ActiV8 fitness tracker reviews 2022: the best buy tracker?

Since the late 1900s when digital watches came on board replacing the normal wristwatches people normally wear, watches do simple tasks like being used as a calculator, being used in unit conversions, transferring data to and from a computer.

Until lately, these digital watches are the highest and the best tech one could ActiV8 Fitness tracker reviews have for both timepiece and for other simple tasks but the last decade saw the emergence of a hybrid watch, the Smartwatches.

As technology advances, companies that produce watches join the world of the internet of things by releasing watches with smartphone-like abilities. The innovation was widely adopted by the general public. So far, companies like Pebble, Huawei, and Apple have invested billions of dollars in smartwatch production through their smartwatch industry.

These companies have created sleek watches that are used for general purposes. Among them include; Apple watch and most Google-powered Wear OS devices that are capable of notifying you of important events or activities, displaying applications from your phone, capable of playing music and changing tracks and GPS services.

Some other big companies that produce watches narrowed their brand to a particular purpose.

For example, Fenix which produces sensors that are optimized and rugged to supports backcountry expeditions is by a German company, Likewise, Suunto company released smartwatches optimized for scuba diving that withstand extended time at significant depths.

Among all these smartwatch producing companies with narrowed-down purposes, the most popular of them are those companies that produce fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers let you monitor and record your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen intake, daily burned calories, and step counting. Sports and exercise fans know the impact of Fitbit companies on fitness trackers.

For a long time now they have been the go-to if you want to purchase fitness trackers and as a result, mistakes have been noticed. Prices are in the range of $300 and upwards. Because they dominate the fitness tech market, they also do not have to improve on their devices and almost always overcharge customers. 

Hyperstech Fitness company has a vision of access and affordability to all. Access to equipment, tools for everybody, improvements being made all the time, and is continuously working to make it so.

Because of this, their new product Active8 fitness tracker has been designed to give you a clear and precise insight in real-time into everything you need to reach your goals, stay on track, and improve your wellbeing all at an affordable price.

Active8 fitness tracker also has incredible features not seen in any of the other brands of fitness trackers.

Activ8 fitness tracker review will show you how easy it becomes for people to take control of their fitness and wellness life at an affordable rate.

How effective Active8 fitness tracker is, what new features there are, customer reviews of this new product, pros and cons, and above all it will help you make that bold decision: Should I buy Active8 fitness tracker smartwatch or not?

Carefully read this review as it contains tips you may not get elsewhere on how to maximize this Active8 fitness tracker.

Activ8 fitness tracker reviews
Activ8 fitness tracker reviews

Let’s begin.

What is the Activ8 Fitness Tracker?

ActiV8 Fitness tracker, as its name goes, is a special smartwatch in form of bracelets that checks and does analysis on your health to create a health record for you. With the record created, you can monitor most of the vital signs or parameters of your body. It is really a pointer to when we have changes in our body, changes that may require us to see a doctor.

Activ8 fitness tracker is a specially designed bracelet that is waterproof, capable of giving you accurate health analysis, and also able to detect breathing issues while you are sleeping. For its full functionality, it requires a smartphone to be available so that it can connect with its app which is in smartphones. You now understand why I said; we do not need to wait for the big machines to see artificial intelligence.

The bracelet and your smartphone are enough to analyze your heart rate and breathing pattern to detect when things are amiss. The functionality of this watch also extends to swiftly detecting when you start a workout and gives you retroactive credit for the time you missed.

If you want a fully-featured smartwatch that lets you leave your phone at home while at the gym or out for a run, the Activ8 tracker is the one to buy.  But if what Activ8 fitness tracker does is to monitor what is happening in our systems, why should I be concerned about what happens in my system?

We all know that diseases are better handled from when it is still at its beginning stage. That is exactly how most people that would have died of cancer, heart diseases, hypertension which are all deadly were saved and their lives restored to normalcy. Just by getting to know them early enough, their lives were saved.

Knowing when this disease started is difficult except you are using gadgets like this Activ8 fitness tracker which can track your health state and compare it with your record when you are normal to predict accurately whether you should see your physician. If you are conversant with the health parameters, you can make the diagnosis of what is wrong or about to be wrong from the values you get from this tracking device.

One may not understand the importance of such a device until you see someone battling to recover from a heat-related illness. Unfortunately, heart-related issues are rampant with some affected getting to know only when it is almost near incurable. Some even get to know that they are affected by mistake, maybe when the doctor is looking for other causes of the ailment. Activ8 fitness tracker can help notify you early enough of your body changes. The video below gives an overview of this device.

Specifications of Active8 Fitness Tracker

  • Sophisticated Design – physically built like a watch but additionally designed to perform the tracking functions through its crystal touchscreen and discreet displays. It uses an LCD display system for its results.
  • Discreet Display – this device allows you to control the visibility of things in it. Anytime you are not making use of it, the screen will disappear into your device. It is evident on the video display above.
  •  Elevate Wrist Heart-Rate – As a device wearable at the wrist, it constantly monitors the radial pulse which is equivalent to the heart rate, thereby, giving you the freedom to work out with no additional heart rate strap or well monitoring needed.
  • Display size : 0.38″ x 0.76″ (9.6 mm x 19.2 mm). This is enough to offer you full view while remaining so stylish and ergonomic.
  • Fitness Monitoring sensor: get a better insight into your current fitness level using the level of oxygen in your blood and fitness age.
  • Smart Notifications: It can be synchronized with your phone to enable you to see the incoming email, text messages, call alerts, calendar reminders, and more from your compatible smartphone.
  • Audio Prompts: Receive audio prompts from your connected smartphone.
  • Battery: It is made with rechargeable lithium-ion. With this, it is easy to get it charged. It has a follow come charger which is equivalent to the one you use for your smartphone.
  • Activity Tracking sensor: displays steps, calories, distance, heart rate, and intensity minutes. It does these as a result of the inbuilt tracker sensors. It can also use the GPS on your phone to trace your location at a time.
  • Move IQ – no need to start and stop your activity timer, Vívomove HR automatically starts your walking activities and then lets you review your daily activities on Garmin connect.
Activ8 fitness tracker review
Activ8 fitness tracker review

Features of Activ8 fitness tracker

Most people take part in a variety of different activities; from walking or running through to team sports, racket sports, or fitness classes. This tracker allows you to gather data on each one. The data is collected through the wristband, with a detailed analysis of each exercise available through the VeryfitPro App.

Monitor heart rate, calories burned, and much more

Far more than simply a step counter, the ActiV8 collects all the information you need to make an educated guess about your exercise choices. The wristband collects data on calories burnt, heart rate, miles covered, steps taken, and sleep.

This data not only allows you to track your progress on a daily basis but over time you can also spot longer-term trends. Collecting data regularly enables clear accountability and enables you to make appropriate adjustments to speed up progress towards your fitness goals. The information is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format that’s straightforward to access and use.

Take advantage of the VeryfitPro App

Alongside the fitness tracker, you could also benefit from access to the VeryfitPro App. Designed to work with the tracker, information is uploaded and stored on to the App. This allows getting access to longer-term trends to see how statistics have changed over time. The App is available on both Android and Apple smartphones and is included for FREE as part of the fitness tracker package.

Sedentary alarm and auto sleep tracking

Scientific research shows that it’s not just the intensity of activity that is important to health, frequency is also a factor. Sitting for too long has been shown to potentially contribute to significant health issues.

Make sure you don’t lose track of your sitting time with the in-built sedentary alarm: your smartwatch will notify you when you’ve been inactive for a long period of time, letting you know when it’s time to take a break from the screen and stretch your legs!

In addition, automatic sleep tracking makes sure you’re aware of whether you’re getting enough rest – essential as part of any healthy lifestyle.

Automatic notifications and reminders

A barrier to fitness for many people is remembering to fit in sufficient exercise: the automatic notification feature on the wristband will generate texts or other alerts to let you know when it’s time to prioritize your fitness! A great way of helping you stay on track, alerts can be customized to suit your particular schedule.

Waterproof, hardwearing design

Even if you’re not engaged in outdoor pursuits or other high-risk activities, it’s still important that a fitness tracker is practical enough to withstand life at the gym, out on the road, at work, or during leisure activities. The ActiV8 features a tough, durable construction and is waterproof enough for use during rain or whilst at the gym. Note that the device isn’t totally waterproof: no showering or swimming whilst wearing your activity tracker!

Integral USB Plug

Like any other device, the tracker needs periodic charging to keep it working well. Unlike some other devices, which require a lead, this tracker comes with an integral USB plug. This means it can be conveniently plugged into a laptop or a similar device, without the need to also carry a lead for it.

Benefits of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

  • Easy to use by all: Activ8 watch is not designed to be complicated. Every button you need to use is either within the body or under screen touch. From what the video above had shown you, you can see how simple it is to harness all the health and fitness advantages involved in this super smartwatch. On a press of button you can view either your biometrics or the time. Even if you cannot read other things without that your best eyeglasses, this Activ8 watch has a screen made of OLCD. This helps everyone to read clearly.
  • Stylish and Unique appearance: when you want a sleek and ergonomic smartwatch to wear for outing, Activ8 should be in your list as the first. This is what I like best about Activ8. There are many brands of trackers in the market but not all of them are as stylish as Activ8 fitness. Many users have also mentioned this feature as a huge benefit to them.
  • Can be used like normal watch: Sometimes, I enjoy wearing this Activ8 to events and conferences instead of my usual watch. Partly because of its stylish looks and also because it is also a timepiece. To view the time, all I need to so is to swipe through its screen and the time will show up. As simple as that. The good thing is that this time is automated according to my time zone through its connection with my phone.
  • Can be used for professional sports: With its rare inbuilt sensor which helps it to detect your blood/oxygen saturation, and other fitness related parameters. It is a wonderful device that is in form of a bracelet which can relay your fitness to you. It is also lightweight so you will not feel it as you swing your hand while on motion.
  • Monitor your heart rate: The major issue with heart related diseases is that they mask their presence until it has gone too severe. At this point, it may be a point of no return as in such condition, you will be managed on palliative drugs that can sustain you for just few years. According to New York Heart Association, checking our heart rate to know when it is beating too high(tachycardia) or too low(bradycardia) under normal condition, is a veritable step into knowing and managing your heart related issue early. Under exercise or cold weather, the heart can be high, normal or low. In this situation, it is conditional and your Activ8 fitness tracker will let you know. From this result that Activ8 has given to you, you can compare it with your past results to know if it corresponds. Any variation may be helpful as it tips you off to let your family physician know as early as possible.
  • Functions as a pulse oximeter: while it necessary for you to continuously check for your heart rate, it is also of much importance to know the nature of beating of your heart and also know the level of oxygen saturation in your blood. Through an inbuilt sensor which works through light, Activ8 watch can easily analyze your pulse and oxygen level to know when you have low or high oxygen in your blood. Before now, you can use a tactile approach to get only your pulse like the radial and brachial pulse. This approach cannot offer you the oxygen concentration. This where Activ8 fitness tracker has exclusive benefit. It can analyze for both and give the result in real-time.
  • Monitor blood pressure: For those that have hypertension or diabetes, it is very important to constantly monitor your blood pressure. There is an automated blood pressure measuring device solely for measuring blood pressure, but an inbuilt sensor in Activ8 fitness tracker enables it to do that and provide you with an accurate result. It is necessary to check your blood pressure at least 3 times a day. If you are on diabetic drug, I will advise you to check it more so as to know when it is high or low before taking your antihypertensive medications. By doing this each day, you will know when to take your drugs and when not to take your drugs to avoid any adverse drug effect.
  • Monitor your sleep: All you need to know the quality of your sleep each night is to wear Activ8 fitness tracker over night. In the morning it will tell how you spent your night. The number of times you wake as a result of wrong position. This benefit from Activ8 watch has saved many people from early morning pain or fatigue at work.
  • It is water and dust proof: What is Activ8 watch has no waterproof after all these great benefits? Will its function be limited? Definitely! If it does not have waterproof, it means you will not wear it under the rain or that if it makes mistake and fall inside water it will mark its end. Fortunately, the waterproof in Activ8 is rated to IP67 under waterproof rating. Though this is not the high level(IP68), it is still able to keep your smartwatch off destruction by saving it up to 30 minutes in water up to 1 lifter. So you can wear your watch under rain without much effect.
Activ8 fitness tracker reviews
Activ8 fitness tracker reviews
  • It provides real time information: All these great benefits Activ8 watch offers are immediate. It does not take time to arrive at its results with any delay.
  • It serves as a pedometer: Have you seen a device that can tell you the number of steps you make in day? Do you know that from this, you can also know the level of exercise you do per day. This Activ8 Fitness tracker does this too easily. As you wear it on your left hand or the hand you prefer to wear it on, it calculate the number of swinging of your hand. As we know, 99.9% of the time our hand swing is with respect to our movement. So the inbuilt sensor in Activ8 watch calculate each swinging as a step and use it to predict our daily exercise level. From here, we can decide, alongside other parameters to increase our daily steps or to increase our weekly exercise time.
  • Easy to charge: What is the essence of all these functions with a good power system? It will not make sense. Luckily, it comes with long lasting battery and also a charger that is similar to the one we use to charge our phone. So, should you lose or forget its charger, your phone charger will be a perfect substitute.
  • Can be synchronized with your phone: Most of these benefits and functions are done in collaboration with your phone. It is quite easy to synchronize your phone with watch. I have already outlined the steps below under how to connect your watch with your smartphone.
  • Sedentary reminder: This smartwatch also has a sensor which helps it to know when you have sat down for long. When it detects such, it will raise alarm showing you to stand up from your seat and walk around for a while.
  • Serves as your alarm: The inbuilt alarm system is very important as it helps to raise your awareness over some important situation.
  • Receives your phone notification: It helps you to receive a direct message, call or alert depending on whether you granted it permission within your phone. To achieve this, you can go to your phone settings and grant permission to your Activ8 app.
  • Very affordable to buy: Most importantly and above all, we know that good things comes with a price tag. Some companies who believe in brand while selling their products keep their price above 300$. But the manufacturer of Activ8 fitness tracker believe that everyone should access it. They believe everyone who has know all these benefits should not be limited by the price. Imagine now that you have made up your mind to buy and money becomes the reason why you lose this golden opportunity. It will not be fine and fair to your health to miss this opportunity. So the company brought it down from 180$ down to 89$. This price is the promo price which includes free delivery to your location any where within the globe. This is why everyone is after this product which caused limitation of stock last week. Thank to the manufacturer who have produced more for this week.
Activ8 watch reviews
Activ8 watch reviews

Who invented the Activ8 fitness tracker?

Activ8 is the provider of medical-grade wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions through research, clinical studies, physiotherapy, and industry. They are able to build on their 15 years of real-world experience. 

Activ8’s scientifically validated activity monitors and other innovative software platforms deliver easy-to-use solutions that provide highly comprehensive analytics and quality insights into human behavior. Among the uniqueness of this product is that it automatically classifies your daily activities using smart algorithms in the device. With these, you can see when and how long you were lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling, or running.

How to install the activ8 watch App

Installing the Activ8 watch App is very simple and just like getting any other app installed on your phone. To install the app, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Charge your phone to 100%.
  • Turn on your WiFi or use any other internet service provider.
  • Get connected with the WiFi.
  • Open your Play store App if you are using Android smartphone or you Apple store is you are using iOS.
  • Search and download VeryFit Pro App into your smartphone.
  • Launch the app and follow the steps below to connect to your watch.

How to connect the ActiV8 fitness tracker with your smartphone

Follow the steps below to connect your tracker to your smartphone:

  • Turn on your mobile Bluetooth (your phone operation system should be IOS 7.1 & Above or Android 4.0 & Above and the Bluetooth is 4.0 & above.)
  • Put the Activ8 watch and your phone together
  • Open the VeryFit Pro app, and click the ‘device’ button
  • Look for the ‘bind’ or ‘pair’ button in the App bottom, click on it.
  • Next, Click the Bluetooth named ‘ID115plus’ (this is your default Activ8 fitness tracker Bluetooth name).
  • Lastly, approve it by pressing on ‘Confirm Band Device’.
  • Expect to see successful as the processes are done when you see ‘bind successful’.

How to charge the fitness tracker

How to charge activ8 fitness tracker
How to charge activ8 fitness tracker

This fitness tracker is with a built-in USB dongle, no need separated charger. Please remove off both sides strap of the device to find the USB dongle, and plug the device in the USB port for charging.

Please note: the red light is turned on when the charge is successfully complete. Please see the charging way pictures.

Why is Activ8 Activity Fitness Tracker so trending?

This stylish hybrid activity fitness tracker features a touchscreen with a discreet display. Precision hands show the time and dynamically move away when you swipe through.

It shows your messages, heart rate, and more. It counts your steps and calories while monitoring wellness, including all-day stress tracking.

The smart display only appears when you quickly turn your wrist to glance at your watch. The watch hands even dynamically move out of the way when you interact with the touchscreen, then move back to the correct time when you are done.

How Activ8 watch works

Activ8 fitness tracker works almost like other smartwatches especially those ones that provide time and biometric analysis. It has an internal system for time accuracy. It also has sensors for many other functionalities that come from it. It has a sensor for a fitness tracker, health tracker. It also performs as a pedometer to analyze your daily steps. It can also give offer you a hand-free phone call, alert and other messages. All these are from the inner built and design which are super innovative.

These sensors receive a boost from your smartphone. The app on your smartphone helps it to complement the missing sensors like the GPS sensor which is for the position. Your phone also helps it to output the results through the app.

How to use activ8 fitness tracker

How to use this device in order to have what you expect is simple. I have heard many people mention that the Activ8 fitness tracker is a scam. They make such statements as Activ8 fitness tracker scam or Activ8 watch scam. This always makes them call customer care threatening to return. But do you know what?

At such point during the conversation, they get to understand that they have not read the Activ8 instructions manual neither were they opportune to read Activ8 fitness tracker reviews. With this said, I want you to know that the secret to maximizing the use of any gadget starts from reading an extensive review like this one and also going through the instruction manual. Below are how to use activ8 watch:

  • Charge it to 100% before using it.
  • Do not stay more than 45 minutes under the rain.
  • Ensure to download the app and connect it with watch to maximize it
  • Wear it on any of your wrist in order to analyze your fitness and health.
  • Grant the app permission for notification and GPS use.
  • Follow other instructions on how to use this device.

Why do I need an Activ8 fitness tracker?

Anybody who is interested in maintaining health & well-being is going to find this activity tracker of immense benefit. This is because it can be customized to suit individual needs, it’s as relevant to performance athletes seeking to push their limits as it is to people who simply want to make sure that they’re optimizing their health through moderate, regular activity.

A good option for people who want to monitor progress towards fitness goals, a fitness tracker is a great addition to any fitness or health routine. Many people are surprised by their activity levels (or lack of) once they start using a reliable tracking device to capture data continuously.

If you’re ready to take control of your fitness (or as a gift to someone for their fitness routines), then the ActiV8 fitness tracker Is the best tracker watch to buy now.

Pros and Cons of Activ8 fitness tracker smartwatch

You have come to know more of the things this fitness tracker can offer you. As we all know, nothing can be absolutely good and nothing is absolutely bad.

We always want every gadget that people should spend their money on to at least have 10 times pros compared to its cons. We have received so many products that are bare without any disadvantage.

This Activ8 Fitness tracker is one of those gadgets that has little or no come. We have deliberated on the benefits of this device so much under its benefits.

We believe you are good with that. This section of the article will enlist the possible cons associated with the Activ8 fitness tracker as below:

Activ8 watch may be limited in number on the official online store compared to other Smartwatches. This is as a result of the high demand from people who need it. Last week it was finished but the manufacturer was able to produce many this week.

It cannot store the health and fitness analysis result without the VeryFit App on your phone. The app helps it to synchronize the data.

You can only get it at 89$ price at the manufacturer’s online store.

ActiV8 Fitness tracker reviews customer reports

Angie told me about this smartwatch tracker but I seem not to believe his words then until he made it part of his outfit. It looked so good on him that I fall for it. In that event, I walked up to my friend and asked him the name of the watch he was wearing.

It turned out it was the exact tracker he told me about. That was how I got mine and started wearing it. The main thing that captured my mind over this tracker smartwatch is its stylish design.

I could not bear it any longer and had to go for it. I am glad I have mine, I have utilized its great advantages. I have also not seen any issue with it as I have used it for barely 5 months. I recommend it too.

Zihga from Israel

Wow! OMG!!! I feel like doing a shout-out to the company that makes this fitness tracker. I can now monitor my exercise, get to know my blood pressure and heart rate very fast, and all from this smartwatch.

I really don’t think I have seen a smartwatch like this one. It even allows me to receive alerts, calls, and messages directly from my phone. I remember having my phone in my purse while on early morning jogging and my boss texted me.

Immediate I had to act according to the urgency of the message. It saved me that day. If there is anything like the best, then the Activ8 fitness tracker is the best.

Laura from the USA

I don’t like coming back to write a review on any product am using but this Activ8 worth it. This product really needs me to write a whole page of review about it. It is really a fitness tracker. It worth the hype as it does wonders.

What marvels about it is the affordable price. At first, I did not succeed in buying it as the stock was finished but I had to check back the following day. I was then lucky the following day that it is available. I had to buy 2, one for me and the other for my babe.

I could not just let that 50% discount and free delivery waste for no reason. Till now I could not believe I could buy it that cheap and also receive the delivery here in the UK without paying for it. This watch is really innovative.

Johnson from the UK

What is the ActiV8 Fitness tracker Price?

At the time of publishing this review, the ActiV8 Fitness tracker price was listed at $89. This price included a 50% discount as well as free shipping. This is incredibly cheap for what it does, though I understand that the producer company is still under a promo which may end any time.

The product has made huge sales since the Activ8 watch hit the market. The only major issue this product has had is limited stock. This is because people keep buying more than one each time, sometimes for their wife or girlfriend. So I advise you to check the manufacturer’s official website for availability.

Best place to buy Activ8 watch

Have you tried to buy a product from one of those local shops only to get there and see that it is costly than what you saw online? Yes! You are not alone, I have seen the same condition more than once.

When I checked, I discovered that why it is so is simply because online helps to remove the extra charges coming from middlemen like the retail shops in the chain of distribution. This alone changed my mind. That is why I buy most of my products online.

Why should I even bother myself when there is free delivery and a 50% discount all for grab if I purchase the Activ8 fitness tracker online? The website is also secured and safe for me. Just a click away and am done with my purchase.

So the official manufacturer’s website is the best place to buy the ActiV8 watch. The only little issue is that many people are after the product now and there is a limited offer last week but it is available now.

There is also 30 days chance for you to return the product if you don’t like it. In this case, you stand a chance of receiving your refund or getting that particular product exchanged. This must take place within 30 days according to the international best practice.

Moreover, you have their customer support details provided below. Call on them and also use the email you receive after making your order to track your purchase. It is that simple.

Support Team Contacts

Email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Frequently Ask Questions on Activ8 fitness tracker reviews

Is the Activ8 fitness tracker similar to the fitness tracker watch?

Yes! Activ8 fitness tracker is similar to fitness tracker watch. It does both as a tracker and as a watch for timepieces. Activ8 is designed in such a way as to analyze and keep a record of your health and fitness under a combined effort of your smartwatch and your smartphone.

Does it perform like a Jawbone fitness tracker?

Yes, both the jawbone fitness tracker and the Activ8 fitness tracker perform almost the same function as the fitness tracker. The major difference between the two-tracker watches is that the Activ8 watch is more stylish than the Jawbone Fitness tracker.

What about the Activ8 Fitness App?

Activ8 fitness App helps you enjoy your smart fitness tracker to its fullest. It connects your smartphone with your watch. It also uses the GPS setting on your phone to work with your Activ8 tracker watch to track your position.

Which is the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor?

The best fitness tracker is capable of monitoring your heart rate, and do other biometric analyses with optimum accuracy and reproducibility. So the Activ8 fitness tracker has an efficient heart rate monitor and can undertake other biometric analyses.

What is the best fitness tracker watch?

Activ8 may not have every feature in luxury medical watches, but with the heart rate monitoring and other biometric capacities while remaining cheaply affordable, it is the best fitness tracker watch if you are on a budget for a stylish tracker.

Which is the best budget fitness tracker?

It all depends on what your budget is. If you are on a budget for under 100$ Tracker can last and as well remain stylish. Then look no further because the Activ8 tracker is definitely the best for you. It is currently under a promo for a 50% discount and free delivery.

What is the best fitness tracker 2021

Many fitness trackers have emerged within this 2020 but few things set Activ8 fitness tracker to stand out; its stylish looks, easy to use, and medical importance. These are the reason why the Activ8 watch is making a buzz in the USA, the UK, Canada, Israel, Argentina, New Zealand, and around the globe.

Are fitness trackers worth it?

Yes! This is because they help you know your health more and take action early and when due. They are perfect medical companions.

Which is the best cheap fitness tracker?

Best and cheap are two different things that when combine may mean the best tracker that is at the same time affordable. If this is what you are looking for, I can also recommend another tracker that is cheaper than the Activ8 fitness tracker.

What is better than a Fitbit?

Many people have asked this question; what is better than a Fitbit. Fitbit is just a brand that is too costly. People have complained that its trackers are just too costly without major differences from other brands. I prefer to buy the Activ8 fitness tracker because it is affordable, simple to use and performing the needed functions.

Is Fitbit really worth it?

On whether Fitbit is really worth it, I like the watch but I don’t like its limited functionality and how costly it is. These factors to me make it not worth it.

Which fitness tracker is the most accurate?

While none of the fitness trackers is exactly accurate as they are made of stored/ programmed information. We have seen Activ8 be uniquely designed to offer relatively reliable data. With a -/+2 difference.

Which is the best basic fitness tracker?

By the word basic, it means something that is simple and easy to operate. If this is what you mean, then the Activ8 fitness tracker is here for you.

Which is the best fitness tracker for gym workouts?

Activ8 is the best fitness tracker for gym workouts. This is because it uses oxygen saturation to analyze its information about your health. It helps to determine your pulse rate and your blood oxygen saturation which combine to show your fitness.

Is the Aquarius fitness tracker app different from the Activ8 fitness tracker?

It is not really different, though Activ8 is a more advanced brand. Some functions are better performed with your Activ8 watch. If you need the best heart rate monitor, you have to go for the Activ8 watch.

Are any of the fitness trackers accurate?

None is 100% accurate as they depend on programmed data to work but you can get one that is reliable in heart monitoring and oxygen saturation. You can get one that has the standard scientific error of +/- 2 to the actual value. Few of the automated devices work under this scientific range. I advise you to go for the Activ8 tracker watch that has been proved to have this standard. I can also recommend a free contact thermometer that has the same stand.

Do You Want Heart Rate Monitoring?

If you have a heart-related problem whether malignant like an incessant cardiac failure or benign like stage 1 hypertension, you need to constantly know your heart rate.  Heart rate monitoring sounds like the best feature ever, this is because of its importance to you and me. So if you want to know your heart rate to keep fit, go for the Activ8 fitness tracker.

What is the best fitness tracker for water aerobics?

Activ8 is one of the best fitness trackers for water aerobics and Zumba training.

Conclusion on ActiV8 watch reviews:

The emergence of artificial intelligence has changed the face of everything. Anything can have itself loaded with a memory that is able to interpret different parameters. Designed to make your wellness journey easier, the ActiV8 activity tracker incorporates a range of features that gather information on your activity levels.

Advanced technology and a wealth of data-gathering and interpreting options have been built into this easy-to-wear wristband. Attractive to look at, unisex, and stylish, the wristband is also highly practical.

Suitable for 24/7 use, whether you want to monitor your sleep, keep track of your exercise, or tweak your weight loss routine, this smartwatch has the capacity to meet your requirements. That is the reason why a growing number of people are opting to take control of their fitness with this handy fitness tracker.

Activ8 fitness tracker, just as you have seen above, has the capacity to track your fitness accurately and in a short while. It is no longer a must to see the doctor first before you run tests as this sleek band can give you a hint as to what is wrong. Though it is never a substitute for your doctor or physician, it can also be a pointer to what is wrong and what needs to improve in your health and fitness.

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