Invisicharger Review 2021: The best power bank?

Invisicharger review:

Everyone uses a smartphone. Whenever in use, we want to use these smartphones to the fullest in terms of watching YouTube videos, streaming Netflix, and many other things. Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, many students have chosen to be making use of Zoom or Microsoft Teams for teaching and learning. With these video conferencing apps, you can communicate with your friends. Those apps came to beat the functionality of Whatsapp video calls. They are many other things that are good about these smartphones including the ease with which we take pictures of ourselves.

You will like to enjoy all these without any delay. But what of when your battery is low? Would you like to continue with the delay and inconvenience you get from those cables? Sometimes, faults either develop from the port or from the cable making it more disturbing to use. No one will really like to suffer himself with those cables that only know how to disturb. In fact, it is only someone who has not been bewitched by such cable that will continue in them.

Even if you are just looking for an innovative device that can always power your gadgets very fast, I will help you through this review. I have a recommendation for you. There is this quality device for charging phones that are currently trending. Its name is Invisicharger. As the name goes, it is an invisible charger as it charges cableless.

Invisicharge is a power source that you will really like to use for your smartphones. It is currently used by many persons especially in the USA, UK, Germany, Israel, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, and all around the globe. Those who have used it have said that it is better than many other phone power banks especially as it works on its own without cable. This means you can use it even when you are going on an adventure, for camping, for conferences, and for the beach.

It is really worth having by everyone. In this Invisicharger review, I will walk you through all you need to know about it—its benefits, why you need it, its features, what other users are saying, and answer frequently asked questions to help clear your possible questions. Kindly go through it to learn more about it and then make your choice on whether to buy it or not. Kudos!

Invisicharger wireless review

What is InvisiCharger Wireless Charger?

Invisicharger is a special wireless charger that works through its bandwidth to charge every smartphone. It does not depend on your cable to do its work. So you will not have to be looking for the long or the short cable in order to get your device charged fast. It works like a pad which you can put under any surface, it can wooden, plastic, granite, plastic, or quartz; these surfaces will do the work of a cable as it will form a connection between your smartphone and the wireless charger.

The invisicharger wireless charger is so powerful that anything you place on top of the surface will start charging. It may be your smartphones including Android and Apple products, your tablet, or any other device you may deem fit and best to charge with it. It is really an innovation to behold as it will relieve you of normal stress. Anytime you place your phone on top of your table, either to drink water or t make a conversation, it will be charging.

Every phone that has software called Qi-charge will feature and be powered by this device; including the following smartphones: Apple phones(iPhone), LG, Samsung, Motorola, Tablets, and other devices. It is always fast while charging. To check and be sure that your phone has the Qi charging, you need to either go to the website of your phone maker, or you can enter your phone’s setting, click on battery and then view if it has the Qi logo.

Invisicharger has two technologies; the induction technology developed by the great Nikola Tesla and as well as cooling technology. The importance of a cooling technology cannot be overemphasized as it makes the device cool all the time irrespective of the number of hours you use. On the other hand, the induction technology prevents any sort of electric shock thereby offering you the chance to use it without any possible risk. It can as well be used where children are without any associated risks involved.

Unlike other wireless chargers, this very charger has the ability to transfer charges to your phone without any disturbance to your phone’s case. It works fine with your case being intact. You do not need to bother your mind with how to pull out your case in order to offer your phone the best charging condition. The wireless charger also works invisibly to get your device charged.

If you are tired of the clutters of using many wires for your phone and you are looking for the best wireless device, then this Invischarger remains the best alternative. Right now, it is causing a buzz in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, France, New Zealand, Greece, and other parts of the world. This means that there must something great about it.

best wireless charger

Why do you need wireless Invischarger?

There may be many wireless chargers out there but why should someone choose this particular one? Yes, many people are using it and it only takes a change of mind to buy but what will you stand to gain by buying Invisicharger for your phone? Indeed this device is great for anyone who wants to be free from the issues that come with wires as a means of charging your device.

It will help you charge your device without the hassles of fixing the port or the socket well. All you need is to place your phone on top of the table. Luckily to you, it is a device that is not selective as it works with most of the smartphones you can think of. You can also use it to charge for your friends anytime, any day.

I believe you now know how to confirm that your phone is enabled to use a wireless charging system like Qi technology. So, with this technology, you can place your phone on the top of any flat surface and get relaxed as it will be charged in no time.

Most wireless chargers charge so slow which is understandable as prior to now, it is only the chargers with wires that have fast charge technology. This fast charge technology is a special feature that enables Invisicharger to charge your phone more than 3 times faster than what you can get from cable chargers. It also charges 5 times more than other wireless chargers. No wonder it is trending everywhere.

Moreover, you will not need to move from one point to another just to charge your phone if you have invischarger. All you will do is to place the phone on top of the table where you can even read your text messages, receive your calls and emails freely. You can also position the phone in any position you like either landscape or portrait. In fact, this charger is flexible to use more than any other charger you may be thinking of. It does not overheat and will not shock you unlike those containing wires that will try to shock you if there is a slight tear on the wire-clothing.

The only criterion to use this device is to have a smartphone that is Qi-enabled. You can also get Invisicharger now at a discount or buy it in bulk with great offers available. The Producer has offered a 30 Day money-back guarantee. You also stand a chance for free delivery and a 50% discount per the purchase of Invisicharger. This device is quite popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and other many countries because of its innovative performance. You can also get yours too.

Specifications of Invisi Charger

Under here you know about this Invisicharger—you will know how heavy it is, the size and importantly, how it looks.

Size:22.5 mm in height and 130 mm in diameter
charging distance:22 to 32 mm
Weight:220 grams
Technology:Cooling technology, induction technology, and fast charging technology
Charging power:10-watt turbo for any gadgets
Other inclusions:It also comes with a manual and boosting pad for any smartphone.

Features of InvisiCharger

InvisiCharger has been designed to simple and easy to use as evidenced by its features:

  • It comes with maximum compatibility: InvisiCharger works with over 150 smartphones and many other Qi-enabled devices. All you need is to confirm if yours is compatible with it and then place the phone on top of the table or flat surface, it will charge immediately.
  • Easy installation: It does not require any special skills or professional affiliation for you to install this device. InvisiCharger has a reusable adhesive mount that will stick to any surface in seconds without damaging your furniture.
  • User-friendly: It is well covered and comes with induction technology that prevents shock and makes it risk-free for both adults and children.
  • Long-range induction coils: With this induction coil, you can power up without a cord or charging pad. This means that you will not suffer the unnecessary issues coming from cables again.
  • An invisible charging base keeps your workspace clean as it is absolutely clutter-free. No long and short wires. You don’t need to be disturbed by wires.
  • It comes with an advanced Qi-power that charges your devices up to 5x faster than other wireless chargers.
  • Small in size: With the size, you can take it anywhere and charge your device anywhere.
  • Charge anywhere: InvisiCharger can be mounted on top of any non-metallic surfaces like furniture up to 32mm thick, including desks, tables, dressers, and countertops. Glasses and others can as well be used.
  • It has a Secret and stylish charging base: Create a secret charging station with an invisible base or show it off with the sleek and slim receiver sticker.
Invisicharger review
Invisicharger Review

How to Use InvisiCharger?

It takes no much effort to use Invischarger. As you pull it from the delivery box, you will need only a minimal setup to start using it. Invisicharger has two surfaces, one for the charging and the other for the none charging part. Stick the charging part under your table—the particular table you want to use it for, it must not be table only as you can also use any other flat surface where you can place your smartphones or tablets on its top.

After that, you can go on to start charging your devices. You can then place your smartphones irrespective of the model in landscape or portrait position. Which every one that will help you to use your phone while charging it. It all depends on you, to use your phone while charging it or not.

This device works in an auto-controlling way, It knows when your device is 100% charged and what it does is to hibernate. It also displays blue light when discharging and charging your phone at a fast rate while when it is weak, it shows white light. Under normal, it shows a light for some seconds before it finally turns off the light.

How does InvisiCharger Work?

InvisiCharger works on magnetic resonant coupling. This scientific discovery was made by a pioneer in the world of electricity named Nikola Tesla. This technology envisages transmission of electricity between a pair of transmitter and a receiver circuits.

There is no chance of giving anyone an electric shock. It can be operated without posing any risk to you, your pets, or children. It has also been configured to work with any device that uses the Qi wireless charging standard. This makes it one of the most powerful chargers you can buy, and it charges right through tables, desks, glass, or any other non – metallic surface.

The very scientific basis under a number of wireless electrical applications, are increasingly making our lives day by day mess free.

Surfaces InvisiCharger can charge through:

InvisiCharger can charge through any non – metallic surface. It works through surfaces up to 32 millimeters (1¼ inches) thick. Notable examples are:

  1. Quartz
  2. Plastic
  3. Granite
  4. Glass
  5. Wood

Testing the Technical Features of InvisiCharger

In an attempt to make sure that InvisiCharger lives up to the features proposed by the manufacturers, a group of technicians used InvisiCharger to try and charge their smartphones. This test was conducted for a space of one week of using the InvisiCharger to charge their phones. They loved the product and had positive feedback. They noted how they can horizontally and vertically position their phones. The technicians loved that because that especially those who love reading eBooks on their phone. There was no need to hold their phones up just to read.

Another feature which was noted was the speed of charging. They noted that InvisiCharger can charge their phones faster than chargers with wires. It made to be able to engage in other activities while their phones were charging. This only goes to show that InvisiCharger is one affordable yet very effective charger.

The compatibility of the device was also tested with both Android and iOS and was found to be highly compatible. This also means that users who have both Android and Apple phones do not have to purchase another wireless charger because both phones can be charged by the same device at the same time.

Pros of InvisiCharger

  1. It works with Pop sockets and virtually all phone cases. No need to remove your phone covering when charging with this device.
  2. You also will not be restricted to a single charging point, where it is almost required to keep your phone or gadget stranded till the time they do become partially full
  3. It is user friendly, intuitive, and convenient to use. InvisiCharger can be used under any flat non – metallic surface as was mentioned above. Just attach the device to the underside of your desk with its reusable adhesive mount and you start charging.
  4. The main advantage of this device is self – evident as it is totally cluttered free. InvisiCharger is just a magnetic disc without any wires projecting out of it. So, your space will not appear clumsy anymore with lots of many cables covering it.
  5. It is very compatible with your Android and Apple phones. Any Qi-enabled device can be charged with InvisiCharger.
Invisicharger review

Cons of InvisiCharger

  1. It can only be found online
  2. You may need to place it right for it to charge faster.
  3. It cannot be used on metallic surfaces only on non – metallic surface.
  4. It must be compatible with your phone before it works.

InvisiCharger Vs Other Wireless Chargers

Many wireless charging devices may exist and even be using the same technology as the Qi technology but the difference is clear.

  1. Invisicharger is user-friendly and easier to be taken to anywhere.
  2. It is very affordable with free delivery and discounts available for you.
  3. The coverage area of signal strength is huge in comparison to other wireless chargers so it will not give you the issue of getting the exact charging spot.
  4. It charges really fast, faster than other several wireless chargers. According to the manufacturers, at least 5 times faster.
  5. You can be using your gadgets as you are charging it using invisicharger.
  6. It is easier to set up and needs no special skill to install.

Importance is Qi charging technology

Qi charging is an innovation that came into the way we charge our phones. It came in a time when charging a phone with wire/ cable has many inconveniences. It makes it revolutionary. It charges phones wirelessly through a charging pad. With it, you can charge your phone faster and still, make use of it while charging. It is causing a buzz all over the world currently. It came in different forms with some capable of charging your phone in no time.

Most times, the Qi charging system works under the principle of induction coil where you fix or place your phone on a particular spot for it to charge very well. Many smartphones that are coming out now are made with this technology among other alternatives for charging the phone. If you want to be sure if your phone has the technology, just check up the website or check up the setting of your phone’s battery to confirm.

Invisicharger review
Invisicharger Reviews

Customer Reviews on Invisicharger

After researching for reviews about InvisiCharger and finding amazing reports, I believe this device is worth it. People especially loved the affordability because they no longer need to break their bank account just to purchase a nice wireless charger. Here are some of what they say:

Saved me a ton of money!

“I am kind of a heavy-handed guy, and I would burn through charging cables like they were going out of style. Of course, you can take the risk of buying cheap chargers and cables, but I did not want to burn my house down! I am so glad I discovered the InvisiCharger – I can’t mess it up because I never even have to touch it”

Aiden P

Amazing technology at an affordable price!

“There are no cords or cables, but your phone gets charged faster than a lot of these cheap cables could ever charge it. Once I set the InvisiCharger up, I never even had to think about it again. It WORKS. That is just the kind of technology that I love”

Jack T

Keeps my desk looking clean and beautiful!

“To be honest with you, I did not think the InvisiCharger would actually work through my heavy oak desk. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did it work great, it actually charged my phone much faster than my old fashioned charging cable. This is the best invention I have used in years”

Maddison C.

It is the fastest charger I have ever used!

“I hate desktop clutter, and always wanted to switch to wireless charging. Unfortunately, every one of those cheap wireless chargers I tried was slower than molasses or could not stay connected. Then one day, a friend of mine turned me on to the InvisiCharger. This thing is faster than a champion racehorse!

Jesse C

“I first heard of InvisiCharger online when I came across its ad on a video that I was watching. I googled it and found their site and since the device seems promising, I decided to order one. When it arrived on my doorstep, I immediately used it and was amazed at how easy it is to set up. All I need to do is stick it on the area I want and charge my phone. I especially love the fact that it can be placed under a table to save more space”

Gary C

Prices of InvisiCharger

The price of Invisicharger is very affordable compared to what you will gain from it. You will also have more percentage discount depending on the number of units you buy. If you really need quality and elegant wireless power source, Invisicharger is the best option. Below are their prices and units per discount:

One (1x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 40% OFF at $69.99 (Shipping Fee $8.95)

Two (2x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 45% OFF at $128.99 (Free Shipping)

Three (3x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 50% OFF at $174.99 (Free Shipping) *BEST SELLER*

Four (4x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 52% OFF at $223.99 (Free Shipping)

Five (5x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 55% OFF at $262.99 (Free Shipping)

You can also use PayPal or Credit Card to make your purchases. It is all according to your preference.

Where to buy InvisiCharger?

You can purchase the InvisiCharger directly on the manufacturer’s website. Currently, they are offering discounts when you purchase more than one device. You can purchase one for yourself or for your family or friends, depending on how You want help your friends or family members.

The more the devices you purchase, the higher the discount. It would not hurt having a spare, one for your home and one for when you are traveling. Information about the Manufacturers can also be gotten on their official homepage. They also accept different payment methods such PayPal and Credit cards. There Shipping price is also free.

Below is also the contact details of the customer unit of the producer company:

Company Name: Current Enterprises Limited. Company Address: Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, Netherlands. Email Address:

Frequently Asked Questions on Invisicharger Reviews

How long does it take for Invisicharger to fully charge my phone?

It all depends on what phone or gadget you are using it to charge. Under normal, it takes time for tablet to charge completely as normal phone always charge faster. So with Invisicharger, the main thing is that t will charge faster than other options.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with InvisiCharger?

Check your phone’s specifications on the supplier website. If your phone is Qi enabled then it will work with InvisiCharger. You can also check on your phone battery setup as it is written there concerning possible and available charging method.

Does Invisicharger worth buying?

It is worth buying if you need a faster means of charging your device, especially one that will not bring you the unnecessary charging clutters.

What kinds of furniture will InvisiCharger charge through?

InvisiCharger can charge through any surface that is not metal up to 1 ¼ inches in thickness. This includes wood, plastic, glass, quartz, granite marble and more

Is Invisicharger a scam?

It is not a scam but you will need to follow the instructions on Invisicharger instructional manual. Few that started using it without reading the instructions contained there or reading Invisicharger reviews claimed that they fell into Invisicharger scam until the customer care department reminded them the importance. No there are enjoying the device.

Do I need to remove my phone case before charging with invisicharger?

InvisiCharger is designed to charge through most phone cases and pop sockets but if your tabletop is already extra thick, you may need to remove accessories to get a successful charge.

Is Invisicharger cheap and quality?

Invisicharger is high quality and very affordable.

Can I charge more than one device at a time with InvisiCharger?

InvisiCharger can only charge one device at a time, but you can mount multiple InvisiCharger on the same table to charge all your devices at once.

Conclusion on Invisicharger Reviews

If what you need is a wireless charger or you are checking for the charger that will be better for you. You will need to go for Invisicharger which will save you the stress of using wires which sometimes have issues with either the port on the phone or itself.

You need a quality and the best wireless device to charge your phone. This device here has 10 watt of power which is enough for your smartphones whether Android or Apple. You can be on Zoom, Team, YouTube or Netflix while charging your phone. This means you don’t have to be delayed because you are charging your gadgets. Invisicharger also has a light system which helps to tell you when there is fast charging going on and when it is down.

If you buy and discover that it is not your taste, all you need to do is to put it back in its original packaging used for its delivery and return it. On returning it, you will then tell the customer care agent that you want either an absolute refund or an exchange. But this must occur within the first 30-day interval. If you want to buy it now, you will have a 50% discount plus free delivery. So all you need is to make up your mind.

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