Blaux Personal Fan Review 2022: the best fan to buy?

Blaux personal fan review:

You are either using the traditional air conditioner that can cool your home with wide range of coverage or you are going by a personal fan that has an inbuilt personally targeted system of cooling.

The two options are definitely without their individual shortcomings as in one, you can take it with you anywhere you go while the other is always fixed to a position and needs a technician to service it with time.

The cost of the two are really not the same. One is very costly yet covering where you may not want it to cover. For me, all I want is a cool air around where I stay. To achieve this must not cause me to break my bank account. I can have a personal device that can cool the air around me without inflicting me with financial trauma.

Blaux personal fan is a great alternative if you need a cost-effective device for cooling the air around your room. It can be your parlor, bedroom or dinner room. It is straight to the point and targeted.

I have prepared this review on this device to help you understand it well and also know about it as an alternative to using traditional AC that is bulky. In this review, you will know about Blaux personal fan, its features and benefits. I can also answer frequently asked questions from the experience I have gather from current users of the device.

Let’s continue.

Blaux Personal Fan Review
Blaux Personal Fan Review

What is Blaux Personal Fan?

This is the season when the air gets hot easily. It makes me sweat profusely whether at home or in my office. The conventional air conditioner comes with some medical consequences if I stay on it for long plus the high monthly bill which nearly makes me to think that it is a crime to have such big Air Conditioner which cools even where I don’t want it to cool at my own cost.

Most of the alternative to the conventional air conditioner I have seen works well to be personal but they are mostly fitted for table use. Yes, they are portable but are not that designed and ergonomic for everywhere use. Those Air coolers are good when I am about to sleep or very busy in my office. But what about when I want to walk around, like take a walk with my girlfriend? What about when am in a conference and needed a personal air cooler different from the normal fans that only circulate the hot air around?

This my new air cooler is portable, incredibly affordable, and easy to use. All I have to do is to hang it over my neck. I enjoy it mostly when I wear my black suite in the hotness of the sun. It takes the shape of my neck and works perfectly to cool my hot. Have you heard of Blaux Personal fan? The first time I was at the official website of the producer to buy one, I had felt it is another Blaux personal fan scam as the price is incredibly affordable.

It works in all seasons but most during summer when the air is so hot and air polluted. It has a very sleek design and ergonomic that it fits any cloth you wear and good match to any of your outings. You can take it to your office, work, conference, adventure, to the beach for picnic, etc. You can also use it comfortably when you are at home and do not need the much cooler air from the conventional air conditioner. It easy to recharge and does not take much voltage as to increase your monthly bills.

Blaux personal fan can be used by any age without any side effect. It has a strong body that can resist damage to a reasonable extent. So even if it falls down, you will just need to pick it up and hang it again.

Blaux Personal Fan Reviews
Blaux Personal Fan Reviews

Specifications of Blaux Personal Fan:

Dimensions of Blaux Personal Fan: 199mm width, 35mm thickness, and 222mm height.

Color: It is available in white color. This color absolutely fits any outfit you may want to wear.

  • Charging time of Blaux personal fan: Around 4 hours.
  • The battery capacity of the fan: Around 3000mAh.
  • Levels of running time:  low (30), medium (20), and High (15).
  • The volume of Blaux personal fan: Approximately 1.9 cubic feet per minute.
  • Charging option: USB cable-C charging.
  • Run time of Blaux personal fan: 30 hours, if non-stop.

Features of Blaux Personal Fan

The noteworthy features of this wearable AC by Blaux include:

  • This fan is positionable and offers adjustable airflow for the users. This personal cooler is easy-to-use. The fan has different speed settings which include:
  • A low fan setting is designed for cooler summers and evenings when the sun does not radiate excess heat to the people.
  • The medium fan setting is designed for late afternoon and late mornings when the sun’s heat is unbearable.
  • Choose high fan settings in the peak sunlight hours. High fan settings work well for noon and at times when the sun is burning hot.
  • Rechargeable as it comes with a 3.7v Lithium battery. It supports the type-c charging cable, which means you can use it at any time and any place without any hassle of carrying the wires. The personal fan comes with a protective cover specially designed for the charging cable port.
  • Blaux Personal Fan is safe to use. It is manufactured with an encompassed fan mechanism that prevents hair, loose items, or extra accessories that get stuck in the fan.
  • One-size that works well for all the users. It comprises 62mm space amongst the fans, which offers adequate space. You don’t need to make any adjustments as it fits all sizes.
  • It comes with three different fan speed modes allowing the users to enjoy customized settings.
  • It is comfortable and easy-to-wear. It is light-weight in nature and works efficiently.
  • It is easy to clean and comprises of a removable fan filter with an intake vent.
Blaux Personal Fan
Blaux Personal Fan

Benefits of Blaux Personal Fan:

  • Easy to carry and operate: You don’t need a special skill to operate the air fan. It is also lightweight to carry on your neck.
  • Purifies impurities in the air around you: While it gives you cool air, it also makes sure that air coming out from it is pure and relatively free of germ. This is very important to decrease the rate at which people get infected with respiratory infections carried by air.
  • It can be grabbed at heavily discounted prices: You can either get it at your local store or if not in there, it should be available online. So you can make an order online at an affordable price. The good thing about it is that it is personal. Only for you.
  • 30 Hours Battery Run once fully charged: It can carry you for more than a day. All you need to do is to get fully charged. With that, you can use it while on an adventure or under the hot sun while on a hike. The battery that comes with it in the package is strong enough and lasts long when fully charged.
  • Fast charging available: You must not use the whole day charging this device. No! There is a fast charge charger for it. With this, you can charge it under fewer hours compared to when you are not using its charger that is a fast charger.
  • It can give you more relaxation while listening to music with your Blueto oth speakers.
  • Easy returns and refund policy: unarguably, another benefit you can get but mostly for people who order online, is that you easily make your return in case it is damaged or has any fault. This is a big issue in most companies as they hardly pay for damages or entertain any form of return policies. However, to return it after purchase, it must be within one month of purchase and should be within its original package.

Blaux personal fan parts

The picture below shows the blaux personal fan parts:

Blaux Personal Fan
Blaux Personal Fan

Blaux personal fan reviews: how does it work?

Blaux personal fan works like every other portable fan. It constantly circulates air around and also purifies the air around you. This is very helpful for people suffering from nasal diseases due to the polluted environment. It reduces the level of allergy.

Being on your neck, it will make the air around you to circulate around and as well make it cool. Being on your neck gives it an ergonomic appearance. It looks so fanciful and a great desire for all.

Blaux personal fan review: How to use Blaux Personal Fan?

Blaux personal fan is not difficult to use. It is one of the portable fans you can control immediately you unbox it even if you have not seen such before. How to use blaux personal fan is to wear it on your neck immediately you turn it on.

This device comes along with a manual reference guide, which will help you understand how it is to be used, and the point you should know for the smooth functioning of it are also mentioned in it.

Is Blaux Personal Fan perfect for you?

The Portable Fan Reviews say that this product is considered amongst the necessities now, due to the changing environmental conditions. It comes with adjustable components, multiple fan speeds, and easy charging with long battery life. Also, the website offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on the same for satisfaction. 

Blaux personal fan: does it worth buying?

You won’t regret buying this personal fan this season as it offers several benefits to the user which also include:

  • You don’t need any technician to install the portable fan.
  • It aids in cooling smaller areas without any use of electrical energy.
  • It is a compact, unique fan that does not need enough space.
  • You can use this personal fan all-round the year because of its cooling capacity.
  • It is simple and easy to maintain as you only need to clean the filters. Maintain the fan regularly to avoid any accumulation of dust particles or humidity. These particles might appear due to condensation when blowing the cold air.
  • It is simple to install without any help from the technician, which means you don’t need to invest money.
  • Blaux Personal Fan can be installed in hot spaces like kitchen, restaurant spaces, or small office setups where there is a lot of heat emission. It is also used in shops which are equipped with printers, photocopy machines, and others.
  • The model of this fan is compact and unique, which means it won’t affect your home décor.

What makes Blaux Personal Fan better than the other options?

There are many alternatives available for the products. Hence, every product has its USP, which makes it different from the others. In the case of Blaux Personal Fan, acts both as a fan and an air purifier at the same time, thus increasing its efficiency.

Also, the website offers Exclusive Offer Up To 50% OFF, which means you can get the product in the better process as compared to the others.

Blaux Personal Fan Reviews
Blaux Personal Fan Reviews

Pros and cons of Blaux personal fan

The advantages and disadvantages of this device are listed below. Fortunately, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


  • The device comes with adjustable airflow.
  • It also offers adjustable sizing according to one’s needs.
  • The fan also has multiple fan speed that can be adjusted according to your likeness.
  • It comes with the charging option of the USB Cable- C charging.
  • Once fully charged, the device can run for 30 hours.
  • It is so ergonomic that you can use it anywhere and with your attire.
  • It is affordable to buy.
  • Blaux personal fan does not cost much to maintain
  • It saves cost as it is only a one time purchase.


  • It is only personal
  • Offer is getting limited due to the promo
  • It can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s website
  • It does not cover a wider range like the conventional AC.
  • Takes about 3 hours to be charged to 100%.
Blaux Personal Fan Review
Blaux Personal Fan Review

Blaux personal fan customer reviews

Below are customer reports on blaux personal fan. The reviews seem to be positive about blaux personal fan.

At first, I thought it is blaux personal fan scam because of the review I had read but it finally turned out to be legit. It works well and cools the air around me easily. That is to the maker of this great device.

Dan J.

Blaux personal fan is just incredibly the best. Last for a full day after charge and now I take it with me wherever I go. I am at my office or go on outing with my boyfriend, I go with it. It is awesome as I never knew I could get such air cooler at such affordable price.

Maryann Jark

One thing I like best about this blaux fan is its adjustable speeds. I easily change it to the one I like and it immediately shift to clean my air and cool the hot weather. It can be used by either me, my wife or kids. It works well on them.

Seiko Zeiu

Blaux personal fan price

Blaux personal fan price for a single unit is $69.99, which is quite reasonable for this awe-inspiring device. You can save more if you buy in bulk. It is currently available for purchase on the official blaux personal fan website only. You won’t find it at local stores or on Amazon. This is to ensure that consumers only get legit Blaux fan air conditioner and not a fake. It also comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Best place to buy Blaux Personal Fan?

The most secured and easiest place to make your order is on the manufacturer’s website. The link in the blue button below will direct you to the official web page of the company. You can place an order there and grab the product from the Limited Stock available with free Shipping.  The website is also offering various discounts, including exclusive offer of 50% discount, as you can get up to 50% off on your order if you order it today.

You can also get other quality devices like wifi booster and vacuumer sealer for food preservation.

Blaux personal fan phone numbers and support details

The blaux personal fan phone numbers for the customer cares are listed below to assist you in tracking your order.

  • Pwrice: Differ according to the category, starting below a $100
  • Shipping Time: 1-2 Business Days
  • Delivery Time: 3-4 Business Days
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: United States– 609 414 7087
  • Australia and New Zealand– (02) 8607 8316
  • Canada: 778 300 0854
  • The United Kingdom and Ireland: 08708 200084
  • The address is 68308, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Hong Kong
  • Order can be returned within 30 days from the date of receipt.
  • The refund is initiated with 3-4 days after the order has been restored.

Frequently Asked Question on Blaux personal fan reviews

Is Blaux Personal Fan a scam?

No, the website cannot be considered as a scam as it has mentioned all its policies clearly and has also not hidden any information, thus providing full transparency. Moreover, the producer company has made huge sales on this product and has received many positive recommendation from users.

Does Blaux Personal Fan come with a return policy?

Yes, the brand offers a 30-days Money-Back Guarantee to all its buyers. If at any time within the 30-day chance you feel like you no longer like the offer due to a genuine reason, all you should do is to repackage the product as it was delivered to you and send it back. You stand a chance of getting your money or getting it replaced. But it must come back in its original package for it to be accepted.

Is Blaux Personal Fan Environment friendly?

Yes! It is very eco-friendly as it does not cause any harmful effect to the environment in any way. All it does is to clean and cool the air around us. Blaux personal fan is best buy for anyone who desires a walking fan. Unlike the conventional AC which infects people with respiratory viral infection while causing huge monthly bills, this device does not spread any infection.

Conclusion Bluax Personal fan reviews

Blaux personal fan is really the good from the reviews and personal experience. You only get to hang it around your neck and it will serve you for 30 hours none stop. It is very simple to use and easy to maintain. Unlike other types of air cooler, this particular blaux fan does not cause infection of any kind.

Fortunately, you can recharge it any where you are as it uses normal USB adapter and type C cable. What this means is that it can charge very fast and you can use the charger for your smartphones for charging it. With this feature, you can charge it any time it attempts to run down.

It is also very affordable though the promo by the company caused a big rush in the demand of this product. We advise our teaming readers to always check for availability due to the limited offer. If any is available, do not make the mistake of leaving it thinking that it will be there for you next time as everyone is always on the look out of this product. Use the blue button below to check the producer website.

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