SleepLab review 2021: Is this the best snore stopper?

sleep lab review

Sleeplab review has a great solution to snoring or just a hype? the answer to this question will be made by you at the end of this review. Sleep lab Anti Snore device is a special product in the world of technology. It is well known for how it arrests snoring in an innovative way. it has a way of working using its magnetic-function system to stop snoring, mostly at night when it is best placed over the chin.

In my today’s review, I will be taking you through everything you need to know about this innovative anti snore device including telling you my own life experience in the hands of snoring. Without mincing words, the worst sickness to have is snoring disorder. Physically you look healthy but only you know the level of dejection and rejection that you suffer in the hands of loved ones and people in your family circle.

I know many may still have similar issue as I did and that is why I am here with this holistic review geared towards giving you the panacea you deserve. Stay tuned and enjoy the whole reviews.

Remedies I have tried!

To get a baseline measurement of how much I was snoring without any intervention, I have taken many diets to lose weight as it was said to be one of the risk factors of snoring, I also have created my own space where I sleep in my room as a means to avoid the constant issue I have with my family members. I was also told in one of my checkups with a doctor to always raise my head or the head of my bed while sleeping. I have also used different Nasal strips and other external nasal dilators.

On many occasions, I have also treated nasal congestion or obstruction. I had also to avoid alcohol and sedatives. Quit smoking. all both in a bid to stop snoring and to also get enough sleep. but the truth is that none of this remedial intervention was able to offer a complete solution. I was lucky one day to have friend who has had terrible encounter with snoring but is no longer snoring. so he introduced me to SnoreLab (iOS, Android), a highly rated app that listens for snoring sounds, records clips, and analyzes your resting audio.

What is sleepLab anti snore device

SleepLab anti-snoring device is magnetically-functioning to stop snoring. It was designed to work with iOS and Android in order to give a full record of how we sleep at night. It functions by stimulating the respiratory muscles when one is sleeping and make breathing quiet and gentle. Brief anatomy of snore has it that it occurs when the respiratory muscles and laryngeal musculature become slack resulting in a blockage of the airwaves.

This way, the air has to get into the body, and as one breathes heavily, sounds are generated. Sleep Lab Anti Snore has been designed to help relax the muscles and keep them active through the night so that your breathing is in optimal condition void of snoring and makes you sound when you are awake. Also, Sleeplab is a unique approach against snoring, and I must confess, the product is taking the company that produced it to a new level.

Specifications of SleepLab

Working mode:S/T
Material: ABS + PC
Type: Snore stopper
Pulse range: 10-1500 Hz
Continuous working time:0-15 hours
Power adapter: 3.7V / 80mAh
Net weight: 10G
System supports: Android 4.3 or IOS
Package contents:– 1 stopper
– 10 patches to stick the device on the skin
– 1 USB cable
– 1 charging station

SleepLab Anti Snore Technical Features

Magnetic Function

This is the major thing that helps this magnetic device to perform its ultimate function. With this feature, it delivers electromagnetic impulses to the user’s laryngeal muscle. This makes stimulation to start immediately when they start snoring. This device has a way of automatically adjusting the intensity of snoring with the help of the magnet.

Compatible with a Smartphone

This unique snore stopper comes with a mobile application that helps to monitors your sleep behavior and analyzes the data collected. You can also control the gadget with your smartphone and change settings as needed. You can even record your sleep, as well as your breathing pattern all through this device.

sleep lab reviews
sleep lab review

Long Battery Life

It takes approximately two hours for the battery to charge 100%. After full charge, it is expected to last at least 15 hours. This means you can use it for two days (assuming you sleep for 7 to 8 hours) without having to recharge it.

Easy Usability

Unlike most other products, this SleepLab Anti Snore device is easy to use. Attach the magnetically-functioning electrodes under your chin, turn it on and go to bed. Once you start snoring, the product will deliver electromagnetic impulses that will instantly stop the snoring.

It is also important to note that the device won’t fall off as you sleep. It is also comfortable, soft, allergy-free, and made of premium quality material. This is why it is the best anti snore currently on the ground.

The uniqueness of the sleeplab anti-snore device.

sleep lab review
sleep lab review

Unlike other anti snore devices, I have no doubt that this particular anti snore gadget will relief and cure you of snoring just as it did in my own case. The efficacy of SleepLab device is in its ability to detects snoring activity and use its micro impulse that stimulates muscle contraction to keep airways open. Another uniqueness of this gadget is easy to use nature; you can wear it within two seconds. It has also a sticky nature in that one you put it o, it will not fall of your chin.

This review is strictly from personal experience and I can tell you that since I started using this device I have not seen it move away from the position I placed it before sleeping. good enough, it works in combination with iOS and android phones to monitor sleeping behavior, so you do not need another person to be the judge of your sleep. all you need is to buy it and see for your self.

Why is it needed

In case you snore, it is not really out of place as available research has it that one out of every five adults snores. It is good to know that it is just a product of resistivity laryngeal muscles which are badly relaxed to the extent that they block the air way to unwanted noise when one is sleeping producing the irritating sound you called snore.

Snoring in some people may be louder than in others, but in all, it is one of the worst health challenge to ignore.

Before we go further I would like to point out that at nights some people have undue breaks in sleeping. there become uncontrollably awake on intervals. This is called sleep Apnea. it is different from snoring in that it has no basic cure for now. While Snoring depends basically on any anti snore that can relax the muscle for air to pass normally.

For this reason, the magnetically functioning snore stopper, Sleeplab, is really the best you need to relax your muscles at night while sleeping. Mostly because it helps you to improve your breathing during the night and brings peace of mind to your sleep and that of your partner. As we know, good sleep is medicinal.

This continuous stimulation of the respiratory muscles every night has a resultant effect as it will make normal breathing to return automatically. Your muscles will not relax so much that they block your breathing and respiratory system and you can sleep normally without a device. The above reasons make up why you need it.

Contents of sleeplab anti-snore package:

sleep lab review
sleep lab review

The package contains

  1. 1 Snore Stopper,
  2. 1 USB Cable,
  3. Ten patches for sticking the device under the chin
  4. And one charging station.

Rating and recommendations

Normally, it is hardly to everyone including me to believe that a small device can be pin under the chin and it will not fall of f during sleep and that it will help to stop sore and give me peace of mind while sleeping. sounds incredibly true. but it is true! It can manage your night snoring completely and offer you free breathing problems.

This device has been recommended by medical luminaries as the antidote to snoring, which has the potential of causing heart and other organ-related diseases. it is tested and trusted through high ratings. It can be used by any one having snoring disorder.

Sleeplab test

when compared with other snoring aids or devices, the Sleeplab has an excellent ability to keep the laryngeal musculature and respiratory muscles in motion at night. Just as I said early, most of the muscles in our body, except the muscles of heart, relax at night during sleep. As the muscles of respiration often relax at night, causing snoring.

By means of magnetic-electronic impulses and vibration, the musculature remains intact and does not over relax to cause snoring. This anti snore is activated when a snoring attack is triggered in order to act directly on the respiratory impulses. Permanently, this treatment can cause the muscles to be moderately stimulated that they remain active at night.

sleeplab experience

This anti snore gadget is worth a trial. I understand the feeling I had the first time I was told that I need to fix it on my chin for my snoring predicament to vanish but I am glad today that I accepted the advise and today I am snore free as air.

With a Bluetooth function, you can use your smartphone to check your breathing and sleep, and see how effective this snore stopper is and how it improves your health.

pros and cons

The benefits of this device cannot be overstated, below are some of the advantages of buying it now. Also, everything that has advantage also has its disadvantages. So, below is also some of the cons of this device.


  • Really help you sleep better
  • Easy to use device
  • Has a mobile app to help you understand your sleep patterns
  • Battery last 15H
  • There is currently a 50% discount promo


  • Can only be bought online
  • If the stock is low, you may wait up to 2 weeks for your order.
  • Not a treatment for sleep apnea.

what our customers has to say:

sleep lab review
“I was afraid that it would be uncomfortable during night. I couldn’t be more wrong. Once you place it you realize how lightweight it is. It stays in place throughout the night with no problem and works amazing.”
sleep lab review
“I couldn’t believe how good it works! And it’s so small and light! I can’t even feel it but the results are amazing. I used to wake up from my own snoring. Now, I feel so refreshed and well-rested that I can enjoy my everyday activities like never before!”

where can I order for sleeplab device:

Fortunately, SleepLab can be purchased via the official website of the manufacturer or supplier and not on other platforms or in online shops or pharmacies. This prevents you from falling for counterfeits and ultimately not acquiring the original product.

Because you love to give back to our readers, we’ve contacted the manufacturer and obtain some sweet deals for anyone how wants to purchase SleepLab, through our links.

1. 30-day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

The faith it has in its product is immense, and it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. In addition to its amazing benefits stated above, people also get this product because of the SATISFACTION GUARANTEE that comes with it. It simply means that when you purchase this product, make use of it and is not satisfied or happy with the way it works, you can send it back to the company and you will be refunded instantly.

2. Exclusive 50% Discount

It also gives an exclusive offer 50% discount.

3. Free Shipping

The company provides free shipping to the buyers that get the device during this special discount period.

Frequently asked questions on SleepLab review

Is Sleeplab Safe to use?

Sleeplab is very safe to use and it does not give any side effects at all. It is basically used externally on the chin.

How long do I have to use Sleeplab?

We advise you to use this for up to 2 weeks.

Does sleeplab snoring device work?

Sleeplab snoring device works very well against your snoring problem. If you still have any doubt regarding this, please read the complete review.

what will be my fate if it over stimulates my muscles?

This anti snore device only comes in place when you start snoring. It only comes to moderately stimulate your muscles to act in its normal way to avoid snoring. so it does not over stimulate. Even if it is over stimulate, it only makes it possible for your muscles to start being stimulated automatically.

Conclusion on SleepLab reviews

In summary, I have provided you with all the necessary tips you need to know about snoring and the best anti-snore device that can help you. It may not give you 100% relief from snoring but it will relatively lower the way you snore until you gain up hand control of the situation. It is simple to use, very affordable, does not require a doctor’s recommendations before use, and also does not depend on a doctor’s description for you to buy.

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