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[Hot update] Foamatic Review 2020: Very affordable offer

Foamatic Review is here to offer you the guide you need to enjoy the 50% off and free shipping from this automatic soap dispenser. It also offers you a safe link to make your order under return and exchange warranties.

Hand washing in public places has turned to norm since the beginning of this pandemic. I remember vividly how a friend of mine was harassed for attempting not to wash his hands the day I walked with my friends into a restaurant. as if it was a crime not to wash one’s hand.

As an unforeseen norm, we were made to have our hands washed with detergent, and water supposed to be running out from the nozzle of a bucket.

After the exchange of understanding, we did the hand washing before living the restaurant.

This was not the first time I was made to have my hands washed in public places before commencing what ever brought me to such place. so the washing of hand was not, at all, an issue to me.

my issue was, exactly, how to curtail the way people touch the tap of the water bucket in those public places. This issue raised a cause for alarm for me considering the fact that we are dealing with a dreaded pathogenic organism which does not appear on the face of its victims.

These victims partake in most of the social activities. remarkably as it was made public by the report from WHO, and other Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that there is possibility of the virus lasting up to 4 hours on any surface before dying.

Now my worry is this: should the virus be on the tab within a 4 hour interval and people continue to touch it indiscriminately as they do. what exactly is going to be our fate? currently, there is surge in technological advancement to tackle the pandemic, but the resultant effects keep punching lower than the expectation of everyone.

In a bid to be all round covered while complying with the guideline from WHO such as the frequent washing of hands; wearing of face mask; and unarguably maintaining social distance- the need for effective alternative like automated soap dispenser which could help people to wash their hands without touching the tab which has the possibility of exposing them to covid-19 was birthed.

Most friends and relative also helped in this search for the better alternative. Finally, we discovered an automated soap dispenser that can do this perfectly. This made me to write this well-crafted review on the device after 2 months of using it. The name of the device is Foamatic soap Dispenser.

Just as the name goes; it dispenses automatically without manual intervention. This has completely removed the fear of contracting the virus through the nozzle and pump of the previous system.

foamatic review
foamatic review

Introduction to Foamatic soap Dispenser (Foamatic Review)

foamatic review

During my search, I saw many designs made to be soap dispenser but they did not appeal to my high-taste and cost effectiveness as Foamatic soap dispenser did.

In this review, I am making a promise to bring everything about this precious hand washing machine to bare.

Foamatic soap wash dispenser is introduced to help us to easily fight against the hidden bacteria and other of our enemies( infectious organisms) which are invisible to the common eyes and as such you can infect us if we do nothing smarter to stop them.

The question is what can we do smarter to stop them? The thing and when to do it is right inside this Foamatic soap Dispenser review.

This foamatic soap dispenser works automatically just place your hands beneath the device and immediately the sensor will make water to rush out.

How is that possible? It works like a device with sensor; an example is water-sensor taps, which works by using a set of sensor systems.

with the sensor and automated nature of foamatic soap dispenser, soap is dispensed through an automatic sensor faucet and is used without touching it. This totally reduces to the lowest point the danger of transmitting coronavirus or any other infection.

Foamatic Review

This dispenser can therefore be used by many persons without worrying about contracting any infection since it does not have to be touched. This device is definitely the best hand washing device in 2020.

I know you are already interested in having one? The good news is that the company that produces the device sells it current on 50% discount! Yes, you read it correctly!


Foamatic review: what is Foamatic Automated Dispenser?

This is an automatic sensor-fitted-dispenser that is specially made to store and dispense hand washing fluids. It is such touch-free hand wash which does not require to be pressed at all. It’s a dispenser that mixes liquid wash, dispenses it in form of foam for hand washing whenever a person’s hands gets placed below the nuzzle.

The dispense is basically as a result of the touch free sensor that senses your hands whenever they get close to the knob for foam. It therefore offers better protection, is more hygienic and one of the best free of effort way to wash hands.

It is really a device that should be highly recommended for use in the following places; in homes, offices, hospitals, and military facilities. It is excellently sensitivity, water resistance, and appearance design.  

foamatic review
Foamtic Review

This is therefore in addition to other practices, a trusted product that you should have to ensure the 100% safety of your family in these trying times .

Foamatic review: What are the features of this device?

No foamatic review will ever be complete without letting you know about the features of this device. It is indeed the best time to switch from the regular soaps and press-type dispenser to this convenient and useful device. It has a simple and exclusive design and can therefore fit into any part of the house, office and hospitals. We have therefore decided to make in great detail the features of this device.

foamatic review
foamatic review

1. Built-in infrared sensor

This devices has a built-in infrared sensor. A system that prevents you from having to touch its knob before it dispenses. All you need do is this, bring your hand beneath its knob and it dispenses automatically. Thus, multiple persons can make use of it without worrying about spreading germs.

2. Instant foaming system

Another great feature of this device, liquid wash poured in it always leaves its knob in the form of foam. This therefore makes it very easy to access large amounts of foam without contact.

3. Long lasting batteries

This device makes use of 4AAA batteries that can last for more than half of the year even with heavy use. It also has an automatic sleep mode system that switches the device to sleep mode when it is not being used. Thus saving and extending the life of it’s batteries

4. Large Tank Capacity

This dispenser has a large 350ml capacity. You don’t have to bother about refilling its tank frequently. It is indeed another beautiful feature of this great device.

5. Highly hygienic

This great piece of equipment has in built sensors stated earlier. The presence of these dispensers prevents one from touching its knob and therefore preventing the spread of bacteria.

6. Noise-free device:

It has a motor that can rotate 50,000 times in total with a top speed of 7000rpm. Ordinarily, this is expected to be noisy but the it is equipped with a smart silent motor that reduces the noise to point zero. This ensure that you don’t get irritated or disturbed by any noise.

7. Suitable for multiple liquids

It makes use of virtually every washing liquid available be it a hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleansers or even the dish washing liquids. Indeed this product is a must have!

Foamatic Review: How does it work?

This device is absolutely easy to use. There’s no doubt that it will help you develop your hygienic habits, as well as save you from unwanted quarreling with your children over hand washing. It is there to keep you safe from germs in the most comfortable way ever known.

foamatic review

It is basically the perfect solution towards living a more sanitary life. We have a made a simple outline on how it works!

  • Put 4 AAA batteries inside the battery compartment
  • Mix the liquid of your choice with water and put it into the water tank
  • Press the power button to switch it on (white indicator light will flash once). There is absolutely no need to keep turning it on and off, since it will put itself to sleep mode automatically. However, if you need to completely switch it off, simply press the power button and wait for red indicator light to flash once.
  • Now your dispenser is ready to use and you can enjoy that lush foam by placing your hand under the sensor, keeping the distance approximately 6cm.

Why it is better than other options? (Foamatic Review)

Purchasing a decent automatic soap dispenser not only can offer an easy and elegant hand-washing way, but also prevents the spread and infection of germs and bacteria effectively.


Whatever product you invest, the quality is always the main point to consider. For some badly-made soap dispensers, damaged circuit board or failure sensing function will occur after a period time of use. Those are the products you should avoid to purchase and this one place this particular device gladly thrives in

Water resistance

In general, people will put the soap dispenser near a sink to use, and that unavoidably leads to water splashes onto the machine, more or less. So, an excellent soap dispenser should perform good enough in water resistance so as to protect the circuit board and the batteries from damage because of the splashes.

Fast-acting but not over-responsive automatic sensor

The sensing device is the most essential part for a touchless soap dispenser. Foaematic soap Soap Dispenser uses infrared sensing technology, which is fast-dispensing that takes just 0.25 seconds to release the soap. Through our measurement, its sensing range is around 70mm. With that said, you don’t have to put your hand extremely close to the sensor to receive the soap.

Among our tested soap dispensers, the range of 70mm is a common distance. The sensitivity is almost the same. But some infrared sensors are over responsive. Imagine this, when you’re cleaning the sink water stain, you end up with soap all over your hands or even clothes just because you accidently slide under the sensor and trigger it. Annoying? Exactly!

The infrared sensor of Foaematic soap soap dispenser is near the nozzle. In fact, the spout can properly help avoid the accidental trigger of the sensor, but not hinder the normal use. Although the nozzle design cannot completely cut the trouble, it minimizes the chance of squirting soap when your hand moves beneath the infrared detector by chance.

Fearless to splash while cleaning

Whether the material or the design, Foamy soap Soap Dispenser acts incredibly in water resistance ability. Coming with an IPX4 waterproof rating, it won’t get damaged even you splash water on the unit. In our test, we put the dispenser near a sink and repeated to pour loads of water on it. Even we did so, it still kept intact.

No worry about the leakage problem

For the tested foaming soap dispensers, a few foaming will leave at their spouts after use and will turn to liquid afterwards. If the liquid builds up, it will drip on the sink.

Although Foamy soap dispenser has the same issue, the nozzle design makes less chances to leave the foaming at the spout. Thus, the soap leakage problem doesn’t happen to foamatic soap dispenser very often.

Low price tag

This soap dispenser takes the win in every way but it’s surprisingly cheap. Although you cannot replace its liquid soap with your own, packing a volume of 350mL is enough for over 400 times of use. Besides, it also launches a liquid soap set, which is more economical than buying separately. Hence, you don’t need to worry spending large money on liquid soap top ups at all.

The hidden batteries get major protection.

The reason why the batteries can stay away from damage is because of their location. Among our tested soap dispensers, many battery slots are designed at the bottom. Generally, after washing your hands or face, some water will be left on the sink and even build up a puddle. If the battery slot is at the lowest level, it’s easy for liquid to get inside. Over time, the circuit board of the dispenser will burn out.

Luckily, the battery slot of the “foamy” soap dispenser is hidden inside the top unit which is above the soap chamber. That means, even water builds up on the sink, the batteries won’t get wet not to mention the circuit board get ruined.

PROS/ what I like about it (Foamatic Review 2020)

Foamatic Soap Dispenser has demonstrated all qualities of conceivable assistance for the clients and in this manner has gotten one of the most selling items in the market. We liked this product because of the following:

  • Complete wash & rinse within 12 seconds
  • Noise free device equipped the best silencer mechanisms
  • Fully automated and completely touch free
  • It’s very easy to operate.
  • Ideal especially for the hygiene of kids
  • Long lasting batteries
  • It has a large tank capacity of 350mls.

insignificant shortcoming I noticed from foamatic review:

To maintain the neutrality of this foamatic review, we have to mention that after you open the liquid soap bottle, if you slant the soap dispenser, the liquid might flow out. But this is a common problem for most soap dispensers we tested. Don’t worry. The volume of liquid soap it flows out is not that much so it doesn’t affect your daily use.

Also due to its very high demand, there is limited stock available.

Foamatic review: Why do most people go for this automatic hand wash?

Most people have actually been looking for a device that can:

  • Will help you improve your hygiene habits and lead a more sanitary life
  • Will protect you and your family from invisible germs and bacteria
  • Fits almost everywhere in your house from the kitchen to the bathroom
  • Is easy and fun to use by both kids and adults
  • Compatible with various liquids from hand soap to facial cleansers
  • Is contact-free, highly hygienic with an elegant yet practical design
foamatic review
foamatic review: dismantled device

Foamatic Review: What are customers saying about it?

Foamatic has become quite popular among the users as in general. There are lots of happy buyers of this commodity and thus the commodity has grown to be at the top of the best sellers. This commodity has got good ratings over the general consumer commodity sites and the usage of this commodity is quite easy and handy has made individuals love it.

Individuals love how this commodity helps them maintain their hygiene in the best way possible and without being touchy. Thus the commodity has gone off the charts in terms of customer satisfaction. Foamatic has, therefore, become the customer’s choice in the dispensers for hand washing

What is the price of foamatic soap dispenser?

The price of foamatic soap dispenser is very affordable and comes with 50% discount plus free shipping. Just follow the direction below to place your order.

How to order it (foamatic review)?

This automatic hand wash has been used by a lot of individuals and they are glad to make use of such a revolutionary product. The soap Foam Dispenser Device is high in demand in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Italy & Israel.

This commodity has been made available over the internet. Check the official site here for it. The sellers have been making it available at the best prices after a discount of 50% from the original price. One has to just order it by entering the right details of shipment and registering on the site so that later the sellers can ask for the reviews of the commodity directly to the users.

This device is sent to your doorstep through the best shipping partners and one can also track their shipment through the tracking ID that the sellers provide the customers. Therefore this commodity has a very easy way to order by just being at home and relaxing about the hygiene of the family members.

What do you stand to gain as a customer when you purchase foamatic soap dispenser (foamatic review)?

foamatic review

1. 30-day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

The faith it has in its product is immense, and it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. In addition to its amazing benefits stated above, people also get this product because of the SATISFACTION GUARANTEE that comes with it. It simply means that when you purchase this product, make use of it and is not satisfied or happy with the way it works, you can send it back to the company and you will be refunded instantly.

2. Exclusive 50% Discount

It also gives an exclusive offer 50% discount.

3. Free Shipping

The company provides free shipping to the buyers that get the device during this special discount period.

Foamatic Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

foamatic review
Foamatic Review

1. Is it required to touch any part of Foamatic while using it?

No, the Foamatic has a touchless technology. It has an automatic sensor. That’s how you can maintain your own hygiene and that of others using it.

2. Should the foam come out of the Foamatic be filled from outside?

No, the foam coming out of the Foamatic should not be filled from outside. It converts the liquid soap-filled by you into foam, which comes out of the nozzle of the Foamatic.

3. How much power does it consume?

Foamatic has an advantage regarding power consumption. It consumes very low power.

4. What is the life of the Foamatic?

The Foamatic has components that give it a long life. Also, a 3-month warranty is available with the product.

5. Does it need to be charged?

No. Foamatic runs on standard AA batteries, which need to be replaced when fully drained.

6. Are the transactions safe on the website of the company?

The transactions are absolutely safe as it has the approval of 256-bit agencies, such as McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, and Truste Verified.

Final word on Foamatic Review 2020

What if your hand wash bucket is not clean?

What if several people are using the same hand wash bucket with you? 

Any device that keeps your touch away from germs and viruses is absolutely essential these days. Without touching the hand washing bucket, you can stay more safe and protected from diseases.

If you’re looking for a soap dispenser that will help you improve your hygiene habits, lead a more sanitary life, protect your children from invisible bacteria and be easy to use, then look no further! Fomatic will offer that and more! Try out this touch free dispenser that will fit mostly anywhere in your house and stay safe!

Coming with a minimalist pure white design, it looks exceptionally stylish and decent. The unit can meet all your needs of use scenarios. You can fill it with hand sanitizer, dish soap, or even shampoo and shower gel. Also, it’s one of the best performers in water resistance and durability among all our tested models.

If you want a multi-functional automatic dispenser, look no further than this device discussed in this review. The maker of this product also has made many other great products like smart watches, Drones, cooler devices, wifi ultra boost devices, anti-germs and many other products

Thus, it is going to be our recommendation for our readers to invest in a more hygienic hand washing device.


  •  It reduces the chances of getting infected from diseases with 99.9% accuracy.
  • The company offers the device at low prices and also gives free shipping. So, buy the number of devices you need and keep yourself and your family safe.

Thank you for reading through our foamatic review. You can also see our Review page for more reviews.


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