Save sealer reviews 2021: the best quality sealer bags

Save sealer reviews:

Those that have a large home like mine will understand the hassle we face just to save food beyond a day. It is not really that easy to save leftover food and even if you are able to save the food, retaining freshness and taste can be a challenge.

I and my parents have lived for a long time. My parents are civil servants, working full time for the government from Monday to Friday. They leave as early as 7 am to go to work and for this reason, they never have much time for cooking and other home chores. I was always left to cook food, warm leftovers, and ensure that the kitchen is tidy. These routines have already become the norm.

Sometimes, as I face all these alone, I use to forget to get the food warmed especially the ones that could not enter our medium-sized freezer. This automatically makes the leftover food waste. My parents never complained about this rather, I always receive my daily appreciation from them. A few months ago, something happened that changed the whole narrative.

My younger sister came back with something that changed the narrative, especially concerning our leftover food. She came back from school for the holidays with something that is enough to help us save food and yet keep it fresh. Since her arrival, she has been the site of attention from my parents. My parents now consider her as a bills saver, they see her as a solution to their long-time worry, something that borders them but they never told me about it.

But how can’t she be over-valued when she came home with something that now helps the family save foods for days without wasting the food. Which parent is that wicked not to value such especially now that everything is costly. The cost of foodstuffs increases per day. Sincerely, I never thought about this device, and the amount it can help the family save until it arrived. It is worth having by all home. My sister has received a special space in my parents’ heart since then, even more than I do but I am not worried because she offered a solution that really works and helps me out in my daily routine.

At first, when she came with it and mentioned the name as Save Sealer, I was wondering if it really works or just a device she came by online simply because it is making the trend now in the US, UK, Israel, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and around the globe.

Really, it works and here in this article, I will walk you through the step by step ways of using this device. I will let you know the cons and the pros of this device, I will also let you know what others around the globe are saying about this device. I will offer you all you need to come to the conclusion either to shop save sealer or not.

Kindly go through these Save Sealer reviews to the end as there are tips and information you can only get here because I am writing from first-hand experience.

Let’s continue with the review.

Sealed food stuff by vacuum sealer

What is save sealer bag?

Save sealer or vacuum sealer as the name is either called, is a handheld vacuum sealer that works best to retain the freshness and taste of fruits, food, and vegetables while keeping the storage safe for a long time through BPA-free-air-tight sealer bags. It can also ensure more space for more food storage in our fridge and freezer. This Save Sealer review is comprehensive to help you out.

By this, the freshness of veggies, food, fruits, etc, that are kept in the freeze can also be retained. Its importance is not only left to food storage as it can be used for bulk shopping, for containing food while traveling, sous vide-cooking, meal prep, etc. These additional features make it better you compare save sealer vs food sealer. Its use involves many areas which makes it innovational especially with what is happening currently in the world where safety is prime. Anything that can help to save waste is also highly needed.

Components of Savesealer System?

Save sealer is innovatively made of two components which include:

Sealable Plastic Bags

This particular component or part plays a huge role as it is the sealer bag where you put in the foodstuff or whatever you want to seal out for a long period. It works like the Ziploc bags. Sealable plastic bags being the first component, comes in different sizes. Well, I call it the major part of the Save sealer as it contains valves which the second part works on.

The best vacuum sealer in 2020 - Business Insider


The pump is the 2nd component that helps to complete the work of save sealer. It is small in size and helps to join the two open ends of the sealer bags. To get the bag sealed, you need to fix this small-sized pump on the valves and then press the button on the pump. Immediately, you will see how the bag will get clinched with each other and get the food inside sealed.

One good thing about how this pump works is that it removes germs and other possible contaminants away from the food that is inside the bag by removing the air which under normal conditions harbor the germs. By doing these by the pump, the food, veggie, or whatever you put into the sealer bag will have its freshness and taste intact as there is no contaminant that could cause a chemical reaction that will lead to spoiling of the food. Do you now know why I said that this product is innovative?

The first time my sister came home with this and we used it to store food for days, I remember my encounter on the 6th day when I had to defrost it so that I can finish it and prepare a new one. Yes, my sister had told me that food inside the bag can last more than two weeks but I didn’t believe her until when I defrost the food and found it intact.

No change in aroma or the color of the food. That was where I fell in love with Save sealer bags. The bags are also washable, after which you can use them again. This makes it economical to use. The video below shows the use of the two components.

Save sealer reviews

Features to expect from save sealer?

Very simple and easy to use

Save sealer is really simple to use as you don’t need professional qualifications or any special skills to make use of it. If you have ever fixed foodstuff up inside a bag, then you can use it. Get your food prepared, enter it inside the sealer bags, get the valves intact, and press the button to seal it off. That is it, simple and easy. It preserves all kinds of food including dry food, meats, cheese, fruit, or even veggies with great results. It can also help those interested in sous vide cooking, helping them achieve great results.

Raised food quality

The main issue with preservation, irrespective of the method used, is the loss of its ingredients. Like the nutrients are most times lost during the process of storing the food. Save sealer seems to be unique as it retains the flavor and nutrients in the food. How does it do that? It is simple, just prevent oxygen access into the food and there will be no loss of nutrients. Imagine a scenario where you eat crisp, crunchy salads all week long without having to bother about their taste, feel, or looks! Oh yeah, that’s what savesealer was built for. IT will offer you the right taste.

The end has come to the days when the worry is on how to preserve fruits and vegetables as Save sealer can preserve them for days yet retaining their freshness to a reasonable degree. It is more than 3 times what Saran wrap can do. It helps food and fruits stay intact both in taste and in appearance.

Simple and easy to be carried about

Savesealer is very portable, it can be taken to anywhere, to your office, for a conference that lasts for days, for camping, etc. It has a nice design, so it will not look awkward if you carry it about. One of the reasons why it is very portable is its lightweight.

Another good part of it is that it is cordless. So you don’t need to battle with the issue of a long cord. All you need is to charge it 100% before leaving the house for outdoor activities. You can also decide to use it at home. I enjoying listening to songs from my Bluetooth speaker while using it at home. It makes me do the sealing fast.

Save sealer is compact and saves space

This save sealer device helps you put your food in a bag which helps to save space in your freezer. With this device, you can seal up your food and pile them up in your fridge, unlike the other time you need to put them in a container which will cover more space in the fridge limiting the number and amount of food the fridge can contain. With the help of Saver sealer bags and Saver sealer pump, you can now order your food according to your preference.

Getting to file or order your food as you want with more food entering the fridge helps more both to save the food that would have wasted because it did not enter the fridge and also helps you pick up the size you want to eat at a time.


Savesealer helps to save our environment from the non-recyclable plastic contains used for food saving. By using Save sealer, you can use it many times and at the same time while your food taste is intact unlike the plastic containers or Saran wrap. Save sealer makes food fresh and natural. It is a matter of trial today and you will see the uniqueness of Savesealer. You deciding to test this save sealer today can be all you need to make your life greater.

Save Sealer bag reviews

How to use Save Sealer.

It is simple, open the plastic zip and fill the sealer bag with the food content you want to put in into it. After filling the bag up, push out the air in it. After that attach the SaveSealer vacuum sealer and click the button to suck out excess air in seconds. The vacuum sealer will show you when the air is all removed out by stopping automatically. When it stops, you can start putting it into the freezer or fridge.

You food is ready for storage and last up to 10 days with its taste and flavor intact.

Benefits of SaveSealer.

Food Stays Deliciously Fresh:

Savesealer bags and pumps help to seal in freshness, flavor, and nutrients, for more than 3 times the duration for saran wrap or Tupperware. It works like the big, bulky sealers but does not come with the whole difficulties that the bulky sealers present with. Even leftover food tastes delicious with this sealer. Moreover, your monthly bills will also decrease as it saves food from being wasted and itself can be reused.

SaveSealer is very good for Sous Vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers and camping Keeps Food Fresh, Locks In Taste, Preserves Nutrition and most importantly it Saves time & Money. Preserves the taste and freshness of fruit, vegetable, fish, meats, and cheeses. Save sealer helps you save cooked food that you want to eat later.


Another benefit of using this means of preserving food is that it is light and compact, so you can bring it anywhere, including picnics, camping trips, or backyard parties. You can also use SaveSealer for sous vide cooking, saving space in your freezer, traveling, camping, etc.

Minimizes food waste:

It is time to stop allowing your food to waste by stopping the single-use plastic wrap, the BPA-Free reusable bags cut food and vegetable wastes by above 50% and keeps a clean environment. The SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes with large and small bags for you to choose from according to the quantity of the food. You place food in the sealer bag, then connect the bag to the SaveSealer pump. The device seals out oxygen and moisture within seconds

Space Saver:

Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer, or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap. Each SaveSealer purchase comes with reusable BPA-free bags. You can buy a variety of small and large bags for all purposes

The versatile nature of the SaveSealer makes it compatible with several different kinds of foods, regardless of if they are cooked, raw, dry, or wet. Specifically, the website lists grains, meats, seafood, cereals, produce, cheese, soups, nuts, and leftovers. And very importantly, Consumers can reduce the containers multiple times. As they are made of thick and durable plastic, they can be washed and reused repeatedly

Pros of Save Sealer

Saves Money: This device is innovatively designed to decrease food waste and puts an end to single-use plastic wrap. You save money in the long run with one simple product switch.

Eco Friendly: The single fact that these preservation means uses reusable, BPA-free bags, make it simple and easy to live more sustainably in this world that is infection-laden and still lives a quality life.

Delicious Food: Imagine eating crisp, tasty salads that last all week long! That’s the power of the SaveSealer. It barricades food from oxygen, retaining vital nutrients and flavor.

Easy to Use: It is so simple that anyone can use the SaveSealer. All you need to do is to place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle to the bag valve, and push the button to seal. It’s really that easy.

Portable: Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can bring it anywhere, including camping trips, picnics or backyard parties.

Space Saver:Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap.

Uses USB for Charging: You don’t need to face the challenges involved with the use of batteries. All you need is a USB charger, it can be the one you use for your fitness tracker or for your smartphones. Any of them can charge and power the Save sealer.

Works for any sort of food: The Save Sealer can be used to preserve cheeses, fruits, vegetables, meats, or dry foods. It is durable, and with BPA-Free bags, it can also be used to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking every time. The SaveSealer offers a helpful and compact way to keep any food fresher. The vacuum-sealing mechanism creates a seal about the food that keeps it just as fresh as the day it came home, using heavy-duty bags. You can use SaveSealer to preserve foods you wouldn’t normally be able to preserve. You can seal avocado, for example, and prevent it from going brown. SaveSealer can prevent even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.

The Vacuum Food Sealer is Giving Families a Better Way to Save Food & Money

Now, you can enjoy fresh food anytime without the hassle of plastic wrap and containers.

The SaveSealer is small enough to fit in a drawer, but powerful enough to quickly suck out every drop of air from bag-saved food. Meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days!

Whether you buy food in bulk for storage, like to prep meals for the week or enjoy Sous Vide cooking, this incredibly versatile system allows you to handle food YOUR way without the waste.

Image of Save sealer pumps

Cons of SaveSealer

  • One very important drawback is that bags are fragile and can tear easily.  Even the smallest hole can compromise the quality of the seal and cause food items to spoil.  Keep in mind that oxygen is the number one thing to avoid when storing foods for the long-term.  Oxygen is what bacteria and other microorganisms need to start to degrade food.  Consequently, if you accidentally tear bags, you will need to consume the product as quickly as possible. 
  • Bags are also more prone to being chewed open by rats, rodents, or other scavengers.  You will most likely need to find a container for storing the bags in order to keep them from view.

Save Sealer Price

The Save sealer bag is very budget-friendly. The price of one save sealer bag is 39.99$. There are other price options available when you check at the official save sealer website. There is also Save sealer Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc, but the save sealer bag price is more affordable at the save sealer website.

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. So it will be best to buy now so that you will enjoy the offer supposing you’ve made up your mind to buy.

Where to buy Save Sealer Bags?

The SaveSealer is NOT available in physical stores. You can only buy it online from the original supplier here. Order now with the link below and get an exclusive 40% off while supplies last. Don’t wait- it’s been difficult to keep this on the shelves!

Saver Sealer Video Review

Save Sealer Reviews Customers’ Reports

From many verified Save sealer bags users who reviewed it and are humans like you and me, below are what they have to say.

I like how sustainable this resuable bag is. It made me get rid of my bulky sealing machine and helped me cut my weekly meal preparation in half. I love its small size and how fresh it makes my meal remain.

Ardena Hoover on May 27, 2020

Having children is great however, there can be some stress if things are not made to be easy for the family. With m 3 kids, I try as much as possible to find easy, fast, efficient and convenient ways to work in my kitchen. When it comes to saving space and preserving food, this system is the best I’ve used so far. Savesaver is mum approved!

Andrea Horner May 28, 2020

The quality is superb and they close very easy. I feel so good eliminating one more single use plastic from my home by doing away with disposable ziploc bags.

B. Ruiz August 5, 2020

Save Sealer Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Are the save sealer bags reusable?

The bags are produced using thick, durable, BPA plastic. They can be washed and used countless times.

Does savesealer require batteries?

No, they come wit their own USB cable for easy plug-in charging

Do save sealer actually work?

The vacuum bag keeps whatever you store in it airtight. Once your food does not come in contact with air, moisture cannot evaporate and this makes it an incredible barrier for putrefying agents. Vacuum sealing increases the shelf life of your food. When you preserve your food using vacuum sealer, it preserves it 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags

Can vacuum sealer bags be put in microwave?

Of course, you can heat up your cooked meals in a vacuum sealer bag but it’s not advisable to cook or warm up raw foods in a microwave. For persons who may want to heat up food in the microwave, you will have to cut one portion of the bag before putting it in the microwave in order for the steam to escape out of the bag

It is also not in your best interest to microwave foods that contain oil since oil can get very hot easily. Heating food in a sealer bag can overheat the bag and when this occurs it could cause the end portion of the bag to join back together or it could lead to explosion which would instantly mess up the interior of your microwave.

How to fix the broken vacuum sealer bags?

If you notice a hole in your bag, it means the air will constantly seep into your food and this is not good in any way. You have a few options to fix this. First, you have to examine the bag to check for obvious holes and wrinkles that might have caused the leakage. If air is getting through, you can cut open the bag and seal it again further up the open end of the bag. Moisture may even prevent the bag from sealing up properly.
In this instance, you just need to wipe a clean paper towel over the area of the bag to be sealed and the paper towel absorbs the moisture. However, it’s quite unfortunate that if the bag gets punctured, you will have to replace the bag with a new one

How safe are vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum sealer bags are completely safe. However, quality varies from brand to brand, so check that the brand you are using is very appropriate for the purpose it is used for. For instance, can it be microwaved, does it withstand the chillness of the freezer, can the bag withstand the heat of up to 100 degrees?
These are some of the basic questions you can get from the best vacuum sealer bags. Most if not all of the vacuum sealer bags are also BPA-free

Conclusion on Save sealer food bags reviews

I am glad you have carefully gone through this review and can make use of the Savesealer device very well now. You no longer need to worry about your food and how to preserve it not to spoil. You can now follow the steps below to get your save sealer:

  1. Click the blue-button below to make the order.
  2. When the order comes, charge it up and use it according to the short video I have provided for you above.
  3. Start to enjoy your fresh and tasty food irrespective of the number of days it lasted.

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