LiveGuard Pro reviews 2021: the best security camera?

LiveGuard Pro review:

We all feel like having a functional CCTV at home. One that is so reliable enough to capture everything going on even in the darkest part of our home.  CCTV is good for security. But, the amount and its cost of maintenance make the hunger for video-processing home security camera tends to move out of our mind.

Moreover, CCTV and other security cameras in the market are too easy to detect as a device that is for absolute security. This makes intruders avoid the path that will make their image appear on the camera.

Imagine that you have a simple and affordable security camera that only you know where it is at your home. Would any burglar go free after breaking into your apartment? Definitely, No! It is not possible as the bulb will take a clip of his facial identity and the necessary details needed to track the criminal.

In view of this, we are going to consider a very reliable security camera which looks like a normal electric bulb but works like a watching-dog to protect your home. Here we will consider everything you need to know about this product–including the pros and the cons of this security bulb. We will talk about its features and other benefits attached.

Why do we need security camera at home?

Many people have lost many of their belongings without a trace of how they got missing. Sometimes, this occurs through someone living in the same apartment, other times, it comes from outsiders. Whoever it is that did it may not be known without real evidence.

A problem like this comes when the person whose property got missing cannot afford to put sophisticated security cameras around his home due to power supply issues, financial issues, or because putting them may still be seen by the person who is doing the stealing. Imagine yourself as the owner of the things stolen.

What will you do in this kind of condition?

LiveGuard Pro Reviews

This exactly where a smart security bulb that is very affordable, economical, and cost-effective comes into place. In this condition, you look for a security camera that is reliable and can capture the person through a clip while relying on its internal power when electricity is not there. With a LiveGuard security device, you can monitor your home and all that happens within it.

This LiveGuard Pro review offers you insights on the best way to monitor your home under full electronic surveillance without breaking your bank or having to worry about power failure.

Is it interesting? Let’s go deeper into the Live Guard review!

What is LiveGuard Pro?

This Security Lightbulb Camera with real LED lighting is a sophisticated surveillance camera in its most covert form.

At first, everyone will just see this security bulb like the normal bulb used at homes as it is outwardly appealing and functioning as a standard light with 36 bright white bulbs that light up an entire room, the spy bulb’s concealed integrated camera captures images with 1080p HD quality in 12mp resolution with playback for seamless viewing and visual details.

The good thing here is that through the Wi-Fi function and free mobile iOS and Android available viewing apps, you can watch and listen to what is happening in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, when the camera is triggered by motion detection, you receive instant notifications directly to your phone, ensuring you are informed in time to react to the given situation. The advanced 160 degrees wide angle allows for a super wide view that detects optimal coverage. Acting as a regular light bulb, this spy bulb fits in any standard socket.

An easy, effective anti-theft and evidence-gathering tool, the Guard Dog Security Concealed Lightbulb Camera lets you watch live streaming remotely and undetected. Ideal for home or office security, or for care-taking for children and the elderly, this camera requires no installation, tools, or cumbersome

Benefits of LiveGuard Security Light Bulb:

  • 12 megapixel concealed camera with 1080p video in a 160 degree super wide-angle lens for ultra crisp videos and shots
  • 36 bright white bulbs will light up the whole room while completely concealing the camera
  • preventing even the most trained eye from knowing
  • View anywhere with free mobile app (accessible on iOS and Android platforms)
  • Detection features includes instant notifications sent to your phone and built-in microphone to give you sound and noise
  • No screws, wires or installation needed
  • The camera connects to Wi-Fi in minutes and is ready to go.

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Package Contents:

LiveGuard Pro Reviews

LiveGuared Security Light Bulb Cam

See whats happening in your home, shop or office with our Wifi Infrared Light Night Vision HD Wide-View Hidden Light-bulb Camera. This product doubles as a standard 5w LED light-bulb as well as a CCTV camera. The inbuilt battery means you can still record or access video even when the main power supply has is out.

Main Features of  LiveGuard Pro highlighted in this LiveGuard Pro Review

1. 1080P: super clear and crystal image.
2. 360-degree viewing angle,fish-eye lens
3. Remote control: the camera can be controlled by IOS or Android APP. Watch on your house whenever and wherever possible.
4. 30 minutes Built-in battery allows you to save the last video when power’s off.
5. Motion detection: alarm will generate when motions are detected and real-time notification will send to your smart phone.
6. Support loop recording.
7. Support Micro SD card max to 64GB (not included).
8. Easily installed (simple plug-n-play)
9. Support IOS and Android, watch the live video together with recording and playback.
10. Monitor indoor places such as family rooms, nurseries, garages, warehouse, office, store, etc.
11, Great for baby care, pet care and the elderly when you are out.

LiveGuard Pro Review

Technical Specifications:

– Video encode: H.264
– Power supply: 85~264V, AC
Camera Resolution: 1920*1080P
– OS Support: IOS and Android
– Lens Angle: Wide-angle 130 °
– Light LED Color: Cold White/Warm White/Color
– Light LED: 5W
– Working Temperature: -10~+60℃
– IR LED: 940nm, 3W
– Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/
– Backup Supply: Up to 30 minutes.

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Pros and cons of using Best Live Guard Pro

Pros of Live Guard Pro

  • It is very affordable compared to other security cameras
  • It has 30 minutes power inbuilt in case there is power outage.
  • The video can be retrieve using a an SD memory card
  • Only you basically know what it is for
  • It is easy to use and user friendly

Cons of using the above LiveGuard pro security camera

We are yet to receive any report on possible cons that comes with the above security bulb but we are open and will update you anytime there is new issue.

Well for now we you need to know that the only disadvantage on this product is that due to the on-going promo, the offer is highly limited and can only be purchased using the official link from the producer Company which we have made available to you here.

Customers report on LiveGuard Pro Security bulb

This security camera or security bulb, which ever way you wish to call it has attracted many positive reports from customers since it first came into the market. Below are verified customers like you who have offer feedback on how they see this product after some duration of usage.

My name is Lars from Sweden, I’ve looked for device I could use to track the person who takes my money each time I go on business trip. luckily to me, I got a recommendation from a friend to buy this bulb. At first I didn’t believe it would work but it worked perfectly as I discovered who was behind the missing monies and taken appropriate steps to retrieve my money. I am glad I met that friend that recommended it to me.

Incredible! this security camera is the hack. It  has been the chief security of my home and I like the way it works. At first I decided to try it by buying two to get one free because then I have 3 major place I need to monitor, when I tested and saw how good they work, I have bought extra three. —Allan  From UK

I am Stephane from United Kingdom, I have bought many gadgets online but have not made any review because I don’t like doing  such. I don’t like my name being mention  or attached to any product, but this one made the difference as I like how affordable and straight to use this LiveGaurd Pro is.

If you still doubt test it today with one of the and you will really be amazed by what you will see. I really wish every home will have one!

Very good and reliable! I recommend LiveGuard Pro security bulb to everyone that need a better alternative to CCTV. Live guard pro is wonderful as it is the best buy security camera that works as described in LiveGuard Pro reviews.

Ruben from Argentina.

Frequently Asked Questions of LiveGuard Pro reviews:

There are a lot of questions people have been asking as regards this product from the first day this product entered the market. Here are answers to some of the questions. Liveguard pro review here has offered a comprehensive answers to them.

How can I hide LiveGuard Pro Security camera from being seen by everyone?

First this security bulb which doubles as a camera is already made in such a way that it will not attract attention or suspect from criminals. Except one is already aware of the the existence of such such bulb, it will be hard to think that it is security camera. Even if one should suspect the bulb, it will make the invader to be uncomfortable thereby leaving without making your property to miss.

Can Live Guard Pro work without electric power supply?

Well, it may not work all day without a power supply but like HomePolice24, it can last up to 30 minutes after the power supply is out.

How does LiveGuard Pro work?

This LiveGuard Pro security camera works in a simple but mighty way. All you need is to connect it to your smartphone, then fix it on your lamp-holder connected to electric power supply. From him the automation it has through app on your phone will help you to monitor or access what is happen in your home or office irrespective of where you are in.

Is LiveGuard Pro Reviews a scam or legit?

We have offered you the contact or customer care detail of Hyperstech, the producer company which produce this product. We know that Hyperstech LIveGaurd can never be a scam as they have made name in making innovative gadgets ranging from different affordable smartwatches to health kits to many other wonderful products they have made. Therefore, LiveGuard Pro reviews is legit!

Do I need a skill  to install LiveGuard?

If you can browse the internet to get this info, you do not need extra skill to utilize the great benefits that comes with the use of this wonderful gadget. All you need is to use your smartphone whether android or iOS, it works on them, to download LiveGuard app from Play store or Apple store and then use WiFi to connect to the bulb. this is just the only skill need to get this bulb working.

What is unique about LiveGuard Pro?

A whole lot is unique about this life-saving gadget. Imaging challenging someone for burglar without solid evidence of their theft, simply because they identified and dodged your CCTV when they came? So this wonderful device is made in such a way the the criminal or intruder will be unable to know that a trap has been set against him/ her and would foolishly go in thinking that it is a normal bulb. So the design of this LiveGuard Pro is wonderful. It is also cost effective. So you do not need to break your account to get it working in your home or office.

what is the price of LiveGuard Pro Camera?

At the time of publishing this review, the LiveGuard Pro price was listed at $59 for one. This price included a 50% discount as well as free shipping.

What is unique about LiveGuard Pro Price?

The following deals were available for those who want to buy multiple LiveGuard Pro security camera:

  • Four LiveGuard Pro for $129
  • two, get one free of LiveGuard Pro security camera for $109
  • Three, get two free of LiveGuard Pro security camera for $149
  • Two LiveGuard Pro for $89

The good news is that your price drops drastically when you buy these Best Live Guard Pro security camera in bulk. At $129 for four LiveGuard Pro, you’re paying around $59 instead of $118.

According to the LiveGuard Pro website, delivery of the item or items will take between five and seven days. Your LiveGuard Pro comes with a pair of protections in the event that you’re not happy with your the Live guard pro bulb or that it developed fault before usage.

First, you have 30 days to return your item if you aren’t happy with it. According to the fine print, you can only return the LiveGuard Pro if it is damaged or defective.

To do so, email, to obtain a return material authorization number.

You’ll have to write this on the shipping box itself and the paperwork you include inside the box. They will not process a return without this number. Also, you’ll have to pay for shipping.

How can I buy LiveGuard Pro security camera?

In order to purchase this LiveGuard Pro, you only need to follow the steps below

  • Visit the official website through this link
  • Place your order and fill the other required spaces for the delivery
  • Expect your product in no time.

Why is it better to buy from the official website?

It is better to buy from the official company as it is safe, they currently offer 50% discount with free delivery under their recent promo.Also, remember that you have to send the heater back in its original packaging.

As for the warranty, you’ll get three years of coverage on “defects in materials or workmanship”. Should any of the original parts break down under normal use, the manufacturer will repair or replace the parts that went bad.

Moreover, I have provided you with their support line below:

Support Team Contacts

Email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Conclusion on LiveGuard Pro review

This LiveGuard security bulb is beyond the usual security camera you see out there. It has powerful ways of relaying what is happening at your home to you irrespective of your location, and it offers you real view and identity of the person perpetrating the act.

It is very easy to install and simple to control. In fact, it is a crime nowadays for someone to experience theft while the intruder goes free with the surge of security cameras in the market especially this LiveGuard Pro that is affordable and reliable. With the above features and specifications I am very bold to recommend it to you as an affordable but yet very powerful security camera and electric bulb.

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