Quiet buds Review 2020: The best earbuds to buy

Quiet buds Reviews

Have you ever battled to catch a sleep or nap comfortably either at home or in a vehicle due to the noise on your background? Or let me assume you are weak and needed to have a moment of free rest but the noise could not allow you enjoy your free time. What will you do? You will forget about the sleep and do other things? well, we both understand the importance of concentration whether you are reading or sleeping. Being distracted by noise can be horrible, hence the need for a better alternative.

Unfortunately, you find yourself in a situation where you are battling to concentrate with reading or with sleep simply because there is noise in the background. Anyway, it uses to happen to those who don’t know that they are earbuds that are very affordable and effective in lowering the noise level in a background to the minimum level. Not alone for effective but to the extent that you can make a call in a noisy environment Through the help of simple and affordable earbuds. These Quiet buds earbuds are always able to reduce the noise in the background and offer you the chance to select what to hear. It sounds amazing, right?

Quiet buds earbuds are the secret and that is what I want you to know in this reviews. Earbuds abound in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia etc., but there is uniqueness that has drawn many people to go forthis wireless buds. Please do not spend a dime in buying this earbuds until you read to the conclusion of this product review because you need to understand this product well before you spend your money to buy.

So please kindly read through this review to learn how to make more out of this Quiet Buds.

What Is QuietBuds?

Quiet buds are product of intensive research by experts who specialize in audiology and other related professions. It is really an innovation in the world of tech to behold. works perfectly to minimize noise effects on all ages and gender. One major unique feature is that it contains three levels of muting cores which include Commute, Concert cores and Ocean quiet cores: all these are intended to make it great.

You probably may have heard that too much noise is enough to damage the ear hearing system. So when you have a device that is known to tune down noise coming from the environment one lives, there should be cause to smile. Quiet buds unarguably is known for offering you the choice to decide the level of noise your ears can allow and accommodate through the filtering feature of this earbuds.

Worthy of note about this earbuds is that it is also made into sizes; small, medium and large. In all it is portable and can be taken to anywhere without the fear of it damaging as it has a provision for storage. The manufacture also added a 30 days money back guarantee should you dissatisfied with the product.

In fact, you can wear this earbuds while on any noise environment; school, market etc.

quiet buds reviews

Specifications and Technical facts about Quiet buds

  1. It consists of three interchangeable Capsules Cores, which are designed to help you regulate the noise entering your ear.
  2. It last for long and functions to reduce noise as it is made from high-quality CNC aluminum material.
  3. The Silicone inserts come in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large.
  4. It comes in a durable, zippered carrying case which makes them easy to carry anywhere

Quiet Buds: Key Features

  • Safe and Protects the ear

This product is drawn from intense research to know how to care for the internal structures in the ear like the hair cells. The work of audiologists who designed Quiet Buds to give users optimal protection and the perfect wearing experience is really a great feature. You can also use an ear cleaning device to frequently clean your ears. This will prevent clogs of impurities and fluids.

  • Design material

This earbbuds is made specially with aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it possible for reasonablle reduction of noise on the bckground. Its construction als paid attention to all concerns like the normal irritation and pain felt under prolonged use of earbuds from other brands and other minor issues to ensure they are settled once and for all by this earbuds.

  • Adjustable sizes:

This earbuds are made in such a way that you personalize it in order for it to fit your ear size without causing you pain or irritation as obtainable in other earbuds.

  • Changeable cores:

Another great feature that comes with this product is that you can swap or reorder its component in order to make accept the level of noise you wish and will to allow. Like this features allows you to tune down or up the volume of external noise you want to allow into your ear.

Among this cores include the Commute core which if you choice and set it to commute, you intend to allow a certain level of communication between you and your environment but the normal level. Another one in the core list is the concert core, this allows you communicate with your envieronment but reduces the noise to a very lower decibel.

The last in the list is the ocean core which blocks all the sort of communication between the user and the environment. If you do not want anyone or person to disturb you while you are busy all you need to do is to fix it to ocean core and that is it all.

  • Storage case

In order to ensure adequate preservation, the manufacturer made a storage case for you to put it in anytime you are removing it out of your ear. This makes it to last longer as it may not be rough handled when not in use.

  • user-friendly,Stylish, convenient designs:

With the wonderful design and all consideration made so that this earbud will be a solution to many people problem, it ended being convenient, user-friendly while remaining stylish.

Benefits of using Quiet Earbuds

  • Quiet buds combs off all distracting noise within our environment and offers the chance for you to regulate the level and type of noise to allow to be filtered into the ears through the changeable cores.
  • It has an internal mechanism for controlling the decibels of music that gets to your ears by default so it will reduce the high music which may attempt to hurt your hair cells and your ear membrane. This is mostly helpful in concert or sporting centers where music can be played at its highest crescendo.
  •  With quiet buds ability to control the level of noise that piece our ears to strike our comfort center on our brain, it can help to make us sleep well any time we want to sleep. so if you want to sleep in the bus or in any noise place, just get your Quiet buds into the second core of Concert or even in ocean core and you can sleep without worries.
  • With your ability to personalize the earbuds to size and fits your ears, they fit perfectly in your ears, so much so that you won’t feel like you’re wearing earplugs.
  • These in-ear headphones are effective and made with high-quality materials. If you will connect your Quiet Buds with your phone and tablet, then you will not face any connection problem. Even this is a good addition to your computer. The battery of this device is long-lasting. The intact connection and long lasting battery makes it very good for anyone.
  • Quiet buds is a product of many research by Audiologist for what is best for our auditory system. Hence the in-ear headphones manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum that helps in reducing the sound level up to 50%.
  • With the none irritating and no hurting features of this earbuds, you can also use these earphones all day and at night when you are facing problems while sleeping. It will really remove the noise if it is the reason why you can not sleep.
  • Quiet Buds have simple design that makes them easy to use, easy to wear, versatile, comfortable, and safe.
  • It comes with a portable case that you can carry while traveling. With this it is save and away from damage.
quiet buds benefits

Why Do I Need Quiet Buds?

The issue of how to protect the ears is not a child’s play. In fact, according to World Health Organisation in the 2015 research conducted to know possible cause of deafness in young youths. 1.1 billion young adults in the world are already having issues relating to hearing loss due to wrong listening practice. You understand why it is important to avoid noise of high sound by all means?

Irrespective of your age, if you regularly attend various events where you expose yourself to dangerously loud sounds such as at live concerts, nightclubs, sports events etc or you work in a factory or construction, you should advisedly protect your hearing with the aid of Quiet Buds device.

Some of the everyday sounds which are not safe for your ears ( especially those above 85 decibels) include the sounds of lawnmowers, jackhammer, trains, farm tractors, garbage trucks, snowmobiles, stereo and more. The noise exposure during live rock concerts is 110-140 decibels, which means that you need proper hearing protection when you go at rock concerts.

what is unique about quiet buds earbuds

How do Quiet Buds work?

The major silver bullet it has when it comes to how it works is lying on the 3 interchangeable cores. These cores allows it to filter sound according to the want of the owner:

  • Commute Core – If the core is here, it will make you hear someone around you but other flying noise will not affect you.
  • Concert Core – They are perfect for when you’re attending live events such as music concerts or sporting events, by stopping the high decibel ear damaged caused by the loud noises. The designed filters chuck unwanted surrounding sounds so that you can focus on the desired sounds.
  • Ocean Quiet Core – When you’re in need of absolute silence this will be perfect for you.

How to use Quiet Buds?

Follow these steps to safely use the earplugs:

  • Roll the earplug up with clean fingers into a small and thin snake-like shape so that you can easily insert it into your ears. 
  • Now reach over your head and pull your ear up to open up your ear canal to further allow the earplug to slide right in. 
  • Now enter the rolled-up earplug with a bit of a turning motion so that it settles well inside your ears. 
  • Hold the plug in for 20-30 seconds so that the foam gets expanded which will stop the sounds from entering your ears.

What makes Quiet Buds special more than other earplugs available in the market?

Unlike other earplugs available in the market, Quiet Buds are designed by an experienced audiologist to ensure maximum protection against loud noises while keeping in mind the safety of your ears.

Since they are made of CNC aluminium material which is durable and enduring, the earplugs will last with you for ear and you won’t have to shell out money constantly to replace them. Also, they are very affordable and cost-effective, unlike other expensive earplugs that are not worth the money. They are also super comfortable to wear and use. 

Quiet Buds: Necessary? Or not?

There are very important following how far noise induced ear problem has gone to threaten over 1 billion persons in the world. In fact, ear care should begin at a very tender age in order to fully protect the child from possible damage to the hearing organ.

Decibel is a measurement system for the ear and the level of sound entering it. Any time someonw has sound coming more than 85 decibel, this is ear issues growing. On the the other hand, If you are exposed to 85 decibels and below for around 8 hours, your hearing is safe.

But anything above that, even once, can already negatively affect your hearing. Things like stereo speakers, trains, jackhammers, trucks, and more will be above 85 decibels. Live concerts can reach up to 140 decibels, while fireworks noise can reach up to 145. If you want to protect your hearing, wearing Quiet Buds earplugs during those events is strongly advised.

Even if you are just going about your daily commute or work routine, Quiet Buds can go a long way to protect you from noise-induced hearing loss. So it is very important to have.

Quiet Buds Reviews: what are the customers saying?

People from around the world who have already used and are still using Quiet Buds are very happy with their purchase, because they can now fully enjoy all their favorite activities and events knowing that their hearing is optimally protected against harmful sounds. Below are what users of Quiet buds who are humans like you and me have to say about this product:

I ‘m glad I had ordered for Quiet buds before I got a job in stone crushing industry. That earbuds are good compared to previous earbuds I have used which barely served me, without noise cancelling features.

Tompe G.

Quiet buds earbuds are exactly as described! Its noise removing ability, especially by giving me the control over the cores, helped me set the noise limit I want around me. I recommend it to all.


Apart from the music the buds help me play from my phone, I wear it when I am reading interesting books that I don’t need disturbance. The earpiece is special and a most have by all.

Jacobs A

Pros and Cons of Quiet buds

Every product has its positive side and negative side. The major consideration is for the positive side to be more than the negatives. Below are both listed.

Pros of Quiet buds

  • User friendly
  • Fits into the ear as it comes in 3 different sizes
  • Very effective in noise cancellation
  • Connection and compatibility with iOS and Android are very strong
  • Has long lasting batteries
  • Comes with 50% discount plus 30 days money warranty.

Cons of Quiet buds

  • It is only sold on the online store of the company through affiliate links
  • You can only buy it online from their store
  • You have to wait at most 2 business days to welcome your delivery.

Quiet Buds Price and Availability

To buy Quiet buds is quite affordable. The maximum retail price is approximately 66.65 $, but you can get it at a discount of up to 40%. You will get more discount if you buy more than one pair of Quietbuds. These earplugs are of a high-end and are really comfortable. The noise suppression power of Quietbuds is enormous! By a waitress to a construction worker, these earplugs are widely used.

Anyone who chooses to properly protect their hearing can order Quiet Buds exclusively from the manufacturer’s official website. Rest assured you will get the authentic, doctor-recommended Quiet Buds and in addition to super affordable prices, you will also benefit from exclusive deals while supply last.

For instance, for a limited time only, you can order the best-value package “Buy 3, Get 50% off” or the most popular one “Buy 3, Get 45% Off”, plus free shipping worldwide, and full 30-day money back guarantee with each order you place. Quiet Buds make a great, thoughtful gift for your friends and family members who are at risk for temporary or permanent hearing loss from exposure to dangerously loud sounds.

Support details of the producer company

QuietBuds is supplied by the Dutch manufacturer Strong Current Enterprises Ltd. If you have any questions or concerns about your order or the product itself, feel free to get in touch with their dedicated customer support team either via

Email at support@buyquietbuds.com or by phone at+1 609 414 7087 (US customers), +1 778 300 0854 ( Canada), +61 2 8607 8316 ( Australia and New Zealand) and +44 8708 200084 (UK and Ireland).

Frequently Asked Question on Quiet bud reviews

How do QuietBuds work?

QuietBuds cancels noise with 3 different interchangeable cores to block out the noises you want to block out but still lets you hear the sounds you want to hear.

Why are QuietBuds the only noise canceller with swappable cores?

The revolutionary swappable cores allows you to block out certain sounds in different environments. Instead of cancelling out ALL sounds, you can choose what you want to hear while protecting your hearing.

How can Quiet Buds provide a lifetime warranty?

QuietBuds are made with high quality materials and thoroughly developed by our expert team so we stand by our product and guarantee that it will protect your hearing for a lifetime.

Why does QuietBuds ship me three sizes of seals?

The 3 sets of ear seals allows you to find the more secure fit for your ears.

How do I clean QuietBuds?

Clean the ear seals with a cloth and warm water to wipe away any buildup.

What comes with every set of QuietBuds?

QuietBuds comes with its own carrying case, 3 sets of interchangeable cores, 3 sets of seals and a product manual.

Are there more cores available for QuietBuds?

We are constantly researching and developing different cores so keep a lookout for more cores in the future!

Conclusion on Quietbuds reviews

It is a great product if you want to prevent yourself from disturbing noises. It is very affordable and cost effective. They help you listen to the sound that you want and cancel the unwanted sound for the benefit of the user. It helps to remove distractions by using its top-notch features and helps people relax easily.

Remember more than 1 billion persons are already affected in the world. You can avoid it today through this purchase or continue to make yourself vulnerable.

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