HomeNetix review 2022: the best remotes controller?

HomeNetix Review:

Have you ever returned from office, your business center, school, the beach, or from the market with the feeling of weakness all around you? Like you are unable to do anything at such moment. All you wanted is for everything to be automated and to work on their own with one accord.

If you have been in this kind of scenario, you have not been there alone. I have in several occasions felt badly in need of everything around me being automated.

I wished the Air conditioner, the television, the Bluetooth speakers, and every appliance within the room could be at the command of my voice. Before now, such feeling is regarded as hallucination or impossibly unimaginable. I remember during my college days, how I had returned from lectures very tired and weak.

I was even unable to remove my shoes much more putting on the AC. All I managed to do was to lie flat on the bed for a couple of hours. Afterwards, strength came and I was able to do other things like put on the AC to receive cool air.

The sweat that came of my body that day was quite horrible, almost as if I was poured a bucket of water. I know anyone can be like me that day but what if I tell you about a device that served me best in such condition? A device that works under the command of your voice. Obeys conditions like, when the windows are open, turn off the air conditioner. The device is very effective and simple to use. Anyone can use this device as it is very compatible with smartphones irrespective of the brand or it being an Android or Apple product.

HomeNetix is the name of the product. It greatly comes to your aid at your weakest point and also other times. It works as a central remote unit for all devices that work under remote control. This offers you the chance to control all appliance in your room all within your smartphone, through voice command or under certain conditions. Incredible, is it not?

HomeNetix reviews is here to walk you through all you should know about this device. The features, benefits, Pros, cons, and what other users of this product have to say. Kindly go through this Home Netix review to arrive at the conclusion of whether to buy HomeNetix or not to buy. Our extra tips here will make you the best judge of the final decision. You can also check up for more info at the Manufacturer’s official website>>>

Let’s go on…

homenetix review
homenetix review

What is HomeNetix

HomeNetix is a small device that works wonders. It has works under cloud service technology to offer us a better way of controlling our homes. It functions as a central point where the control of all the electronic gadgets within your room can be controlled. It uses Wi-Fi of 4G network to make this control in your home. HomeNetix is very compatible with several smartphones including Android, iOS, Mac, and Alexa. With this compatibility, it offers you a smart home like google home.

This device works as a one remote controls all devices within a room. It is quite helpful if used properly as it can function just with your voice command in case you are weak to control its app on your smartphone. HomeNetix easily connects to all devices within your room.

homenetix review
homenetix review

It is very affordable, easy to control and maintain, it is also user friendly as it responds to voice command at any moment while obeying the right condition like to turn of the AC when the windows are open. To effectively use this device all you need is to download its app. You can download it on Play Store or Apple store. The overwhelming feature of this device is how it is able to replace all the remotes within your home and assuming their position.

HomeNetix also needs no professional or special skills to be installed unlike other smart devices like it. At the right section I will guide you how to install and use it, you will find out how incredibly simple it is to use. It is currently popular and trending in the USA, UK, Israel, Canada, Columbia, New Zealand, Argentina, and in Germany. It is really a perfect device for those that wants to control the screen time of devices like the television to avoid the effects of blue light on the eyes. It is a must have by all families to need a smart home.

Features of HomeNetix

Below are some of the features of this device.

  • Compatibility: HomeNetix is very compatible with many devices including Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Mac smartphones, Alexia, and any other brands that can use Wi-Fi and can download the app on either the Apple store or Google play store. Getting the app installed on any of these devices is also under a click of a button within few minutes. To maintain compatibility, you have to keep the phone on and charged.
  • Supports multiple devices: It works with all the devices in your room that can work under the remote including your DVD, television, decoders, Speakers, the Tv streaming box, Air conditioners, smart lights, etc. It can function as a single remote to the above-mentioned devices. This feature absolves the stress of always looking for where the kids kept the remote each time you want to use any of the appliances. Fortunately, it does not stop the function of the individual remotes as you can still use them to control their respective device but your smartphone is a smart remote for all and serves you.
homenetix review
homenetix review
  • Support voice command: This future has made this device to be causing a buzz in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, New Zealand, Israel, and other countries of the globe. It works at the command of your voice allowing you to turn on your air conditioner to a certain limit by telling the HomeNetix to do so. It is that simple. You can also fix a time frame for your television by the use of voice to control and coordinate.
  • Conditional command: It also functions under a certain condition that you already made it act up. For example, if you have set it to automatically turn off the Air conditioner whenever the windows are open, it will not fail to do so when the windows are open. It also obeys other conditional commands you may want it to obey without you controlling them every time.
  • Control from anywhere: This device called HomeNetix is so cool that with the voice command, you can remote any device around and under it from the comfort of your bed. So, assuming, you return very tired and unable to control any of your appliances, all you need to do is to use your voice or smartphone to control the remote of any of the devices within your room. This you can do from your bed and it will be perfectly acted upon. That is exactly how easy and simple it is to use this device.

It is really one in a kind, very special compared to other devices that use cloud technology services to function. It is there to help out under emergency and when you feel tired after work. All you need to start enjoying this device is just a change of mind to purchase it today. Making the purchase is also very simple and currently comes with 50% discount plus free delivery. You can always check for its availability as it is like a hot cake since it first hit the market. To check for availability, use the manufacturer’s website>>>.

Benefits of HomeNetix

The benefits of HomeNetix are many but I have chosen to discuss these ones below.

  • Makes home smart and comfortable: With what is on the ground that you control and coordinate your remote-controlled appliance through voice, it assist you to live a stress-free life. When you wake either in the morning or after siesta, all you have got to do to watch that interesting channel is to draw your phone closer or with the app already active, you make a voice command telling the specific channel you want.
  • It makes it easy to remote appliances: By having your remotes in one place inside your smartphone, you can control your devices easily.
  • Reduces the screen time: You can tell your television when to stop or when to continue through this Home Netix. It has a setting for your television. The benefit or added advantage with this setting is that it helps you to obey the American Optometric Association which gave a time interval of 20: 20: 20 for every screen time. What that time interval means is that you look away every 20 minutes to an object 20 meters afar for 20 seconds. This rule helps to keep the eyes safe against the effects of the harmful effects of blue light. However, you can also use adjustable proper vision glasses to prevent the harmful effects of the blue rays. So you can make your television pause within intervals.
  • You can use voice to control: It is easy to either use smartphone or voice. This saves you time and energy as you can do this from anywhere.
  • Can work with any device: It is not for your Television set alone. No! It does not, except any device that has Bluetooth. It can control all your devices through its app that is inside your phone which you have installed. This benefit helps out, especially when you lost a remote or finds out that it is damaged.

How can I install HomeNetix?

homenetix review
homenetix review

HomeNetix brings to you many good and enthralling advantages. You can turn off security lights when you are not at home. The most impressive functionality that comes with HomeNetix is its ability to learn. 

While it comes pre-loaded with functionalities that it can perform on specific devices, for devices that it does not have any pre-loaded functions that it can perform, it can learn and start performing certain tasks. It is also effortless to set up. It comes with simple and clear instructions on how one can set it up within a few minutes.

All you need to do is simply download either the Android or iOS app to your smartphone. After downloading it, use the steps enlisted on how it works below to configure your device with your smartphone.

How does it work?

Have you ever heard of a universal remote? Well, the HomeNetix App works in a similar fashion. But, instead of having a remote, all you need is your phone! Here’s how to use your device:

  1. Make sure your phone is charged
  2. Connect to your internet
  3. Sync your smart phone and the HomeNetix Remote
  4. Configure your settings
  5. Enjoy your easy-to-use universal device!

Why Do I Need HomeNETIX Remote?

With HomeNETIX, you no longer need all to have several remotes in your home. The device will control every electronic remotely through your phone. It comes with multiple functions that will make a huge difference in your life. Instead of getting angry when you can’t find the right remote, you’ll now have the power to access all your smart devices, anywhere and at any time.

How many times have you forgotten to turn off your bathroom light or the downstairs lights when you rush off to work? Do you feel that your kids do watch too much TV while you are off for work? Whether or not you are at home, some things need to be controlled. Luckily for you, we are living in the 21st century, where we have such new, exceptional innovations such as HomeNETIX.

Some of the things that HomeNETIX can do include the following among others:

  • Turn the lights off and on: With this device, you will no longer be fumbling in the dark, trying to get that switch with your hands full of groceries. Just go to your HomeNETIX app, and with a single tap, the lights will be on.
  • Turn the TV on: Don’t miss your favorite show because you misplaced your TV remote. Just open your HomeNetix app on your smartphone and tell the device to turn the TV on. With the voice command function, you can speak to your device. You can make it turn on or off the AC for you.
  • Control your air conditioning Home Netix will help you control your home’s air conditioning system no matter where you are just like how some security devices control your home. You can tell the device to turn the Air conditioner on before you get home. You can even tell it to match your body temperature while you are asleep. Is it not amazing?
  • Limit screen time
homenetix review
homenetix review

Are the kids watching too much TV? You can make your HomeNetix limit the period the television is turned on by just issuing simple command on it.

Do you know you send HomeNetix as a gift to your friend? All you need is to use quality gift wrap on it.

Pros and Cons of HomeNetix

Any device with outstanding features need to be reviewed properly for any semblances of disadvantages. It is very important to read this section as it summaries all the good and bad side of this product.


  • Makes it so easy to control your appliances
  • It is a better substitute for your remotes
  • Offers you the chance to limit the period your kids have to use the television.
  • It helps to save your bills by turning off or on your AC under some conditions.
  • Makes it possible for you to control your devices from the comfort of your bed


  • You may need to control your appliances one at a time or use a remote on others
  • Stock is limited and can only be purchase through the official website of the producer to remove the extra charges from middlemen.
  • Getting a unit of this product can be difficult following the rush in demand since the product began sales under 50% discount and free delivery.

HomeNetix video reviews 2021

HomeNetix reviews Users reports

Home Netix is the best as it makes life easy for me. I use my appliances while am on the bed all by just talking to my smartphone. At first, I never believed that such is possible but the review is too good to be true so I decided to try and it worked for me. I am still using it now.

Harry Dick

My children don’t hear words, always eye fixed on the TV but I got a solution that serves them well. Just tell the HomeNetix to go off and not to turn it on till the next one hour. Buuuum, they will look for what is wrong without finding any. It really helped me. Each time I tell them now to stay clear of the TV, they listen and turn it off. That is the power of HomeNetix.

Mary Clam

Best place to buy HomeNetix

The best place to make your purchase remain from the official store of the manufacturer. Of course, nothing can be compared to buying directly from the producer. We know how cheap it can be partly because online does not come with extra charges and also because the extra charges by middlemen has be slashed down to nothing.

More reasons why purchasing any device from the official online store is that it saves you time and get to offer you privileges which include a 30-day exchange and return policy coverage. You also stand a chance of a whopping 50% off the price alongside a free delivery to any part of the world. Those who really know what it means to have a smart home especially now that everybody is entering the fourth industrial revolution, will really want to get one for him/ herself.

I am also not confident on whether the price will remain this affordable after this month. So try to avail yourself this golden opportunity. All it requires is a change of mind to try it and you will automatically transform your home and become the envy of friends and family friends.

What is the HomeNetix price

To buy HomeNetix comes with affordable price and many discounts. You will receive 50% off the price and also an accompanying free delivery if you buy from the official store. The problem there is only that sometimes the HomeNetix device can be limited in number, this makes people to rush anyone whenever it is available. You can check availability and make purchase at the Manufacturer’s official website. It is very safe and easy as the manufacturer ensures that your data is encrypted.

homenetix review
homenetix review

Frequently Ask Question on homeNETIX reviews

What is the best smart remote?

You rushing to catch up with an appointment off home and won’t have enough time to turn off your TV and other systems. You many also want to limit the amount time your kids spend on the home television. With this smart remote control app, you can control remotely what happens to your TV, and AC. With the help of HomeNetix as a smart remote control, you can enjoy a stress free live.

Can my children use HomeNetix remote control?

Anyone can use this remote controller but it need to be installed in a smart phone. Anyone who controls the smartphone can control the remote, you can also download the app into your wife or child’s smartphone in case you are out of home and likely to stay for a long time.

How long does HomeNetix last?

If not rough handled, you can use this remote control for as long as possible. It does not have expiring date except you no longer want to use it.

Does HomeNetix comes with discount?

Yes! It is available at 50% discount. You also stand a chance of having free delivery of your purchase to your specified address.

Is HomeNetix restricted to a particular appliance?

Not at all! You can use HomeNetix with as many appliance as have Bluetooth and uses remote. It is the controller of devices with remote. All you have got to have is a smartphone and a working Wi-Fi network.

Conclusion on HomeNETIX reviews

Smartphones are quickly becoming all-empowering devices that can turn your house into a fully-controllable smart home. Available for both Android and IOS devices, HomeNETIX makes us definitely say yes! Take control of your home today!

The first thing you need to do is make sure your phone is charged. Secondly, connect it to the internet. After that, sync your smartphone and the HomeNETIX remote. The last step is to configure your settings, following the given instructions. Last but not least, enjoy your easy-to-use universal remote device.

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