Vacuumer Max Reviews 2021: the best vacuum sealer to buy?

Vacuumer Max Reviews:

Storage or preservation has been an issue for people both at home and in their business. Imagine people that have weekends as the only free time to prepare what they will eat within the week. Consider people that mistakenly cooked excessively for an event.

What about when you decided to buy more meat or vegetable. To preserve this excessive food, what would you do in any of the conditions above? You will tell me that you will put them in your fridge or freezer. Right?

What if it could not enter the fridge due to the size of your fridge, and also due to the plastic container which you may likely be using to store it? What if there is a power outage for 24 hours? Will the food, meat, or vegetable not spoil? So the above issues have been confronting food storage at home and in other places. People continue to device means to ensure that their food lasts up to a week with its freshness and taste intact.

Plastic making companies have also invested much in producing containers of different shapes, enough to contain and save food. The only challenge with this container is that it does not absolutely remove air from its content. This, therefore, deny the content much taste and freshness should it last for long.

Moreover, it can constitute environmental issues as it is not biodegradable and the reusability of those containers may not be appreciated by many. These challenges with a plastic container have made many people continue to search for solutions.

And these brought me to my personal experience with my younger sister who introduced to us at home a storage pattern that is very helpful. The first time I tried this approach of saving any kind of food, I did it with a heavy doubt but in the end, it worked.

This very device she introduced to me is very portable, handheld, and easy for us, and can be reused. Everything at home changed since we started using this device she introduced because it can retain the taste and freshness of food for up to 3 weeks. It is very affordable and there, it is what every home need. The name of the device is Vacuumer Max. Below is a picture of it in action.

vacuumer max

This device is causing a buzz in different countries of the world. Vaccuumer Max is used mostly in the United States, United Kingdom, Columbia, Australia, India, Argentina, Canada, Israel, all around the world as the fastest and most durable natural way of storing and saving food from spoiling. In this vacuumer max review, I will walk you through all the needed information about vacuumer max to enable you to save more space in your fridge and as well keep your food, vegetable, fruit, and meat away from spoiling.

I will also offer you extra tips that you will only get from our platform as we write based on firsthand experience. Please kindly go through this article to end in order to finally make the conclusion on whether to buy or not. Read on!

What is vacuumer Max?

Vacuumer max, as the name implies, is a device that is used to create a vacuum inside a bag where we intend to store our food. It is special in the sense that it removes oxygen from our stored food. We know that oxygen encourages more growth of bacteria in our food thereby resulting in rotting food, meat, fruit, or vegetable.

It is very simple to use as all you need to do is to put your food or whatever you want to store inside the bag, and then use the vacuum pump to suck out air from the bag. Immediately you remove the air inside the bag, your storage will zip up and be ready for storage.

What makes up vacuumer max kit?

This Vacuumer Max reviews is extensive and explains everything about this device. The vacuumer max system includes a plastic vacuumer max bag and a vauumer max pump for the storage to be perfect.  This bag is the main place for your food.

As you pack up your food inside the bag, you will need to remove that air inside the bag in order to create an air-free zone inside the bag. To create this free air zone, you need a vacuumer pump to pump the air inside the bag out.

So both the plastic vacuumer max bag and the vacuumer max pump work together to remove the contaminated air which would have exposed the food to bacteria which cause food to fast decay.

vacuumer max reviews

Vacuumer Max specification

  • It is very compact: this technical feature makes it easy to be used as a handheld vacuum generator. It also makes it easier to be used for removing air out of the vacuumer max bag. This compact design makes it very portable and can be taken to anywhere at any time. Just pick it up and into your traveling bag, whether you are going on camping, to the beach, or for any other event.
  • Comes with zipper bags that are BPA-free: It comes with about 10 plastic vacuumer max bags which will help you save money after buying the vacuumer max. Like, you will not be worried about where to get the bags as they are there with you in the delivery box. These plastic bags are nice as they are reusable. Wash it and use it again. With this quality, you will use the follow-come bags for months without the need to get new bags.
  • The button is responsive: Vacuumer max is easier to use as you will find a button at the bottom end of it. As you want to suck the air out of the bag, after pining the nozzle of the pump to the ends of the bags. Press the button to suck the air out of the bag. What will show when the air is totally removed is that the bag will suck into itself. As soon as the bag sucks in, you are done and your food is ready for storage. It is fast because the button you need to press is very responsive.
  • Has a rechargeable battery: A nice technical feature of this vacuumer max is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. This battery can be recharged with the same charger as your medical watches or phones. It uses a USB charger for charging. It also does not take much time to get fully recharged. When fully charged the battery is also good as it lasts very long before it will completely be discharged while in usage. With the power on and off button in this device, you can also save battery life by always powering it off after use and turning it on while in use only.
vacuumer max bags
  • Has a nozzle and bag that are easy to clean: From what you have read, you can reuse the bags and the pump. To reuse the bag, there is a need to wash it and get it clean for the next food packaging. This washing also applies to the nozzle of the pump which needs to always be clean. These two parts of this vacuum generator are very easy to wash and the stain in them does not get to stick on them due to the design of the vauumer max which is resistant to stain.

Features of Vacuumer max

  1. Generates the vacuum automatically: Vacuumer Max system is made in such a way that as you finish packing up your leftover food, fruits, vegetable, meat, or any other thing you want to store inside the plastic vacuumer max bag, you will only need to press a button and the whole air in the bag will be sucked out. As soon as it is sucked out, your package will be ready and can be taken to anywhere while its freshness and taste remain intact. You don’t need much effort to create an air-free zone inside the bag.
  2. Prevents food wastage: One great feature of this bag is its ability to stop whatever you put into it from spoiling. It can save its content up to 5X the normal duration without any change in the color and quality of the food inside it. You can always take out the package you want to eat as the plastic vacuumer max bags come in different sizes making it possible for you to save your food as you would want to eat them.
  3. Easy to use: With a press of a button, your food is already saved. It is similar to putting foodstuff into a bag, and zipping it with a handheld vacuum generator which helps suck out the air.
  4. Very safe to use: It is washable and reusable and the main target of this natural way of preserving food is to keep bacteria off from the stored food. So it is highly safe for consumption.
  5. Very portable and compact: You can freely carry this device about to anywhere without it weighing you down as the weight is less than a kilogram.
  6. Retains food quality: unlike other food storing method, this natural way of preserving food retain the freshness and taste of food irrespective of the duration. The last one I used lasted up to 12 days and that 12th day, there was no obvious change in either color or taste of the food. Everything was very intact without any sort of freezer burns.
  7. Saves space in our fridge: Unlike the plastic container that will take up many spaces for itself, this vacuumer max works very well in the opposite. You will pile and file your food inside your freezer, and any time you need to eat, you will pick out which one you want. It saves a lot of space for other things like drinks to also be in the fridge. Vacuumer max bags come in different sizes making it possible for you to store your food in sizes which helps you rationalize which one you need at the moment and the one you do not need at the moment.

Benefits of Vacuumer Max

  • Saves leftover food: This vacuumer max is really incredible as it saves both fresh and leftover food up to a reasonable time frame.
  • Stops food from rotting: With this device, your food can last as long as possible without rotting.
  • Can be used for a variety of foods: It works for all kind of food, soup, meat, fruits, vegetable, veggie, etc.
best cheap vacuum sealer
  • It is very portable: As a result of its portable nature, you can use it at home and outside the home for packaging purposes.
  • Easy and simple to use: You do not need professional acumen or any special skill of any sort to be able to use this device. All you need is to press the button when you finish filling the back.
  • Generates a vacuum easily: It all works automatically and a vacuum is created inside the bag. All you need is to ensure the bag is not leaking, fill up the bag with whatever you want to store, then press the button on the vacuumer max pump and an air-free zone will be created inside the bag.

Pros and cons of vacuumer max

Every product that is up for sale has both positive and negative sides. These two factors helps to modify and maximize the better use of any device. So below are the pros and cons of vacuumer max. I am bringing these to your knowledge to help you enjoy the use of this device.

Pros of vacuumer max

  • Saves Money: The efficient vacuumer max design helps to decrease waste of food and puts an end to single-use plastic wrap. One simple product switch will help you save more money.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The vacuumer max system features reusable, BPA-free bags that make it easy to live more sustainably in a clean environment without sacrificing the quality of life.
  • Delicious Food: Imagine eating crisp, tasty salads that last all week long! That’s the power of the vacuumer max. It barricades food from oxygen, retaining vital nutrients and flavor.
  • Easy to Use: Anyone can use the vacuumer max. Place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle to the bag valve, and push the button to seal. It’s really that simple.
  • Portable: Since the vacuumer max is light and compact, you can bring it with you anywhere, including camping trips, picnics, or backyard parties.
  • Space Saver: Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer, or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap.
latest vacuumer max review
  • Multi-purpose: There are many kinds of food you can preserve with this vacuumer max system. You can use the vacuumer max to preserve cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats, or dry foods. The durable, BPA-free bags can also be used to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking every time. The vacuumer max offers a helpful and compact way to keep any food fresher. The vacuum-sealing mechanism creates a seal about the food that keeps it just as fresh as the day it came home, using heavy-duty bags. You can use vacuumer max to preserve foods you wouldn’t normally be able to preserve. You can seal avocado, for example, and prevent it from going brown. vacuumer max can prevent even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.
independent vacuumer max review

The Vacuum Food Sealer is Giving Families a Better Way to Save Food & Money. Now, you can enjoy fresh food anytime without the hassle of plastic wrap and containers. The vacuumer max is small enough to fit in a drawer but powerful enough to quickly suck out every drop of air from bag-saved food.

Meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days! Whether you buy food in bulk for storage, like to prep meals for the week, or enjoy Sous Vide cooking, this incredibly multipurpose device allows you to handle food your way without the waste.

Cons of vacuumer max

  • One very important drawback is that bags from some brands can be fragile and can tear easily.  Even the smallest hole can compromise the quality of the vacuumer max bag and cause food items to spoil. Remember that the main function of this saving method is to keep against oxygen and contaminated air. Oxygen is what bacteria and other microorganisms need to start to degrade food.  Consequently, if you accidentally tear a vacuumer max bag containing cooked food, you will need to consume the food as soon as possible. If you tear a bag containing raw products, all you will need to do is to change to another bag. lThe bag must be intact without compromise.
  • Bags are also more prone to being chewed open by rats, rodents, or other scavengers.  You will most likely need to find a container or safer place for storing the bags in order to keep them from view.

How to Use Vacuumer max:

Below are the basic steps you will follow to store your food with these bags:

  • Open the plastic vacuumer max bag and get it filled with what you want to store.
  • Pin up the open ends with the nozzles of Vacuumer max
  • Pin Vacuum Pump over the circle on the bag and gently press the bottom button.
  • The vacuum pump automatically stops working when the air in the bag is emptied.

How does Vacuumer max work?

Vacuumer max works in a simple way. Air is easily contaminated with germs which on their own cause food to rot. The exact mechanism of this device is to suck the air out of this bag thereby offering an absolute vacuum to the content of the bag. This is really a natural way of preserving food and does not pose any health threat.

Food sealed this way keeps fresh 5 times longer than if it would have been kept in a bag with a zipper because bacteria can’t develop very fast in an environment without oxygen. Sealing food also makes it possible to avoid freezer burns that occur as a result of moisture. So your food is both airtight and moisture tight.

vacuumer max review uk

Vacuumer max reviews Customer report

vacuumer max is very good to use, it saves many of my leftover food. It also saved fruits I didn’t think possible that I can save. I really like it.

Ehrler Donas

I took it on a trip to Spain as I used it to vacuum-pack a Cabrales cheese and Serrano ham, and I was able to get it all safely on the plane afterward. It really makes the delivery of food simple and hassle-free.

Gabriel Kue

I love my vacuumer max, it is just the easiest device and works great. The bags are made from thickly layered plastic that can be washed in the dishwasher. I am especially impressed that the materials haven’t warped or stretched after months of use. Highly recommend this brand.

George Winter

With 3 kids, I’m always looking for convenient, fast ways to work in the kitchen. When it comes to saving space and preserving food, this is the best system I’ve found. vacuumer max is Mom Approved! Cut my weekly meal prep time

Mary James

I got rid of my cumbersome sealing machine and cut my weekly meal prep time in half by using the vacuumer max. I love how small it is, and so easy to use. noticed a huge difference in taste

Dancoca Lizzy

I put vacuumer max to the test after reading tons of 5 star reviews, and I have to say- the reviews don’t lie. I noticed a huge difference in taste, especially with fruits and vegetables.

Johnson H.

Why would someone use a Vacuumer Max?

Vacuumer Max sealer is basically used to extend the shelf life of your foods from just a few days to weeks or even months. Vacuum Max sealers are also a great alternative to a freezer bag when preparing food to be cooked via the sous vide technique.

Extra tips on Vacuumer Max sealer

Below are things you must take note of anytime you intend to maximize your Vacuumer max for all your food. As I provided to get you handy tips that will make your food the best, this section will do justice to it.

  • Automatic, semi-automatic, and handheld: These are the three levels of sealers available. The significance of the type of sealers includes: If what you want is a sealer that will do most of the stealing works for you, then you have to opt for the Automatic type. While if what you want is a little more control from you for more delicate foods, semi-automatic is the best choice. Lastly, handheld sealers have being considered as the best as you have full control over them and it is always compact and portable.
  • Sous vide versus food preservation: If you’re planning on using your vacuumer max sealer for both sous vide preparation and food preservation, you’ll want to go for a heat sealing model, which offers the most reliable, air-tight seal. This feature is very important for the perfect sealing of sous vide cooking.
  • Batch sealing: You can seal as many as possible with a handheld sealer, unlike heat-dependent sealers that you will need to seal in batches. The essence of sealing in batches while using heat-dependent sealers is to ensure cool-down as if it is overheated, it could cause much harm. One advantage is that you are in full control of Vacuumer max and can use it to sell your preservation in one or batches depending on your choice.

Vacuumer Max Price

Right now, consumers can purchase the Vacuumer Max on the official website with several purchase options. All orders include free shipping plus at least 50% discount.

  • 1 Vacuumer Max (59 $/each) Total- $59.00
  • Buy 2 Vacuumer Max, GET 1 FREE (36 $/each) Total- $109.00
  • Buy 3 Vacuumer Max, GET 2 FREE (30 $/each) Total- $149.00
  • Buy 4 Vacuumer Max (32 $/each) Total- $129.00

The Vacuumer Max can be delivered to addresses located worldwide but may take longer if the Vacuumer Max was ordered from a country that will need to go through customs. The delivery times can reach 7 days.

Vacuumer Max Contact Details

Apart from Vacuumer Max, other products like pulse oximeter, Smart scale device, and other home improvement gadgets are also available for sale on its official website; Vacuumer Max Customer Service is also available during certain hours at the following phone numbers and email address:

International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
Brazil: +552135003992, 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Return address: Novads OU Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia

Frequently Asked Questions on vacuumer max Reviews

Is the vacuum max bags reusable?

The bags are reusable as they manufactured using thick, durable BPA plastic. All you need is to wash it and reuse it multiple times as you wish.

Does vacuumer max require batteries?

Vacuumed max comes with inbuilt battery that is charged with a USB. This charger also helps for easy plug-in charging.

Is vacuumer max for Sous Vide cooking?

Yes, the versatility of plastic vacuum max bag makes it possible for it to be used for it. In addition, the bags are BPA-free and multi-layered for health and durability. As well, you’ll receive seal clips for the bags especially for Sous Vide cooking.

What types of food can I save with vacuumer max?

No food is exempted from being preserved with vacuumer max as it can be used to preserve any type of cooked, raw, wet or dry food. This includes marinated meats, fruits, vegetables, herbs, soups, cheese, nuts, leftovers, grains, cereals, sauces, seafood, etc.

Does vacuumer max prevent freezer Burn?

Yes, the main work of vacuum sealer is to effectively remove all oxygen and moisture from food thereby making it stay fresh for a longer time, even in the freezer. You can also use it to store food in the refrigerator and pantry without any freezer burn.

Has anyone used vacuumer max manual pump? How does it work?

 It’s incredibly simple. Get your bag packed up, put the pump on the bag and press the button. It sucks out the air in a second.

What sized bags does vacuumer max come with?

It comes in two sizes: the small and the big. On delivery, you will freely receive 3 small bags and 2 large bags as the starter pack.

Can you get extra bags or replacements for vacuumer max?

Yes. With each time you exhaust the bags you have, you can also place order for more. Before planing to order, make sure to have used the bags at least thrice. But each bag is reusable, you can just wash it

Do vacuumer max actually work?

The vacuum bag keeps your food air-free, so moisture cannot evaporate, making it an excellent barrier from the elements. The shelf life of your food is greatly extended when you vacuum seals it. Vacuum sealing food preserves it 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags.

Can vacuumer max bags be put in the microwave?

Yes, the main thing is will be to allow steam to escape while you heat your food. While you heat cooked food, it is not advised you heat raw food you stored with vacuumer max. t is not advisable to microwave foods that contain a lot of oil, because oil can get very hot.
If a sealer bag overheats in a microwave, it can cause the end portion of the bag to join back together again and, if you heat food in a sealed bag, the bag could explode, which would make a lot of mess inside the microwave.

How to fix the broken vacuumer max bags?

It all depends on the level of damage to the bag. If it is obvious that it cannot be closed up easily, then the best thing is to replace t. the main reason for these bags is to prevent oxygen entrance into the bag. It is the oxygen that contributes to food rotting by bacteria attack. Unfortunately, if the bag has become punctured, you will have to replace the bag with a new one.

How safe are vacuumer max bags?

One thing is that the bags are made by different brands except for the first one you will be given. So the quality of these bags will depend on the brand whose own you are using. Vacuum sealer bags are completely safe. You will need to check that the brand that you are using is suitable for the purpose that you are using it for. You have to consider if it is freezer safe, is microwavable, and is it okay to boil the bag up to 100 degrees? One advantage you will get from these bags is that they are also BPA free.

Conclusion on vacuumer max reviews

Vacuum max is really a portable, compact and very affortdable device that will offer you up to two weaks food storage without any change in colour or taste of the food. It is currenlty the best buy vacuum sealer globally as it involves no special skills and do;es not invove much stress. Your food whether cook or raw are sealed automatical after you press the button.

All you need to start enjoying the good features of vacuumer max is a change of mind to try it today. The steps to get one is outlined below.

  • Click the blue button below to go to the offficail company’s website
  • Fill up your address and other needed information for delivery.
  • finally, await the arrival of your order.
  • you can also track your order through the customer lines below:

International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
Brazil: +552135003992, 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Return address: Novads OU Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia

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