FamilyGuard Pro Reviews 2022: best home security camera?

FamilyGuard Pro reviews:

It has been the desire of people to ensure full security wherever they are; whether at home, business center, or while on a trip. This yearning has resulted in different ways of keeping abreast of what is going on anywhere irrespective of distance. People use Alarm security devices, CCTV, and other security cameras to ensure tight security in their homes. The security is actually worrisome and calls for more stringent measures to ensure absolute security.

Even with all these advancements, bulgers never mind. They break and cater away valuables. These criminals, sometimes, are not far from people who live around or with us. But how can you know when it is done by an outsider? What will be your basis for filing a robbery case against anyone when you do not have what it takes like factual evidence? This has made people lose their cases on the basis of the inability to prove their claim beyond doubt. Thereby wrongly setting the perpetrator free.

What if I tell you that there is a better device to keep watch of what is happening in your home? I am talking about a new device that is special and can help you have a crystal videoing of your home. Does it sound impossible? Definitely not! The advancement level we are currently at is enough to provide anything. So, there is this special device that helps you stream live events at your home, offices, or business center irrespective of your location. It is called FamilyGuard Pro.

FamilyGuard Pro is a special device as it works on all android phones, Apple phones, and Mac. In this FAmilyGuard pro review, I will guide you through the simple ways of getting a notification and live videos of what is happening in your home. Go through this article carefully to learn all the special tips we have added in this review.

familyguard pro review
familyguard pro review

What is FamilyGuard Pro?

FamilyGuard Pro is a wonderful device to come by. It helps you secure your home through live streaming of what is happening in there. You do not need to be around your home to have it crystal clear more than what you get with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Zoom video call. It does not consume much data and can last for hours while your video everywhere.

It is affordable, cost-effective, and durable. Just place it strategically in the place you want it to be. From there it can give you a 3600 coverage of what is happening in your home or office. FamilyGuard Pro also comes with a way talking system where you can shout to someone in your home as though you are near the person.

Imagine a burglar breaking into your home only to hear a thunderous shout from an invisible person. The criminal must surely run believing that a guard is inside. How will you know when your home is under threat? You don’t have to bother over this as the FamilyGuard Pro sends notification direct to your phone which helps you to immediately stream and observes all going on in your home.

You can also give your children instructions on anything while watching them perform what you have asked them to do. It is exactly that simple to use. All you need now is to resolve to be in charge of your home today.

familyguard pro reviews
familyguard pro review

Familyguard pro Specifications

Model:HD Panoramic Wireless 360° Cam
Angle of View:780
Image Sensor:1/2.8″ SONY CMOS sensor with IR Cut filter
Mount Type:MTV mount (Interchangeable Lens)
Video Resolution:1920*1080
Max. User Access:10 users
S/N Ratio:<50dB
Smartphone:iPhone, iPad, Android
Max. IR LEDs Length:12 pieces x F5: IR Range: 10 Meters
SD Card slot:Max 32GB
Day/Night:Auto / Color / B&W

Familyguard pro Features

24/7 LIVE-STREAMING: If your Wi-Fi signal is strong, you have no problem again. You can Live-stream from your own device anywhere in the world, and at any time. It does not involve much effort to come by it, open the app and turn on your data or Wi-Fi then stream on the go. The streaming offers a 4k level. Is it not interesting?

TWO-WAY AUDIO: With your device properly installed and your internet system enabled, you can be heard and also hear between both ends. The audio strength is as loud as the crystal clear videoing. Connect to your family, pets, work, or startle unwanted guests in your home or business. With this device, you can reasonably control what happens in your home without being there physically.

REMOTE PAN & TILT: The camera in FamilyGuard Pro is enhanced and the device rotates 3600 to capture all that is going on within the place where it is kept. Get the full scope view without restrictions with pan and tilt capabilities.

NIGHT VISION: Built-in night vision allows you to monitor your home or business even with restricted lighting.

MOTION DETECTION: Get updates sent straight to your phone when motion is detected in your home. It works automatically to send you a notification on seeing someone near your home. This helps to keep you updated with what is happening in your home and makes you immediately start streaming with your app.

1080P: Get a crisp, clear image in 1080p quality sent straight to your device.

COMPATIBILITY: It works perfectly with Android and Apple phones/ MAC tablet.

RECHARGEABLE Battery: FamilyGuard Pro is designed in such a way that you do not need the hassle that comes with the monetary demands of changing your 4 AAA battery every week. You have to recharge it with light and it will last for a while before you charge it again. This helps you to use it even when the light is not available.

familyguard pro
familyguard pro review

Familyguard pro Benefits

PEACE OF MIND: The FamilyGuard Pro provides pan & tilt, night vision, and motion detection for full monitoring capabilities. With these monitoring services, you can always know when things are going wrong in your business or home without the fear of the unknown which always brings about trust issues.

EASY TO USE: Unlike other security systems, the FamilyGuard Pro requires minimal setup and can be strategically placed around your home or business. You don’t have to be afraid as it works in two ways; both as audio security and as a videoing device. With the videoing device, you can get the full view of who is getting into your home and with the audio system, you can shout to put fear in the person. You can also control your pets and children with it as whatever you say can be transmitted to your home-ends.

ALWAYS BE CONNECTED: Talk to your family when you’re away from home or check up on your business with live-streaming and two-way audio. With the videoing and audio system, you can talk to your family/ business members easily. This is where this device performs more than just a security device as it can be used as a phone with only data consumption.

MONITOR YOUR HOME 24/7: Live-stream your home straight from your own phone. Yes! You no longer need to be at home to monitor what is going on at home. With this device to offer you HD camera coverage and your smartphone which connects you with the camera, you can monitor your home. This prevents any case of the burglar. Apart from you getting to be alerted at any slight threat, you also get to monitor your home at will.

HD SURVEILLANCE FOR YOUR HOME: The FamilyGuard Pro is an indoor security system designed to keep a watchful eye on your home and belongings when you’re away. Get alerts sent straight to your phone and record hours of surveillance footage!

familyguard pro review
familyguard pro review

What comes with FamilyGuard Pro package

The following come with the package of this device:

How it works

Family Guard pro works in a simple way. It notices motion like changes around where you have placed it for watch and get you notified. As the camera sends you notice, you will then go to the app to have a full view of who is making an entrance into your home or what is going on in your office. Apart from this, it can also work like other security cameras in which you stream what is happening in your home without cause for alarm. It comes to hand when you have little children and needs to know how they are taking care of their selves in your absence.

It works for anyone, you only need a Wi-Fi connection to use the device. This simplicity in its working system makes it one of the trending security gadgets around the globe. It is currently used in hotels, Banks, and standard conference halls. Most homes that have security cameras also use FamilyGuard Pro. You can no longer be left out especially with the current discount to ensure that ensure boost their home security.

How to install the camera

Simply download the “360Eye S” application through your phone’s app store, use the QR code, or go to in your browser. After your download is complete, open the app and register your camera. You will be sent a verification code via email in order to complete setup and start feeling that peace of mind you deserve! SUPPORTED DEVICES: Android/iOS, Windows/Mac

How to use Family guard pro

How to use this device is quite simple as it involves three basic steps:

  • Place camera strategically in a discreet place where only you really understand what is there
  • Connect it to its app on your smartphone
  • Start streaming your video of what is happening at any part of your room on the go.

The above listed steps is the way to enjoy your new product. Is it not interesting?

Pros and Cons of using Familyguard pro

FamilyGurad pro is not an except as it has both advantages and disadvantages but from all the reviews we have read and other live experience with it, it is obvious that the pros outweigh the cons. So we recommend you get one of this product now that the price is friendly.

Pros of Familyguard pro

  • It makes in charge of your home.
  • Prevents your home from burglars
  • Offers you 2 way audio system through which you can control what is happening at your home.
  • It is simple to use.
  • If is very affordable and comes with at least 40% discount especially when you buy online.
  • It does not consume much data for you to stream the video which is very clear.
  • It gives you full access to what is happening at your home irrespective of your location.
  • Family guard pro works with any smartphone including Android, Apple and Mac.

Cons of Familyguard pro

  • In order to reduce the cost of Familyguard pro, you will only get it online.
  • You need data to stream the live video.
  • You cannot use it without network coverage.
  • Offer is currently limited.

FamilyGuard Pro Reviews Customer report

I have two puppies at home that are constantly tearing my furniture apart. When I’m at work I use the two-way audio feature to tell them to ‘stop!’. They both get really startled and focus on other things rather than eating my couch cushions. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Michael Dowk

I often leave my office for out-of-town trips. I have about 10 employees and although I trust them, it helps to have peace of mind when I can’t be there. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Chorinta Ullrich

Best home security system I’ve tried so far. It has pan-tilt so you get a full scope of what’s happening around your home. I even got a huge discount on my insurance premiums just for having it. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

James Zei

Familyguard pro price

The price for this device is very affordable. It currently sales at 40% discount and free shipping. This is really the best time to get one for yourself. You can also buy familyguard pro for your neighbors to enjoy more benefits. To know more check the official website.

Where to buy familyguard pro

The safest place to buy this device is from the official website. You have a lot to gain by buying from the online official store of the manufacturer. You will have an exchange and return policy coverage. This will offer you the chance to return the product within 30 days should you be dissatisfied.

You also stand a chance of more than 40% gain plus free shipping as the online store has removed the middle men from the charges as you buy direct from the company. Anyone that really want to cover the happenings within his home, offices, or business center should buy this product now as many people are currently after it.

Apart from the huge discount you get to enjoy buying from the official store, you also stand to receive the original product unlike what is happening currently where fake products are gotten in some of the shops.

Your online device will have its original trade mark and your name will also be captured should you come back for more purchase so that more discount will also apply to you. You definitely cannot afford to miss this opportunity of getting a highly rated security camera at this affordable price.

You need the best bulb light to ensure that all corners of your room is covered by this security camera. In case also use to have ear wax irritation, you can read up about ear wax cleaning device.

Frequently asked questions on familyguard pro reviews

Does familyguard pro app consume the battery of smartphones?

The good thing about this device is that it does not consume much battery even when it is as a background app. You can use it like your phone music app without it getting to consume more of the battery of your smartphones.

Is Familyguard pro rechargeable?

You can recharge it with the adapter and cable it came with or you use the adapter and cable of your phone. It is very simple to charge and get to 100% easily. You have to charge it at a normal voltage. It does not charge well under low voltage. If you charge it well, it can also last very well for you. This means that if you charge 100% you will enjoy more monitoring of what is going on in your home or office more.

With family guard pro can I discuss with my family?

It can help you monitor the well-being of your family members while at the same time helping you talk to and with your family members. Your children and wife get to talk to you as they hear your voice with this device but they will not see you because they do not have the app. Your voice will be like one of the spirits in which no physical body may see but the voice is heard. At your own end, you can see them and also hear their voice clearly as you are with the app that is connected to the camera at home.

Can I use FamilyGuard Pro at night?

You can always use this device anytime as it is also made with a night mode. It can serve you well both in the day and at night. You have to ensure that the camera is not covered by mistake. If this happens you will be unable to video what is happening but your voice can still be heard very well.

How do I know when someone is entering my home with Familyguard pro?

It is simple to know when someone is entering your home with this device as it will send you a notification anytime it notices any motion like changes. This will prompt you to open up the app to have a full view of the person. If it is an unfamiliar face, you can shout at him or her giving him the impression that there is an invisible guard on the ground. This will be enough to change the narrative for good.

Can the FamilyGuard Pro app work on my android phone?

It is compatible with all smartphones including Android, Apple, and Mac. All you need is to install the app on the smartphone, place the device strategically where you need to capture it, and from there, your phone will give you a full view of what is happening. It is that simple.

Conclusion on Familyguard pro reviews

Home security is undoubtedly very important. The ways homes are vandalized and properties looted has really given concern and any measure to keep watch of what is going on within your home is a nice move. The question is where can you find a reliable device without breaking your bank account?

Fortunately, Family guard pro is here with the change. It is very affordable and cost-effective. You don’t need to go through processes to get it installed like other security devices. It works with an app that you can download into any smartphone and from the app you can stream live videos of what is happening in your home, office, or business center.

The simplicity and accuracy with which these device works has made it trendy in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Argentina, Columbia, India, Germany, Canada, and many other countries within the globe. You can’t be left out as it is currently under a 40% discount and free shipping to ensure everyone no longer complains about home security. You can get to know more about this device from the official website which is online in order to cut down the Familyguard pro cost. Click the blue-button below to go to the official link.

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