BuzzBgone Zap Reviews 2022: latest Mosquito Zapper scam?

buzzbgone zap

Does BuzzBgone Zap really work? Is it worth buying? Go through this BuzzBgone Zap Review to know more about this mosquito zapper; its benefits, features, and what users are saying about it.

Nothing beats the joy of having a new building and relocating to it. Such joy is unquantifiable when the new apartment is in a place that looks like the heart of the city. That was our case until we eventually relocated to our new apartment—me, my wife, and our 3 kids.

It was barely two days since we relocated to the new building and we were already looking for ways out. I used to be disturbed by the noise of mosquitoes but this time, the bite has outweighed the noise. We could not sleep anymore as we wake up each morning with several bites from mosquitoes.

It was a helpless situation. However, one thing is sure—our neighbors in the new location never complained of mosquitoes, not even with their noise-making, within those moments we were battling with mosquitoes. Therefore, something must be wrong somewhere.

They always look very cheerful and ready for the next day’s business. As the days go by, my daughter became sick after having some allergic rashes over those spots mosquitoes pierced. She was rushed to the hospital and was treated for malaria.

After spending huge money treating my daughter and as well giving my other two sons chemoprophylaxis (Fansidar) against developing it, I summoned the boldness to ask my neighbors what their secret of fighting mosquitoes is. Definitely, there must be something we are yet to know that is keeping them safe.

Some of them mentioned chemicals while others mentioned a device that zap the mosquitoes. My two sons were still tender then, so I decided to go for a device to avoid my children being exposed to a chemical whose content I do not know.

I read most of the online articles and reviews to get a genuine review on a device that can curb the excesses of mosquitoes in our home. I read most of the results that came top on google but was not really satisfied with what the customers were saying about the products.

I still remember that it was on the 9th day of being in the new home that I came across ads on Facebook about a quality mosquito zapper—a device that the producer claims will give zero tolerance to mosquitoes that are centimeters gap from it.

It was a thing of joy that finally I could heave a sigh of relief from the ordeals of mosquitoes and regular cries from my two sons each time they are bitten. You know how it is to hear the cry of your child in the middle of the night.

With the joy in my heart, I made an order for 5 units of the BuzzBgone Zap. I didn’t care the amount it will cost me. All my mind was after is the relief I will get from the device.

Thankfully, my order came and I began a new life—a life free of mosquitoes.

In this post, I will tell you if this device is truly worth your money or not. You need to know the real truth before you make a purchase—which is why I also put a safe and secured affiliate link for your card at the end of this post.

buzzbgone zap gen 1.1
buzzbgone zap

What is BuzzBgone Zap?

BuzzBgone Zap is an innovative device, compact, portable, and well-designed device that has a knack for luring mosquitoes and zapping them through its inbuilt electric cable.

If you have heard the noise of mosquitoes, you will know how disgusting it use to be. Even when you cover yourself with any number of clothes you like, the mosquito will still disturb you—it will keep singing on your ears till you wake up. Sometimes, the mosquitoes are capable of keeping you awake all night. If you refuse to wake up, you will end up with itchy spots.

Fortunately, this device is here to curb the excesses of mosquitoes and return your comfortable sleep to you at night. As you know, mosquitoes are never attracted by too much light. This is the reason why the producer of this device only adds a little glow of light that can only attract this mosquito. With that, the mosquito will perch on the device and will be caught up and zapped.

BuzzBgone Zap is currently being used in most of the countries where mosquitoes dominate and still causing malaria. The device is a product of need so it works well if you are camping or in a new place where you would not want mosquitoes to disturb you.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, easy-to-use buttons, and a children-friendly build. Many families have had a cause to smile through this device which does not drain much electricity for it to recharge but yet lasts longer after every recharge.

Some people have also reported that they did not see much difference while using this device. However, it is important to ensure that there is not much light within the area where you are keeping the device as much light may outshine the light-colored light coming from the device.

Benefits of using BuzzBgone Zap

It is important to know that there are other brands of devices that can zap mosquitoes. So it is important to know why purchasing BuzzBgone Zap really worth it. Below are some of the advantages the company that produced this device claim you will get having this device:

  1. It gives Zero tolerance to mosquitoes: If used properly, BuzzBgone Zap does not give mosquito a breathing space. It also kills every fliers that it can attract.
  2. It is very cost-effective: It is very affordable compared to other older brands which do almost similar zapping of mosquito. Keeping it nearer to you while you sleep will also give the mosquitoes a run around you.
  3. Very compact and portable: the good thing about this device is that you can go for camping with it. You can decide to take it with you while you go for night conferences and events. It is also easy for you to take it to your new apartment in case you are relocating to a new home.
  4. User-friendly: Anyone can used BuzzBgone Zap. It does not have chemicals that can cause allergy or does it have an open wire that can shock. It is perfect for both old and young. So your children can easily use it in your absences.
  5. It has rechargeable batteries: the rechargeable battery can last for a night or more if fully charged. This saves you from the routine cost of buying those small AAA batteries that comes with other costlier brands of mosquito zappers. All you do for this BuzzBgone Zap gen 2 is to ensure it is charged before every night and that will give you a calm night.
  6. Can attract and kill mosquitoes very fast: As soon as it lures mosquitoes with its light, it will kill the mosquito with the electric zapper within it.
  7. Discounts increase with more unit: Already, there is discount for each unit purchased but the good thing is that if you have more than one room and you want to put BuzzBgone Zap in each of the rooms, you can now get the price less than what a single unit will cost. The discount you will receive for buying 4 or 5 is far higher than someone who bought only 1 or 2.
  8. Helps to reduce the level of hospital visits: BuzzBgone zap will reduce the body pain from mosquito bite and equally reduce the level of hospitalization for malaria.
buzzbgone zap reviews consumer reports
buzzbgone zap

What you may not like about BuzzBgone Zap g1.1

  1. It does not attract and kill mosquitoes under full light or in broad day light. This is important to note as use it before 7pm may seem to mean that it is less effective.
  2. It is available online through the official website. You may not see it in your local stores. This saves cost and makes room for less logistics between you and the producer.
  3. Delivery is within 5 working days starting from the day you made the purchase.

Features of BuzzBgone Zap gen 2

  1. Attracts and zap mosquitoes and other flies.
  2. BuzzBgone Zap gen 2 is powerful made with rechargeable battery
  3. It is not only compact and portable, you can also decide to hang it over your head while sleeping.
  4. Easy to use and easy to clean components.

How to use BuzzBgone Zap gen 1 and gen 2

The daily use of BuzzBgone Zap every night is simple. Follow the instruction below for use of it and you will maximize its effects:

  1. Remove it from its package and use the USB cord it comes with to charge it. It will show red LCD light which means that it is charging. When it is full, it will show green light.
  2. Rotate the switch for it to start working.
  3. It may need about 2 hours to kill all the mosquitos’ present if the area if filled with mosquitoes.

Special warning: this device does not work effectively under broad daylight as intense lighting does not attract mosquitoes. It works well under the cover of only the light it can produce.

Buzzbgone zap reviews
Buzzbgone zap

How BuzzBgone Zap works

This device works under simple principles to ensure that you do not notice mosquitoes around you. Below are the ways it works:

  1. Produce dime colored light that lures the mosquitoes closer to it.
  2. Use its fan which has an attracting effect to attract the mosquitoes into its container.
  3. It will then zap the caught mosquitoes and flies.

BuzzBgone Zap reviews consumer report

There have been mixed feelings concerning BuzzBgone zap. Many of the online reviews in most popular sites like Amazon have seen consumers saying good things about this product. However, it is difficult to know the truth among those positive and negative comments.

In my own opinion, the device is well designed and it has the best features with a long-lasting battery. It is easy to use and the price is fair enough compared to other alternatives that do not work at all. If you must make an order for this device, ensure to make it through the BuzzBgone Zap website as that will help you go for a refund or exchange if things go south.

Overall from the producer and many online reviewers, this device is good only that it works at night.

Cost and where to buy BuzzBgone Zap

The cost price of BuzzBgone is less if you purchase at the Buzzbgone website. There you will make your choice and also chose where your delivery point will be. You will also enter your email which will help the customer services reach out to you as fast as possible in case you have a complaint.

Frequently asked questions on BuzzBgone Zap reviews

buzzbgone zap gen 2
buzzbgone zap

Is BuzzBgone Zap a scam?

Many persons want to know if BuzzBgone is legit before they will spend their hard earn dollars on it. It is worth it, it is not a scam but you may not get what you want 100%. It may not give you absolutely zero presence of mosquitoes if that is what you want.

Who makes BuzzBgone Zap?

The product is made by an innovative company based in the USA and is also being marketed by a US-based merchant. It is a quality zapper with a great design.

Does BuzzBgone Zap have a warranty?

Yes, there is a warranty for return or exchange if you are not comfortable with the product. However, for this warranty to work, you have to make your return alongside the original package it came with and within one month of delivery.

Does BuzzBGone Zap actually work?

BuzzBgone Zap has been reported by some online reviews as a waste of money give it like 2 stars rating. However, other consumers have also rated it highly with about 4 to 5-star ratings. In my opinion, I will advise that for you to enjoy this product, you have to use it without other light bulbs around and you have to draw it closer to yourself. If not, it may not give you what you want. You can also decide to get one and test before making more purchases. Remember, you can always return it back to the Company for a refund or exchange.

What is the best mosquito zapper?

The thing is that getting the best for you when it comes to mosquito zapper is really not easy. Especially with the fake online reviews made just to sell products. However, the producer of BuzzBgone Zap claims that her product is the best. You can also check other brands of mosquito zap but if after reading this review and you are ready to follow our warning, then you can go ahead and purchase using the affiliate link in this article.

Do mosquito zappers work?

There are many mosquito zappers that work while there are also many others that do not work. It is not easy to know the one that works irrespective of the online reviews. However, there is also a place for following warnings and instructions on how to use it for you to get the best from it. In this post, I have provided you with all you need to know about this device to maximize it.

Final word on BuzzBgone Zap review

Mosquitoes can be annoying. They can also cause malaria which will cause you some dollars to treat plus the fruits you will take to boost your immunity back.

What are you still waiting for to pick one of these zapping devices and get rid of mosquitoes in your home? Ensure your children are safe from the allergic and itchy bite spots to make each time a mosquito pierces their skin. Getting this BuzzBgone Zap has been affirmed by many through online reviews as one of their best investments this year. The producer also has a return and exchange policy in case you are not happy with the product after purchase.

However, if you must purchase BuzzBgone Zap, use the affiliate link at the bottom of this post to place your so as to have some discounts and a safe transaction with your card. The more units you order, the higher the discounts. Enjoy!

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