Koretrak Review 2021: the best buy fitness tracker watch?

Koretrak Review:

As time moves, technology advances as well. If you check the last 3 decades, you probably may not have heard about the smartwatch because the major watches that dominated were wristwatch and digital watch. Today, the wristwatch seems to be gradually going into oblivion. If you present a wristwatch today as a gift, the person you presented it to will be in awe of what the hell is this.

Since the past decade, people have come to embrace digital watches especially as it helps them perform some tasks like doing simple arithmetic, helping in a limited way to store information, and also do a little unit conversion.

Everyone was caught into the feelings that the best of watches has arrived. If you are yet to have a digital watch then, you crave to have it. The way people really love to wear digital watches, it was as if no other superior quality will emerge. But today, Technology has produced a far better quality of watches. These recent watches are capable of checking blood pressure, producing heart rate, giving oxygen blood saturation, etc, all in no time.

These watches are made very smart through the help of inbuilt sensors which are able to sense changes with your health parameters and report them back to you. From the early 2000s when these watches called ‘smartwatches’ began to make bold entry into the market, not many people knew about them. Today, all the buzz is for these smartwatches.

The smart function of these smartwatches has made many companies invest in them. While some of these companies produce smartwatches with general-purpose, others are specific. for example, Some smartwatches are for the expedition, divers while some are only for health. So far, the smartwatches used for health tracking has really dominated others. The fitness smartwatch can track any change in your health parameters.

For many years now, these fitness tracker smartwatches used for tracking health vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and others, have been produced and sold under the high cost of over 250$. This high cost with limited function of the smartwatches started in 2007 until recently when one of the newest companies made a mark in the fitness tracker market.

It produced a fitness tracker that is not only very affordable, it is also made with more functions compared to what you can get in other fitness trackers. It can be said that this company studied the work of other companies and upgraded their product to what everybody that needs to be in charge of his/ her health must have to fully track his fitness.

This latest company is called KoreHealth Fitness company. The company has a guiding principle that everyone should be in charge of his/ her fitness. This, the company has boldly shown by producing a health tracker smartwatch that performs many health functions and at the same time is 4 times less than the cost of other trackers. This new Koretrak smartwatch is very easy to use, affordable, and very durable. It has many incredible and fascinating features that you will like as it is a result of much research on how to make everyone in charge of their health.

This review on Koretrak watch will let you know how easy it is to be in charge of your health by showing you a simple and easy way to monitor and track your fitness parameters and use them appropriately. It will also let you know the latest features, the pros, the cons, Koretrak users’ reviews, and answer the frequently asked questions on this smartwatch. This koretrak review has much insight into your health and fitness.

Kindly read it carefully as many extra tips you may not see in other areas are included in this Koretrak review. Moreover, it will help you make the decision of whether to buy or not to buy.

Koretrak is scam or legit?

Lets begin,I can assure you that you will really appreciate coming across this review.

What is Koretrak smartwatch?

Koretrak is a smartwatch with additional functionality. In addition to being able to offer time, it also performs other health-related functions through its biometric sensors. These sensors enable it to gather information about your health, convert it to meaningful interpretation, and make a display.

Metrics it captures include, blood pressure, Oxygen blood saturation, heart rate monitoring, etc. It can also help to monitor the quality of sleep you have especially if you wear it overnight. In fact, it bridges the gap between smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Koretrak fitness tracker

It has a sleek design with a simple look like a bracelet. It is very easy to use and made with quality material that makes it waterproof, sweatproof, and can even be immersed in water with dept up to one meter for 30 minutes without any damage. This is because it is made with an IP67 waterproof rated body.

To maximize it to the highest, you will need to download its app from either the play store or apple store. Compatibility is not an issue with this Koretrak as it is highly compatible with android and Apple smartphones irrespective of the version of the phone. When it is connected with your phone, you can use it to get your location, check the recent updates on your phone, receive calls, and get a message alert from your phone.

It has a strong Bluetooth sensor which makes the connection strong and easy to pass information between the two devices. There are also other sensors that help you, especially if you love to exercise or running, to tell you the distance you have covered. It can also tell you the extend of time you have spent in inactivity and need to stand and move about. It is really a cutting edge technology.

Specification of Koretrak Fitness tracker

This bracelet-like smartwatch has got all you need to track your health and stay in good health. If you want a simple and easy-to-use wearable tracker, you need not search anymore because it is here. As an innovative new product from a new company, the full specifications are yet to be fully unveiled. Here are the few technical facts I have been able to gather on it.

  • Display: It has an LCD screen that helps it to display the values of the metrics clearly. With its display mode, you view every one of its results clearly without having to bend your eyes.
  • Sensors: Koretrak is made of sensors that help it to perform its functions. The sensors include a blood pressure measuring sensor, Heart rate measuring sensor, Oxygen blood level measuring sensor, etc. Note that it does not have a GPS sensor but the sensor in your phone is what it uses to track your location.
  • Memory: IT is able to store your health records for one week. Afterward, it will replace old ones with new ones. You decided to transfer the information to your phone if you would want to make use of it in time to come.
  • Battery: It has an inbuilt battery that is charged with a USB. Al you need is to have its right USB plugged into it. It also lasts for long after every charge.
  • Waterproof Rating: Unlike any other tracker device, this Koretrak is made especially with IP67 rated waterproof. This helps to withstand water splashing, rain drenching, sweat. etc. in fact, even it mistakenly falls into the water you can still take out and clean it without any damage provided it is not more than 30 minutes inside the water.
Koretrak smartphone App

Features of Koretrak Smartwatch

Like I said before now, Koretrak is so designed to perform many functions that are the first of their kind. It has both the feature of a timepiece and a tracker. Below are the features:

  1. Health Tracking: One of the major differences between a digital watch and a smartwatch that is a fitness tracker is that the latter has the capability to track health metrics and display them through its LCD. Vital health parameters like oxygen blood level, blood pressure, and heart rate monitor can easily be done through this tracker. It has sensors for tracking these vital signs of health. All you need is to wear the bracelet-like smartwatch, and immediately the measurement will begin.
  2. Fitness Tracking: If you really want to monitor your energy breakdown like the way your calories are burned down, it is easy. You can also measure your steps all with this smartwatch called koretrak. Like I said before now, this Koretrak lacks the GPS and for that reason will not be able to track your location except it is connected with your phone. Your phone is built with a GPS sensor. It will then use the GPS of your phone to do that and give you details on your steps whether you walk or run.
  3. Sedentary control: It has the ability to tell you whether you have been inactive for long or not. With this smartwatch, you can know when your sitting at one place is overdue and you will receive an alert to walk around or to take a few steps outside your current position.
  4. Sleep Monitoring: Koretrak can monitor and analyze your sleeping pattern to predict whether you are having appropriate rest. This is done if you wear your smartwatch overnight. It will record your sleep hours and the number of times you wake up within your sleeping time. The good thing about this monitoring of your sleep is that it helps you enjoy your sleep so as to stay active the following day at work.
  5. Compatibility: It is generally compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. You can use it in any version of your phone and it will not have any hitch working. Download the app, install it, and start using it on your phone.
  6. Connectivity: Depending on your setting, it can connect with your phone for Calling, receiving text messages, and other notification. It is a better way to accept calls when you have something doing with your tow hands. All you need to do is to accept the call and you can talk as if you are using a phone.
  7. Simplest Tracking approach: No difficulty involved. All you need to do is to look at your wrist and you will see your health vital signs and health values on your Koretrak watch Just like that. Amazing, isn’t it? You do not need to press a button or to wait for your health record. It will appear on its own.
  8. Health tips: With the ability of this fitness tracker to track many sporting events like running, jogging, walking, cycling, climbing, and others, it can provide the need information about your health to help stay safe and healthy. You can also make out a guess that is reliable about your health just by comparing your health parameters every week with the past one.
  9. Waterproof: With Koretrak you do not worry about rain or water getting to splash on the watch. It is made with a waterproof material that is IP67 rated. So it can always be there to serve you better irrespective of whether there is rain or not.
Koretrak fitness tracker reviews

How does Koretrak work?

To make this device work to its fullest, all you need to do is to make it connected with your smartphone. This is because it is able to perform more functions when it utilizes the sensors on the phone and its own inbuilt sensors. With the phone well connected with the smartwatch, you are good to go.

Cheapest fitness tracker

the first you do as soon as you receive your delivery or order is to charge the smartwatch to 100% full. the sing android or alternatively you download it from apple store if you are using apple product. All you need is to search for the Koretrak fitness tracker and your app will appear for downland.

Click download and install your app, then connect your phone with the smartwatch through Bluetooth. Its connectivity is not different from other fitness tracker smartwatches. The wifi signal is only for your phone. In case you would like your wifi signal to be strong for your phone use, use this wifi signal booster.

Who is Koretrak Smartwatch for?

Fitness tracker is really important in the life of every person. Gone are the days you must close your account to get smartwatchesl. As affordable as it is, it can be used by all to check their health.

Korehealth company haven removed the impediment to getting fitness trackers by producing koretrak, it is tat would want to track his or her health parameters. There is no gainsaying that health is wealth and for that reason that you should track your health. This is because it is expedient for good living.

Koretrak while being a timepiece, is also a veritable tool for health and living in the right state of health. So everyone can use it irrespective of age, gender, or race. It is designed to last and made in such a way that it is intact under shock, in face of bad weather changes like heat and in the occasion of extreme cold.

Koretrak is also very compatible enough to be used with smartphones that have Bluetooth including Apple iOS 7.0 and also Android 4.3. It takes no time to set up after download and installation. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 and above for its connections.

Pros and Cons of Koretrak Smartwatch

Though this smartwatch has many good features that have made it first among other fitness trackers, it will also be nice for us to consider and know if there are disadvantages to this product. Below are what I find out about both the pros and cons of this device.

Pros of Koretrak

  • It is highly affordable. How cheap this product has drawn people towards it and make it the most selling fitness tracker.
  • Its values are reliable and reproducible. With the LCD screen you see its values clearly and also if you redo the recording, it will also link up.
  • It stores its information thereby helping you to monitor your routine exercise.
  • It also has an IP67 rated waterproof which helps it to withstand any splash of water on it.
  • IT comes with sleep monitoring technology. This helps to take the reading of how comfortable you are while sleeping.
  • Koretrak is also made with sensors that help to track different health vital signs and parameters.
  • It helps you to get fit faster. With apps designed to track and record your workouts, KoreTrak pushes you to stay active and helps you improve
  • KoreTrak helps you to stay connected always. It lets you read your messages and check who is calling with a glance at your wrist, so you can stay connected while you are working out.
  • It has a 50% discount rate going on right now.
  • There is also a 30 Day money back guarantee.

Cons of Koretrak

  • This affordable and effective fitness tracker can only be seen and bought from the official website.
  • It depends on the GPS of smartphones to process your location. It didn’t come with GPS
  • The information currently available about the specification is currently very limited. You can always check back for updates.
  • Due to the 50% discount promo currently on-going, the offer seems limited. so make your order today.

Why should I buy Koretrak Fitness Tracker?

Koretrak is for everybody.

Like the saying that health is wealth, there is a need for us to treasure our health. One of the ways to treasure our health is to get something that could tell us about any abnormal change in our health parameter. It is not all about just having something that can track our health records. It is all about having a reliable one. One that is very affordable while still doing what it is supposed to do.

Koretrak is exactly that tracker that can offer you the above-listed function. It is not just cheap for nothing. The affordability as a result of the company to help everyone to get to the reach of medical care before it enters its critical stage.

You know that heart disease is a major problem currently due to the kind of food we eat. To avoid the effects of heart failure you need to identify very earlier every threat to good living coming from heart rating, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.

Starting early to take care of those parameters that predispose or show that there is a presence of risk of heart disease is very important. You have to get a tracker that can help and the best among them is Koretrak. So you really need it to stand firm.

Information about the supplier of Koretrak

KoreHealth is a company that produces KoreTrak. The company is an online branch of a Hong Kong-based e-commerce company called Strong Current Hong Kong. Innovative toothbrushes and other wonderful health products are also exported by this company. You can contact KoreHealth through their Email or phone numbers for different countries which are listed below:

Email: support@korehealth.com

Phone (US and Canada): 609 414 7087

Phone (UK and Ireland): 08708 200084

Phone (Australia and New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316

Mailing Address: Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Koretrak reviews Customer Reports

I have been able to gather what other users of this fitness tracker have to say and below are what they have said.:

One thing I am happy about this koretrak is how satisfying it is watching the step counter and calorie tracker tick up every day. It has reactivated my doing exercise spirit and now I enjoy going on early morning jogging

Winter H.

Now I can see how far I have run and checked my heart rate at any time just with Koretrak. It is a must for people that cycle, run, or even those that walk. Moreover, I don’t need to bring out my phone each time someone sends me a message or calls me. With Koretrak I receive calls easily.

John L

It is very easy to use, so I like to wear it any time am going to the gym. It helps me note the body changes as I do exercise. I really lit for its wonderful looks and ease of control. I really recommend everyone to have it.

Jennet M

Koretrak was able to make me keep my goal. I have also had in mind to keep a weekly goal of how to do my exercise. It is good that today I can see the goal really pay. I am more fit now. Each time I do my exercise I am able to see the reading of my heart rate and blood pressure without using an external sphygmomanometer. It is really worth it.

Eric D.

While other fitness trackers have focused on just their brand, KoreTrak produce has built an accurate and reliable product that can serve your purpose at any time. Please do not waste your money pursuing Fitbit that that is very cost yet performing less than KoreTrak. I have taken time to look at Fitbit vs KoreTrak and I can tell you that KoreTrak is still the best both in affordability and in services. 

Koretrak is a product of research into what modern trackers really need. Its features are advanced to offer you the best at a very affordable price. It is user-friendly and can withstand water splashes, unlike most other health tracking devices.

It joins all the best highlights from the huge brand smartwatches and wellness trackers and offers everything to you at a less expensive cost. On the off chance that you need to shed pounds, get fit as a fiddle, and begin carrying on with a more beneficial life, KoreTrak will assist you with doing it without using up every last cent. 

Koretrak is worth the buy, they have sold more that three times other fitness trackers within the past few months. Everyone who used the product seems to be referring his friends to come get the tracker. It is really simple even to the old and young They seem to also enjoy using this health track as the LCD display helps them read off the value of their health parameter.

Koretrak Price

The main strength of this health tracker is its accessibility by even the poor. the company is able to offer quality for a very affordable price. You will not believe this price when you see it. I know you are used to seeing smartwatches being sold as high as 300$. This one is not the same, it is very cheap and yet effective.

This is why everyone seems to be going for this tracker. Koretrak has gained wide popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, and worldwide. With just 49.95$ you have your smartwatch fitness tracker at your disposal.

You can also enjoy a better offer if you wish to add your family members to the plan. You gain higher discounts as the number increases. The various price options available for this smartwatch are listed below, the prices are valid from the time of writing this review till the end of this month:

One (1) KoreTrak = $49.95 + $8.95 Shipping

Two (2) KoreTrak = $99.90 + $9.95 Shipping

Three (2) KoreTrak = $112.39 + $10.95 Shiping

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. If you are really interested in buying this fitness tracker I advise you to do that now because it will be nice to grab this opportunity and get it at a discounted price.

Where Should I buy Koretrak Fitness tracker?

This Koretrak smartwatch review has to include this section in order to be complete as a guide. It is not enough to tell you that you get to order for this smartwatch tracker online without showing the exact link to click to get to the company website. I have to show you the safest place to buy this smartwatch.

I always advise our customers to buy products directly from the manufacturer. This is to ensure you don’t fall into the hands of scammers who may sell you a fake version of the product. Buying directly from the manufacturer also gives you access to any offer available for that product plus the promo discounted price you will get the product at.

If you have made up your mind to buy Koretrak smartwatch, We at Whole Gadgets advise you to buy it directly from the manufacturer. It is not sold in retail shops out there, It can only be gotten online. The blue button below will direct you to the manufacturer’s official website where you can place your order.

You can pay online using PayPal or a credit card. There is also an extended warranty that covers your fitness tracker for life. KoreTrak has a 30 – day money-back guarantee. This allows you to return it before 30 days of purchase if there is any reason why you do not like the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (Koretrak Review)

In a bid not to leave any stone not turned I have provided answers to the frequently as questions on this KoreTrak fitness tracker reviews. Carefully go through them below to clear your doubt.

What does KoreTrak do?

This question is really in the mouth of may of our customers. The main function of this fitness tracker smartwatch is to function as a timepiece and as well as the health tracker that is good enough to let you know about your health state through its biometric analysis.

Is KoreTrak a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

It is made to function as both! KoreTrak combines the style and convenience of a smart watch with the bio-metric features of a fitness wristband.

Can I wear KoreTrak in the shower?

Yes, KoreTrak has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. I also recommend you should not wear it underwater for more than 30 minutes.

Can I use KoreTrak if I don’t have my phone on me?

Yes, KoreTrak can store data for up to one week on its own. It will automatically synchronize with your phone the next time it comes within the Bluetooth range. You can also transfer the information to your phone strong manually especially if it is the kind of information you would want to show to your doctor.

Are there different color options for the KoreTrak wristband?

It has multiple colors, so please endeavor to choose the one you think will suit you best. So you need to select the wristband customization kit at checkout for a selection of other styles and colors.

What smartphones are compatible with KoreTrak?

It is universally compatible. You can get your KoreTrak to be linked to either Apple or Android devices. However, a Bluetooth connection is required to upload the data. You should worry about the Bluetooth version of your phone as this fitness tracker can connect with Bluetooth version 4.0 and above.

Conclusion on Koretrak watch reviews

Koretrak is a big investment that offers beyond what you can get from other fitness trackers. It has biosensors that can monitor your body’s vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, and even your oxygen blood levels. It can also offer you insight on whether you are having sufficient sleep, and it also monitors your steps and exercises which makes you know the distance covered during exercise and if it is adequate or not. This Koretrak review is enough to offer you the best guide.

With all these great features, it is still very affordable and cost-effective. You no longer need to be scared away again by the price of Fitbit smartwatch that performs less than Koretrak. To have a health tracker must not make you break your bank account.

With as low as 49.95$, you can have your own fitness tracker delivered to you at your doorstep. Yes! As cheap and affordable as that. I told you that this company has a philosophy of accessibility of good health to everyone through koretrak. You have to seize this opportunity now and grab yours. Opportunity come but one and remember health is wealth.

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