BluePrint Gadget Mini AC UK reviews 2022: best buyer’s report?

Blueprint gadget mini ac UK review is dedicated to making every customer who would like to purchase a portable air conditioner have full insight and understanding of the best ac to buy especially for the scorching summer heat.

No one is happy with the level of heat that is experienced during the summer period in the UK and US from home to office and back to home. If you find it uncomfortable enduring the high level of temperature around you, whether you are in your office, home, or in your place of business, and you are looking for a portable air conditioner that can cool the air around, then you are at the right blog and about to read a precise review from an affiliate of the producer of BluePrint Gadgets Mini AC.

I will not bore you with a long article here as my aim is to tell you all that will make you gain the best from this device, so I will concisely tell you all you need to know about this product and why it is the best portable Ac in the online market for you to buy if you want to surmount this year’s summer heat.

What is Blueprint gadget mini ac?

Blueprint gadget mini ac is a portable and quality air conditioner that is currently trending in the United states, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It works in three ways to bring to you cool air, purified and humidified for your health.

It is an advanced-level portable air conditioner that is rechargeable and can be taken from one place to anothe because of its lightweight. It is your perfect indoor and outdoor ac for anyone who wants to cool the air around him or her this summer.

blueprint gadget mini ac uk reviews
blueprint gadget mini ac UK reviews

Technical Specs of Blueprint Gadget Mini AC (UK Review

In this section of this Blueprint gadget mini AC reviews, I will tell you the specs you will see in the device. The technical facts are what makes it superior to other cheap and low-quality air conditioners you can find elsewhere. Below are the features:

  • Model AAUV-MC4. 
  • Hydro-Chill technology cools down hot, dry air. 
  • UV light built-in. 
  • 4 speed settings to ensure user satisfaction. 
  • Sleek, compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table. 
  • ABS/metal/plastic. 
  • Measures 6.69″ L x 5.73″ W x 6.4″ H. 
  • Cord measures 3′ L. 
  • Weighs 2.7 lb. 
  • Multi-directional air vents allow you to point the cool air in the direction you want. 
  • Push button operation. 
  • Power light indicator. 
  • Easy read LED night light control. 
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlets. 
  • Quick and easy fill top to help prevent spills. 
  • 10 hour run time with each fill. 
  • Suitable for use in a room up to 45 sq. ft. 

Why is Blueprint Gadget Mini AC better than other air conditioner?

Here, I will let you know why this product is better than other air conditioners you can see out there. Feel free to check other air conditioners and their specs, you will certainly agree with me that this is the best. Here are the pros of Blueprint Gadget Mini AC:

  • It can be used as a standard fan or to produce a cool breeze, depending on the user’s preferences. 
  • The speed of the fan can be adjusted. Users may adjust it to their preferred level of comfort. 
  • There is no noise. There will be no obtrusive fan noise to divert the user’s attention from their task. 
  • It is both compact and lightweight. It includes a carrying handle. When empty, it weighs less than two pounds. 
  • Additionally, it serves as a humidifier. If a user suffers from dry air or clogged sinuses, the Blueprint gadgets mini ac can assist the user in breathing more easily. 
  • The Blueprint gadgets mini AC generates a significant amount of cool air in a short period of time! Within seconds, users would be breathing ice-cold air
  • It features adjustable louvers that guide cool air in the desired direction. 
  • If the purchaser is unhappy with the Blueprint mini pure chill, he or she has 30 days to return it for a full refund. 

Cons (Blueprint gadgets mini AC Reviews) 

  • The disadvantage is that it is only available through the internet: Currently, the only way to obtain Blueprint gadgets mini AC AC is to place an order via the official website. 
  • Limited Supply of Stock: There is a limited supply of stock for the Blueprint gadgets mini AC. As a result, interested persons would be unable to purchase them if they are sold out. Act now! 
blueprint gadget mini ac
blueprint gadget mini ac

What are the users of Blueprint gadget mini ac saying?

Blueprint gadget mini ac reviews customer reports are with the intention to let you know what users of this product feel about it. This Blueprint gadget mini ac review is the best answer to if it is worth having in any home or office or not?

Some people say this is just like a fan… nope. It does cool really well. cools about 5 degrees F with just water, about 10 degrees with cold water, and 15 to 20 degrees with cold water and ice. My room is always hotter than the rest of the house, I have like a 12 x 12 ft room. It will cool my whole room off by about 5 to 10 degrees when using ice and cold water. On one fill will run just over six hours. Then Blueprint gadget mini ac continues as a fan. But I keep adding ice. bringing my room down from 81 degrees to about 73 degrees makes all the difference in the world.

It takes a lot to impress me, but this little machine does the job. Put ice water in the top and it blows like a real AC unit. You can feel the cold breeze standing 10 ft away from this thing! I modified it a bit so the tank lasts longer by putting ice in a bottle and sticking it in the top. Lasts a good 8 hours if you are sleeping. Blueprint gadget mini ac cools my 22ft RV well. I’m buying another because they take so little power and can run in a better charge. Great for off the grid situations in 105 degree heat.

Truly impressed with this little unit. Smaller than expected but perfect for my nightstand! Definitely puts out some cool air, better than just a normal fan. The light changing feature is a nice touch.

I like the fact that it’s convenient and can be moved from room to room without the hassle of cords. This is obviously not meant to cool off the entire room but works very well as a personal air conditioner. I really like the change in colors, it adds a vibe to your personal space.

It will definitely feel cooler than a regular fan but not as much as AC. Blueprint gadget mini ac is very easy to use. Only load it up with water and turn it on. Easy to charge, or keep it charge by connecting to the computer. The lights are a nice touch too

Where to buy BluePrint gadget mini ac

Are you looking for the nearest shop to buy Blueprint gadget mini ac? Look no further. There is a secure online platform made by the producer for you to make your purchase. It is safe and secure. The blueprint gadget mini ac website has both discounts and customer exchange and returns warranty. On the website, you will see three price categories which include:

  • One Blueprint Mini AC  – 89.99$ 
  • Two Blueprint Mini AC  – 179.98$ 
  • Three Blueprint Mini AC – 202.48$ 

Frequently asked questions on Blueprint gadget mini ac UK reviews

How to use Blueprint gadget mini ac?

how to use blueprint gadget mini ac

Blueprint gadget mini ac is simple to use. When you buy it, you can decide to start using it immediately or charge it before you start using it. So as you bring it out from its delivery package, you can fill it with water, add ice cubes and then turn it on.

Is blueprint gadget mini ac any good?

Sure! Blueprint gadget mini ac is very good. It is so portable, cools very fast, is easily recharged, and is very portable. It is personal and cools any environment very fast.

Is blueprint gadget mini ac better

Yes! From the producer of the ac, they assure that with the specifications it has this air conditioner was made to be better compared to other air conditioners. This is also confirmed by many Blueprint gadget mini ac customer reports on the product.

How does blueprint gadget mini ac work?

blueprint gadget mini ac uk review

It works in three ways; a humidifier, a cooler, and a purifier. It does not consume much electricity while working. Therefore it is the best option to go for if you want to cut down on monthly electricity bills.
Straight from the package, you can start using it. However, when you notice that its power storage is getting down, you can easily charge it. All you will need is to recharge it any time it is getting down with your type C USB charger.

Where to buy Blueprint gadget mini ac online?

The best place to buy Blueprint gadget mini ac online is from an affiliate of the company producing it. By this, you can buy it from anywhere online. It can also be delivered to you wherever you live or choose your address. A direct link to make the purchase is here in this post. The good thing about making the purchase through one of the links here is that you will save back 48% of the cost you will buy at Amazon or eBay. Also, the link here is from the producer, it is safe and secure.

Is Blueprint gadget mini ac a scam?

No! Blueprint gadget mini ac is not a scam. It comes in different sizes and costs. You can make your choice depending on what you want in size and budget. Whichever you choose to go for, be sure it is the best budget air conditioner for you.

Final note on Blueprint gadgets mini ac

Nothing pass having cool air around you wherever you are, either at your home, office, or in your business center. It is the best way to face this year’s summer. You have to go for a quality, portable and durable air conditioner especially the one currently making trends in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Below is an affiliate link from the producer of Blueprint gadget mini ac. This link helps you to make a secure and safe purchase, and also earn 48% discounts. What are you still waiting for?

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