Explore Air drone review 2021: the best quality 4K drone?

Explore air drone review

Explore Air Drone review

Are you looking to buy a drone for security or entertainment purposes? Or are you a drone enthusiast and want to buy one, but cannot decide which one to buy? Explore Air Drone review is here to guide you and offer you the best drone for your purpose.

Explore Air Drone promises to be the cheapest compared to other drones of its specifications. According to Explore Air Reviews, it is a high-quality drone that comes at an affordable price. Other than its superior build and its lower pricing, it has several advantages like it’s longer flight duration, camera quality, and several other features that we’ll discuss in detail later.

Currently, the product is trending in Canada, the United States, and the  United Kingdom, where it has gained a particular reputation and has become quite popular when it comes to drones. In our Explore Air Drone Reviews, we will take a look at all the other details and specifications of this product that makes it a standout among others.

We’ll look at several aspects like it’s advantages, disadvantages, and the issue- Is Explore Air Drone Legit?

What is Explore Air Drone?

Explore Air Drone is the latest drone for creating unique videos and ways to explore the world. The Explore air drone is part of the latest wave of high-end drones at an affordable price. They contain some of the most sot-after features for a drone such as 4K resolution on all videos recorded and improved aerial stability.

The cameras that come built into the drone can help you capture your adventures wherever you go taking high-quality pictures and videos for you to use. You control everything with the main remote, which is easy to use and shows you whatever the drone is seeing through its cameras with the video screen.

The drone is easy to fly with intuitive controls that allow you to minutely adjust everything about how the drone is flying to which cameras are taking pictures. They like the ability to control the drone with hand gestures, so they don’t need to have the controls out all the time. But before you decide to purchase this product, let’s take a look at all the other details of this product and the issue Is Explore Air Drone legit?

Explore air drone review
Explore air drone review

Specifications of Explore Air Drone:

  • Advanced Stability With Dedicated Processor Unit
  • Ultra-Wide Angle Camera 120° For Breathtaking Images
  • Follow Me and Many New Gesture Functions
  • Easy to Use Remote Controller For Excellent Flight Precision
  • Quality Build Structure With Shock-Proof Technology
  • Long Flight Time Rated 12-15 Minutes With One single Charge

Explore Air Drone Technical Facts

The Explore Air Drone has a number of special features and stable equipment that looks like this:

  • An adjustable 4K HD camera that lets you take special shots from infinite angles in the sky and take so many exciting videos or photos.
  • An optical flow positioning, which in combination with the exact position by the visual position system as well as the position posture provides for a stable floating for aerial photographs, in order to ensure free mobility of the pilot.
  • An altitude level that ensures that the drone flies to a certain altitude during take-off, which you set yourself in advance, thanks to a built-in barometer.
  • A gesture photograph ensures that the device automatically takes photos or videos when you perform either a VICTORY hand gesture or a PALM hand gesture in front of the aircraft, which is precisely described in the enclosed manual to be able to perform it.
  • Path flying: You only have to draw a route on the screen and the Copter will automatically navigate to the path you entered.
  • MV Editing: This function allows you to enhance and prettify your videos or photos before sharing them with your friends using the MV function in APP.
  • A built-in 6-axis gyro.
  • The remote control distance is about 100 meters.
  • The image following distance is between 1 and 5 meters.
  • The maximum flight time is about 18 to 20 minutes.
  • The charging time is about 150 minutes.
  • The dimension of the mini aircraft folded: 136x85x60mm, the dimension of the drone unfolded: 270x260x60mm

Who needs the Explore Air Drone?

The Explore Air Drone can is a useful tool for young adults who want to build a career in photography and video making. Owing to its low price, aspiring photographers and videographers will find this a steal deal. Moreover, even professionals who are always on the go can use it to its maximum potential. It is small and can fit in their pockets and backpacks. 

One can use them on their holiday trip, vlogging, and much more. The stylish body gives it a high-end look and will boost the user’s confidence. College students who love spending their time doing creative stuff will be able to make the best of their imagination. It will be a superb gift to a gadget lover.

Explore Air Drone Box

  • Four spare Propeller blades. (Replacements for if you crash your drone)
  • A storage bag (Prevents your drone from collecting dust when stored.)
  • A screwdriver for fixing Propellers.
  • A USB cable.
  • A user manual (Written in English).
  • A battery.
  • Although not available together with the package, you can buy Propeller guards separately.
Explore air drone review
Explore air drone review

Benefits of Explore Air Drone

  • Trajectory Flight – A key feature of the Explore Air Drone with its corresponding mobile APP is Trajectory Flight. The Explore Air Drone will follow the flight path drawn for a predicted video recording.
  • Portrait Follow – Another most intriguing innovations among the many that the Explore Air Drone has, is Portrait Follow. It commands the drone cameras to follow a photographed subject with a swipe on the mobile device.
  • Dual Camera & Picture-in-Picture Display – The device comes equipped with two 4K HD cameras to record videos or take high-resolution photos. See and record from both cameras simultaneously with split-screen, picture-in-picture or separately.
  • Intelligent Gesture Recognition Control – The Explore air drone has this really cool feature where you can make certain gestures with your hands and the drone will carry out a certain function.For example with the drone’s camera on you, if you make a “peace sign” with your hand, it automatically takes a picture. You can finally take that perfect selfie or group picture without having to click the camera button.
  • 20 Minute Flight Time – This is really impressive. The average flight time for most drones is 10 to 15 minutes. The only few drones with flight times up to 20 minutes cost as much as $1299 dollars. This is outrageous compared to the low amount Explore air drone cost.
Explore air drone reviews
Explore air drone reviews

Is Explore Air Drone legit?

The product has been in the market for quite some time now and has gained a fair amount of popularity over the years. It is available to buy on several online and offline stores. The product is not very expensive and has already sold a considerable amount of units.Also, all of the necessary information like email, address, and contact no have been provided on the official site of the product.

Thus, to answer Is Explore Air Drone legit? Yes, it is.

How does Explore Air Drone work?

The Explore Air Drone has unique features that are available in high-end drones. It can spin and loop in the sky. It can record videos and take pictures with your hand gestures. It can take stable images in the air without shaking or moving.

The Explore Air Drone is straightforward to use and can be operated by anyone regardless of their experience. You have to charge the battery, and they will fly for a long time in the air. You can use your hand gestures for the drone to click pictures and record videos. Besides, you can attach your smartphone to the controller and monitor your flight.

Explore air drone reviews
Explore air drone reviews

Why is Explore Air Drone the best option?

Explore Air Drone is the only drone invented until now, which covers the gap between expensive high-end drones and toy drones for children. It has excellent camera quality with a durable body. The price is low and is highly affordable. It has a 120-degree wide-angle camera with a shockproof body. It can remain in Air for continues 12-15 minutes, special features like follow me makes this product different from others.

On the other hand, a high-end drone is costly and can only be afforded by the rich. It is delicate and needs to be taken care of. It is not accessible for everyone, hence cutting off a significant chunk of photography and videography enthusiasts. 

Explore Air Drone Price and where to buy

Explore air drone price is very affordable and the best place to buy the drone is at the Explore Aire Drone official website. Making your order of this drone from the site and get an exclusive discount of 50% off. They have limited stocks available with free shipping worldwide. You will also get a satisfaction guarantee with 30-day Money Back guarantee. 

Exchange and Return Policy

  • If the product is not according to the customer’s needs, they can return the product within 30 days.
  • If a consumer wants a refund, they will get a full refund, which will be credited to their account.
  • Free shipping facilities are available for all types of consumers.
  • Original receipt is necessary at the time of return or exchange of the product.
  • On purchase of this product, you will get 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Explore air drone review
Explore air drone review

Conclusion on Explore Air Drone Review

Drones especially this Explore Air drone are meant for memory and fun. It can be used to capture the most scintulating moment in your life. Whatever product or device you wish to buy, ensure it is quality because it is always good to go for the best.

This drone is compact and portable. Very easy for you to take it to the beach, for your excursion or adventures. You can also use it to capture your graduation moment in school, your wedding, or your memorable time. Remember that pictures speak but quality pictures speak volumes.

The product is also beneficial for those who are a professional vlogger, or for video shooting, for engineering purposes, and it can be used for fun. So, place your order now and get an Exclusive Offer of a 50% Discount.

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