if you’re a phone person, things just got better! as you could join the X pro in your smartphone. it’s going to let you check the footage. You may without difficulty make vital modifications by tracking the movement of the device

Below is a short video showing some of the top features of this device:

What are the drone x pro Specs of this flying machine?

Below are some of the specifications of this device. Trust us to always do a thorough review on any product we write on. In fact, this review is like drone x pro manual.

Radio Frequency2.4GHz
WiFi FPVEnabled
Battery3.7V 500mAh
External Memory Slotmicro SD card slot
Distance for maintaining steady control80-100 m
Quadcopter size12.5×7.5x5cm (with arms not folded)
Quadcopter size12.5×7.5x5cm (with arms folded)
LED lightsYes, International Standard
Distance for clear FPV50m
Camera2MP 720P HD wide angle of 1200. Produces photos of around 0.3 megapixels.
Mobile ControlJY UFO app. Supported in both Android and iPhone.
Package Size17.5x16x7cm
Package Weight360g
Charging Time60-70 minutes
Outdoor and Indoor suitabilitySupported
table showing specifications of drone x pro

unboxing and First Flight of the DroneX Pro Review

Drone X pro
drone x pro

Once your order arrives and you unpack it, you will be presented with propellers that have not be coupled to the body of the drone. Not to worry as this is very easy to do. All you need is a screwdriver which always comes with your package. Fix the propellers at their various positions and screw up. After this, it is expected that you charge your device for about 60-70 minutes before first use. A detailed manual is also supplied in the package to guide you incase you run into any problem.

Once you’re done charging for the first time, the next easy step is to connect your drone to its controller. See the steps below:

  1. Gently press the large black or grey button on the top of your newly purchased device. A bright blue light immediately springs to life on top of the drone with its back and front led lights flashing as well.
  2. Turn on the toggle button on the controller. Turning on the controller is accompanied by a sharp beep.
  3. Now initialise your connection by doing a forward and backward throttle using the joystick on your controller. Once the LED lights stop blinking and go solid, your drone has been connected and is good to take to the skies.

What Accessories come with this device?

Drone X pro
drone x pro

When unboxing the drone x pro package, there are some other accessories that come along with the package aside the drone. They include:

  • Four spare Propeller blades. Just in case your drone crashes and breaks a Propeller, you just replace it.
  • A storage bag which prevents your drone from collecting dust when stored.
  • A screwdriver for fixing Propellers.
  • A USB cable.
  • A user manual that is written in English and some other languages.
  • And of course a 3.7V battery.
  • Although not available together with the package, you can buy Propeller guards separately. All other spares are also available in case they run out.

What I like about this particular device

To maintain the impartiality of this dronex pro review, first of all, it’s worthy to know that this drone is not the best drone in the market but for the price at which it is sold, it completely out does most other drones in its category. Basically if you’re looking for the best drone in the world, i’d advise that you check out the one HERE.

Manufactured by an Estonian brand with a long-status reputation in the tech industry, X Pro is a quadcopter that is fairly cheaper in comparison to other manufacturers, but has functions which are unrivaled. The tool is easy to function and steer toward the sky.

Drone X pro
drone X pro reviw

As noted in advance, it’s suited with Android, so that you can connect it to your smartphone and look at the photos as it takes to the skies. It comes with a 12MP digicam, one let you take pleasant images. In contrast to  similar products of its kind, DroneX comes with a battery that lasts up to 12 mins in the sky. It accelerates and achieves a top speed of 19 meters per second, DroneX pro gives you the possibility to adventure huge areas within a short time.

It is foldable and weighs simply 85g, making it a portable device. It additionally has a characteristic that many similar products lack of the same range lack; computerized (automated) takeoff and landing. With just a press on the drone’s power button, it takes off and lands automatically when pressed again.

Also, it has an inbuilt gravity sensor that prevents it from colliding with obstacles in its path. Once obstructed by an obstacle, its diversion technology overrides your control and keeps your device safe if you happen not to deliver a maneuver to its remote control system.

With this drone, you’ll have the capacity to know, as well as reveal what’s taking place up there. The drone can carry out mind-blowing 360-diploma loops by a easy click on a button on its remote control. With a frame-per-second rate of 120, you can turn the videos taken by the drone into slow-motion videos while still maintaining quality. I must say, that’s quite a lot for a device that cheap.

Pros and Cons of this machine

Despite its overwhelming features for a drone its price, there are also some things that I feel you should know about this device in case you decide to get yourself one.

  • Very simple to use
  • Extended battery life when compared to drones in its same category
  • Performs mind-blowing 360 diploma loops with ease
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Fairly cheap price for a drone with so much features
  • In-built gravity sensor
  • Foldable propellers, making it very portable
  • Lightweight which impacts positively on its speed
  • Record HD videos with a recording capability of 120 frames per second
  • Takes photos of up to 12MP
  • Four spare Propeller blades. Just in case your drone crashes and breaks a Propeller, you just replace it.
  • A storage bag which prevents your drone from collecting dust when stored.
  • Delivery takes some time to get to some customers who purchase the device
  • Although not available together with the package, you can buy Propeller guards separately
  • Stock is quite limited too
Drone X pro

Who shouldn’t Buy this Drone

Time to spill the bitter truth. All I wrote in this section for you are just my opinion and not necessarily universal facts.The Drone X Pro is an amazing unmanned aerial device but I feel its not just the device for some persons

Photography drones allow individuals to capture photos that previously could only be taken from helicopters or planes. More and more photographers are buying drones and trying their hand at aerial photography.

Well if you are using the drone for something more than a hobby, maybe you’re a videographer or a professional photographer, then you’ll probably need to invest the money is a more expensive drone so that you can offer services that are perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m simply saying that it’s best that you purchase a higher end drone if you use one to deliver professional services in photography or videography. That way you’re guaranteed of better results and customer service. Think through this. It makes more sense


In a case where you want to test things out with drone photography/videography before making a full time decision to delve into it, buying the X pro will really be a great choice. Im certain you wouldn’t want to purchase a drone that costs a thousand plus and find out that you’re not interested in photography.

What is the drone x pro Price of this Unmanned Aerial Machine

When compared to other drones in its same category, the drone x pro is definitely one of the more affordable options out there. With $99 you can easily pick up a unit of the device from the product’s manufacturing store.

This $99 is actually the discount price of the drone currently and we can’t say for sure when the discount offer will be removed. In addition to this special discount offer, you can take advantage of their bulk offers.

When you purchase multiple drones at the same time, the product’s manufacturing store may throw in an extra drone or two all for free. But it all boils down to the particular package. I can’t tell for sure the reason behind this mind blowing deal but one thing is sure, offers like this don’t last. You have the ball all with you in your court.

Here’s an overview of the packages offered by the manufacturer of the drone x pro

  • 1 Drone X Pro @ $99
  • 2 Drone X Pros @ $197 (Comes with an additional Drone X Pro for free)
  • 3 Drone X Pros @ $297 (Comes with an additional two Drone X Pros for free)

With the third package in this dronex pro review, it simply means that every customer who purchases gets a whopping 5 high end drones all for $297.00. Blow my mind.

They also provide additional accessories to your order, including:

  • 720p High Resolution Camera
  • Extra Propeller Blades as spare
  • Drone X Pro Protection Travel Caser

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Where is the safest and easiest place to make my purchase?

You can order this amazing quadcopter today through the manufacturer’s website through the link in this article. They are giving a 50% discount on every order so you might want to rush and take advantage of the limited offer. You can also contact their customer support desk through +44 20 3808 9234

Testimonials from Customers

There are lots of customers reviews online about this product today. As expected, not everyone will be impressed by this product but in general, I can gladly tell you that its overall features and accompanying performance have impressed so many people.

On some review sites, this gadget has an overall rating of 4 stars, indicating that many customers are impressed

Big5 Adventures, a happy customer, says, “The drone is pretty easy to fly. Most features are great.”

I ventured into videography since it is one of my passions. But that means that I also need to invest in a good camera, including a good drone. While looking for the most affordable drones, I came across Drone X Pro and decided to try it out. During one of the events that I am covering, I use the drone and was surprised with the outcome! Even my client love the shot and assigned another event for me! I am recommending this drone to all of my friends! 

Alvin, 26

Drone X Pro helped me turn my hobby into a business simply because of the amazing shots that it help me get. My friends were all amazed with it that they all started buying one especially that it is also affordable. It’s not surprising that the store always run low on stock! 

David, 22

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Drone X Pro Weigh? 

It weighs in at approximately 360g (0.7lbs)

Is Drone X Pro the best one to buy for beginners? 

It basically is because its the fastest drone of its size, can fly 12 meters per second and with a 2km of transmission distance. This is all considering its price value.

Does drone X pro work or a hype?

Sure! We have met many who asked it is drone x pro review scam. The answer is that it is not. Order for it today and see for your self.

At the end of this dronex pro review, don’t forget to drop your questions, suggestions in the comment box.


You really need to tap yourself at the back for reaching to this section of the review. A big congratulations to you as you’re now an expert on the review of this drone.

As always, I will leave my final words with you on this drone X pro review. I am not here to influence your decision. Like I said, the power to buy or not to buy rests solely in your hands. I’d just let you know what I feel about this device.

With more-and-more drones hitting the market, buying the right one to capture your memories and adventures are becoming increasingly difficult, especially for those who are shopping on a smaller budget.

From this DroneX Pro Review, we can see that this is currently one of the best options that you can choose if you prefer to buy a quality drone for under $100. The drone is made from quality materials, feature an extended battery life, and is compatible with a large number of accessories to make your experience even more captivating.

If you’re looking for something cheap with great features, this device is really a no brainer for you.

Thank you for reading our dronex pro review and for buying from us through link below: