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Pixpilot drone reviews became important due to the level of sales the company has made amidst the heavy traffic of other best drones under $100 in the market. In fact, the level people go for PixPilot will make you wonder if other models are not available. But who will see the best and go for inferior quality? We all know what Yoda 4K drone can do and to know more, including where to buy it, formed the basis of this review.

We all want to cover that memorable event. We want to cover our mountain-top engage scene, Our graduation and other special events. We want to get them covered with quality camera, good enough to leave imprints on our mind because photos are very important. They are an inherent part of our lives nowadays, so everybody loves taking pictures.

In many social event or business meeting or conferences, we all want to take pictures. We want to captures the happy moments we never want to forget; the joy we have shared with our family, the pictures of our kids growing up, time spent with loved ones, places we do not want to forget. In short, there is a a saying that goes, ‘you don’t know how important pictures are until they are all you have’. Suffice it to say, pictures are important parts of our life.

This led to selfies sticks which was introduced around 2007, it was widely received and well loved. It helped in taking pictures without the help of other people or excluding a family member unlike when someone has to man the camera or phone used. Sometimes even with selfie sticks, the pictures get gets distorted or cut off halfway to the shot.

These days selfie sticks are out of fashion, most people consider them ridiculous and non-classy. So another superior gadgets entered the stage, drones, previously used for military purposes or Hollywood to shoot and introduce dynamism to their movies. The technologies of cameras, mobile phones and lithium ion batteries have evolved in recent years, making drones to go a long way since the advent of expensive models.

Instead of Drones used just for Hollywood production and the military to track and transport objects, it is now for less than $100 at your electronic retailer of choice, you can get a drone that will shoot 4K video, pilot itself and remain in the air for more than half an hour. That is why you need this unmanned and independent camera called drone.

Sometimes the picture we get from cameras give us inferior photos. Making our fun memories distorted. Imaging planing a special deal with a camera-man for him to cover your engagement or graduation from college or an anniversary, only for you to receive a heart breaking news of the camera-man’s disappointment at the eleventh hour. How will you feel?

In the other way round, this unmanned camera called Drone can disappoint too! When you go for the inferior quality, what would you expect? Don’t be surprise if it disappoints you at the unexpected time. So you should buy a drone you know more about than just entering the market to buy a drone.

If on the other hand, you are tired of using those ridiculous selfies sticks, or having your pictures cut in half or excluding a loved one because someone has to take the pictures, then Pixpilot drone is the solution to all these problems.

In this review, we will go through the important aspects of Pixpilot drone and why I am bold to confidently recommend that you join many others who have chosen Pixpilot over other products because Pixpilot is truly a great innovation.

pixpilot drone reviews

What is Pixpilot WiFi drone?

Pixpilot drone is a light weight drone that has been equipped with a camera for the purpose of taking high quality pictures. Pixpilot drone takes the perfect selfie from any angle. It can capture incredible footage from 50 meters or 150ft in the air. with pixpilot drone, you will get the perfect solo or group selfie every time. It is super easy to use with the app on your apple or Android smartphone. You can stay completely immersed in your activities while pixpilot drone captures photos or videos of you in either Auto-fly or 360 modes.

For most people that know about drones, they must know that companies like Dji, Parrot and Yunnec are the leading companies in the drone industry but their products are in the range of $2000 to $20,000. That is why Pixpilot is the next best thing, not only because of its features which are on par with products from DJI and parrot but is vastly affordable when compared to them.

This amazing featured Pixpilot drone is designed by two German engineers who loves drones. They found that the drones they had were very bulky, heavy and difficult to travel with and very expensive. They made this drone to be very lightweight and it has also been designed with the foldable technology which made it easy to carry anywhere. They have strive to bring quality, fun, accessibility and affordability to your homes.

The PixPilot drone is so easy to use so that users can experience what it is like to a drone pilot. You can take it anywhere you are going; parties, adventures or just around you home due to its lightweight and foldable technology features. With Pixpilot you can capture special moments through photos and HD video.

Pixpilot WiFi drone technical specifications and details

Here are the teechnical details abobut pixpilot that make it a new and surprising innovation:

dimensions:250 X 250 X 35 mm
Colour:Black, Turquoise
Battery life:6 to 8 minutes
Charging time70 minutes
Motor type:coreless motor
Main Material:ABS and Hardwate
Gyroscope:6 axis
Controller:Wi-Fi controller
function:Forward and backward, left and right sideway flight, up and down, hovering, 3D flip, headless mode, high and low speed, one-key landing, FPV image transmission, photo taking video recording, altitude hold.
Number of cameras included:One
Built in camerayes
Supported operating systems:Android 4.2 and iOS 7.0 above

Features of PixPilot Drone:

This drone is made with modern technology which has the following features in it.

  1. Movement Range: The movement range of PixPilot Drone is very amazing and attractive for its customers. This drone can take flight up to 50 meters(150 Feet) away in the air. This has the feature of 3D flips and rolls agile movement and precise positioning.
  2. HD Quality: PixPilot Drone camera is a super fit drone that has the quality of taking photos and videos in HD-quality. You will get clear and blur-free photos by using this drone.
  3. Weight: The weight of the PixPilot Drone is just 85 g which can be carried anywhere easily.
  4. Easily Portable and fordable: Due to having lightweight, this drone can be easily portable with you anywhere. The blades of PixPilot Drone can easily fold that help you to carry it with you easily. It will comfortably fit in any pocket or bag.
  5. Dimensions: The dimensions of this drone are just 250 x 250 x 35(mm) which is equal to the size of your hand
  6. Wi-Fi Connection: This drone can connect with your smartphone with wi-fi. With this quality, you can easily monitor your drone by just your smartphone.

How to setup Pixpilot drone

It is quite easy to set up this drone. It does not take more tthan 5 minutes to set up and astart using. Heere are the sttep by step process of how:

  • Unpack the drone from its original packaging.
  • Install the propeller. Propellers should be installed by partnering with corresponding leg. Diagrams are on the manual. Failure to install the propeller correctly may negatively impact drone performance. Use the included screw driver to install and uninstall propellers.
  • Pull out the lithium battery to charge. You can with the included USB cable.
  • Download the Pixpilot App on your phone either Android or Apple (Android 4.2 or iOS 7.0 above is supported).
  • Scan QR code for your Andro;id or IOS device
  • Drop the drone on the flat ground. Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to Wi-FI 720p-##
  • Open the app and you can use the main interface to fly, snap pictures and record videos. Enjoy the endless fun.
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How Does PixPilot Drone Work?

It’s very simple and easy to use PixPilot Drone. The new, super intuitive PixPilot Drone is packed with cool functionality that makes it easy to fly and take photos or videos with your PixPilot Drone, and then you can edit them and share them instantly without ever leaving the app.

You can easily control this drone through your cell phone. Download the app to your Apple or Android smartphone device. Through this app, you can easily monitor your drone. Use the main interface to fly, snap pictures, and record video.

Advantages of using Pixpilot Wi-Fi drone Device

There are so many things you stand to gain by choosing to buy need innovative product such as:

  1. It offers the chance of an amazing aerial photography. Using your skills and creativity to snap amazing photos.
  2. It takes high quality photos and pictures
  3. It is great for beginners. The Pixpilot Wi-Fi drone is simple in design and easy to use.
  4. It can reach heights of 50 meters with is impressive
  5. It was designed to be foldable and as such can fit anywhere you want
  6. It is not bulky as opposed to some of its peers in the market now. It is very lightweight
  7. It is currently being sold on 50% discount rate and there are amazing bulk offers available too.
  8. It has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of PixPilot Drone

  • It can only be found online.
  • Stock is limited
  • Shipping in recent time usually takes longer due to the effects of the corona virus pandemic.

Why should you buy this Pixpilot drone?

By now, after going through this article, you will see numerous reasons why you should choose this device. You can say goodbye to use of selfie sticks and to your pictures cutting where you do want it too.

With use of this device, photography takes a whole new dimension, introducing an amazing aerial element to it. You can use this device with help of their skills and creativity to snap amazing photos or record footage from different angles and heights. You can also use the Pixpilot app to instantly share images with your friends and family. It is also compatible with you Android and apple smartphones, which you can use to fly the drone.

PixPilot Wi-fi Drone is great for beginners. Owing to is simple design and ease of use, it is the ideal drone for beginners, newbies and for those that want a worry free way to take the perfect selfie or group shot. Pixpilot drone can also fit anywhere. It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand when the blades are folded in. And so you can easily carry the drone with you anywhere.

And so I believe that you should choose this product because of its amazing features and not only that it can be bought from the manufacturer’s website at a very affordable price and you can always return it if it does not meet your expectations. As of now, 858,464 users have purchased Pixpilot worldwide.

PixPilot customer care hotlines and other Information about the manufacturers including where to buy from

The Pixpilot Drone can only be found online. Hence I recommend you buy only from the official website of the manufacturers. You can also contact them through phone or email. Here is the information abailable on the manufacturers.

Company Name: ECOM GLOBAL LLC.

Company Address: 3317 South Higly Drive Suite 114-415 Gilbert, AZ85287

Email Address: support@buypixpilot.com

website: https://www.pixpilot.com/

There is a 30 day refund policy. If you are in anyway dissatisfied with the quality of the product, you can get a refund. Contact them at support@buypixpilot.com within 14 days and receive a refund for the products and return it to the company address. Note that all returns are quality checked. Items should be returned in new and unused condition with labels attached and wherever possible sent back in the original packaging. Refunds will not be given if policy is not complied with.

Payment method is through the used of credit cared and Paypal. Please note that purchase is subject to shipping terms found in their website.

What is the price of Pixpilot drone?

Pixpilot drone is current being sold on a 50% discount price. There are also bulk offers made available if you buy more than one. As of june 2018 to June 2019, 858464 users have purchased pixpilot drones. So here are the prices:

One(1) Pixpilot drone (learn to fly) from $119.98 to only $59.99 + shipping fee

Two(2) Pixpilot drones(Double frone pack) from $239.96 to only $119.98 + shipping fee *Recommended deal*

Three(3) Pixpilot drones (friends and family pack) from $359.94 to only $134.98 + shipping fee

Four(4) Pixpilot drones(Master the skies pack) from $479.92 to only $179.97 + shipping fee

However, It is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. So if you have really made up your mind to buy, I will advise you do so now to enjoy the ongoing discount.

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Customer Reviews of pix pilot drone

There have been positive reviews from many customers like you who have used this product. Here are some of what they say.

Can’t wait! Just ordered the Pixpilot after testing out my friend’s own. I do not really know how to fly a drone, so this was easy enough for me to learn. It is super durable too. I would know since I have has my own fair share of crashes. It just keeps flying:.

Leon H, Springfield, IL

Easy to use, a perfect gift for my kids! My tow girls kept asking me for a drone ever since they saw someone flying one around the park. I looked into it and aside from being expensive, I think my kids are too young fly a device that big and heavy. The Pixpilot is perfect for backyard fun. They have also been taking some great family pictures!

Tanya R, Des moines, IA

This is great if you are just learning or looking for a drone to fly without any restrictions. In my area, you need a licence to fly a drone if it is over a certain weight and size. This one is great because it is so small you could fly it in your backyard Great to practice with before investing in a more expensive drone

Tom H, Indianapolis, In

Better than an IPhone! Can not believe the quality of the photos. At first, it looks like a toy and the way it flies, it kind of feels like one too. But the pictures that I took with it are pretty rad! Way better than my iPhone.’

Adam From Israel

Easy to use. I am not one for tech gadgets. but I won this drone at a company picnic. My coworkers started using it right away and took amazing pictures from the picnic. So far, I am impressed by the quality of pictures. It took me about five minutes to get used to flying. Really easy to use. Highly recommended.

Sandra from UK

Amazing pictures from way! I love this drone, I am always trying to find ways to take big group shots with everyone in them and it gets dangerous when people start standing on chairs. This takes great photos and they are never blurry

Amir K from Germany

Finally snapped the perfect selfie. I love posting pictures to my social media accounts, but it is hard to get the right angle and lighting. This is the first time taking selfies is easy. I can even take group shots. I am usually the one taking the picture, but now I can be in it.

Cory L From USA

I take it everywhere! I like to take a lot of pictures when I travel and this is the perfect device. It is small, lightweight, does not need extra parts. I can bring it through customs when I( am at the airport with no hassle. The pictures can also be shared straight from any phone too”

Penny J From USA

I recently started my new photography and videography business about 2 months ago. I want a high-quality drone at a reasonable price. Then I review the features of PixPilot Drone. I was amazed by the features of this drone at just economical price with is very reasonable than the other drone price. I buy this drone and very satisfy with its quality and features. Recommended to all Photographers

John D. From Toronto, Canada

I am very fond of photography and doing a course in photography and videography. I was in search of the latest featured drone. My teacher recommends me PixPilot Drone. I bought is 2 weeks ago online. I really like it and it’s giving me amazing results. It captures the photos clear and blurs free. The video potage is also in very high HD-quality. 

Zilack From Israel

Frequently Asked Questions (Pixpilot Drone Review)

Do I need to register my picxpilot drone with the local aviation authorities?

No, in Us and Canada, registration is required for drones weighing 0.55 pounds (250g) or more. Pixpilot weighs just 0.187 pounds (85g) of course, you will be mindful of the rules concerning drone use within your community.

What does pixpilot come with?

You will receive one HD drone, a carrying bag, charging cable, mini screwdriver and instruction package that will teach you how to fly it just minutes!

Do I need anything else to get started?

You android or apple device functions as your pixpilot temote control. You will also require a power source to connect the USB cable to for fast and efficient charging of the unit’s battery.

Is there an emergency switch in case I lose control?

Yes, your pixxpilot comes with an emergency stop should the need ever arise; however, the unit designed to build up confidence and sill in new users. The unit features multiple speed levels and responsive fine tuning adjustment for added control.

What is the movement rage of the Pixpilot drone?

It can fly up to meters which is equal to 150 feet. This range is enough to capture all moments in your gathering.

Do you need to install the product before using it?

You just have to download the app in your smart phone and this drone connects with your cell phone through Wi-Fi in just seconds 

Is PixPilot Drone can capture both photos and videos?

Yes, this drone has improved technology and can capture both photos and videos with high HD-quality.

What is the movement range of the PixPilot Drone?

This drone can take flight up to 50 meters which is equal to 150 feet. This range is enough to capture all moments in your gathering. 

Conclusion ( Pixpilot Review)

This article has explained all you need to be an expert in Pixpilot drones and with the above listed qualities and features of Pixpilot WiFi drone, I believe that choosing this device ensures that you get the best experience you can get from flying drones and taking pictures. Pictures are parts of our lives, What other better way is there to improve our lives than by taking high quality pictures as easily as you can in order to create that ever lasting memory.

Part of Pixpilot Drone’s popularity is due to its unbelievably low price. While most drones of this quality go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, Pixpilot sell s at an incredibly low price of $59.99! At the price, anyone can afford to be a drone pilot. So why not hit the button now to join other drone owners?

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