How to program FiOS remote to tv? Best guide!

How to program FiOS remote to tv

You’re in an odd predicament if you have a Smart TV and a FiOS remote that doesn’t work with it. But don’t worry! With the easy instructions we’ll cover in this article on “how to program FiOS remote to tv,”, you can easily set your FiOS remote to operate your Smart TV. Continue reading to find out more.

How to Configure Your FiOS Remote to Operate a Smart TV

You must configure your FiOS remote control in order for it to work with your television. The remote codes for the various FiOS remote controllers, however, vary by model. No matter what model your Smart TV is, here’s how to connect it with your FiOS remote.

Remote Voice

  • The following guide will show you how to connect your FiOS Voice Remote to your smart TV.
  • You should aim your FiOS TV Voice Remote at the Smart TV.
  • Long pressing the “Play/Pause” and “0” buttons on the FiOS TV Voice Remote at the same time will turn on the “blue LED.”
  • Your remote is ready for use when the blue LED on the FiOS TV Voice Remote stops blinking.
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Remotes P265 & P283

You can link your FiOS P265 remote control to your smart TV using the steps below.

  • Turn on the TV and the FiOS installation box.
  • After finding it, choose the pertinent 3-digit TV code from the list. Look for additional TV codes in this guide if the brand code for your TV isn’t included here.
  • Press “OK” and “0” together in order to keep the red light on.
  • Then, enter the three-digit TV code for your particular television brand. The red LED will then remain lit after that.
  • To turn off your television, press and release the “CH +” button once every second. On slower TVs, give a one-second pause between button presses.
  • By pressing the TV Power button on the FiOS remote control, you can turn on the TV.
  • When the TV turns on for the first time, press “OK” to save your remote code.
  • You can check to see if the pairing is successful by using “VOL +” and “VOL -” to adjust the TV’s volume.

Philips RC1445302 Remote

  • The Verizon FiOS Set-top box and your television should be turned on.
  • Use the TV remote’s three-digit code.
  • Before hitting the OK button to turn on the television, hold down the power button for a little while. Let go of the buttons. The red indication light on the remote will flash twice and stay lit for a short while.
  • When you enter the 3-digit remote code, the red LED will flash three times.
  • Use the TV Power button on the FiOS remote to turn off the TV.
  • If you want to keep your remote code, click “OK.”
verizon fios philips

Remote control Motorola 800

  • The Verizon FiOS Set-top box and your television should be turned on.
  • Release the “TV” button six seconds after pressing it. After the other device keys have been turned on, the TV key will still be active.
  • Simply push the power button on your remote. Three flashes will cause the button on the gadget to become inactive.
  • Press and release the “Up” arrow button for one second at a time until the TV turns off.
  • Click “OK” once more to keep your remote code.
verizon fios motorola drc800 remote

How to Program Your Fios Remote to Manage Your TV’s Inputs.

Enable TV input control, or HDMI-CEC, on your set-top box and your smart TV to avoid receiving notifications like “blank screen,” “no video,” or “no signal” on your TV screen. Here’s a guide on how to start.

  • Connect your set-top box to your TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Simply press the “MENU” button on your FiOS remote.
  • Then, to modify the settings, navigate to Settings > Audio & Video > Video Settings > TV Input Control.
  • By selecting the “Enable” checkbox, you can enable TV input control. Your smart TV set-top box will become the input source when you press the “STB” button on your FiOS TV remote.
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How to Use the FiOS Remote to Start/Stop Your TV

You can turn on and off your TV and FiOS set-top box at the same time with the FiOS TV remote. You can employ this method with any FiOS remote control and any type of TV. It’s easy to set up your FiOS remote to turn on and off the TV.

  • Together, turn on the TV and the FiOS set-top box.
  • Hold down the number two and “OK” remote controls at the same time. After three flashes, the red LED will stay lit.
  • Sequentially press and release the nine, seven, and seven buttons. The FiOS set-top box and the television can both be controlled simultaneously by the remote using this code. The red LED on the FiOS remote control will flash twice before remaining lit.
  • The red LED shuts off after three “STB” button presses.
  • The STB power button must be pressed in order for the TV and FiOS set-top box to turn on.
  • To check whether it resolves the issue, you might try restarting the set-top box or changing the batteries in the remote.

All Verizon FiOS Service Remote Codes

Use universal remotes, like those offered by FiOS, to control several devices at once. Make sure to enter the code that corresponds to the brand and model of your device to avoid confusion and guarantee success.

You must perform the following actions in order to program a FiOS remote:

  • The TV, cable box, or DVD player, for example, should be turned on if you want to control it.
  • Locate the device’s code. On their website, Verizon FiOS lists the codes for various devices. To locate the code for your device, you can also utilize the remote control’s code search function.
  • The red LED light at the top of the remote control will blink twice after five seconds of holding down the “OK” and “FiOS TV” buttons simultaneously.
  • Press the “OK” button after releasing both buttons.
  • Using the number buttons on the remote, enter the code for your device.
  • Select “OK” from the menu. Two blinks of the red LED light will indicate that the code is valid. Repeat the procedure using a different code if it doesn’t.
  • By hitting the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons on the remote control, you can test it. The volume of the device should change if the remote’s programming is right.

Note: Depending on the model of your remote control, the procedures for configuring a Verizon FiOS remote may change. If the above procedures don’t work for your remote, check the Verizon FiOS website or the user guide that came with your remote for specific instructions for your model.

FAQs on How to program fios remote to tv

How do I reset my TV remote?

Press and hold the Power button on the remote control for three seconds. Check to see whether the problem is fixed after reinserting the batteries and making sure they are inserted with the proper polarity (-/+). Remove the batteries once more and leave them out for about a minute if the problem has not been fixed. Reinstall the batteries after that.

Why won’t my TV recognize my remote?

Your remote’s malfunction can be caused by a variety of factors. However, battery problems, pairing problems, or infrared sensor problems are the most typical causes of a TV remote not working. Pointing the remote control at your TV, press the power button. On the TV, check to see if the LED indicator blinks.

Conclusion: How to program fios remote to tv?

With the step-to-step guide covered in this article on “how to program FiOS remote to tv,”, you can easily set your FiOS remote to operate your Smart TV.

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