PowerPod Review 2021: the best wireless charger?

PowerPod Review:

If you are in business or works in an office where you probably delivers info and need to be current every time, you will understand that the most important thing to you is your phone. You need your phone to continuously be switched on so as not to miss any bit of information. If you use the iPhone smartphone you will understand the power issues that come with it. It is always very frustrating when your phone trips or turns off at the moment you need it most.

If you have seen yourself in such frustrating position, then you are not alone. I have been there and many others were there before you. Some people had to buy two or more batteries as a means to sustain the power of their smartphone yet the desired result was barely reached. While changing or alternating between batteries has been helpful to some people, what about those whose phone uses inbuilt batteries that cannot be alternated? What is their fate?

In a quest to find answers to the above question, many different innovative approaches have been made towards solving this problem. One of them is the development of a power bank. A power bank has been helpful in all sense of words and solutions to need. When you have a power bank, you can go anywhere with the confidence that your battery life can be boosted anytime it goes down. The power bank is also unique in the sense that you only repower it when its own power charge is down. It is a veritable means of storing charges for future use to boost the life of your smartphones.

Many brands of Power banks have existed since the first one hit the market. These brands comprise both of the low and high qualities. With some of them, bad in a way that if you rely on them, you will end up being more frustrated than ever. On other hand, there are many out there that perform satisfactorily as you need them to do—they are able to charge your phone more than twice.

So many people have fallen into low-quality brands and have regretted why they wasted such hard-earned money. Before you go to buy a power bank, there are factors that you must consider in order not to fall for such scams. The factors are listed below: conveniently portable; cost-effectiveness; the amount of charge it receives, and the amount it can output; the time it takes to recharge; and the number of times it can recharge your phone.

These features are a bit hard to find but I will be reviewing here, a quality power bank that can serve you well. It is a convenient power bank that can fit into your key holder and you can easily use it while you are on a walk with your friends. Its name is called PowerPod Phone charger.

Powerpod is currently trending in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, and around the globe. Its user-friendly nature remains the reason why it is currently causing a buzz all over the world.

PowerPod review is here, in it is all you need to know to always sustain the battery life of your phone. It has the features, Pros and cons, benefits, and what other users of power pod have to say about. Kindly go through this article as many extra tips you will not see in other Powerpod reviews and the Powerpod instruction manual are here. At the end of this independent powered review, you will also take the next big step of whether to buy or not to buy.

Let’s move on into the full Power pod review.

What is PowerPod Charger?

PowerPod phone charger is a portable power bank that is made for emergencies. It comes to help when your phone suddenly goes dead or on its last charge. It’s been intended to work with all Apple or Android phones and to be joined to any keychain, knapsack, folder case, or tote. Everyone has a rubber treated external shell, which may help spare it from harm if it’s unintentionally dropped. It’s guaranteed that when you plug one of these chargers legitimately into a proper gadget, it’ll give the gadget at least two hours of intensity.

It works so wonderfully to offer your phone that extra boost it needs before you reach the nearest place to get it charged. It is so portable as you need to use your key holder to carry it. It needs no cable to works, so you will not be looking for where to borrow charging cable. It is simple to use.

PowerPods’ built-in micro high-velocity charger delivers instant power and works with your Android and Apple devices. It needs no cables and therefore, you just have to plug it directly into your device. Also, PowerPod Charger can be recharged, so you can use it over and over again. It’s so light and compact that it easily fits on your key ring or in your pocket.

Power pod review

With powerpod, you can take your phone anywhere without any fear of it surprisingly switching off. With powerpod, you can charge or boost your phone anytime and anywhere. Now you can take PowerPod with you everywhere and have an instant charge when you need it! You no longer need to worry about browsing your email, sending instant messages, making and getting calls, utilizing all your applications, and even following maps as you can now power up your phone when the need arises!

You can now append the powerpod to your key ring, or your folder case, your tote, your duffel bag. It is not heavy and your children can even have it attached to their school bag so that they can use it should their phone be down when they need to make use of it.

Powerpod phone charger review

Specifications of Powerpod phone charger

sizePower Pod™ is 2″ x 0.5″ x 1.5″
weightweighs 0.6lbs, 
Charging time90 minutes: starting with blue light and ending with red light.
Duration of charge without use.3 months
Shelflife10 years
Charge cycleOver 500 cycles
Powerpod amps800mAh
duration on a phone2 hours

Features of PowerPod 

  • Very easy to use.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices Chose the one you need.
  • It has an ergonomic design. 
  • No cables or messy cords – plugs directly into your device
  • USB Rechargeable – use it over & over again
  • Built-in Micro High-Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours
  • Instant charge when you need it!
  • Durable rubberized cover
  • PowerPod provides up to 2hrs of power. 
Powerpod reviews

Benefits of PowerPod Charger 

  • Two Versions Available: At the point when you get a Power Pod, you’ll have the option to pick between two renditions. One is Rubber made for use with any Android device(s), while the other is made for use with Apple gadgets. 
  • Rubber-Layered Cover: Since this kind of gadget is to be utilized while individuals are in a hurry, it’s just sensible to accept you may drop it or knock it into things sometimes. In any case, it’ll be probably not going to bring about lasting harm, on the grounds that everyone is secured with a sturdy, defensive layer of elastic or rubber.
  • Minimized Size / Compact: Some charging gadgets are as large as wallets and may gauge a pound or two, yet this present one is really littler than a portion of the bigger coins that are consistently utilized in North America. Everyone likely has about a similar load as a coin, as well. Thus, this kind of charger won’t be hard for anybody to convey or store in a little space (like a glove compartment or minuscule satchel). There’s likewise a little opening incorporated with everyone that will make it possible for you to join it to a key ring or a zipper.
  • Attaches Firmly Into The Phone When Plugged: This gadget can be attached straightforwardly into the gap you’d regularly plug a charger into, paying little mind to which perfect cell phone or tablet you’re utilizing. Accordingly, you won’t have to stress yourself over conveying any additional cables or cords with you so as to charge that cell phone or tablet. 
  • Dark With Label: The Power Pod is a dark gadget which implies that everyone will fit most cell phones and tablets with regards to shading or color. Also, every gadget is usually named “PowerPod,” so you won’t experience issues telling yours different from comparable little gadgets you may have, like USB flash drives.
  • Battery-Powered: All through your charging gadget’s lifetime, you’ll have the option to recharge it the same number of times as you’d like, at whatever point its capacity limit of at least two hours has been spent. To do such, you’ll have to utilize the included USB cable to plug your charging gadget into your picked USB port of any PC or desktop. 
Powerpod power bank

Pros of Powerpod Phone charger

  • Perfect In a time of Emergencies: Powerpod is very good at giving you that little charge you need under an emergency to boost the power system of your phone or smartwatch.
  • Useful for Navigation Tasks: At the point when your telephone goes off as you’re driving along, you’ll lose access to your GPS application, which implies you may no longer realize where you’re going, particularly in case you’re a long way from home. A Power Pod will empower you to recapture access to the application within some seconds, however, so you won’t end up lost in a new territory. It’ll additionally get you out similarly in case you’re strolling, running, or biking as opposed to driving. 
  • Assists Kids With Keeping In Contact: A Power Pod will likewise help your children habitually speak with you by means of a cell phone when you’re not in a similar spot as them. That implies you’ll generally know whether they’re OK or not, and the other way around. The equivalent goes for seniors in your family whom you might need to watch out for because of physical or mental challenges they might be encountering. 
  • Advances Work Efficiency: In case you’re somebody whom your work environment needs to connect with much of the time, even on your days off or vacations, having a Power Pod will get you out. When you have one of these, if your telephone loses its charge while you’re away from home, you’ll basically have the option to plug it into the telephone and begin accepting writings, messages, and calls once more. With the power pods capacity, you’ll additionally have the option to utilize any applications that you’d ordinarily use on your telephone to complete things. 

Cons of PowerPod Charger 

  • It does not last very long in charging your phone as it is made to last 2 hours to help you out of your emergency situation. However, another power bank can last for longer.
  • Sometimes, you may need to remove your phone case in order for the charging connector to enter the phone’s charging port.
  • Won’t Work With Every Device: PowerPod is basically an emergency charger that works with many chargers but not all rechargeable devices. It cannot power up some laptops and tablets. A great many people have Apple or Android telephones, so it’s plausible that the Power Pod will work with the gadgets you need to charge, however, it won’t work with all the advanced gadgets individuals as of now have. On the off chance that you have a Windows Phone, for a certain reason, it will most likely be unable to charge the telephone appropriately. Likewise, a similar unit won’t charge both Apple and Android gadgets. In the event that you utilize both, you’ll need to get one variant of the charging case for your Apple gadgets and the elective form for your Android ones. 
  • The free time in-between for reflection: In some conditions and situations, the only excuse you need is that your phone is dead. As you take time to power it up, you utilize the spare time to reflect on other factors, but with this powerPod, all you need is to plug it into your phone and continue with what you are doing without any interruption. Even if you decide to keep your own at home while attending such an event, others may come with it as it is convenient to carry. So with any sign of your phone going down, it will be offered to you for use.
  • It raises phone overdependence: While this may be good for those working at the correspondence unit in any organization or those using their phone for online lectures and tutorials, it may not be good for those that are not in the unit. By getting your phone’s battery to be constantly powered on, you tend to be addicted to it. You will no longer have a reason not to rely on your phone any time and any day. You do not need much about the address of where you are going because you rely on your phone and if your phone goes down, you will use the powerpod to keep the battery alive.

How to use PowerPod phone charger

It is simple to use as it comes with a key holder with which you can carry it. Anytime your phone is dead or at its last bar, all you need to do is to flip up the powerpod button and the cord will pull up. Connect the pulled up cord with your phone Port for charging. As soon as you connect powerpod with your phone, it will show a green light showing that it has started charging your phone. When you are also recharging the device, it shows a red light when it is completely charged.

How Does PowerPod Works? 

The mobile device charger that will charge up any device on the spot! So compact, it fits right on your keychain, the Power Pod™ is the perfect tech device companion to take everywhere with you to make sure you always have all the extra power you need! But how exactly does it work?

The Power Pod carries out its responsibility emergency charging because of micro high-speed technology that works to quickly convey steady power to a gadget once it’s connected to it. This innovation additionally empowers the power source to keep going for at any rate for two hours — regardless of whether you are playing a game with it or the application you decide to use on your telephone—or considerably longer than that. 

How rapidly will Power Pod recharge my telephone?

PowerPod relies upon the yield (output) of the power bank, and if / how you’re utilizing the gadget while it’s charging. Most power banks have a 2A yield choice, which will recharge around 1% every moment (or 100% in around 80 minutes). 1A yield will energize marginally more slowly. 

Some power banks, for example, Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max, offer Fast Charge for good gadgets and cables. To enjoy the quickest charge, utilize a USB-C link (for example USB-C to Lightning Cable or USB-C to USB-C cable). 

Which Devices Are PowerPod Compatible With?

Powerpod is compatible with iOS and Android. It comes in two variants – USB-C for Android and Lightning for Apple. So if you use Apple, you have to choose the one for Apple smartphones. You can select the device compatibility you need when you order. It is compatible with the following Android models (with USB-C connection)

  • Motorola
  • Oneplus
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • Google
  • ZTE
  • Xiaomi

On the other hand, it is also compatible with Apple (with Lighting connection )

  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 PLUS, 6S, 6S PLUS, 7, 7 PLUS, 8, 8 PLUS, X, XS, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 PRO
  • Apple iPad Lighting cable compatible devices

What is the Powerpod price? 

The expense of Power Pod is $19.99 in addition to $6.99 delivering charges. The unique TV offer permits you to get a subsequent Power Pod at the limited cost of just $6.99 at an all-out cost of $33.97. So after the first purchase you can get your subsequent offers on $6.99 which is just for delivery. Also, if you have an inquiry that isn’t recorded or need to get familiar with any of their items, you can call their helpline at +1-300-791-730 or email them at support@powerpod.net.

Where is the best place to buy Powerpod

The best place for you to place your order for powerpod is on the manufacturer’s website. It is cheaper to buy at the online store as the extra charges from retailers and other levels of wholesale are already removed. You also get to have and enjoy exchange and return policy available for those that will buy from this online store. You delivery comes within 2 business day if you are in the United States and Canada. Delivery globally last from 3 to 5 business days. Due to the rush on demand for this product, the company encounters limited offer sometimes but currently there is enough for sale. Use the link below to make your purchase.

powerpod charger money-back-guarrantee

Powerpod reviews customer reports

Below are what users of powerpod have to say about it.

“Very compact and easy to array. I have only just got the device, but it is easy to use and has charged one phone and it took a while. Otherwise happy to be able to carry and not take up all the room in your handbag.”

Lynne Blazey, Peel, WA 

“Handy! Handy to recharge to 20 to 30 percent on my mobile, I don’t know about any other devices as I haven’t tried them yet. Fully charged it took my mobile from 30% to 49% before running out of puff.” 

Greg Holden

“Brilliant little gadget. This little gadget is a lifesaver, it’s a discreet size & is easy to hang my keyring. I don’t have to worry anymore about my phone “dying”. I also like the fact that it comes in various phone “charger” styles as I also bought one for my husband who has a Samsung. Thank you for a great product.”

Reet Petite, Sydney 

“Great product to compliment my device. The product is compact and easy to carry around. Not sure at this stage, have had it for a short time and have only used it to partially charge which was quick. Product is most reliable, I have used it for an iPhone device, I don’t know how many charges as I have had the product for a short time.”


“This is a great product. It’s very light to carry in a handbag but not on your keychain and it doesn’t take long to charge. I didn’t count how many charges I forgot to count but I would recommend it to anyone.” 

Ann, Metropolitan Adelaide, SA 

It’s handy to have for emergencies. It seems to be reliable, convenient to use, handy size, and great to have in your pocket or on a key ring. Charges reasonably quickly, reliable, and probably do one full charge for an iPhone 5.

Bruce Wright, Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC 

Wonderful little gadget! Very compact and portable. Charges quickly and is easy to use. I put it on my keyring so it is always handy. We have two of these pods and leave one in the car for convenience. 

Rhonda H, Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Frequently Asked Questions (PowerPod Charger Review)

Will my Powerpod work with my smartphone? 

Powerpod power banks are perfect with every single cell phone. You simply need to guarantee you have the essential link or connector for your gadget. Most force banks accompany a small scale USB charge link included, which can be utilized to revive the force bank, just as your micro USB gadget. 

Would I be able to recharge my Powerpod?

Yes, you can always recharge your powerpod any time it is down. It came with a charger that you can use to recharge it. As soon as you plug the charger, it will show a blinking red light but when 100% charged, the red light will be fixed.

How often can my Powerpod be recharged?

You can always recharge your powerpod as much as its goes down. It has no number of time you must charge it. Just recharge it anytime it finish using it.

What number of charges would my gadget get from my Powerpod?

It is basically not like your traditional power bank. It is an emergency power boost for powering your phone. So it can power up your phone up to 50% before it will be exhausted. If it gets exhausted, you can charge your powerPod. 

Are the connectors and cables included with the Powerpod?

Most Powerpod power banks accompany a short micro USB cable. Our Air 10 Plus and Air 20 Max likewise incorporate a USB to USB-C link. (**Please note the Multi-Functional Power bank isn’t accompanied with any cable as it is energized straightforwardly from a wall outlet.)

Are my Powerpod and accessories secured by a guarantee?

Yes, it has a guarantee of one year. It also has a 60-day warranty for exchange and return in case you are not satisfied.

What’s your refund strategy?

It takes 4 working days for you to expect your monetary refund but if you want an exchange, it takes 3 working days. For all these condition to be met, you need to bring your report within days from the day you bought.

Are the Lightning connectors and links Apple confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed. All Apple or Android items sold by Powerpod are MFi guaranteed

Is it perfect with unfamiliar connectors?

There is an adjunct for unfamiliar connectors. You can plug the unfamiliar end of the port extension, then connect it to your Powerpod.

Would I be able to utilize it in different nations? 

Yes, you can use it anywhere and anytime. Powerpods utilize the USB principles which are all inclusive over the world.

Would I be able to utilize this on a plane?

Yes, you can utilize it anywhere. It has no cause for alarm but if you are for any reason made not to use it, it can be your basis of reporting to the customer care for a refund.

Conclusion on Powerpod reviews

Today you do everything on your phone but when the power runs out, you are alone as that is a big problem but now there is a powerPod. A small but mighty power bank that fixes it all. So compact, it fits on your key chain so you always have that extra power you need, no matter where you are. Unlike other power banks that are heavy and forces you to carry charging cables, Power pod charger plugs directly on your phone. With the micro high-velocity technology, Powerpod delivers fast charge to your phone. This powerpod charger review has offered you all you need to maximize this simple device.

It is very affordable and comes with both one year guarantee and a 60-day exchange and warranty policy. If you really hate the emergency power off especially when you needed it most, this product is the best for you to buy. It can power up your phone up to a reasonable level before it goes down. You can also repower your PowerPod for another use next time.

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