Equalplus review 2022- Is it worth buying adjustable glasses?

Is it worth buying Equalplus glasses? This Equalplus review will make you understand the benefits, features, and what users of these Adjustable Glasses have to say about it.

Last month my family had my cousin, Stanley, who came for a two-day visit to discuss some things with my dad. In addition to coming to discuss some crucial matters with my dad, he also came to show his appointment letter for his new job. On the course of his visit, he impacted the health of my parents positively.

As their interaction continued, he presents his employment letter, but unfortunately, reading has been so difficult for my dad for some time now. When it was obvious that my dad could not read, my cousin felt very bad seeing his uncle suffer the same fate his elder brother once complained of while in his first year of university before a remedy came. After the conversation, he recommended special spectacles which he said was the secret silver bullet behind his brother’s fast recuperation to normal sight.

You know how difficult an eye problem can be. We all know what the eyes mean for us. We also try our best to keep it healthy all the time. But should we forget that many other factors are also battling against the health of these eyes? We know how blue light from the sun and our home appliances tend to fight against our good vision. We are not also forgetting that visual problems can be from birth.

My dad’s eye challenges began subtly after his eye surgery to treat cataracts. He had tried other measures that worked but did not work exactly to his satisfaction. Along the line, he got angry and decided to live with the hassle that comes with difficulty to see well again. Stanley’s coming was to our own plus as he brought a solution to us.

My cousin advised my father to get a special eyeglass. This special eyeglasses he recommended has two layers on each lens. These layers are to help people who could not see either because they have nearsightedness, farsightedness, Astigmatism, or as a result of other related issues. The spectacles are also known to filter off the abnormal effects of rays from the sun. He mentioned many other benefits which made us take the next action to buy the eyeglasses.

The eyeglass was delivered to us in less than a week and we all fixed our gaze on my father’s sight hoping everything changed. Thankfully, my father can now read and do many things with the help of the eyeglass whose name is Equalplus. He has no complaint about it and believed that it has been very satisfactory. He reads very comfortably now.

equalplus reviews
equalplus reviews

In this article, I will take you through the Equalplus glasses review to offer you step-by-step and simple ways to get free from your eye problem. This review will also tell you the features, your benefits should you buy Equalplus adjustable glasses, and also what other users of Equalplus have to say. With these, we believe you can make the final decision of either to buy Equalplus eyeglasses and see well or not to buy and remain where you are now. The ball will be in your court at the end of this review. Check the manufacturer’s website for more info.

Let’s delve deeper into the Equalplus review…

What is EqualPlus adjustable eyeglass?

EqualPlus eyeglasses are multi-purpose adjustable glasses that can be used both for corrective and none corrective purposes. Equalplus has helped many people having nearsightedness, farsightedness, and also helps to filter the harmful effects from blue lights. It’s an incredible spectacle capable of putting an end to your visual impairment and enable you to see images clearly both near and distant images.

Your conventional eyeglasses prescribed by your eye doctor that allows for the correction of a single eye defect cannot in any way be compared to EqualPlus Adjustable glasses corrects multiple eye problems. This will help to save your time and money. The producer used the latest technology in its product. The glasses are very fashionable and stylish and enable you to see objects without straining your eyes. It rests your eyes comfortably while allowing you to see things clearly.

The manufacturer offers different frames with different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials suitable for everyone. EqualPlus is the best invention with regard to medical spectacles. Its high quality and uniqueness made it stand out among others. It is very convenient to use.

No more switching from one glasses to another while performing different tasks, your Equalplus adjustable glasses will automatically adjust itself to enable you to see properly irrespective of what you are doing. Just a single dial on either side of the glasses and you are all set. This brand was created out of the burning desire for everyone to have good sight. Do not miss this opportunity. Equalplus is easy to use, very effective. What are you still waiting for To say bye to your eye challenges?

equalplus reviews
equalplus reviews

Who needs Equal Plus Adjustable Glasses?

Anyone who knows when he or she sees properly needs this self-regulating adjustable spectacle. This is because it is suitable for everyone and you adjust its focus until you can see well. It ensures maximum clarity for reading and also brings images of both near and distant objects to the best range of focus. You can also opt-in for Equal Plus adjustable glasses if you have any of the reasons below:

  • If you need stylish sunglasses.
  • If you need eyeglass that can filter off harmful blue light rays.
  • You don’t want to waste more money any longer on glasses.
  • You don’t want to keep changing glasses every now and then.
  • You need spectacles that can serve multiple purposes.
  • If you are having difficulty seeing near objects.
  • You are experiencing double vision.
  • Your vision is distorted or blurry.
  • You have the inability to see objects that are far away.
  • You are having trouble driving at night.
  • Your eyes are being strained.
  • You are having issues with reading either from papers or screens.
  • You are experiencing squint.
  • You are tired of spending much of your resources on an eye clinic.

Note! EqualPlus adjustable glasses are not suitable as a direct treatment for cataract and astigmatism. Those are more advanced eye problems that require medical or surgery first. If you have EqualPlus Adjustable glasses and your vision is still not clear even after adjustments, then you need to see your eye doctor for thorough investigation and treatment. You can always use EqualPlus after the treatment of Cataract or Astigmatism to boost for proper vision.

Equal Plus adjustable glasses will relieve you of stress, save your time, and help you avoid wasting a ton of your money on conventional spectacles that do nothing helpful. However, it will not serve as a substitute for your doctor but it will definitely reduce your number of visits to see your doctor. You do not need a doctor’s recommendation to buy Equalplus. We are confident that if you are buying it for any of the above reasons, you have made the best decision towards solving your sight challenges ever.

equalplus reviews
equalplus reviews

Features of Equalplus glasses

Adjustability of the frame: Equalplus is very easy to be adjusted to our desire. All you need is to hold the frames and position them whichever direction you have chosen now will be the best.

Made of polycarbonate lens: Any glasses with this is a high quality glasses. This feature makes it possble for any glass to produce efficient clarity when used either as a corrective lens or as a normal lens.

Multiple focal length: EqualPlus is adjustable which makes it suitable for both myopia and hyperopia. The users are at liberty to adjust their glasses according to their need. Some people have more than one eye defects and also one eye problem can progress to another with time.

Easy of use: The good thing about this eyeglass is that you dictate its performance. By using the vial to control its clarity according your view makes it too easy to use.

High-quality lenses: EqualPlus is made of polarized glasses which only allows a sufficient amount of light required for vision to pass through. This makes it very suitable for people who work all day with their computers or phones. It reduces the amount of illumination from the screen and allows only the required quantity for clear vision to pass through.

High illumination especially the one coming from computer or phone or smartwatch screens damages the eye and your regular old school glasses have little or no capacity to solve the problem but with adjustable glasses like EqualPlus, your problems are all gone.

Also the material is resistant to scratches: It is very easy to clean. It is also scratch proof. The fibre material used to produce the frame of EqualPlus makes it flexible and strong. You don’t have to worry about replacing the frame of your glasses unlike the traditional spectacles.

Benefits of Equal plus eyeglasses

  • Raised clarity: The polycarbonate lenses boost the accuracy of the glasses making you see clearer. It ensures that you view objects clearly. With this kind of lens, you can read comfortably without having to strain your eyes. Long-sightedness or short-sightedness, all you need to do is adjust the magnification of your glasses to suit your proper vision. These special lenses also control the amount of light that passes through to the eyes, thereby filtering it off harmful rays. With this, you can comfortably see from your computer or phone screen clearly.
  • Highly adjustable: EqualPlus lens can be adjusted independently and instantly. In some people, one eye lens can be good while the other is faulty. Having spectacles that can be adjusted independently is perfect in this condition as you determine what is good for you. EqualPlus allows you to adjust each eye lens independently and instantly for proper magnification and clear vision.
equalplus review
equalplus review
  • Stress-free maintenance: It is very easy to maintain your eyeglasses as you can clean your spectacles easily without any hassle. EqualPlus is fingerprints proof and resistant to dust and stains. You don’t need any special cloth to clean it. You can use running warm water with drops of soap to get rid of any dirty particles attached to your glasses. EqualPlus is very flexible and adjustable and aids precise vision
  • It is unisex: EqualPlus is very simple and easy to use as it is suitable for everybody irrespective of age and sex. You can wear it irrespective of your gender.
  • Easy to use: You don’t need special skills or assistance from anybody to use your product. All you need is to make it to be clear and you to see well.
  • Scratch Resistant: Should it fall off from your hand by mistake, it may not break or have scratches. This is a result of the special coating of EqualPlus which makes it strong and resistant to scratch. This also makes it to remain in good shape for a longer period of time. Falls of glasses is inevitable and sometimes they could get scratched which makes them unsightly, but nothing happens to this eyeglass. The special anti-fog coating protects your device and prevents scratch.

Pros of EqualPlus glasses

  • Provides extra protection to the eyes: The special lenses regulate the amount of light that enters the eyes. Exposing the eyes to too much light or dim light can cause damage to the eyes as it subjects the eyes to stress. EqualPlus adjustable glasses controls the amount of light that gets to the eyes making sure that only sufficient quantity necessary for clear vision enters the eyes.
  • No unwanted adverse effects: There has not been an adverse effect from these glasses. It is not made of harmful chemicals that could harm your eyes so, you won’t suffer any side effects.
  • Saves time and money: With EqualPlus, you don’t need to visit your doctor when your vision changes to run the regular tests and prescribe another one for you. All you need to do is to adjust to suit your new eye condition. Also, you don’t have to take expensive medications or go to the theatre for expensive surgeries. Your precious time and hard-earned money will be conserved if you have EqualPlus adjustable glasses in your possession.
  • Lightweight: It is easier for you to wear as it is light. You can also carry it to your office, conference, to the beach, for camping, etc. This another area this spectacle excelled in. The manufacturer company understands the importance of making it light for you and it did to suit you. Nobody would like to carry heavy glasses around, whether medicated or not. The reason for the acquisition of glasses is to view objects clearly and make life more comfortable. You can wear your EqualPlus anywhere and for a long time without any feeling of discomfort.
  • Easy to maintain: With it being dust resistant, you can easily clean your spectacle. All you need is a clean piece of cloth. Gently wipe it across the lens, this is enough for you to maintain your glasses.
  • Accuracy: Spectacles that do not make your vision far better than what it is are not worth buying be it old school glasses or modern ones. The whole aim of purchasing glasses is to make your vision better and even accurate. It’s just so disheartening spending heavily on glasses only to get a claimed standard glasses that will not give you accurate vision. EqualPlus has the latest technology and the ultimate goal is to ensure maximum clarity of vision. It makes use of polycarbonate lenses for perfect vision.
  • Good for anyone: A large percentage of people having eye defects are above 45 years. But nowadays even kids are coming down with visual impairment. Wearing glasses is no longer practice by the old guys but children also put on glasses. EqualPlus adjustable glasses are suitable for everybody, both old and young, male and female. Irrespective of your eye defect, EqualPlus is good for you, just adjust it properly and you’re good to go. You can also get to know your vital health parameters including your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, etc, through the help of a smart wristwatch. When you have effective and adjustable glasses plus sound health, everything is complete.
  • Fashionable and stylish: It is quite obvious that people like shiny and attractive products especially the ones displayed to the public like clothes, shoes, glasses, wristwatches, etc. The design of EqualPlus is one of the best and latest. It is very attractive and makes people look special.

If you want a pair of glasses that will add a touch of class to your attire, then EqualPlus is the best deal for you. Unlike the traditional spectacles that will make you look ugly or less attractive, EqualPlus is here to make you stand out among others because of its uniqueness and stylish design.

It is also very important that as you prevent detoriation in your vision with equalplus, you should also use devices like quality facemask against dust and infection in the air, also sterilize your gadgets, and keep your teeth clean.

Cons of Equalplus vision

  • It is available only online: Why some people may be skeptical about it being only online, this decision was taken to offer us the best price tag for EqualPlus. Being online, the extra charges from your local stores are now removed. You now get this offer at a highly affordable price. There is also free delivery and a 50% discount. So online you will get to buy cheaper and will not suffer the challenges of moving out of your house as it will be delivered to you free of charge.
  • Limited stock: Equal Plus is trending in the market space and the speed with which customers are ordering for the product resulted in a decrease in the number available. These glasses are highly effective and have made many people order and reorder for it with each day that passes. Last week, it was out of stock and paused but it is now available if you need to improve your sight.
  • It is not specific: Some people may like the one that is specific to treat a particular problem like either nearsightedness or farsightedness. EqualPlus is not like that as by adjusting the lens, you can use it to correct many different eyes defeats. It is not for myopia or for hypertropia. It can even be used without any eye problem. It has no side effects.

Is Equalplus similar to conventional spectacles?

EqualPlus adjustable glasses is far better than the regular glasses prescribed by physicians. Adjustable glasses have so many advantages over conventional eyeglasses as shown on the picture below:

equalplus review
equalplus review
equalplus review
equalplus review

Is EqualPlus adjustable glasses a scam?

EqualPlus is a tested and trusted glasses that has ained high recognition across the length and breadth of the globe. Though it is a new brand in the market, Equalplus has made giant strides. The positive reviews from users have alot to say about the product. The only issue is that some people who fail to read up a review on it do not properly understand how to use it.

This has made them to call it different names. Some said that it is Equalplus scam, while the other few said it is not Equalplus legit. But each time this insignificant number calls the customer care and they are reminded that they is guide on how to use. As the customer carpeted to ask them about the adjustable feature of the glasses to know if they are making use of it. At this point, they always realise that it is their fault and the product.

Equalplus is high effective as a corrective lens especially with its adjustable and stylish features. It can transform your looks as you are the one that control how it fits on your face. If you check online, majority of what you will see are reviews on Equalplus. We advise you to read the instruction manual so as to macimize the use of this glasses because it is not a scam, it is very legit.

equalplus review
equalplus review

How does Equalplus adjustable glasses work?

This eyeglass is multifunctional and used for many purposes. It has a two-layer lens which helps it to correct most of the eye defects. It is not that specific as it can be used by someone having nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other related eye defects. This eyeglass works smartly to gradually reverse whatever may be causing you a hassle. Its adjustable nature helps you to place it at the point and angle that will serve you better.

How can I use EqualPlus adjustable glasses?

Using these wonderful spectacles has really made seeing great. As we know, it is not all about having a solution, it more about knows the steps and secrets behind the solution. Below are steps on how to use Equalplus proper vision eyeglasses:

  • Ensure that you have purchased the authentic Equalplus adjustable glasses. This is only gotten from the official store on the manufacturer’s website.
  • If you are using it like a normal person for its stylish look and not for a corrective purpose, you can just put it on with many settings.
  • If you already have farsightedness, all you need to do is to control the magnification by adjusting the lens till you can see well. It is very simple, just control the vial.
  • If you have nearsightedness, just repeat the step above. Control the magnification till you have a normal vision of the object before you.
  • You should also use the best eyeglass cleaning tablet to clean your equalplus glasses.

EqualPlus Reviews user’s report

Below are what EqualPlus users have to say about this special eyeglass. Carefully go through it. This is in addition to the experience my dad had using these glasses.

“I have two glasses, one is for reading and seeing nearby objects while the other is for distant vision. Changing these glasses made life so boring and frustrating. Sometimes I got to discover that I was carrying the wrong spectacles when I put it on. So frustrating and time-consuming but thanks to adjustable glasses. After I bought my own EqualPlus, life has been comfortable and stress-free. No more changing glasses”


“I was skeptical when I first heard about these glasses but I decided to give it a try because of my bad eye condition that has brought discomfort and frustration in my life. So grateful it met my expectations. I’m currently planning on getting another one for my kid who’s also having short-sightedness. Won’t waste my time and money again attending eye clinic”


“Wow, such a nice product to invest my money in. I first heard about EqualPlus from my friend who has been using it for a couple of weeks. I decided to get mine. It’s just so amazing. Very simple and easy to use. Very affordable and high quality. I can drive comfortably at night without any hassle. EqualPlus is far better than my old glasses”


“I am a business guy and the internet is my shop. My working tools are my phone and laptop. I started having eye problems because of the high illumination from the screen of my phone and laptop. I visited an optometrist who ran a couple of tests and prescribed glasses for me and also recommended that I reduce the duration I look at screens.

This last part was just difficult for me to accept because I’m planning to increase my working hours to make more money. And all thanks to my friend Micky who introduced these glasses to me. I ordered one right away to see if it can solve my problem without affecting my job. Thanks to EqualPlus, it’s really incredible. My vision is clear and perfect and I have no fear looking at the screens of my phone and laptop”


“I’m having issues with seeing near objects and I got a pair of glasses as prescribed by my optometrist. Later on, my vision started getting blurry again and I visited the optometrist. After running some tests he gave me other glasses and I had to select a frame for it. This is quite stressful and I decided to buy adjustable glasses that can be adjusted for every eye issue. Buying EqualPlus is really a good investment. Saves time and money. No stress!”


“Very fashionable and stylish design. Makes me look special. I was initially scared that it will make me look bizarre. It’s really cool stuff and good for people who like to look exceptional”


“Sewing is a job I cherish so much and adjustable glasses have been of enormous help to me. Always bothered about my eyes that get tired so easily but since I started using EqualPlus, I can work for hours without getting tired. I can easily modify the focal point. It also reduces dryness”


What isEqualplus price?

EqualPlus price is very affordable and cost-effective. The manufacturer believes that good sight is everyone’s privilege and has long been making their contribution through subsidized price for these adjusted glasses. Currently, there is a 50% discount and free shipping. All this is for you to boost your vision and those of your friends.

Best place to buy Equalplus

We believe the best place to buy anything online is at the official online store of the manufacturer. The advantages that come with buying from the company’s official websites cannot be downgraded as it is huge. The current challenge that is been faced by people who want to buy Equalplus is availability. There is a heavy demand for this product from many people from any country. As of 2 days ago, there was only none or limited stock available but thanks for speedy intervention of the producer company which made it possible for the product to be available today.

If you are reading this review, you do not need to keep asking yourself if it’s best to buy now or later. This is because it is available now, with the way this product is creating a buzz in countries and making people come in their numbers to get for themselves, their family members or friends, you should not allow this opportunity slide down. Get your own now.

equalplus review
equalplus review

Frequently Asked Questions on EqualPlus Reviews

This section of this review will offer answers and solutions to the frequently asked questions on EqualPlus. With the hope that it will clear your inner doubts and add to you a better guide.

Can EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses correct all eye defects?

EqualPlus is a multifocal, multipurpose spectacle that can be adjusted to correct many eye defects including short-sightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, etc but it can not directly correct advanced eye issues like astigmatism and cataract. You can use it after taking medical or surgical treatment.

What is the range of EqualPlus?

It covers a broad spectrum range from -6.00 to +3.00. That’s pretty cool for medicated glasses and enough to offer a boost to your sight challenge.

Being a modern technology, is EqualPlus hard to operate?

No! EqualPlus adjustable eyeglasses are very easy to use. It has dials on both sides, gently adjust it to your need. With this adjustable dial, you can control it to your taste of vision. Anyone can use it as well.

What payment option can I use to buy EqualPlus?

You can use your credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) to buy EqualPlus. Also, there are other payment options you can select from. PayPal and Maestro are available.

How do I know that the product delivered to me is actually EqualPlus?

There are myriads of adjustable glasses out there in the market but EqualPlus is unique. Make sure you buy yours from the official website of the company to avoid getting the wrong product.

I live in Israel, can the product be delivered to me here?

Yes, it can be delivered to your doorstep. Delivery is quick and global. It costs no extra money.

Does EqualPlus worth the hype?

It is not hyped rather a buzz. People who know what it can do seem to be talking about it. As they say, a good market sells itself.

Conclusion on Equalplus reviews

If there should be something to lose in your body organs, would you like your eyes to be the sacrifice? Would you like to go blind? No one would want to have an issue related to his/ her eyes. You should not allow yourself to have such a problem. The manufacturer of EqualPlus adjustable glasses has made it easy for you to boost your vision. EqualPlus review has offered you all you need to know about this Equal Plus eyeglass.

EqualPlus is very good and innovative as it is lightweight, easy to use without skills or prescription, very affordable, and can be delivered globally to you. Should it by mistake fall off, you will still pick it up irrespective of where it falls on. You do not need to bother about the hassles that come with the maintenance of it as it is dust resistant. EqualPlus is multipurpose and multifunctional as it can be used to correct barely all eye defects.

There are so many reasons why adjustable glasses are currently making a buzz in the USA, New Zealand, UK, Isreal, Canada, and all around the globe. EqualPlus is top notch and we recommend that you utilize the opportunity provided by the manufacturer of this product. The glasses are available today unlike two days again when the high demand made stock limited. To buy the original and enjoy the promo attached to EQualPlus, ensure you purchase from the official online store of the manufacturer using the blue button below.

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