Miracle sheets review 2022: the best bedsheet?

Miracle sheets review:

Sleeping comfortably is priceless and hard to come to buy. If you have sweated profusely after or during your afternoon nap, you will understand what I am saying. Nothing beats sleeping on a bed that guarantees that you wake up with a sound mind and are ready to go for work.

This post will cover everything you need to enjoy your sleep like a newborn baby. It is a review on a new brand of bedsheet which came with many new improvements like antibacterial features, and if you are the type that finds it difficult having time to wash your bedsheet, you will definitely like to purchase this new brand of sheets.

Miracle sheets review will start from what the new brand of sheets is to what the consumers have reported about it, then to give you a safe link to make your purchase. It will also answer the frequently asked questions.

Miracle sheets reviews

What is miracle brand sheets?

Miracle sheets are known to prevent 99.9% of all bad bacteria that would ordinarily grow on traditional bedsheets. This is possible as a result of some advancement made by the new brand producing it. It is also not new that sometimes when you leave your bed sheets in your room without drying them up, it will begin to produce a kind of odor that may not make sense to you. In a bid to stop such odor from coming from your sheets, the miracle brand has made these sheets able to destroy odor-causing microbes

This brand of bedsheets is also very cost-effective with 3 x Less Laundry. With this, you will no more be choked with the washing of your sheets after every two days of use. You can use the time to do other things. The payment for it is once but the gain you will have by buying this brand of sheets will be unlimited.

If you sweat a lot while sleeping, it is also your best option as it has a way of regulating the temperature due to the material it is made of. So if you want a sheet that regulates Temperature all night long, here is it.

Healthier, more youthful-looking skin is exactly what you will achieve from these bedsheets as sheets stay fresh and hygienic for a long time with allowing the build-up of bacteria and mold. Definitely, with these bedsheets, you will have a 100% quality & satisfaction guarantee.

Miracle sheets review

I woke up after the first night of using the new sheets and I felt incredible. Are you tired of washing your sheets just for them to get smelly and dirty again? You need to keep reading because this product that my sister found has me waking up glowing! It’s time to say goodbye to sweaty sleepless nights!

My name is Hilary Monaghan, and let me start off by saying I have always struggled with sweating in my sleep. Waking up to sweat-stained sheets that lingered with BO was normal for me. It always made me self-conscious to have someone sleep over in the same bed as me.

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t keep my sheets from staying clean for more than a day or so. I hated waking up feeling gross, unrested, and unmotivated to start my day. My self-esteem was suffering and even my skin was constantly breaking out. Luckily for me, that all changed a few months back.

It was Christmas 2019 and my family was staying at my sister’s house for the holidays. I was dreading staying in one of her guest bedrooms because it’s always a sauna in there. But, what happened that week changed my life forever!

That very first morning while I was drinking some coffee with my sister I mentioned to her how incredible my sleep was. I asked her what kind of bed she had because that had to be the reason why I slept so well. I was really shocked to find out that it wasn’t the bed at all, it was actually these sheets that she bought online from a brand called Miracle.

She sent me a link to Miracle and what I read was incredible. Their sheets are made with an advanced all-natural silver-infused cotton fabric that fights 99 % of bacteria. It wasn’t just the luxuriously soft cotton that made my sleep so amazing, it was the bacteria-fighting and temperature regulating properties too.

I was literally sleeping on the cleanest sheets ever invented. No dust mites building up, and no gross bacteria. I was sleeping and breathing in pure cleanliness, and my body thanked me for that! Not to mention, I felt like I was staying in a 5-star resort because of the luxurious cotton fabric.

I was immediately thinking about how much better my life would be if I had these sheets at my house. My “acne” would clear up along with the rest of my skin. I could do 3x less laundry. I could finally wake up every morning feeling young, beautiful, and refreshed!

The more that I read into Miracle, the more I started to obsess over them! Luxury Hotels and Up-Scale Airbnb’s have Already Switched. The secret is starting to get out about Miracle sheets. Some of the most luxurious hotel chains and Airbnb’s are making the switch to silver-infused bedding. It helps keep the room cleaner, and odor-free. Some Airbnb’s have even reported more 5-star reviews from customers having a better night’s sleep since switching to Miracle.

miracle brand sheets review

Bed sheets that keep you cool

Bedsheets that keep you cool remain the best for you. You can get many of them in your local market or online outlets. However, the problem with some of these bed sheets that keep you cool is that their cost price is hard to come by. Sometimes, to be able to buy a unit of these sheets, you will need to break your bank account.

This remains one of the reasons why so many people have made a sudden switch to the miracle brand bedsheets as it is a combination of affordable price and quality. Below are also other reasons why people are going for Miracle sheets:

6 Reasons Why Americans Are Ditching Their Traditional Sheets

1. Your Sheets Are Damaging Your Skin

Do you know what’s living in your sheets with you? Trust us, it’s not a pretty sight! You might be surprised to learn that your bed could be harboring more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, each night after washing your face and brushing your teeth, you could be tucking yourself up in a world of bacteria.

This bacteria can cause your skin’s immune system to become overwhelmed with acne and other problems. Traditional sheets, if not washed regularly, can also clog your pores, leading to even more breakouts and skin problems. Miracle Sheets use a high-quality natural silver-infused fiber that fights bacteria that is harmful to your skin. Silver-infused sheets not only help improve your skin’s wellness but also gives your skin a nice glowing complexion.

2. 3x Less Laundry and Big Savings

According to research by Amerisleep, after just one week of use, bedsheets had more bacteria than a bathroom doorknob. After just two weeks that number multiplied to have more bacteria than a pet toy. Let’s face it… No one has time to wash their sheets regularly! Each wash is not only a huge hassle, but it’s expensive and those costs add up quickly.

Miracle Sheets prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth due to its unique natural silver-infused fiber technology. This helps you eliminate the need to wash your sheets as much as traditional sheets, saving you time and money on laundry supplies, water, and electricity. This is the easiest way to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year!

3. Temperature Regulating Comfort

Night sweats are the absolute worst! Especially if you are waking up next to a significant other, it can be really embarrassing. Waking up feeling like you just wet the bed makes everything such a hassle. Your sleep was ruined, and now you have to wash your sheets again. Miracle sheets’ natural silver is thermos-regulating, meaning you sleep at the perfect temperature all night long. All year round you can enjoy the perfect cooling temperature that keeps you in a deep dreamy sleep all night long.

4. Odor Fighting

You spend about ⅓ of your life on your sheets, and that can attract some gross odors. Humans shed around 15 million skin cells each night, these provide the perfect setting for bacteria to multiply and trap odors. The natural silver-infused fibers in Miracle Sheets help prevent odor-causing bacteria. Finally, you can start your days off smelling fresh and clean. Wake up knowing that you slept on the cleanest sheets ever invented.

5. Luxury Comfort without the Price Tag

It’s no secret now that Miracle sheets are becoming a staple for high-end Airbnbs and Hotels after getting a lot of attention all over the internet. Miracle sheets use a premium 500-thread count sateen weave that’s made with USA-grown Supima cotton, which is one of the highest quality kinds of cotton in the world.

Many traditional luxury sheets are still sourced from China and come with a hefty price tag. These traditional luxury sheets are also not antimicrobial, skin beneficial, or temperature-regulating – yet they charge a premium for them. It’s now easier than ever to stop wasting money on overhyped and overpriced sheets when Miracle Brand is a fraction of the price with more benefits!

6. Try it 100% Risk Free!

Most luxury sheets don’t allow returns if you aren’t 100% satisfied because the sheets have been used. At Miracle Brand, we know that our sheets are the world’s most clean, hassle-free, and comfortable sheets ever made — so if you aren’t over the top thrilled with your purchase we will refund all of your money, no questions asked! We are extremely easy to reach through phone, email, or FB messenger.

Miracle sheets price


QUALITY: This is the same high-quality fabric used by luxury brands, without the high price tag, and with the added bonus of silver ions woven into the material

VALUE: You’re paying a fraction of what you’d pay for expensive, luxury sheets, and still getting more bang for your buck.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: One small packaging mishap aside, I’ve had an incredible experience with Miracle and their customer service team.

BRAND: Miracle doesn’t have quite the hype or flourish of bigger luxury brands, but they’re rock-solid with a great product.

PERKS: The Company is solid and focuses on delivering a quality experience – which is all you need when buying this type of product.


High demand is draining inventory

Needs care when washing

Feature Highlights:

  • Made with USA-grown Supima cotton with a sateen weave for an ultra-luxurious and smooth feel.
  • Multiple discount options are available on a wide variety of silver-infused bed sheets. 
  • Premium 350-thread-count bedsheets infused with natural silver that prevents bacterial growth.‍
  • ‍Sets include 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. Twinset includes 1 pillowcase, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. 
  • Colors come in Stone, White, or Sky.5-Star reviews for Miracle Brand tally in the thousands.
  • ‍30-Night Trial – 100% no-questions-asked refund w/ free returns available
  • Free USA shipping is included with every order.

How Silver Kills Off Bacteria

Silver has a track record as an antibacterial agent. But, here’s the thing – how exactly it kills off bacteria and superbugs is not completely figured out. However, there are some basics we know about the process and how it works.

First off, bacteria are attracted to the silver nanoparticles. The silver ions are positively charged on a molecular level, and attract the negatively charged bacterial like a magnet so that it can work its science. 

Once the silver is near the bacteria, it attaches to the outside of the bacteria and affects the strands of DNA inside so that they are no longer functional. The live bacteria die and can’t reproduce. So, the bacteria count is severely diminished. 

This is how silver works to derail bed bacteria, and why it can be used effectively in fabrics and textiles for antibacterial effects!

How Miracle Sheets Keep Out Sweat Stains

Sweat in sheets can quickly lead to unsightly sweat stains that turn your clean white sheets into a dingy yellow disaster. It can also lead to the growth of bacteria that causes odors and skin reactions all over your body. 

Because Miracle Sheets are able to kill 99.9% of bacteria caused by the sweat produced by your body while you sleep, they help neutralize the bacteria in your sweat rather than allowing it to stay in the fabric and reproduce all over the place. 

Not only does protection from bacteria benefit your skin and help prevent acne, but it also benefits your nose since these sheets are also odor-free thanks to these same antibacterial properties – letting you say goodbye to sweaty and smelly sheets for good!

How Miracle Sheets ‘Thermo-regulate’

Investing in high-quality linen or cotton sheets can be a game-changer. Miracle Brand sheets are created with silver ions that actually have special cooling properties. And because silver is such an amazing conductor of heat… These bedsheets work to carry away excess heat – so when natural silver is woven into the fabric, it allows the sheet to be thermos-regulating, meaning you’ll sleep at the perfect temperature all night long.

Breathable sheets also mean that your skin will be healthier, helping to prevent acne or breakouts. And it’s no secret that getting a good sleep at night is just as important for our health as exercising and having a proper diet. And staying cool at night will help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

These Sheets Are Self-Cleaning and Cooling

I woke up after the first night of sleeping there and I felt incredible. It felt like I took a sleeping pill that had no negative side effects. I don’t even remember falling asleep. I actually think that the second my head hit the pillow, I was out cold! I woke up feeling refreshed, energized, and mentally clear. The best part was that there were no sweat stains or bad odors!

The bed was completely dry, my skin was oil-free, and I really didn’t need to shower. The sheets were actually really cool all night. It felt like there was a light breeze under the covers.

miracle sheets canada reviews

Miracle sheets reviews consumer’s reports

These sheets have absolutely changed our sleeping experience. They are comfortable, not too warm, and really do last way longer between washes than our old sheets. My partner and I have both noticed improvements in our skin and sleep quality!  

Sarah P.

We both love them. We have a king-size bed, but because my husband doesn’t have to have his head elevated, we have twin mattresses. I love the sheets, they seem huge. Thank you for these sheets, we have more too.

Sharon J. 

I am so glad I purchased two sets. They are not only lovely but very comfortable. They fit our Queen size bed perfectly! I will definitely buy more for my family.  

Susan M.

So far, I am very happy with the Miracle sheets! It’s true, they don’t smell, and it’s true, I don’t have a bad smell. I have long believed in silver for combating bacteria, and think the sheets are a perfect idea. They are cool to sleep on and feel soft and “silky”. I’m very pleased I purchased the Sateen Luxe sheets.

Isa A. Denver, CO

LOVE! Best sheets ever. So luxurious. So soft. I was skeptical but they do what they say. 1 month in and still no odors.

Andrea M. Wake Forest, NC 

I can’t get over these sheets. My morning stuffiness and allergy are gone.” – David G. New York, NY   “Love my new miracle sheets. They do not slip off as my old sheets did. They are comfy and help keep you cool all night.

Shari B. Derby, NC 

My back and shoulder acne has gotten significantly better since using these sheets.

 Matthew P. Phoenix, AZ

I am so happy I found Miracle brand sheets! They keep you cool all night and definitely have helped me with my acne. I’ll never use another brand of sheets again!

Lauren R.

These are the best sheets I’ve ever owned! Light, crisp, and they feel fresh way beyond one week. Very pleased.

Mercedes G.

They’re comfortable, convenient, and reassuring. Convenient since I don’t have to change my sheets so often and it saves energy. Reassuring coz I know that I’m not laying on dirty sheets when I sleep which makes it more comfortable than it already is.

Jenna L.

Where to Get Miracle Brand Sheets

If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a cooler and cleaner full night’s rest. Miracle Sheets Have Developed Somewhat Of A Passionate Fan Base –Here’s. After so many endorsements, it’s easy to see why Miracle Sheets have become such a game-changer for hot sleepers America-wide.

You can try Miracle Brand Sheets completely risk-free! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Miracle will return every single penny of your investment with no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

See, they know very well the likelihood of that happening is low, and that’s because Miracle has been receiving review after review telling them how much people are loving their new sheets, and even buying sets for the friends and family. It means you are getting the best quality product to help to keep you cool and avoid night sweats, guaranteed.

they’re so confident their silver-infused sheets are the solution you’ve been searching for, that if you aren’t 110% satisfied, then Miracle Brand will return your money.

miracle sheets review amazon

Extra information

Antibacterial sheets review

Antibacterial sheets reviews are many and mostly point to Miracle brand sheets as the best brand of bedsheets to come by. Both the producer and the users have affirmed the antibacterial nature of the sheets.

Miracle brand comforter

Miracle brand is into producing many materials that will add color and comfort to your life. They make it possible for you to enjoy a good night’s rest without you getting to sweat profusely. What else can be better than such?

Miracle sheets price

Miracle sheet’s price is very discounted to accommodate everyone. The brand owner knows that the only way to make people enjoy the improvement is not by setting the price at exactly the production tag and has to make the product available at a rate at which everyone can afford it. You must not break your bank account just to purchase one.

Miracle sheet promo code

Miracle sheet promo code is not the only way to get this product at a very affordable price. No! Making an order by using any of the links in this post will assure you of having a cheaper price. So make your order even with a promo code.

Miracle sheets Canada

Miracle sheets Canada is available for anyone who lives in Canada. Many Canadian users of these Miracle sheets have taken to social media and online to review their importance to every home.

Miracle sheets free towels

Miracle sheets free towels depend on the number of units purchases you make. The more the number of units you buy the lesser the unit price and a chance to have a unit of quality antibacterial towel from the company’s brand.

Miracle sheets Amazon review

Miracle sheets Amazon review has o[pinion from different users or owners of these miracle sheets. There you will find out if this product is actually worth the buy or is just a scam. By and large, every piece of information on the ground proves that miracle sheets are the best bedsheet for family and friends.

Bed sheets Walmart

Bed sheets Walmart is for your best choices. There you will see different kinds of bedding materials. The good thing about Bed sheets Walmart is that it is popular and reasonably safe and secured for purchases. However, the Miracle sheets website remains a place for quality bedsheets.

miracle brand sheets reviews

Frequently asked questions on miracle bedsheets reviews

Below are the frequently asked questions on miracle bedsheets reviews:

Are miracle sheets any good?

Miracle sheets are good as it offers the under-listed benefits:
Prevents 99.9% of all bad bacteria.
Destroys odor-causing microbes.
Cost-effective with 3 x Less Laundry.
Regulates Temperature all night long.
Healthier, more youthful-looking skin.
Sheets stay fresh and hygienic.
100% quality & satisfaction guarantee.

How to wash miracle sheets?

Washing miracle sheets can be done by using a washing machine or you can use your hand to wash it However, care must be involved when using only hands to wash it as much however, it is very resistant to stain and dirt.

Does miracle sheets worth the price?

Miracle sheets are a combination of quality and affordability. Making it possible for an average man to enjoy what is available mostly in the exotic hotels and resorts. Many of the popular hotels have changed to this new brand of sheets as a way to offer their customers the best service.

Where can I buy Miracle bedsheets?

Miracle bedsheets are available in many online stores and outlets, however, the most secure and safe option for making this purchase is from the miracle sheets website.

What type of bed sheets are good?

The type of bed sheets that are good is those that can give you comfort while you are sleeping on them. You will also need those ones that will not consume your whole time while you are washing it.

What are the best sheets to buy?

The best sheets to buy are those that are durable, less attractive to dirt, high antibacterial effect, and have a less allergic effect. You cannot buy sheets that make you sweat profusely. No!

What are the most comfortable sheets for a bed?

The most comfortable sheets for a bed are those ones that are easy to wash and do not attract stains easily. Cotton bedsheets are also very good. Any sheets that can make you sweat while sleeping on them are not very good for you.

What type of sheets do 5-star hotels use?

The type of sheets that 5-star hotels use are those ones that have antibacterial features. Those that do not make their customers sweat while sleeping on it. 5-star hotels go for the best as they care more about their brand than any other thing. An example of bedsheets used in 5- star hotels are these Miracle brand products such as bedsheets and towels.

Are miracle sheets legit?

Yes, Miracle sheets are legit and a comfortable alternative to other brands of bedsheets that will make you break your account balance before having them.

What do miracle sheets cost?

The available size options and their cost of miracle sheets are as follows:
Twin: $109 Signature, $159 Extra Luxe 
Full: $119 Signature, $169 Extra Luxe 
Queen: $129 Signature, $179 Extra Luxe 
King: $139 Signature, $189 Extra Luxe 

Bed sheets near me?

Irrespective of the country you live in, Miracle brand sheets will definitely get to you. With the miracle sheets website, you can have quality bed sheets near you. Use any of the links in this post to make an order for bed sheets and expect your deliveries in a few days.

Our Final Thoughts!

The rest of the week that I stayed at my sister’s home over the Christmas Holiday was just pure perfection. Every night I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow, and every morning was just as refreshing as the last. I was completely hooked on these luxury silver-infused sheets. In fact, the rest of my family who stayed at my sister’s house was also obsessed with these sheets!

I really can’t explain how much these sheets have changed my life. They look amazing, feel amazing, and have made sleep something that I look forward to again. It’s amazing to wake up feeling fresh and clean. I love getting into bed at night and settling into my cool, clean, and fresh sheets.

Last I checked they had an awesome sale going on, so make sure to check it out and see if it’s still available. I highly recommend taking advantage of the deal and get sheets for each bed in your house, because trust me, you will come back and buy more!

It took a bit of trial and error, and a dash of patience, but I finally cracked the code on my ‘smelly sheet’ problem (from odor-causing bacteria) using these silver-infused sheets from Miracle Brand.

The key here is the silver ions woven into the ultra-soft Supima cotton that works to attract and neutralize odor- and acne-causing microbes living in your bed. For me, keeping my sheets clean and odor-free became much easier when I made the switch. If you’re serious about staving off the ‘bad bed smell’ and not having to clean your sheets as often, you should definitely try them. 

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