InfinitiKloud Reviews 2021: Is it really the best storage device?

InfinitiKloud Reviews:

Technology is great but the outcome of innovative technology is the greatest. Innovation has birthed many things including devices that make life better for all of us. With innovation sparing no part of our everyday life, we now have a smart device that could duplicate any file in any electronic device like computers and phones.

If you have ever gone to an event that you needed to present facts to your audience from your phone or laptop but due to low voltage on your system or phone your presentation got delayed. If you have been in this kind of issue, you will be understanding how disheartening it is to rely on laptops and phones alone. They can fail you in no time.

Many people have been disappointed in conferences and in their academic defense simply because their gadget developed a fault and erased all their files at the point they needed it most. I remember when I was in the university, as a hall governor, I needed to submit the names of students who stay in the hostel. Unfortunately for me, the moment I wanted to print this document was when the file got corrupted by a virus. Every attempt to restore this file to default proved abortive.

In the midst of my sweats came a question from nowhere, “don’t you have a backup for this document?”. I have never thought of backing my files up because I believe my laptop would always help out anytime I need its service. But that day, it dawned on me. I wished I had acted earlier before it came to my own court.

On the other hand, while it is good to have a device for file backup, it is most important to have a reliable device. If possible the best device. In the market currently, there are many brands of devices presumed to be good in backups. However, going through a review like this one we have for you here will always help to guide you towards taking the bold step on the best backup device to buy.

Due to the prevalence of different brands of backup devices without much help, we have come up with a trusted and tested device. One that can store all your files and offer it to you when you need it. It has the ability to scan the files you want to store and arrange them for you. The name of the device is InfinitiKloud.

In this article, we will walk you through the simple steps on how never to lose any of your files again, even if you lost your phone in a vehicle or got your laptop damaged. With InfinitiKloud reviews here, you will understand the benefits, features, InfiitiKloud troubleshooting, and what users of infinitiKloud have to say about. This review will help you know the infintiKloud good and bad sides. With the information, I believe, you will never lose any data and you can also transfer files between devices freely.

infinitikloud reviews

Alright, lets ride on

What is InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is a very portable USB backup stick that stores all types of data such as pictures, videos, documents, and other important files from a variety of sources, including iOS, Android, Mac, PC. It helps to store selected data in the safest manner possible. InfintiKloud works in such a manner as to prevent you from losing files or data in any situation. What makes InfinitiKloud stand out from the rest is that it stores files that you have selected, arranges them so that you can know when there is a duplicate, unlike other brands that store random files.

With InfinitiKloud USB stick, you can arrange your files according to their order of preference as it allows you to categorize your data the way that is most suitable to you. Whether it is your personal data or professional data, with InfinitiKloud, you will be able to store everything in order. InfinitiKloud is not a classic USB stick or a conventional cloud, but a combination of both. According to the manufacturer, when you load files on the USB stick, they are already stored on the cloud of the provider.

Specification of Infiniti Kloud

Here are the technical details of this device.

  • No internet access required. Unlike your conventional cloud storage, InfinitiKloud does not need WiFi to back up your important files.
  • It is Handy to carry around since it is very small and lightweight.
  • InfinitiKloud comes in a variety of memory sizes such as 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. The variety of options helps InfinitiKloud to be very user-friendly, and these give you some choices as to how you want your data stored and how much space you have to work with.
  • InfinitiKloud is very compatible as it readily works with iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • It works with all USB devices: Infiniti Kloud uses both the standard USB B and the newer USB C adapter for all generations of computers. You can even back up your phone with the USB C port that comes with InfinitiKloud.
  • InfinitiKloud backups data very quickly as it operates at 3.0 speed for efficient use.
  • It backs up data with a single click.

Main features of InfinitiKloud

  • Makes it easier for you to go through the files you backed up.
  • It’s operating speed is ultra-high.
  • InfinitiKloud provides a detailed description of every single file and its statistics. This helps it to remove duplicate files when they occur.
  • Backs up files with more than one version of storage. Whether you have a file in PDF, Word, Excel, InfinitiKloud helps you back all of them up, regardless.
  • Helps to suggest to you for delete of files that you have backed up, but no longer want to store.
  • Infinitikloud supports a number of languages: English, German, French to name a few.
  • Helps you restore the files you have backed up on your USB back to your computer.
infinitikloud review
infinitikloud reviews

Benefits of InfinitiKloud

  • Auto-detection: with this device, you can easily know when there is a duplicate file. This is because it will save your files in order and sort them out while scanning them.
  • A detailed description of every single file and its statistics: With this advantage, you can easily take a glance at the file.
  • Backing up files to the USB: With the infinitiKloud sd, you can easily back up your files to the smart USB backup.
  • Backing up files with more than one version: With this device, you can backup files in different gadgets. For example, you can use it for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Tablets.
  • Helps to delete unwanted files that have been backed up: With InfinitiKloud, you can easily know some unwanted files and get them deleted easily.
  • Helps to browse through the backup files: With the pattern of arrangement made by this device, you can easily have a look at all the files backup in it.
  • Provides ultra-high-speed: With the high-velocity technology by which this device is made, your files transfer can be a matter of seconds.
  • Supports many languages: It is all a matter of choice to use any of the following languages like English, Portuguese, German, French being few
  • It helps to backup files with customized file extensions
  • It also helps to restore the files that you’ve backed up on your USB back to your computer or any other computer and it does so at the specified location.

How does Infinitikloud work?

InfinitiKloud works in a very simple way. As you already know from above, it is more like a handy flash drive USB-like device that is compatible with all kinds of devices including Phones, PC or Mac and is used for storing files externally from the original device.

It has a part you can plug into the original device, when you plug in the USB port of InfinitiKloud into your computer or whatever device you are using, InfinitiKloud immediately scans all the files on your computer and shows you the exact number of files in your system and it displays the files in their respective categories.

With this scanning, InfinnitiKloud also shows you the number of duplicate files you have so that you don’t waste time and space storing the same file twice. It also allows you to select the files you want to back up and deselect the files you wouldn’t want to back up.

After the InfinitiKloud scan, your data are backed up your files as fast as in seconds, sometimes depending on the number of files you have on your computer. After the backup, if your computer happens to crash or you get a new device, you can easily retrieve your previous data by plugging in your InfinitiKloud cloud to your computer USB port and click on “export”, this way you automatically get your data back exactly as they were.

The fact that everyone can use this device, remain incredible about this USB backup stick, whether computer savvy or inexperienced because it has an easy-to-use and understands navigation that guides you on what to do.

infinitikloud price
infinitikloud reviews

Uses of InfinitiKloud

InfinitiKloud can be used in many tasks. If you have a file or data you would not want to lose, it is no news that you need to back it up. By backing it up, you are putting it into separate storage. the essence of this storage is against the time of the crash of your device. In this case, you can easily retrieve your data without losing any. It is simply usable by both gender and any age that can easily issue a command to his phone or computer.

The good thing about using this type of backup compared to google cloud backup is that you are in direct control of your data and it is private to only you. InfinitiKloud helps you declutter the excess files in your computer into your storage device. InfinitiKloud does this at the speed of light. You have the option of choosing which storage capacity (32 GB, 64GB, 128GB) is most suitable for you.

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Why is InfinitiKloud so unique?

The greatest advantage of using Infinitikloud sd storage is its wide range of compatibility. It is highly compatible with devices like PC machines, smartphones and Mac. This drive storage uses both the standard USB B and the newer USB C adapter for all generations of computers.

You can even back up your phone with the USB C port that comes with Infiniti Kloud. InfinitiKloud also gives you the benefit of storing your files in a trusted and personal cloud storage provider alongside conventional data storage. Its transfer speed is unbeatable and it helps keep your files in the correct order.

infinitikloud reviews
infinitikloud reviews

Pros and Cons of Using Infiniti Kloud

every product out for sale as a result of its advantages should also list the weakness irrespective of how insignificant the drawbacks may be. In this section, we have written out the infiniti Kloud good and bad sides to help you understand what this device really offers.

Pros of InfinitiKloud sd flash drive:

Below are the positive or good sides of this device. This is why InfinitiKloud is currently causing a buzz in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Columbia, France, Brazil, Germany, and around the globe.

  • InfinitiKloud is user-friendly: InfinitiKloud has a custom-designed interface that is easy to use and understand, regardless of your computer knowledge. All you need is to plug your backup device in any system and you can backup the files in the system. As simple as that and you will not lose your files anymore.
  • InfinitiKloud has high transfer speed: This storage device is really incredible when it comes to speed. One thing about Infiniti Kloud that everyone notices easily is its high transfer speed. It has the capability of transferring files at 4.8GB per second. If you are going to compare this with the other USB cards or memory cards out there, the Infiniti Kloud has a much faster transfer speed.
  • InfinitiKloud does not need of internet connection: You don’t need to be connected to the internet or WiFi to be able to back up your files. Infiniti Kloud backs up your files automatically and instantly whenever you want to.
  • InfinitiKloud offers direct access:There are lots of cloud storage and pen drives systems out there that will require you to download first a particular app for it to be used. Aside from that, there are some cloud storage systems that will ask you to have some cables attached to it before using it. But when it comes to the Infiniti Kloud, rest assured that they will not require you to use anything extra. Your computer or phone and USB stick is all you need to back up your files.
  • InfinitiKloud uses less power: Infiniti Kloud uses less power in the sense that it does not drain your laptop battery in the process of backing up your files, no matter the number of files you need to back up.
  • InfinitiKloud is Highly compatible: Infiniti Kloud is a very compatible tool as it can work in any device you desire to use. It can function with a Windows OS laptop and an iPhone. It works with Mac Mini, HP, Notebooks, Android phones, iMac, Acer, Surface, Samsung, Dell, Asus, MS, and Lenovo. Odds are that it works with what you have in your hand as well. You can also save important audios and also quality images.
  • InfinitiKloud is safe and secure: You can be sure that whatever you have backed in InfinitiKloud is  100 percent safe and secure because your data is bound to last for at least 10 years with InfinitiKloud and its cloud storage provider is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Portability: The fact that the InfinitiKloud is quite small makes it easier to carry it anywhere either in a conference, to the beach for storage for your videos or photos, and to many other places. It is very simple to move around with.
  • InfinitiKloud has variable storage options: There are three types of storage options for InfinitiKloud. These are 32gb, 64gb and 128gb. The number of options helps InfinitiKloud to be very user-friendly, and these give you some choices as to how you want your data stored and how much space you have to work with. You can decide how much storage you need and how much you want to pay. 32gb of storage means 25,000 photos or more can be kept secure for you. 64gb can hold 50,000 or more, and with 128gb, you can store 100,000 photos.
  • InfinitiKloud removes duplicate files: InfinitiKloud is through its scan of all your files, can automatically detect duplicate files. With this, you can have the option of deleting the duplicate copies or not.


  1. Too small and can be easily misplaced if you’re not careful.
  2. You can only be sure of the original InfinitiKloud by ordering from the manufacturer’s online store.
  3. InfinitiKloud stock can be limited anytime.
  4. The current promo can end anytime soon.

Why should you buy InfinitiKloud?

We have extensively looked into this storage device, but there are factors we should consider before buying any storage device? Well, due to the many available storage devices in the market, it may not be out of courtesy to have some defining criteria before you make the budget for a storage device. There are factors to consider wisely in order not to collect or receive an order of scam. If you fail to consider the factors you may end up regret the product you bought. So below are points you should note before buying and why such point is necessary.

  • Need for storage device: People purchase storage devices for various reasons. It could be because you need it to back up your projects as a student, to store your work-related files as an employee, for marketing purposes to give you the convenience of carrying your products around. Knowing the primary usage will enable you to pick the best style or product that will suit all your needs and requirements. Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain.
  • Compatibility: You should know the type and model of a mobile device that you are working with. The compatibility of a cloud storage device is one of the things that you should consider before buying one. 
  • Storage needs: Your use of a storage device will determine your storage needs. Different storage devices will provide you different storage capacities. All are only efficient depending on the kind and amount of files you tend to have on your computer. There are different storage capacities ranging from 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB to 64 GB, and so on.
  • Sturdiness: A password protection feature will be useless if the cloud storage device that you have purchased can be easily broken with a single wear and tear situation. We highly recommend you to purchase a cloud storage device that is made up of anodized aluminum outer covers. If you cannot find an anodized aluminum-made device, you might also consider buying a device that is made up of hardy and high-quality materials. Luckily, we found the best storage device that meets all your storage needs and considerations, and this device is no other than InfinitiKloud.
  • Transfer speeds: The next thing to decide when buying a cloud storage device is its transfer speed. There are different brands and models of storage devices in the market- each will provide you with different transfer speeds. It is best to decide which transfer is most suitable for your storage needs. The higher the transfer speed being offered, the better. With Infiniti kloud, you get to enjoy high transfer speed.
  • Customer service: It is very important to consider the customer service of the storage device that you will purchase. This is always true if you are going to buy many customized products. You always want to buy a product whose services you can rely on, anytime, and any day.

Customer Reviews on InfinitiKloud

Below are reports from some of the customers we have verified. They are like me and you and have shared their experiences while using InfinitiKloud.

I have a lot of important files that are on my iPhone and on my MacBook Pro and I always worry about loss or theft of my property. Not worried anymore! I simply at the end of every day plug in InfinitiKloud™ and back up just the new stuff that I’ve made since the last backup. Very convenient.

Bruce C. – Vancouver, W.

This thing is really easy. Plug the InfinitiKloud™ into USB power and then attach the lighting charging cable from the iPhone and then back up with one click. I’m no good with technology, but this was so simple and easy. There’s nothing to it, just plug it in and it does all the work for you and allows easy restoration.

Max K. – Dallas, Texas.

Infinitikloud works perfectly to give me peace of mind! I left my phone in a taxi this year and had its replacement stolen and the InfinitiKloud let me restore all my confidential files and photos. I backed up and secured my phone privately and safely. I would have lost everything if I hadn’t backed up my data using this device!

Bella T. – NY, NY.

As a photographer, I needed reliable backup, one that can take a few minutes to back up my photos. I needed a backup device that could ensure that all things are safely backed up. I decided to buy infinitikloud with the 128GB model so I could back up my computer and my iPhone. I have more than 120,000 photos and videos on it now. It works fast. It is also the best photo backup device I have seen so far. I highly recommended the device.

Janet M. – Miami, FL.

Where can I buy infinitikloud?

There are many places to buy this device called infinitikloud but you do not get to enjoy premium services everywhere. For example, you do not enjoy 50% discount everywhere and you are not protected by return and exchange policies. You only get this nice treatment from the manufacturer.

Only the manufacturer understands the importance of a customer. You are not even sure of the product you buy if you mistakenly purchase a device that resembles infinitikloud anywhere around your local shops.

To enjoy premium services while purchasing infinitikloud, you need to place your ordders from the online store of the manufacturer. The manufacturer has made it in such a way that the extra charges that come as a result of retailers or middlemen in the chain of distribution are removed. You now spend much less than normal. If you place your order through the official website, you stand a chance of returning the product within 30 days in by any genuine reason that you found it unsatisfactory.

In this case, you stand a chance for full refund or device exchange. You will receive your refund 4 das after your complaint while in the case of exchange, you will receive a new product within 3 days. All these are available if you purchase infinitikloud from the company’s online store.

Due to the promo and quality of the device, there was limited infinitiKloud stocks last month but currently infinitikloud is much available. To enjoy the premium services from the manufacturer, use the blue button below to navigate to their website.

InfinitiKloud Prices

Infinitikloud is made in such a wa that it is available and to the reach of everyone. It has different price tags depending on the capacity of the SD card it contains. Below are the different price tags:

If you need something to save your little files, you can go for 32GB infinitiKloud, the price of one is 34.99$. For the 64GB infinitikloud, the price of one is 49.99$. Then for the 128GB infinitikloud, the price of one is 69.99$.

The prices above are the direct price of them according to men of capacity. When you navigate to the official website, you will see many interesting offers. The discounts get to increase depending on the number of infinitikloud you order for.

However, it is necessary for to understand that these are discounted prices and might rise up to the normal prices soon, so now is the best time to buy this storage device, it is best to get it now so you can enjoy the discount.

Money is not always the issue as you can even get from friends to buy this device, we encourage people who like infinitikloud and need to buy it to consider what they intenf to use it for. If it involves large files, then you need the right capacity. If you intend to use it for business, you need to look up for the bigger capacity. For personal use, like to collect movie or music and other files, the 32GB is okay.

The steps to buy it is very simple, once you’ve decided on the storage capacity and quantity you want to buy, you’ll get an overview of the price. In addition to the costs for the backup USB stick, shipping costs are also calculated here. If you agree with the price, you can then choose a payment method.

For the payment method, you can choose between PayPal and credit cards like Visa, Amex, Discover and of course MasterCard. Then click on “Checkout” and enter your personal data and delivery address. These information are all private and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions on InfinitiKloud reviews

Is InfinitiKloud good for all device?

It all depends on why you want to use or buy infinitikloud, if you are in the class of persons that lose information or data while working with your system or you have battery that does not last or that your device is heavy and you would want an alternative, then infinitikloud can help irrespective of the device. You can use infinitikloud to transfer data from one device to the other in no time. It has speed while making its transfer. Infinitikloud is really good for storing and transferring data from one device to another.

Why is InfinitiKloud different from other devices that use cloud technology?

While infinitikloud may perform similar function with other devices that rely on cloud technology, it is unique in different ways. Infinitikloud can scan your harddrive like computers and smartphones before accepting files, by this it helps to stop your files from being corrupt. This makes it much safer to use infinitikloud when it comes to storing of your information which you can use later.

Does InfinitiKloud work as a cloud technology?

First, what exactly is a cloud technology? A cloud technology is more like a virtual means of storing information. The invisible device where information is stored is called a cloud. When it comes to infinitikloud, it works as a direct file storing device that has USB for file transfer and physical SD card for information storage.

Can the InfinitiKloud remove duplicate files?

Unlike other devices, this infinitikloud is unique as it can remove duplicate files in no time. How it does this is by grouping files by name as it scan them. While scanning them, it organises all files, letting you to know the duplicated copies. The greatest advantage that comes with this is that it helps you to save more files as it creates more space for you.

Does the InfinitiKloud work with iPhone Operating System?

It is not restricted to a particular brand or model. It works perfectly for Android and iOS devices including mac and window operating devices. This only means that it can be used by those individuals who are using iOS and Android devices. It is also recommended to those individuals who are using Windows as their operating system.

Is infinitikloud compatible with all devices?

The good side of this device is that it can be used with any device. The InfinitiKloud is compatible with most of the devices that anyone can use. These include Android phones, Asus, MS, Surface, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP, iMac, Mac Mini, and Notebooks. Even those devices that still use the old operating systems, you can ensure that this InfinitiKloud will work compatibly. It is really innovative when storing of data is involved.

How does infinitiKloud charge?

You do not need to charge as it does not need a charge or voltage to operate. So InfinitiKloud charge is not required.

Is infinitiKloud wireless?

InfinitiKloud uses a USB for its operations like connecting it to a laptop or to phone. It works like a flash drive.

Conclusion on InfinitiKloud Reviews

Have you ever gone for conference or meeting and all of a sudden you needed a data to support your instances but unfortunately you could not come with your laptop because you felt it was heavy? Do you know they could be an alternative to coming with your laptop? All you needed was just a storage cloud like InfinitiKloud.

Am glad that by this review you have read, you are made an expert in InfinitiKloud and you can maximize the use of this gadget.

If you are a computer or any computer-related gadget owner out there, or you use the computers in completing your office work or business activities, buying infinitikloud will be a choice you will ever be happy you made as it helps you store information in a portable.

Infinitikloud is very portable and simple to use. It has an SD card with sufficient memory capacity for any storage you intend to make with it. It is highly affordable unlike other storage devices that do less when compared to infinitikloud. You can only get infinitikloud on the manufacturer’s website through the link in there button below. Due to the high demand on the product, there was limited offers but the manufacturer has refilled the stock. Infinitikloud is actually the best buy.

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