MedReminder review 2022: the best drug alarm?

MedReminder is a new innovative device that works to improve your health and well-being by automatically dispensing and reminding you when to take your pills. It is the patient’s best friend and secondary caregiver as it helps to always put the patient on track with the recent medications.

If your relative is hypertensive or diabetic, you will certainly understand what it means to have a medical reminder watch or medication tracker app. It is certainly very important and needful to help keep a patient intact with the right time and dose for any medication.

For women on combined oral contraceptives, I believe you will enjoy the assistance that will come from this med reminder watch. Any patient with dementia absolutely needs a Medication reminder.

Here is MedReminder review to give you the full information you should know about this device and to help solve your problem of taking each dose of your prescription at the right time. This review on Medreminder will give you a full guide on how best to stay on taking while taking any drug for a long period.


What is MedReminder?

Have you looked for a med reminder for the elderly? Do you or your relative have diabetes, dementia, or hypertension that require being consistent with daily doses of drugs? If yes, then, you need a daily medication tracker.

MedReminder is an interactive device that helps with the timing of your medication schedule. It an offline version of the med reminder app android on the google play store and the pill reminder iPhone that is also available at the iPhone App store.

It is simple to use and easy to automate. It comes with seven compartments to help you compartmentalize your drugs according to prescription. This device has formed a centralized unit for patients, medication, doctors, and caregivers. It is portable, works through a small cell battery, and always ready to deliver notice of when you are to take drugs through its inbuilt alarm.

With it, you can be reminded to take your pain clip, pain patch, or other sorts of medications. The good thing about this device is that it can remind you through an alarm just like some of these recent smartwatches.

MedReminder benefits

  • It lists out the medications you are on: Most of the chronic diseases are treated through what is known as combined therapy where drugs from more than one class are given to a patient. With this more than 4 drugs to be taken each day or alternatively, it may be difficult to accurately remember which one you have at a time. This where MedReminder comes in to help you organize your medications into a med reminder box. With this, you can take your drugs at the right time.
  • Helps you with the right doses: It comes with seven modular compartments for you to enter your drugs. This helps you in knowing the right drug at each time. The compartments also have color differentiation which is also an added feature as you can enter each drug according to its colors.
  • Make you know the prescribing doctor: It is very important to have the name and contact of most of the doctors attending to you. This is because you can develop an allergy to a prescribed drug. This very condition can be fatal and need to be controlled by an expert immediately. At this point, it will be necessary for you to contact your doctor and explain to him the condition you are predisposed to by the drug. However, it is advised that you discontinue any drug you are allergic to.
  • Sends alarm to you in case you miss your pills: MedReminder has all it takes to offer you the best as it comes with an adjustable volume of sound to help you keep track of your drugs. Its crescendo can be as low or high as you adjust it to be.
  • A self-automated device: The highest advantage of MedReminder is that it has a self-controlled way of working. You enter the drug, you also enter the timing. The device itself has 4 time zones, morning, afternoon, evening, and night. With these time zones, you will hardly miss yours when due. This benefit helps those on combined oral contraceptives that need to take them every day. It also helps any patient that takes up to four doses of medication.
  • Portable and user-friendly med reminder box: MedReminder is easy to carry anywhere. You can carry it in your bag to the beach, to the mall, or for adventure. It works well to tell you when you should take your drugs.

MedReminder features

Below are what you will see from this Med reminder machine:

  • Seven compartments
  • Four timing moments in a day. That includes; morning, noon, evening, and nights.
  • A clock that functions by alarm functioneriod.
  • The alarm beeps for up to one minute.
  • A scratch and dust-free screen for the clock

Does Medreminder really works?

Medreminder works very well depending on how you set it to work. It can only go wrong if you make mistake in setting it according to your drug schedule. Such technical error is obtained in every automated device, however, in this case, it is less.

This means you have to ensure you put the right color of the drug in the right color compartment and that you set your alarm at the best volume to help you know when you need to take your drug.

medreminder reviews
medreminder reviews

Carezone vs Medisafe

Carezone is a reminder device for patients. It works well to tell the patient when he/ she is due to take medication. There is also Medisafe which works like a box for you to load your medication for a day or weekly use.

This is exactly what makes MedReminder premium. Carezone vs Medisafe does two different things which medreminder will do alone thereby making it a two-in-one device.

App for medication list

There are many apps that help to enlist drugs for daily or weekly use. These include; my meds app, medication tracker app, med reminder app, round health app, etc. While these apps are good, they are not a perfect march for MedReminder. This is because they only work as an alarm to let you know when you need to take your drugs without giving you the chance to go anywhere with the particular drug.

Moreover, these apps depend on your phone to function. If your phone is not available with you, you will miss your pills without knowing. This means, when your phone is off, your medication will also be off especially if you depend on the alarm to take the right drugs.

Medreminder scam

It may be easy to feel that such a quality device is a scam especially in the face of a slight technical error you noticed in other brands. This automatic pill reminder or pill reminder alarm is an innovative version of other brands. The problem of pills falling off or entering another compartment has been solved with this Medreminder pill dispenser. To avoid any technical error coming from you, it is important you go through user-guide before you commence using this device.

medreminder review
medreminder review

MedReminder customer reviews

Below are what customers have to say about this medication tracker.

I purchased two of these – one for my 89-year-old mother-in-law with dementia and one for my 67-year-old intellectually disabled brother-in-law. Neither of them can figure out their medications even if they were set up by me and slotted for Monday morning/Monday evening/Tuesday morning/Tuesday evening, etc.

One would decide to take “this pink pill” at 4 pm because he felt like it, and also decide to take two slots instead of one because he wanted to!!! Having the ability to set up the pills with an alarm and have ONLY the pills for that time available to be taken is a lifesaver, literally!! I don’t know how they didn’t kill themselves taking their pills erratically.

Cheryl E. Groth

I bought this for my father, who was having trouble taking his medicine– not remembering to take it, or forgetting that he already did, even though all of the pills were placed in a day of the week sorter.
This automated device is easy to program. When it’s time for a dose, try tray rotates into position, the little light flashes, and an alarm sounds. The alarm doesn’t stop until it’s a minute and the pills are tipped out of the dispenser. It can be set up for multiple doses but will need to be refilled more frequently. This helps him keep his independence a little longer.

Paula E. Willliamson

Bought it for my elderly mother. She fell in love with it instantly. She takes pills of all sizes, some very tiny. Never experienced the problem in other brands where small pills jump into the next compartment when the unit is shaken.

The only drawback I can see is that when the carrousel is refilled, it needs to be set to dispense from one of the first compartments, leaving the ones that not been emptied untouched. Unless you let the unit dispense from all compartments, and then refill it, the compartments at the end of the carrousel will never be emptied or the pills they contain can stay there a very long time.

There’s no way to easily take pills from the end of the carrousel to move them toward the beginning. Love the product.

Dennis Heg

MedReminder price and where to buy

To buy Medreminder, you no longer need to go for the amazon pill reminder box, eBay pill dispenser, or to other online stores. This is because we have for you a direct link to the producer where you can earn more than a 50% discount per purchase you make.

Ordering Medreminder from the manufacturer poses no risk as your details are protected and safe. You are also covered with return and exchange policies with a one-month warranty. It is there important to Buy Medreminder through the official producer.

MedReminder review FAQs

Is MedReminder a medication reminder for dementia patients?

Yes, it serves them better. It is not only for memory-impaired patients as anyone who wants never to miss any of his/ her pills also needs. It works within the intervals you may want to take your pills.

How long can this pill reminder alarm last?

The alarm itself lasts for one minute while the med alarm box has 7 compartments for different drugs. The device can also last as much as you care for it.

Is MedReminder a daily medication tracker?

Yes, it helps to track your daily medications to ensure absolute compliance. It also helps you with information about the prescription and the doctor who did it.

Best medication reminder alarm for the elderly?

The best medication reminder for the elder especially any patient having impaired memory is a device that can dispense pill automatically and also serve as an alarm. This is exactly what Medreminder does.

Is MedReminder a medical reminder watch?

This device has a time system on a section with a scratch-free screen. Through here, you can also see the time to confirm that the time you are about to take the pill is correct.


MedReminder reviews Conclusion

Medication reminder alarm for the elderly very needs in patients having loss of memory like in dementia where the patient forgets drug dosages. To avoid overdosage or under dosage, there is a need for a medication dispenser box especially one with an alarm.

This is exactly what MedReminder does—automatic pill dispenser and reminder.

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