iPhone 12: the latest update[July]!

iPhone 12 latest update

iPhone 12 is the point of attention currently. But are you anticipating the launching of this latest iPhone within September 2020? Of course your expectation is not out of place as September of every year seems routine for Apple company to come up with their latest gadgets.

Unfortunately, following the location of the company’s headquarter in the country(America) with the highest hit by covid-19, the normal month of launching this latest Apple phone may suffer setback, may be pushing the release date to something like last quarter of 2020.

What do we think of this iPhone product which is likely to be named iPhone 12? We have heard a lot about the date of release, cost of each of the four models(iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max) of the latest iPhone 12, design, colors, display, comparison with previous iPhones like SE and iPhone 7, specifications and some added and missing features.

This years latest iPhone 12 is also likely to see many tech innovations like iOS 14 software and 5G mmwave technology. In fact, this years iPhone is going to bring the biggest iPhone design and specs to our table.

The Whole Gadgets team has gone far and wide to make available the whole details you need to know about this latest iPhone.

For easy reading, we have a table belowe containing quick navigation to different headings of this comprehensive leaks so far.

Overview of latest news

We have gathered that the upcoming iPhone will be in two classes; the upper class having iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max while the base class will contain the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max.

Below is a table which summarises most of the things you will see in this article.

iPhone 12iPhone 12 MaxiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max
Price$649, $749$749 / $849$999 / $1,099 / $1,299$1,099 / $1,199 / $1,399
Display5.4-inch Super Retina OLED6.1-inch Super Retina OLED6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED (Samsung)6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED (Samsung)
ProcessorA14 BionicA14 BionicA14 BionicA14 Bionic
Storage128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
CamerasDual rear camerasDual rear camerasTriple rear cameras + LiDARTriple rear cameras + LiDAR
5GSub6GHzSub-6GHzSub-6GHz, mmWaveSub-6GHz, mmWave
Battery2,227 mAh2,775 mAh2,775 mAh3,687 mAh
BodyAluminumAluminumStainless steelStainless steel

When is iPhone 12 coming out?

We have heard alot on this question, some pointing to an extra months to the usual second week of September which is the usual date for releasing latest iPhones.

Well, there may be no doubt to this claim hence corona virus pandemic has changed the look and wheel of most things in motion.

One of the leaks had already claimed that mass production of the lower model of iPhone is one or two months behind schedule while another rumour suggested contrarily that Apple company will have finished its final testing by the end of June and should enter mass production in July.

Still on the rummors; some have pointed to November as the time the handset will come out. Turning down on the September release, a respected analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max are likely to be ready on the expected date but the higher models would come out later than September.

Still on our hunt for reliable date, an executive in one of the manufacturing companies that supply components to Apple has suggested a likely shift from the normal date. The Wall Street journal also supports the claim from the Broadcom executive.

The worst we have even heard is that iPhone 12 is likely to come out by 2021.

Now the question again is: when will this latest iPhone come out?

For now, Whole Gadgets team cannot be bold over any date but we believe iPhone 12 is still likely to be announced by September as normal but the purchase may not start immediately as usual.

How much will the iPhone 12 cost?

The cost of iPhone 12 has been made a bit clearer than any other leaks so far. Top of the leaks are from Jon Prosees and Jeff Pu.

The Whole Gadgets team has gathered from Jon Prosser(YouTuber) and also from another source with cost variation depending on 4G or 5G. The summary of their leaks are tabulated below.

iPhone 12 4G$549No leaked informationNo leaked information
iPhone 12 5G$649$749Not an option
iPhone 12 Max 4G$649No leaked informationNo leaked information
iPhone 12 Max$749$849Not an option
iPhone 12 Pro$999$1,099$1,299
iPhone 12 Pro Max$1,099$1,199$1,399

The whole Gadgets team also went further to ascertain the the likely price for the UK and Australia but no clear update on that yet. The prices above show lower starting cost for the lower class of iPhone 12 which is good as it will encourage sales.

Jeff Pu, also suggested that the cost of the lower models may start at $749 which is likely due to the increase in cost of the component used for the iPhones.

Whole Gadgets team cannot categorically tell the exact cost each of the iPhones in iPhone 12 series will finally fall on until official information from the Apple company.

How will iPhone 12 look like?

the iphone 12 line-up will be a heavy innovation as it comes with big changes from previous apple phones. most recent information suggested that there will be four models of this iPhone 12 for you to choose one. Below is their size:

iPhone 12 latest
iPhone 12 modelsSize
iPhone 125.4 inches
iPhone 12 Max6.1 inches
iPhone 12 Pro6.1 inches
iPhone 12 Pro max6.7 inches

From the above table, this is the first time a normal iphone like iPhone 12 max is sharing big screen like those of iPhone pro. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an apple analyst, this iPhone 12 will be made to have flatter metal frame with the rear among the four made of glass and in in a square shape.

Jon Prosser, an analyst of high repute has also suggested in his information that this year’s iPhone 12 frame will be made of aluminium especially for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max while the other remaining two will be made of stainless steel body.

the video from Max Weinbach and Everythingapplepro have backup the claim towards the look of these iPhone 12 models but the videos are made by them,

The normal notch at the top of the iPhone display is also likely to look smaller but will likely not be absent as dummy models shared by Sonny Dickson have suggested their presence.

There is also a possibility of the front camera being embeded under the screen. Should this become a reality, we believe this iPhone with such feature will be the most expensive of them all; hopefully the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 has been rumored to be less in thickness with iPhone 12 Pro Max likely to be 7.4mm down from the 8.1mm on the iPhone 11 pro max.

Though unlikely, some leakers have suggested that the face ID technology may be dropped to an improvement of under the screen fingerprint scanner.

Whole Gadgets’s team still cast doubt on the extent Apple is ready to go in this their innovation, but should the company embed this finger printer scanner on the screen, it could make the face ID technology to be repalced.

The emergence of Apple patent from July 2020 for in-screen Touch ID/ finger print scanner has strenghted the inclusion of the in-screen scanner making the rumor a likely possibility.

The iPhone 12 range is also expected to be more water and dust resistant as in iPhone 11 range, offering iPhone 12 the features to even be submerged in water for some minutes without any potential damage.

Is there any comparison between iPhone 12 and other apple phones?

From what we have seen and heard, there are many comparisons which may be aligned to other previous version of iphone. For example the size of the standard iPhone 12 is between iPhone 7 and iPhone SE according to Jon Prosser. iPhone 12 Pro Max screen is also likely to be flat and less thick when compared to iPhone 11 pro Max. The rummored squared shape of the iPhone 12 models is also comparable to Iphone 5. The dust and water resistance in iPhone 12 is also comparable to iPhone 11 range.

What color will the iPhone 12 be coming out in?

Navy blues is making the top in the list of colours in the apple iphone 12 dummy models. there is also high level suspecion on Midnight green as it had the highest sales on iPhone 11 Pro.

Apart from the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max, Whole Gadgets team believe the standard iPhone 12 will have normal colors as obtained in the standard iPhone 11.

Will iPhone 12 have a screen refresh rate of 120Hz?

There is currently many rummors on whether the latest iPhone in view will come with 120Hz refresh rate or not. On this, we have Ming-Chi Kuo saying that all the iPhone 12 models may come with OLED screen technology make this to be the first time all the models are with OLED. This claim is also confirmed by Jon Prosser. The OLED is expected to vary by manufacturers as iPhone 12 and iphone 12 max are expected to be manufactured by BOE while the ones for the remaining two will be manufactured by samsung. The ones in the upper class will be cheaper and thinner than what is in iPhone 11.

Based on a recent rumour of failure by BOE manufacturer to supply their product, iPhone 12 models may have Y-OCTA in all the four models of iPhone.

As Whole Gadgets team continued their hunt for latest and reliable information on the resolution to expect on iPhone 12 screens; we believe this move to complete OLED in all the models of iPhone will boost the screen of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max.

Another rummor worthy of mention here is the one of 120Hz refresh rate. Well, for now most smartphones have more than 60Hz refresh rate but less than 120Hz. So should Apple finally make iPhone 12 to come with 120Hz, that will be breaking the trending and boosting the screeen for quicker reloads while using social media feeds and also while playing games.

Max Weinbach is of the view that the 120Hz will be for iPhone 12 pro while Jon Prosser also added iPhone 12 pro max among the two to come with 120Hz refresh rate.

A contrary report by Youtube EverythinPro, suggested that Apple is currently struggling to make the refresh rate come through pointing that the iPhone models have passed 4 out of 5 tests and fixing it in time may be difficult for apple making them to stop the plan.

Also, according to a display chain expert, there is no report as to whether 120Hz refresh rate will come on board till 2021.

With the above leaks, it is a bit hard for us to affirm yes or no as per whether the latest iPhone 12 will have any of the models come with 120Hz rate.

Will the iPhone 12 camera be improved?

iPhone 12 latest

From what we have heard and seen with the iPhone 12 dummy models, this latest iPhone 12 will have great changes in its camera most especially with an expected inclusion of LiDAR for better distance and depth.

According to multiple source, the lower models of iPhone 12 will come with dual camera while the upper models will come with three camera lens and a LiDAR scanner. This claimed is backup by the sketch which is presumed to come from Apple from an iOS 14 software.

Going further, earlier rumors from many sources like the one from Fast Company suggested an inclusion of 3D sensing camera and Dual-lens without 3D sensing for the higher and lower models of iPhone 12 respectively.

Still on the camera make, Whole Gadgets team has gathered that iPhone 12 may come with 64MP main camera over the 12MP camera in previous iPhone generations. The claim also suggested different lens made for night mood and ultra-wide camera with macro mode. The picture above has more to tell. Also the iPhone 12 max is likely to have “sensor shift”, a special image stabilization technology. This is to enable the camera counter unnecessary shakes during snapping.

According to Max Weinbach, smart HDR functionality and 3x optical zoom are among the added features in order to resolve the problem of low light performance.

The Whole Gadgets team also heard that the four models of iPhone 12 will have camera improvement with definitely mitigate against aberration and less distortion. Who will not like the improvement on the camera? Who would not like the night mood and ultra-wide lens with optical image stabilization? Who would not like to see an improvement in low light camera performance? Definitely, we all like the improvements.

Other specs

The rummor making the trend is the inclusion of 5G in the upcoming iPhone12. But what is not yet very clear is how this wave will come following the ban on 5G by most countries.

Anyway, one rumor suggests that the iPhone 12 models will come with a custom 5G antenna alongside a 5nm A 14 Bionic processor. Inclusion of the above will really add to the battery life.

The A 14 Bionic processor is also a great move as it has been shown to hav a single-core with multi-score score which is ahead of other processor seen in latest android flagships in 2020.

There is also rumors that while the two lower models come with the normal 4GB, the higher models will come with 6GB.

The latest iPhone 12 has also been rumored to be the fastest in sharing of its content at least with a speed of 20-30GbpS. This is attributed to be due to 802.11ay Snapdragon X55 modems specificiation. Taiwanese site Economic daily news holds that it will be Snapdragon X60 modern instead.

iPhone 12iPhone 12 MaxiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max
ChipsetA14 BionicA14 BionicA14 BionicA14 Bionic
5GJust Sub-6Just Sub-6Both Sub-6 and mmWaveBoth Sub-6 and mmWave
Storage128GB + 256GB128GB + 256GB128GB + 256GB + 512GB128GB + 256GB + 512GB

Going further, the storage of the incoming iPhone will receive increase from a minimum of 128GB to a maximum of 512GB with the storage of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max ranging from 128GB to 256GB while the two higher models will have a range above 256GB but not more than 512GB. This is really enough to store any data.

A claim on the battery specification also came from MYsmartPrice. Below is their report:

ModelBattery Amp
iPhone 122,227 mAh
iPhone 12 max2775 mAh
iPhone 12 pro2775 mAh
iPhone 12 max3687 mAh

Though mysmartprice has claimed to see the certification of this battery. A previous rumor in 2019 had suggested this similar range with another rumor claiming that the battery will not exceed 4140mAh.

Whole Gadgets team is with the opinion that the battery voltage is not in the best interest of iPhone 12 battery life. This is going by the iPhone 11 with minimum of 3,110 mAh and a maximum of 3696 mAh despite the screen size and resolution of the iPhone. We hope there will be ways to make up for the battery issue.

Will iPhone 12 come with USB C?

On whether iPhone 12 will use USB C, the leaker on ground claimed Apple will be sticking with the iPhone lightning cable. Irrespective of the backing the above rumor has received, we are yet to know what will finally happen following the legislation made by EU that every phone should have USB C port. well, Apple has disobeyed this rule before now but what we don’t know is whether Apple intend to also violet it again in this version.

There is also a claim that even if iPhone 12 will come with USB C, it will be braided like in the image below:

iPhone 12 latest

Will the iPhone 12 come with 5G?

Enough rumors are already on ground to confirm that the iPhone models are likely coming out with 5G technology. In fact, a look at the dummy model suggests that the relocation of the sim port from right to the left is to make space for the 5G technology antenna. There is also a claim that there will be a variation in the iPhone 12 model of the series; either remaining with the 4G or still enjoying the latest technology. Another source out-rightly claimed that the 5G technooogy is for the higher model of iPhone 12

What does iOS 14 software stand to offer in this iPhone 12?

The immediate past WWDC 2020 replacement event gave apple opportunity to unveil iOS 14 software. The question still lie on whether it will be lauched in this iphone 12 and what new features it will come with.

From what Whole GAdgets team gathered from leak and from the dummy models, iOS 14 will offer you improved widgets so that the homepage can be customized at easy. It is also coming with App Library which will help us to file our app away and to our only accessiblity.

There will also be “lite and fast” version of certain apps; this will enable you to use some features without downloading them.

Do you wonder how possible it will be? Wonder no more because it will be possible through an Apple chip which apple believe will help out in times of need like paying for parking.

Other related upgrades are on messages App, Apple Maps, Siri and other application coming diriectly from apple.

In fact, iOS 14 has a lot to offer than what we already know.

Will the iPhone 12 come with Air pods?

From the dummy package we have seen, it is very unlikely for this iPhone 12 models to come with Air pods. This could be because of the high sales made when the pair of Air pod is made separately. There is also chances that the latest Air pod 3 may be unveiled alongside the iPhone 12 models.

Will the iPhone 12 come with adapter?

iPhone 12 latest

Report from diverse sources has claimed the absence of power adapter in the iPhone 12 box but a contrary claim said that Apple is working on 20W charger, higher than the 18W charger used for iPhone 11. What we are yet to be clear of about this charger is if it would be sold seperately or will make the box.

Further report also claims that if a charger is included in the box it will come with braided cable that is more durable that what they have now.

A source from China was also not left out as a claim has it that Apple and other manufacturer will soon use GaN power adapter but when this will start is yet unclear.

Well, we hope to hear from Apple soonest, in them lie the better truth.


The above information make up the trends on iPhone 12. We have no doubt that the iphone 12 will open door to alot of tech innovations. We are ernastly waiting for this tech wonder.

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