In a photo test, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra fell short of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Although the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is excellent, DXOMARK testing shows that it can’t quite match the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of quality.

Early in February, Samsung launched its premium Galaxy S23 lineup. Over the 2022 Galaxy line, they brought a number of upgrades and changes, including a new chip that Qualcomm claims provides artificial intelligence-powered photography features.

However, with a score of 140, DXOMARK ranks the Galaxy S23 Ultra in tenth position globally. The iPhone 14 Pro, which is ranked fourth, has a number that is higher than the iPhone 13 Pro’s, coming in at 146.

Low contrast in backlit images, sporadic local loss of detail on faces, and fusion artifacts under all lighting conditions were some of the problems with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Additionally, it was unstable when exposed.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, for instance, had “noticeable exposure differences between successive shots of the same scene,” according to DXOMARK. The iPhone 14 Pro, in comparison, had better tone compression and more constant exposure on faces.

In terms of video, the Galaxy S23 Ultra performed admirably due to its efficient stabilization and quick, precise focusing. The testers did note a small delay between the time the shutter was triggered and the actual image in low-light conditions.

In addition, the gadget gave faces in pictures with vivid backgrounds and inaccurate skin tones a “unnatural appearance.” Additionally, under these circumstances, it produced a small halo effect around subjects, giving them the appearance of glowing.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra was an excellent all-around camera, according to DXOMARK, with no significant flaws. Samsung hasn’t yet surpassed Apple in photos, though.

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