KoreTrak review 2021: is koretrak pro the best smartwatch?

Koretrak pro review

We have talked about some of the wristwatches available in the market. But there is one that we’re yet to discuss. Its name is Koretrak Pro.

10 years back, if you tell most persons that one can get notifications from smartphones without looking at the phone, it will sound impossible. If you tell your friend that it is possible to know who is calling them with their phone being a kilometer away, they will still doubt it.

No one knows that a device initially known as an instrument for checking time can be used as an instrument for checking health parameters—a smartwatch has made it easy to check pulse rate, temperature, and even blood pressure.

As you know, smartwatches are improving in the kind of sensors that they come with these days. Most of them are now coming with some sensors that can pick even the least of your vital signs.  They come with the ability to sensor your environment and tell you where your other devices are.

Is a smartwatch more than a device for fashion? Can a smartwatch perform other functions like checking vital signs, showing us notifications from our phone, and getting us connected with our other devices? If yes to the above questions, then it is important we read this post well to note KoreTrak’s uniqueness, features, benefits, and a reliable online source to buy it from. Let’s know what the KoreTrak smartwatch is.

What is the Koretrak pro smartwatch?

koretrak review

KoreTrak smartwatch first is an instrument for checking time just like other traditional wristwatches that people wear on their wrist. However, there are far many differences compared to traditional smartwatches. This brand of the smartwatch is like a bracelet that you wear over your wrist as a timepiece, for vital signs measurements, and to stay connected with your other smart devices.

Its dual sensors get precise readings of critical vital signs, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and skin temperature—all with just a quick glance at your wrist! With multi-sport tracking and advanced exercise metrics through the smartphone app, KoreTrak Pro pushes you to stay active and gives you important insight on how best to improve your overall health and achieve your fitness goals faster.

KoreTrak Pro can go anywhere you go. Equipped with pliable yet durable comfort bands that will move with you and splashproof casing so you don’t have to worry about water splashes anymore. KoreTrak Pro makes it easy to understand and monitor your health. A quick glance at your wrist and you will be able to track all your key vitals such as heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned.

The no-fuss interface also allows you quickly to set up your workout with less planning so you can just focus on achieving your goals. With multi-sport tracking and advanced exercise metrics through the smartphone app, KoreTrak Pro pushes you to stay active and gives you important insight on how best to improve your overall health and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Benefits of KoreTrak smartwatch

Health Tracking: This month, which has sensors that allow seeing track our vital signs. In this way, we can know what exactly is wrong with us.

Fitness Tracking: If you’re the type that jogs every morning. Or you’ve made a routine to always do exercise. It is important to have this brand of the smartwatch as it helps to monitor the number of steps you make each day. We can also give you a notification to increase or decrease the rate of exercise you do to stay fit.

Stay Active: This month, which makes it possible for you to know when you are inactive. It helps reduce this and then trade lifestyle you can leave. It does this by raising an alarm when you stay for a long time of inactivity.

Wake up Refreshed: With each sensor, you can also monitor your sleep and know how best to always sleep at night or anytime you feel like sleeping.

Stay Connected:  Smartwatches get connected with your other devices through Bluetooth. KoreTrak smartwatch has one of the most advanced Bluetooth that helps it get connected with your smartphones, speakers, and other Bluetooth-allowed devices.

Fit for Everyone: It comes with a design that is fit for everyone. Both young and old; women and men. So it is the best fit for everyone that really wants to have a good appearance outdoor and also wants to monitor and know their vital signs.

Advanced Dual Sensors: This smartwatch does not only work with Android, it also works with iPhones. It has a dual sensor that allows it to connect with both Android and iPhones and to give you the maximum you could want from any smartwatch. It also comes with its app that you can download either through the Apple Store or Google Store depending on your phone.

Skin Temperature Tracking: A bathroom getting to know your blood pressure, your pulse rate. It can also check your skin temperature. This is why this month watch is very good for your health and for your social life.

3 ways a smartwatch like KoreTrak can improve health:

Many publications and online reviews have talked about how a smartwatch can improve your healthy living. It is no more news that definitely this smartwatch can be a reason for you to live longer than expected, especially if you live in a stress-filled country. Below is how Koretrak can improve your living.

  1. Check vital signs: Vital signs are signs of life. They help us to monitor our health and the way we live our life. Without getting to know about our blood pressure, we may never know that we are hypertensive. And not only that, we’re hypertensive can results to our early death if no drug is taken to control it. Measuring our body temperature and pulse rate often has also shown to be very efficacious in making us to live fine. Therefore, smart devices like Smartwatch that can predict what exactly vital signs are is quite very important.
  2. Assess your inactivity: Sendentary life has also been listed as one of the causes of some diseases. It is therefore recommended, health wise, that we fight against anything that would push us into becoming immobile. However, being immobile or send entry are most times not our fault as this can result due to the kind of work we do. For example, those working in an office are more predisposed to sitting in each year for 24 hours in a week. This is enough to resort to inactivity, which can increase our blood pressure or cause other diseases in our body. One of the best ways to fight against this inactivity is to know when you stayed for a long time. A device like smartwatch has a sensor that can monitor the number of inactivity you have in a day and advise you to either shake your body or stand up for a while. That is exactly how smartwatches do their work.
  3. Keeps you connected with other devices: Most persons are already addicted to their smartphones. Those who cannot spend 24 hours without pressing their phone already aware of what I’m talking about. Is it really a problem not to press phone for awhile? Is it a problem for one to press his phone for 24 hours? None of the above is a problem. And the best way to also get yourself connected and sometimes have your hands free while you do other things is to have a smart watch that can get connected to your phone. Yes, having smartwatch can make you not to pick your phone again as you can answer your calls through your smartwatch. You can also receive text messages to your smart watch. You can also get other vital notifications through your smart watch. That is, the extent of innovation in Koretrak smartwatch.

Features of Koretrak watch

Below are some of the features you are going to see why using this KoreTrack watch.

Ready to Go: It is very easy to use due to its design and makeup, and you can always use it just from the moment you unbox it. No extra energy is needed, no extra technical skills for you to apply and use your watch.

Very portable: You can always wear your watch to any place as much as you can irrespective of the time or duration you are going to spend.

Lightweight: The weight of this smartwatch is really an advantage, as it enables you to wear it for hours without feeling its weight.

High IP-RATING: These devices have a high level of resistance to water, splash, or dust. It is also resistant to other things which include falling down and breaking. All because of the material that is used in producing it.

Ergonomically designed: The producer of this watch had a great grasp of how one can use this watch to appear fashionable and more presentable. That is exactly why it is so sleek in design. And very appealing to the eye.

Accessible:  It is easy to access the information it contains as it has an LCD light. With this light, you can always see every information is contained in the dark and light. This helps utilize this watch both in the day and at the night.

Universally compatible:  This device is not only met for Apple funds, it is also made for Android. With its high level of compatibility and Bluetooth features, you can use it in any of the funds and it will work perfectly well.

Fitness Tracking and Heart Monitoring: The device is perfectly designed for fitness tracking and also to monitor your heart. These are in addition to each feature of timekeeping.

Technical specifications of KoreTrak pro smartwatch

Specifications of KoreTrak pro
Screen size1.08in
Bluetooth version4.1
IP ratingIP67
Battery typeLithium polymer
Battery capacity120mAh
Charge time1.5 to 2 hours
Charge input5V=80mAh

Koretrak pro watch setup

As we already said, this smartwatch can be used in different smartphones, including Apple and Android. First, you have to either go to Apple Store or Google store to download the app. That will help you connect your smartwatch with your smartphone. After that, you can now follow the steps below to get your smartwatch while set up.

koretrak watch setup
  1. Open the DAYBAND app on your smartphone.
  2. Hold KoreTrak near your smartphone and go to Device page, click “Bind Bracelet”.
  3. Choose corresponding Bluetooth name “KoreTrak”
  4. Connection completed.

Pros and cons of Koretrak pro watch

Keep You HealthyAvailable for purchase online
Highly affordableCan easily be out of stock due to high demand
24/7 customer serviceDiscount is for a short time.
Detects health Risks by measuring vital signs.May not have all the features available in those that cost 200$ and above
Helps you to get fit faster 
Crush Your Goals through your routine exercises. 
Monitor and get better sleep 
Stay Connected with your other devices 
Very portable and lightweight for anywhere you go. 
koretrak pro reviews

How to use KoreTrak pro watch

After getting your watch connected with your other devices. The next thing will be to use it. Good enough, the use of this smartwatch is quite simple and easy. You wear it like other traditional watches or your other daily watches. As you wear it, it will be receiving signals from both your phone and other devices that it is connected with and then the notification will also appear on your screen of the watch. With this, you can note what is going on on your phone and as well know the time.

How Koretrak works?

This smartwatch has sensors that enable it to perform its core functions. These sensors enable it to function as a timepiece and as well as instruments for measuring our vital signs. By wearing it as a bangle or bracelet over our vents and actress, we give it the chance it monitoring the level of blood flow through our veins or blood vessels.

As it is able to measure the blood flow through our vessels, it is also able to get the function of our heart and as well as monitor our fitness. Also, as we move and take steps, it also counts the number of steps will make according to the swinging of an arm. The more you swing your arm, the more it counts the number of movements you make.

This is used to predict our activity level and then to remind us of our level of inactivity. If properly connected with your smartphone, he can also raise an alarm off when you fall into a well or ditch.

Koretrak Pro reviews customer reports

Easy to use and keeps me on track with my fitness goals and I’ve challenged myself to keep a certain amount of steps per day. Highly recommend!

Really pleased with the design, functionality, and ease of use of this product! So pleased to find some extra features I didn’t even realize I would love & really appreciate! Yes, I recommend this product. KoreTrak Pro is a lifesaver. Literally!

My wife bought a KoreTrak Pro a few months back because she loved being able to use it to quickly check her messages. We’re retired now, and one afternoon at home, she noticed that her heartbeat was extremely rapid so we rushed to the hospital. The nurse said she was close to having a heart attack! If it weren’t for KoreTrak Pro, we never would have seen the warning signs! Yes, I recommend this product. Love it.

My doctor told me I suffered from an uneven heartbeat and recommended that I buy a fitness tracker to help monitor it. KoreTrak Pro really helps me just knowing its keeping an eye on my health, and I love being able to know instantly if I have a phone call or message coming in! Yes, I recommend this product. Simple to use

I suffer from anxiety and get a panic attack every few weeks. They used to make me think I was dying, which, of course, would make my panic attack get worse. But now I just look down at my KoreTrak Pro and it shows me my vital signs are at completely normal levels with just a glance. It really has made a major improvement in my life. Yes, I recommend this helpful product as it does what it says.

Koretrak pro price

Koretrak pro price is very affordable and does not cost the whole money in your account to order one. It has a discount as you can see from the image below. You will need to make your choice on the number of watches you want as the discount increases with the number of units you want.

Koretrak pro price

Buy Koretrak pro here

Extra information on Koretrak pro reviews:

Koretrak pro reviews

Koretrak pro reviews are on many online domains. You can get it from Amazon reviews, and other online sources. There are over 5000 koretrak reviews from people who have used the smartwatch.

Koretrak reviews amazon

Koretrak reviews amazon is a hub for reviews on koretrak pro. There you will have a good grasp of what the product is in comparison to other products in the market.

Koretrak website

The Koretrak website is the best place to make a purchase of this product. Koretrak pro is more affordable on the website than it is at the company’s price. The company has decided to reduce the price for those that buy from the official koretrak website. You can also make your purchases here with your debit cards without any issues. You can also decide to use PayPal or Payoneer for your transactions. Those mediums are well-accepted options for making orders.

Frequently asked questions on Kore trak reviews

Koretrak reviews have some questions that will need to be answered in this post to make more meaning and clarity. Below are the questions and their answers:

Is Koretrak pro any good?

Koretrak pro is good as it is very sleek and fits into any of your fashion. It is used for many purposes including for exercise and health parameter analysis.

Is it safe to buy from the Koretrak website?

The safest and most secured place to make your purchase for Koretrak pro is at the Koretrak website. The Koretrak website will offer you discounts on prices and deliveries.

Does Koretrak pro monitor blood pressure?

Koretrak pro monitors your blood pressure if you wear it on your wrist. It also helps you to check your ECG and the number of times you move in a day.

Is Koretrak pro waterproof?

Koretrak is both waterproof and dustproof. You can wear it in rain and in a dusty environment without the fear of possible damage. However, it may get damaged after 30 minutes under heavy rain.

Where to buy Koretrak watch?

Where to buy a Koretrak watch is at the koretrak website. On the Koretrak website, you will have receive discounts of up to 50% and you will also receive a tracking code to help;p you monitor the delivery of your order.

Is koretrak worth buying?

If you are looking for an under 100$ smartwatch that can help you measure your vital signs, then this is the best option and investment to make.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your health, the koretrak pro is your best bet! Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a brand name!

KoreTrak Pro combines all the best features with universal sensors and offers it all to you at a cheaper price. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, and start living a healthier life, KoreTrak Pro will help you do it without breaking the bank.

KoreTrak Pro isn’t a secret anymore though—they have sold out twice over the past three months. If you want to take advantage of this incredible bargain, act now before they’re all gone! KoreTrak Pro has enhanced smart tracking features and dual universal sensors that provide instant readings and reliable results for all skin tones.

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