ProntoPaw Review 2021: the best dog cleaner to buy?

ProntoPaw review

It is necessary to get the paws of your dog cleaned at the right time. Just the same way you wash your skins and your body to look clean is exactly how important it is to clean your dog if you must enjoy a cleaner environment.

The dog is companion to many people, but the problem comes when it comes to keeping the dog clean. However, with a simple device, getting the dog clean will not be a hard nut to crack. Here in this review, there a special device that can help you do just that.

With ProntoPaw device, you can wash the paw of your dogs as many times as you want. It helps the dog do it on their own. If you are the type that shares your apartment with dog, it is necessary to create a habit of cleaning the paws. Below is the full review on ProntoPaw, carefully go through it to learn more and conclude the decision to buy or not.

What is ProntoPaw?

ProntoPaw is a device that is made out of the desire to keep a clean dog in the house after it has rolled itself on the ground. This device helps to wash the foot which is one of the fastest means of cleaning the dog without meshing your environment up.

Its exact look and shape resemble a silicon cup with pointed tops that spiked up. With the soft nature of the spikes, the dog can paw on it without any sign of injury. So it is perfectly safe for your dog. By keeping your dog clean, you are indirectly keeping your house clean.


Why should you go for ProntoPaw

ProntoPaw is a pretty accurate device. It is a simple device yet innovative. The device is also portable and can be carried around everywhere easily in a bag. It is lightweight that causes no additional problems for the user. The device saves a lot of money on cleaners and other grooming products as it is a very affordable device and can be used for a long time easily.

It also saves time as you do not have to drop your dog time and again at the groomer even after having a busy schedule. The device can also be used when the dog is walking on the sidewalks. If by any chance your pet steps on salt which causes irritation. It is important to remove that instantly. The device is helpful with that also as it is portable. 

You just have to use the device to clean your dog and also keep your house and surroundings clean. It helps in giving the best quality life to the dog. It is important to keep the paws of your dog clean, soft, and healthy. With the dirt that your dog brings in the house without cleaning its paws, you do not know the kind of bacterial the dog is bringing into the house and it can cause problems for you and your family later on.

Keep your dog clean with ProntoPaw

How to use Prontopaw?

  • From watching the various videos on ProntoPaw, it seems fairly easy to use.
  • First, you fill the cup with water
  • Then insert your dog’s paw, rotating the cup back and forth until all the dirt and debris are free from the fur.
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • When your pup’s paws are all clean, simply pull out the silicone wall and dump out the water.

As after using the product, you need to clean it for using the next time. The easiest way to clean this device is to run it under warm water and clean it with soap. The ProntoPaw is a very efficient device and is much better than using towels and doing their laundry after that. It can be very time consuming and also tiring.

ProntoPaw Pros

  • Easy to use the device to clean your dog.
  • It is Practical in many aspects of its usage.
  • It is a fast way to clean your dog.
  • The procedure of washing involves only one step and nothing else.
  • It requires no towels or any other thing.
  • There is no need to do laundry after cleaning your dog.
  • It saves a lot of money on cleaners.
  • It is a very portable device.
  • Silicone Cups used are also reusable.
  • It is a very gentle device that does not hurt the dog.
  • It is also easy to clean after using it on the dog.
  • The device is universal and has only one size that fits all paws easily.
  • You can the device on both dogs and cats.
  • It is a natural cleaning solution for dogs.

ProntoPaw Cons

If you’re like me, I like to test things out before I make any purchase. The only con about this product is that it is only sold online. If it weren’t for my friend’s social media feed, I wouldn’t have trusted it. I probably would have thought it was just a PronotPaw scam. If it’s a huge issue, you can always try to find a knock off the product in stores, but you might not get the same results.

Prontopaw reviews

Prontopaw reviews customer reports

Below are what the users of prontopaw have said about the device.

I stay a lot with my dog and I have looked for how to always keep m dog. I am glad to have purchased Prontopaw which has been helping me immeasurably. Now with dogs are clean.


Prontopaw is worth it. I like the way it works and it’s affordable price. I was just trying it but it work incredibly. It is worth having by all homes that value the health of their pet and the environment.


I really recommend this device, it works as reviewed. Thanks to thrr manufacturer of this product and for making it affordable.


Prontopaw price

Prontopaw is a very affordable we of getting your dog’s paw washed. It will pay you many good to ensure that it is clean. Luckily, the price of Prontopaw is currently under a discount of 50% plus free shipping to an part of the world.

To ensure you get the original product and enjoy the exchange and refund policies attached to this product, you need to go to the write store which the producer’s online store.

Best place to buy Prontopaw

The best place to buy prontopaw is at the online store of the producer. Here you will enjoy a 50% discount plus free shipping. You will also have the right to seek for refund or exchange should there be a cause for alarm.

At the online store, you will also get the original product. The only little challenge is that due to the increase in demand currently, there may be limited offer. However, the producer company is always working round the clock to ensure there is product every time.

Use the link below to check for availability and then make our purchase correct from the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions on ProntoPaw reviews

What dog breeds are best for ProntoPaw?

Pronto Paw is good for all dog breeds of all sizes. It will help you ensure the cleanliness of your pets especially your dog.

Does Prontopaw worth the hype?

It is really very good and worth buying if you want to keep your pets clean. It can wash their paws and make it environment friendly.

Is there a lid to hold water so ProntoPaw is ready to use on the go?

Unfortunately, there is no lid on the Prontopaw. Simply use any water source when you arrive or your own water bottle. It is not stressful.

Can I add soap to the water in ProntoPaw?

Yes, you can add any pet-friendly soap or detergent that can ensure the cleanliness of your pet.

How often should I clean the paw of my dog with prontopaw?

You can clean the paws of our pets as frequently as possible. It depends on the environment you live in and the level of hygiene you want to maintain.

Is it really safe for my pets?

It is 100% safe for your pets. It is 100% BPA-free and made with high-grade silicone for durability and portability.

Is prontopaw a scam?

It is not a scam as many people are currently talking about it. Prontopaw is making a buzz in many parts of the world including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Israel, etc. If you want to buy Prontopaw, you will also get it from the official website where the prontopaw price is affordable.

Conclusion on Prontopaw reviews

It is one of the best devices available in the market today for the better hygiene of your dog. It is a very affordable device that helps in saving a lot of time and money. You do not have to use towels to clean your dog now and then do laundry after that. You also do not have to go to the groomer’s time and again and take time out of your busy schedule. One just has to use the device to clean your dog and also keep your house and surroundings clean. It helps in giving the best quality life to the dog.

It is important to keep the paws of your dog clean, soft and healthy. With the dirt that your dog brings in the house without cleaning its paws, you do not know the kind of bacterial the dog is bringing into the house and it can cause problems for you and your family later on. It is a must recommended product and every dog owner should have it.

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