Properfocus Review 2022: scam or legit glasses?

Properfocus has been in the mouth of everyone which has made our team to read properfocus reviews widely on issues of sight and how to improve vision. We have also followed experts in the area of health who know more about the eyes and how best to care for them. Comparing what we have read, and heard with what we have observed with properfocus glasses, one thing is sure, that this glasses, to a reasonable extent, is a unique and great option for anyone who wishes to bid farewell to his/ her eye-related problem.

Firstly, it is made with a special lens that is double coated and has polycarbonate features in them. This alone has given this eyeglass an edge over its competitors. It helps to prevent visual challenges and equally, resolve your challenges.

Also, it is lightweight, portable, compact, and easy to take along when you are not actively using it. Do not be scared of it causing your nose bridge to be itch or pain you while wearing proper focus glasses as it is made to be light on all parts of your body either on the ear or over the forehead.

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properfocus reviews

What is ProperFocus?

Properfocus is a unique brand and innovative design of eyeglasses specially made to handle different types of eye defects. It is preventive and corrective as it can be used to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and gadgets such as television, and phones.

People who can only see near objects or only far objects can also use it. It will not end there, it can also be used for the correction of other eye problems. To achieve the best vision for each eye problem, just adjust the dial within the frame till you can see clearly.

The frames are of different shapes, colors, and materials for those who want glasses that match their eye color, the shape of the face, or the outfit they have to wear. Proper focus glasses have multiple sight corrective features. For example, it can be used for short-sightedness, long-sightedness, etc.

Currently, the fashionable design has made the name a hashtag and a trend for everyone that needs glasses. This Spectacle is special as any age can wear it, no longer for the aged like those in their 60+ suffering one defect or the other.

It is important to note that many people have gone blind today because they took the wrong drug prescription for something eyeglasses can do. Or did surgery for a minor eye case. You should not be one of them.

properfocus glasses

Properfocus reviews: Benefits

Our team has consulted and checked many properfocus reviews for the benefits:

  • It comes with polycarbonate lenses: The lenses are made of polycarbonate. This material allows you to see clearly, with maximum clarity. This also helps as it is shock resistant. As its name goes, it works like a proper focus reading glass as a result of this kind of lens.
  • It is Multipurpose: They can be used at any age, both young and old. It is easy to change its use, unlike other glasses that are strict as corrective eyeglasses. You can change from glasses to reading glasses with the turn of the handle. Ergonomic design: The glasses are well designed to suit you. Also, it is suitable for both men and women and the design is comfortable and light.
  • It is simple to use: It is not difficult to achieve different results from these glasses. With a simple way of regulating them through small corrections, you can achieve the choice of far or near distance.
  • It is Portable and Lightweight: You have to carry a case to keep your specs while going for tours and picnics. But it is lightweight as well as comfortable to carry anywhere. You can take them in your handbag, backpack, or any other small bag while going on tours and trips.
  • Very easy to maintain: You can clean it easily with a dry or wet sponge. Apart from that, it had a solid frame that does not rust or corrode even after washing or cleaning. They do not get dirty even if you wear them for several hours.
  • The glasses give Precise and adjustable vision: Many people cannot view things properly even after buying expensive specs. Normal specs have poor-quality lenses that give unclear vision. But it has a premium quality polycarbonate lenses that give the perfect image. They also help your eyes to get precise sight from far or near.
  • Everyone can use Properfocus: it is perfect for both males and females. They suit every type of eye and all age groups. It is also the best eyeglasses for children between the age of 7 to 14 years.

Properfocus glasses Features

  • Adjustable lens: It comes with lenses that are independent of each other. You can rotate each of the lenses individually and make them fit the vision of your particular eye. For example, if your right eye is having some challenges, you can adjust the right lens to suit the vision in your right eye.
  • Comfortable to wear: It does not come with the usual pain you notice when you wear heavy glasses. This is because it is light in weight and made with a frame that ordinarily does not cause you any harm.
  • Properfocus glasses are Impact-resistant: Even if it falls to the ground or hits the wall, it will hardly break. This is a problem with other glasses where a little fall will cause the frame or lens to break. There is no scratch with it should there be an impact on it. However, it depends on what is impacting it but it is more resistant to breaks than any other brand of eyeglasses.
  • Easy to maintain: With properfocus glasses you can easily use your tissue paper or a clean piece of cloth to clean it anytime. Maintaining it is simple and easy.
  • Adjustable nose pads: It comes with a nose pad which helps it not to be painful on the nose. With this, you can wear it 24 hours without feeling any effect.
  • Scratch-resistant: It is made with materials that resist scratch from any object. With this, you will not be having lines that will appear real whenever you wear them. This helps you see clear images without any artificial alteration as a result of the scratch on the glasses.
Properfocus reviews

How do Proper focus glasses work?

The secret of proper focus glasses is the dual sliding lens technology that essentially allows you to have two pairs of glasses in one. As you slide the lenses you adjust the power them and adapt them to your vision. This really helps.

Generally speaking, It has two thin “plates” that slide over each other when you adjust the dial on the frame. How you position these two plates is what determines the power of your lenses. This enables Proper focus glasses to be switched between reading and regular glasses.

The power of the lenses can be customized to correct from -6 diopters of nearsightedness to +3 of farsightedness. It sounds awesome, right? The use is simple: put on your glasses, turn the dial on the side of the frame until you find the power you need, and you’re good to go!

Who is properfocus made for?

Properfocus is not made for any particular age. Children can wear, adults can wear, those with eye problem like double vision, distorted vision, headaches, squints, eye strains or drives mostly at night can wear the glasses as well as those who do not want blue rays from their laptop, tablets, phone, or the sun to hurt their eyes.

If you work on your computer for a long time, you really need these specs. If you are getting old say like from 50 years and above, you need these glasses to help your eye lens as it needs a boost to be able to see every word printed in books and newspapers clearly.

is for both corrective and for prevention. These glasses are exceptionally made to correct long and short-sighted individuals as they can adjust the lens individually or both of the lenses till they can see clearly.

The glasses are not adversely medicated so they will not affect the eyes of normal people as they can be worn for their ergonomic looks. It is not very efficient for people who have astigmatism. It can also be used to prevent the harmful effects of blue rays on the eyes.

You can also read about this oxygen and pulse rate portable device so as to know where to buy it at an affordable price.

How to use Properfocus reading glasses?

Properfocus reading glasses are like every other glasses though it has complex features which make them do things ordinary glasses cannot do. It does not involve any special way of wearing it. You can wear it the way you wear other glasses. Below are the steps I take when wearing glasses:

  • Wear my glasses normally
  • If I can’t see clearly, I will adjust the lens using its dial till I can see clearly.
  • Check for slipping or squeezing
  • Make adjustments accordingly
  • Clean its lenses on the way.

After the above, I am ready to flex my best adjustable glasses.

Properfocus review

Properfocus scam: is it legit?

It is legit and not scam. According most of the reviews we have read and also the assurance that you will have 100% refund if you are not satisfied with it, we are confident that it is not a scam.

Properfocus reviews customer reports

I am very glad with these glasses. I can adjust it myself to the best way it makes me see. It is not designed to be fixed. This makes it the best option since I started using it. It has not failed me. Thanks to properfocus for the 50% discount on the units I bought.

Kenwak D.

Immediately after my surgery for cateract, my doctor recommended I get glasses for myself. Not because I was having any impairment because my sight improved immediately after the surgery but he said it is for prevention of blue rays. After going through different online reviews, I ended with properfocus. It is satisfactorily the best for me as I have no complaint for the past 3 years after the surgery. I recommend these glasses for any one who has gone for cateract surgery.

Jenny P.

Having tears drop down my eyes each time I stay a while reading has been my major issue. Not until I started seeing stars off my eyes weekly. I met with an optician who attended to me but also recommended I use glasses for reading. So far, properfocus glasses have come to my rescue. I love it!

Alex Duncain

Properfocus review: where to buy?

It is available at the official website. There you will have a secure and safe transactions. Other benefits that may be attached include a 50% discount, free delivery and also a coverage for 30 day allowing you to return or exchange it in case of any complaint.

Proper focus glasses Price

The Proper focus glasses price is $59 but the price decreases with an increase in units. This is because the discount keep increasing as the number of units you buy increases.

Properfocus Amazon

Properfocus review made independently by people is also available at Amazon. Amazon has come to be one of the big e-commerce websites where reviews are written.

Save 50% on the official website

Properfocus glasses customer care Contacts

After placing your order, you will receive a tracking code for the glasses you bought, but for some reason, you feel like knowing more or consulting the company after making your purchase, below are the contact details for the customer services in case there are Proper vision focus complaints:


Telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24 hours Brazil: +552135003992

They are available between 9:00 Am to 14:00 pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5).


Further tips on errors of refraction causing visual problems

What is an error of refraction?

Normally, the rays of objects should fall on the retina. Then from this retina, the image impulse will be received and interpreted in the brain. This occurs through a pathway.

When these rays which ordinarily should fall on the retina no longer fall on the retina but before it or after it, it becomes an error. This error is known as refractive error or errors of refraction. The image interpreted by the brain as a result of this error is always not clear. Sometimes, it can be blurred depending on the distance of the object from the eye.

There are about three main refractive errors which include:

  • Near-sightedness: This involves the eye’s inability to see the far objects clearly. Far objects appear blurred to the eye. In this case, the image is focused in front of the retina making it hard for a clear image to be interpreted by the brain.
  • Farsightedness: In this case, the eye sees far objects clearly while near objects become blurred.
  • Presbyopia: this is more related to age. It occurs as a result of the lens’ inability to be flexible to allow rays to pass through to fall on the retina. This case makes the person see only near objects.
  • Astigmatism: This case involves a situation where the person sees objects that are to his right or in a particular dimension more clearly than ones in other dimensions.

The above outlined refractive errors are common among people.

Risk factors of refractive errors

These errors of refraction can come as a result of inheritance from parents or as a result of daily happenings within the environment. Some children who have nearsightedness now are large because of their early reading pattern which involved them straining so hard to read. Errors of refraction are the risk factors for visual impairment.

Ways to treat refractive error

It is very important to give fast attention to your eye challenge to avoid it turning into something bigger. Noticing it earlier is also very important but it is most important to attend to it immediately to prevent further damage to the eye.

Blue rays emitted by most devices, especially in darkness have shown a significant impact in causing blindness. So it is important to apply the 20:20:20 rule whenever you are reading with any computer-based device—including phones, tablets, and desktops.

There are two major ways to handle issues of refractive errors. You are either going by surgery or the use of eyeglasses to correct it. The best way to correct this defect is by using glasses. Glasses are external and have no complications to the body, unlike surgery that will cause loss of blood and infection or even damage to some eye structures.

The major challenge that comes with these eyeglasses is getting quality ones. One that can work for a while and equally prevent further damages. Luckily, there is an innovative proper focus vision eyeglass that can correct almost all of the refractive errors and prevent blindness. I will tell you all you need to know about properfocus glasses in this review.

Proper focus glasses

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Frequently asked questions on Proper focus glasses reviews

Does it worth a buy?

It has latest double coated lens technology. It also features polycarbonate Lenses and Fingerprint proof glasses. You can also instantly adjust the glasses using it’s dial to give you clarity while reading and watching and relaxing your eyes. It is certainly worth the money you may use to buy it.

Is Properfocus good for everyone that needs eyeglasses?

Properfocus is ideal for everyone. It is completely good for everybody except for those having Astigmatism. This is because it is mostly effect to those with refractive index errors and normal people. So if you need nice eyeglasses, rush now and enjoy the discount on the promo.

Conclusion on Properfocus adjustable glasses reviews

Properfocus adjustable glasses reviews from our team have comprehensively shown you all you need to grab this trending solution which most people use to relieve and restore their vision to normalcy. It is still available and with a 50% discount that may end soon.

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