Soloforce Reviews 2021: the best buy power bank?

soloforce reviews

Soloforce Reviews:

Has your phone battery gone flat at the point you need it most? Yes, mine had on one occasion gone flat at the time I needed it most. That was during my final year defense. I was trying to hold my hands on a few final research to back up my claims and the next thing I saw was zero percentage and the next moment my phone could not power on again.

That day was a horrible one, even till now, I still don’t know how I manage to survive the whole situation. Had I known I could have bought a power bank before hands instead of running myself into such issues. If I had a power bank, all I could have done is just to pull it out and connect it to my phone with my type c cord and in no time my phone would have been powered up to the capacity that I can use it.

What about a friend that had a power bank yet was disappointed? Could it be that he bought the fake one? Of course, both of us know the answer and know how easy it is to buy fake electronic gadgets especially if it is not coming from well known or established online store.

In this review, I will let you known what power bank is, Its advantages, and then tell you all you need to know about the Soloforce power bank. The reason why I am reviewing this power bank is that out of other power banks I laid my hands on, this one satisfied my needs most especially its power capacity.

What is a Power Bank?

Like the name suggests, it is like your normal bank in the sense that you put in money when you have more than you can spend and you withdraw money when you need and have less cash to spend. Unlike the money bank. Power Bank is a portable device that helps you save up electric power when their electricity and when your gadgets like phone, lanterns, etc, are down you use the charged power bank to charge those devices up. All you need is to charge the power bank whenever there is light and when you do not have light, it will charge your device. Amazing, right?

What do you need to make a Power Bank work?

To enjoy the tonnes of advantages that come with power bank, you need to have it charged. It is best to charge your power bank to full(100%). This will help you more if you are on a journey or if your power supply will take time before it will be restored. Apart from a well-charged power bank, you also need a fast-charging USB cord probably a type-C cable.

This will help to lessen the amount of power consumed from your power bank while getting your phone charged in no time. If you have these two things mentioned above, you are good to go. And if your power bank is original, it can last for days depending on the electric power capacity.

Types of power banks

Well, there are no predefined types of power banks, but for this interest of this review, I will like to divide it into three main categories. One is the conventional one which is everywhere and can be used to power any device that is down. It comes in different power capacities and cost depending on what your test is like.

The second group is the wireless charging power bank; this one does not need a direct connection with the device through cable, unlike the conventional type. You need to place the device within the provided space on top of the power bank and you will see your device charge. This type of power bank helps in charging earbuds and some smartphones made with Qi software. It also has the capacity to charge more than one device at a point in time.

The last one in this category is the solar enabled type. It depends basically on the photovoltaic ability of the sun to power certain device. Of all the types of power banks, it charges slowest and may not charge all device as it depends on the ability of it to convert sunlight into electric energy and then make it enter the electronic device like phone that is connected to it.

What do I check to know the best power bank?

In choosing a power bank, there are majorly three things to consider as listed below:

Price: of course you will have your budget. Before you go to buy you tell your self the price of power bank you want to buy. You need to understand that your price has a way of determining the charge capacity or the number of times you can use the power bank to charge your phone before recharging your power bank.

Voltage Capacity of the power bank: It is very important to consider the input and out capacity of the power bank you intend to buy. The higher the ampere, the better for you. the higher the output voltage, the better for you. Please note that some of those power banks may not carry the original power voltage, so do not be carried away with what they want to offer you at a very cheap cost. This is exactly what happened to a friend whose power bank disappointed when he needed it most.

He thought that the charge capacity left with the power bank’s internal battery is still like what was indicated on the surface, not knowing that there is barely any more charge in it. To avert this issue, I advise you to buy your power banks from online stores where you can be offered a return warranty and other possible promos advantages. To also enjoy the high voltage and charge capacity, you may need a fast charge capable or cord that will connect the power bank with your phone.

Portability: The next thing to consider after the cost and charge capacity of the power bank, is how simple it is to carry it about. You may want to carry it out for camping within days, or even when going for a conference or for your casual party where you would not want your phone or other devices like your earbuds to go down. So portability is very necessary if you are to enjoy your power bank.

You can now add more of what to expect from power banks but the above are the must-be for you to enjoy the power bank.

Today, I will be telling you about a trending power bank called SoloForece Power bank; why you should buy it and why you may not buy it. Kindly go through this review, you can use the table of contents if possible and do not make up your mind until you have completely read this review. You know why? You will find out when you are done reading this review.

soloforce reviews
soloforce reviews

What is SoloForce Power Bank?

SoloForce solar power bank is beautifully designed, having a classic build and outlook. Unlike the bulky and unattractive power banks usually available in the market, this sleek power bank has a very modern and nice body. The best part about this power bank is that it does not require a wire connection or port to be charged; the power bank uses sunlight as a source of energy to charge itself. Just leave the power bank under the sun, and it is good to go.

SoloForce is a portable charger that can quickly and efficiently power up phones, laptops, and tablets. SoloForce is a wireless solar power bank that keeps the devices connected using the most economical power source: the sun. The most recognized gadget reviewers have tested other power banks and they mention this is the most value-packed device on the market. Consumers will never have to worry about getting stranded somewhere with a dead battery again. All they have to do is connect their device to the SoloForce power bank and it will be up and running in an instant.

The device has a LED solar indicator that indicates whether the power bank is charging or not. The power bank’s texture is rubberized which makes it easy to grip and carry around with no fear of breaking it. The device also comes with a carry loop, to enable users to quickly hook or attach the power bank to their bags or wherever. As per the official website, the SoloForce power bank is a powerful charger carrying 20,000 mAh of battery power storage. Once the device is fully charged, users can easily keep their phones charged throughout a day, or instantly charge their phones on the go.

The SoloForce power bank charges using solar power, so forget worrying about charging it especially when in desperate need of a boost. It is compact, durable, and can be easily stored anywhere for convenience. It has three charging ports, two of which are fast charging. It can easily charge up to four devices at once with one of the wireless charging capabilities found on top of the device when placed on a flat surface.

The LED light provides strong illumination whenever users need it. This can be especially useful when walking back to the car or home at night. The light is so bright; it cannot be missed. To top it off, SoloForce is currently being sold at a 50% discount price.

The power LED of the device is bright and powerful, having many functions. The LED light can last up to 70 hours, so it is great for emergencies or power outages. In short, the powerful device looks classy, packs a lot of power, is easy to carry around, and can be charged with sunlight without requiring a charging port or wire.

soloforce review
soloforce review

Specifications of SoloForce

mAh battery capacity20, 000 mAh lithium-ion battery
Waterproof and shockproofIt has an IP66 level of waterproof rating which also makes it shockproof
Inbuilt LED panelIt has an inbuilt light panel of 786 lumens.
Light modesIt comes in three different light modes which include: still, SOS and strobe.
Light durationThe LED light panel can last up to 70 hours none interrupted, especially under emergency.
Voltage output5V 1A/ 2.1A
Input voltageDC 5V/ 1A
Dimensions its dimension is 2.7 X 0.7
CoverIt is made of a silicone protective cover
DesignSleek and modern design
CompatibilityIt is universally compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC
Charging softwareIt has Qi wireless charging ability
Number of USB ports3 USB ports that can be in use at the same time.
Type of power bankSolar but also has wireless charging features.

Component of Solofocre package?

The most important component of what you will see when you inbox the delivery s the Soloforce instructional manual. With this manual, you will get to see extra tips concerning the best use of this wireless power bank. It can be your best fall on especially when it seems the power bank needs some technical support. The package also includes a charging cable for those who want to charge their smartwatches and smartphones through a regular wire connection.

Features of SoloForce Power Bank

As outlined on the official website, this device has some great features which show it as one of the best power banks available on the market. That being said, below are the defining features of this power bank:

  1. Huge storage power: Compared to other power banks, this one has a lot of battery storage power. It has 20,000 mAh stored, which means you can charge your phone repeatedly for the entire day without having to worry about the power bank running out of power itself. You will be able to charge your phone at least 7 times over before the power bank dies. SoloForce is a top end one, a feature that is evident from the batteries it uses. The device uses 74Wh of LiPo batteries which are much safer. So much so that you can even travel with them. There is a reduced risk of it catching fire.
  2. Enables Wireless charging: You have the option to either charge your phone by connection it to a cable or charging it wirelessly by placing it on the illuminated Qi wireless charging pad. The best part is that wen charging it wirelessly, you will not have to worry about the charging being slow. Qi wireless charging feature allows them to place a compatible phone on the device’s pad and let it charge without a hassle. It is a perfect way to quickly refresh the battery and prolong the phone’s uptime.
  3. Simultaneous charging of four devices: Aside from the pad for wireless charging, SoloForce has three USB ports that can be used simultaneously. So in total, this power bank can charge four devices at the same time. Most users will probably never need to do that, but it is a nice option. Of course, some customers may wonder if SoloForce is powerful enough to sustain four devices at once. The answer is yes, although it is small, this portable charger has a huge battery capacity.
  4. Multiple connection options: For input, the device features both a micro USB slot and a Type C USB slot to support more recently launched phones. For output the device includes a USB A1 port, USB A2 port and Type C port. The many connection options allow the power bank to connect with several devices if need be. The device also supports both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  5. Waterproof and Shockproof: An excellent portable charger has to be sturdy. After all, it is bound to tumble around in traveling bags a lot. SoloForce fulfills this requirement, and even exceeds it. The power bank can withstand a lot of shaking and bumping, but it is also waterproof. Ultimately, traveling with this charger is entirely hassle and stress free.
  6. Features intelligent overcharge protection: With a stable output, you will able to charge or discharge 800 cycles. This means that SoloForce solar power bank will not leave you with no power in the middle of your day by suddenly discharging. This feature also prevents overcharging as well.
  7. Solar powered battery: Most SoloForce reviews agree that this power bank’s best feature is its ability to charge using the sun’s energy. It is simple; when SoloForce battery dies and there are no wall sockets around, consumer can simply use its solar charging feature. All they have to do is leave it out in the sun for a few hours and they will be able to power their devices once again.
  8. Modern design: This power bank looks futuristic and sleek thanks to its black color. Due to its design, it can easily be mistaken for a smartphone, which is quite fitting. In short, it will not clash with other technology that users own, wand when turned on, it may even provide some mood lighting.
  9. Compatible with almost any device: Whether you have an android, MAC or IOS phone, this power bank supports them all and nearly any type of connection.
  10. Fast Charging: For the modern man who is always on the go, the fantastic power bank is perfect. The high technology used in manufacturing the SoloForce power bank allows it to provide fast charging wirelessly, through solar energy. It is your choice, and you can either charge your phone through a standard charging cable or quick charge it wirelessly at incredible speeds.

How to use SoloForce?

Soloforce is known for its easy and simple use style. Follow the steps below to use your power source effectively.

  • Turn on the SoloForce by clicking the button on the side
  • The device is on when the lights on the back solar panel are turned on
  • These lights indicate how much power the power bank has
  • Peel back rubber cover to reveal 3 USB ports, 2 of which are fast charging
  • Once charging, light indicator changes from red to green to indicate it is charging
  • To turn on the LED light, click side button twice to activate LED lights.
soloforce review
soloforce review

Pros of Using SoloForce

  1. Powerful battery: it can charge a phone up to 7 times
  2. Charge on the Go: it does not waste time to start charging and it can take place anywhere.
  3. Powered by the sun: This is a good alternative as it has a solar powered battery. With the hlp of sun your battery will be charged.
  4. Convenient and quick wireless charging: You don’t need to carry cord where ever you go as it works cordless.
  5. Soloforce comes three USB ports: the advantages of this feature is great. Four devices can be charged at the same time. Better for homes with many users
  6. LED light for illumination: Apart from being a charging device for your smartphones, you can also use the light from it to illuminate dark areas in emergencies or for safety reasons.
  7. Lightning fast charging: with the inbuilt high-velocity technology, your phones get charged so fast, even with multiple devices plugged in.
  8. Completely wireless: You don’t need the stress of lolking for short cables or for the type C fast charging cable as it works cordless. It charges without sacrificing quality, performance or speed.
  9. Compatible with all smartphones: Soloforce is compatible with most smartphones including PC, MAC, Android and iOS.
  10. Ready to use right out of the box: you need not to charge it to 100% before using it. You can even start using right from thcamping canter or conference meeting. If it goes down, you can charge it up with solar or light from sun. It is that simple.
  11. Portable and shockproof making it easy to carry: It has no big size. Very easy for you to carry it about.
  12. Modern and sleek design: It comes in a very ergonomic design which make it very to be carried even in a conference.
  13. User friendly and easy to use: This feature remain a significant reason why it is causing a buzz. Even with the solar charging pattern, it is not complicated. It is still simple to use.

Cons of soloforce power bank

  1. It is only available online. This is to cut down on the extra charges of retailers in selling it.
  2. Stock is very limited: they was almost no product last week but the products are restored now. You can get it as you make your order.
  3. Its power capacity declines over time under persistent usage especially if you did not charge it to 100% before the first time of usage.

What makes SoloForce Unique?

SoloForce charger claims to be an energy friendly invention, allowing users to minimize their electricity use and utilize solar energy to charge their phones. Other power banks take a lot of electricity to charge and are not of any use without a proper electric connection or port.

The device is classy and has an excellent outlook, making it attractive for users and those around them. Who does not want to replace the bulky, unattractive power banks with compact, classy ones after all?

The wireless power bank does not contain cheap batteries or material, as do other power banks in the market. The interior and exterior material used to manufacture the wireless device is of high quality, ensuring users that it will last a long time.

This power bank supports all types of phones as it has multiple charging ports. One can also charge four phones at the same time with this fantastic power bank, making it perfect for families or friends to share and use.

The power bank also has a high power LED that can last up to 70 hours in a go, making it helpful in case of a power outage or emergency.

soloforce review
soloforce review

Why should you buy SoloForce?

It will only take you a change of mind to starting using this power bank for your smartphones. On why you should make the bold steps to buy this great device, there are many reasons why you have to abandon other power banks and go for this. Soloforce is known for its fast charge. You can freely go for camping with it without the fear of losing its charge. All you need to do when the power seem to be low is to put it out on the sun light for it to charge itself. It has many other amazing working, features and design.

Other power banks are very expensive and if you invest in a cheap one, you get a poorly constructed device that may not be reliable and durable. You would not want such low-priced devices that come with low-grade batteries that fail after a certain time of using them.

Furthermore, The low grades come with many issues including charging problems and be outright dangerous. This device is beautiful and properly engineered with the latest and greatest features. Despite this, it is very affordable as well. You can also check out SoloForce reviews below.

Best Place to buy Soloforce?

It certainly no in dispute that SoloForce is the best solar power bank to buy, ut the issue is on where exactly is the best place to place your order. Well, we advise anyone who loves the ease attached with online purchases and its subsequent delivery to always make their order from the manufacturer’s website. Making your purchase from the online store of the manufacturer gives you edge for discounts and to be covered by exchange and return policies.

The manufacturer’s online store will also offer you many options for payment. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards. These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will get your money back without any problems. A further advantage is a fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately.

Soloforce Customer care details

If you would want to track your order or to make an enquiry from the manufacturer of Soloforce, then you can use the Soloforce customer care details below:

Company Name: Able Look Online. Company Address: 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. Email: Phone: Northern America TF: 844 847 0660

Soloforce Price

Soloforce price comes in different ways depending on the number and amount you want. You can also have more discounts depending on the number of products you buy. Below is the price details for Soloforce.

1x SoloForce (Solo Power) at 50% discount is $89.98 + shipping fee $8.95

2x SoloForce (Dual Power Pack) at 50% discount is $179.96 + shipping fee $9.95

3x SoloForce (Tri Power Pack) at 50% discount is $202.46 + shipping fee $10.95 *Recommended Deal*

4x SoloForce (Quad Power Pack) at 50% discount is $269.94 + shipping fee $11.95

There is also a cheaper alternative to Soloforce power bank. If you want to see it, then click to see Winergy power bank.

30 Day Guarantee: SoloForce offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the items back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less the shipping fee.

SoloForce Reviews Customer Reports

Below are what the users of this power bank have to say about the product. They have passed a conclusion on this product.

The charging capacity of this product is amazing and sunlight helps. It wirelessly tops up my iPhone in my purse. This power bank is wonderful as it fits in my purse and goes anywhere. It is strong enough to fast charge my MacBook Pro and my iPhone at the same time.

Kerri M. Seattle, WA

Just plug it in while you sleep and in the morning it is fully charged. Use it for all your electronics. It is convenient and easy to use. This power bank is the best I have had so far. Went to New York with a friend for a few days and it provided enough power to keep our Android phones powered the whole time.

Vanessa A. Amarillo, TX

Very happy with my purchase. This is a great product and the manufacturer really added the extra features. It is well made. Very convenient and high-quality product. It provides a lot of charge for how money it was. And I really like the wireless charging.

Carl J. Baltimore, MD

Soloforce is nice. Even with a lot of use, it will last for days before I have to recharge it. This is well built, slim, and very portable I have used it a lot when camping and it has helped charge my phone with ease. I take it everywhere with me in case I ever need to charge on the go. I hate when my phone battery dies. Not anymore with SoloFore”

Micheal G. Regina, SK

Frequently Asked Questions (SoloForce Review)

How long does it take to fully recharge the SoloForce?

SoloForce takes roughly 2 hours to fully recharge, depending on the power source. The power source here is sunlight and depend on the intensity of the sunlight.

How long will the SoloForce last?

We provide a VIP warranty program that covers your product for life, as well as gives you other free incentives. so it can last at least 5 years depending on usage and on if you charged it before the first usage.

Is SoloForce waterproof?

Yes, SoloForce is waterproof. It comes with IP66 waterproof level which also helps it to be shockproof.

What devices can I charge with SoloForce?

SoloForce charges all the leading smartphones and computers. With your type C charging cable you can easily charge your devices in no time.

Do I have to recharge SoloForce with sunlight?

Yes, it comes with a solar panel that is 70% charged so you need to charge it up to 100% before usage. This helps to prevent unnecessary issues from the power bank. So the solar panel in the Soloforce will help you out once it is well recharged.

Is SoloForce wireless?

SoloForce can charge both wired and wireless devices. For wireless, SoloForce uses the latest Qi fast charging standard to top up your device’s battery fast. You can then use the ports and cables it comes with to use the wired one.

Conclusion on SoloForce Reviews

Soloforce power bank from all indications seems like a good take as it can power your smartphones whether it is Android or iOS. It is also portable and can also power your iPads and Laptops. Unlike other conventional power banks that can only charge your phone highest twice in a single charge, this Soloforce power bank can charge your device up multiple times a day.

With this power bank, you do not need to worry about irregular light supply as it uses solar energy while still offering you the best service. This quality makes it the best of its kind. You can also use it for your camping as it is strong enough to resist smashing even it falls on the roughest surface. Moreover, it is super easy to use with you only having to place your device on it or using the cable to charge it fast. The best part is compared to other devices, it so happens to be affordable and cost-effective.

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