Mobile screen cast reviews 2022: [Latest] Is it a scam?

Mobile screen cast review

Mobile screen cast reviews

Have you ever wished you could play your games on your smartphone and it will be displayed on a bigger screen like Laptop, Television, etc?

Do you feel uncomfortable displaying your data on smaller phones or need a way to project your research or seminal to a group effortlessly while controlling every output through your phone like a remote?

You know what? It is possible independent of the phone brand and model to cast from the phone to others. You can use any Android or iPhone on the mobile screen. You need Mobile screen cast.

What is Mobile screen casting?

Mobile screencasting is a process of mirroring the screen of your mobile to your laptop or television. This process involves the wireless transfer of the content to another screen.

It’s called Mobile Screen Cast. The concept is super simple. Rather than adding another complicated device to your entertainment system, Mobile Screen Cast just makes use of a device you already use daily: Your Smartphone! 

Using sophisticated MirrorProjection® technology, this neat new tech gadget sends all video and audio wirelessly from your phone directly to your TV, essentially turning your phone into a wireless home-theater system.

Got a big game coming up that you just can’t miss? Try these apps:

  • CBS Sports
  • WatchESPN
  • Sport TV Live
  • MLB.TV
  • College Sports Live

Bringing the last season of your favorite show to catch up for the new season? These apps got you covered:

  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Crackle
  • Fox Now
  • Yahoo View

Technical specifications of mobile screen cast

  • CPU: AM8252
  • DRAM: 128MB
  • NAND: 128MB
  • Video: 1080p HDMI Output
Mobile screen cast reviews

Features of mobile screen cast

Below are the features you will that made this device unique when compared with other similar devices:

  • Flexible HDMI Cable
  • Compatible in 202 Countries
  • Aluminum Exterior
  • Does Not Require Wifi
  • Compatibility With All Devices
  • Most Affordable
  • Suitable for Travel
  • Sound & Screen Mirroring
  • Works Wired & Wireless
  • Best deal

Benefits of mobile screen cast

  • Helps you dazzle the office with a presentation straight from your device: No more long look for the best alternative for making presentation. You can make your presentation straight from your mobile phone without much time consumption and excess data wastage.
  • Enjoy watching hilarious YouTube videos with friends: Nothing makes much impact when watching movies like when you laugh with friends and comment on a scene with another friend. It gives joy than when you and your friends are straining to understand what a scene is all about as a result of your small-sized screen. With mobile screen cast you can mirrow your screen and its audio into a bigger screen.
  • Play mobile games on a bigger screen than ever before: Mirrrowing your small screen to another biggger one will never be simplier than now. You can easily and effortlessly see the game on a bigger screen as you play it.
  • Browse the Internet from your phone without having to squint to read: Easily mirrow your screen to the television or laptop and browse from the comfort of your screen.
  • Listen to music using your TV’s surround sound speakers: The melody that comes from television will be enough to make a huge impact in any activity you are performing.
  • Share your latest vacation photos on the big screen easily with Family and Friends.

Why it is better than other options

Mobile screencast is unbeatably the best as it has the following features which have set it as better than other options:

All Your Sharing and Streaming Needs in One Device

Have you ever wanted to share your vacation photos with your friends, but only had a small phone screen for everyone to look at?

Do you spend hours on amazing slideshows, but have no big screen for everyone to enjoy them? With Mobile Screen Cast, you can share all your content from your device onto any screen, monitor, or projector! Compatible With Android and Apple phones, iPads, and Computers!

Wireless Mirror Imaging

Have all your content on your phone, tablet, or computer screen cast onto a TV, projector, or monitor of your choice!

Up-to-Date Content

Get the latest in entertainment with unlimited choices of your favorite videos, music, and media through your mobile device.

FREE Media Library

Completely free and legal streaming of your favorite TV shows! No more paying for channels you don’t even watch.

Share From Your Device

Share images, videos, and information on your device as learning tools or entertainment. Perfect for professionals and gamers!

Perfect for Travel

Take this device with you on vacations or road trips to enjoy great music and movies to elevate the fun! No more expensive in-room movies.

Charge Your Device

Mobile Screen Cast does not use your phone’s power. Charge your phone while screencasting and image sharing and don’t worry about battery life.

How does mobile screen cast work

Your Mobile Screen Cast device includes the attached HDMI cable, power cord, and even includes a tethering cable for connecting your phone, tablet, or laptop directly to the Mobile Screen Cast device (in case you don’t want to go wireless).

How to use mobile screen cast

The step by step on how to use mobile screen cast is contained in the image below. Follow the instruction as made clear to use it best.

Mobile screen cast
How mobile screencast work

Mobile screen cast customer reviews

Below are what customers or users are saying about mobile screencast device:

Mobile screen cast is cheap and works with no internet

I have three kids who likes to mirrow video games on the television. Doing this using Chromecast or google home was really sapping off my little income. So I decided to suspend them from using internet access for mirrowing the content of their screen until a better alternative comes.

One day one of them returned from school telling me about a device that works without Wi-Fi to cast the screen on television. At first, I doubted it but it works. Mobile screen is powerful. My children say it works better than their previous mirrowing devices.

Kojack Demila

Sharing content from my phone is so simple with my new Mobile Screen Cast. I just got back from a month of traveling around Asia and I have hundreds of pictures to show my family. This is a good way to organize everything in one place. I love playing slideshows of my pictures when people are over. That way, they don’t have to hover over me as I scroll through my phone.

John Tommy

Mobile screen cast helps me during interviews and board meeting.

I enjoy preparing my presentation both for job interviews for applicant in my company and for briefing the company board on the latest. As you know, time is of essense so each I am with my phone I try to set up some things due to the portability of my phone.

After, all I will do will be to plug my mobile screen cast device on electric ports and connect it to the HDMI. The connection will be ready to cast the content of my television. From there, I can send out whatever question i want to ask the applicant or the presentation I want to make.

I have achieved this casting of screen on laptop and different televisions. Mobile screen cast is smart and works perfectly.

Karl Lagerman

I like how tiny the Mobile Screen Cast is. Last night I brought it with me when my friends and I wanted to watch the big game! It was so simple to just connect it to his laptop and start streaming for everyone to watch on his TV. It gets so crowded at pubs and bars on game nights. It was awesome being able to watch from the comfort of the couch with my buddies.

Ben Caerl

No choppy connection, no lagging while casting

Mobile screen cast is not like other usual mirrowing device as it casts without lagging. If you are not new to using mirrowing features of your phone you will understand how annoying it is to have wait some minutes for your content to continue. You will be pissed off by the choppy nature of some of the mirrowing apps.

Fortunately, Mobile screen cast is free of delays and lag. It helps you stream what you have on your phone on to another device with bigger screen.

Lauret James

I’m a wedding coordinator and I use the Mobile Screen Cast for slideshows all the time! There’s no complicated cords or programs to download. All I need is a projector and I’m good to go. It never lets me down, and it’s a big cost saving investment. My business has been booming because of this new addition I offer in my wedding package

Goodman Itran

Where to buy Mobile screen cast?

the price and where to buy mobile screen cast remain at the mobile screen cast website where you can enjoy free discounts and other added advantages.

Use the link below to make your purchase.

Frequently asked questions on mobile screen cast

Can I cast mobile screen to firestick?

Amazon firestick is more like a portable storage device or a device that helps you view most events and programs including Netflix and other TV shows easily without extra charges. When you plug it into the HDMI port, it will transmit all its content to the television.
However, mobile screen cast will allow you to cast the content of your phone(Android and iPhone) on your big television screen. All the content of your phone including Whatsapp chats, text messages, Computer Games, etc can be mirrowed to appear on any kind of bigger screen including Laptop, TV, etc.

Can we cast mobile screen on laptop?

Yes! You can cast a mobile screen on a PC. Your laptop having windows 7 to 10 can allow the casting of mobile content with from mobile devices. This is simple, you can check your Phone settings for Miracast. This features allows you to cast to a nearby PC. If the present is present, you will need to enable it and search for your PC on the background. Connect your PC with your phone and start cast a mobile screen on the laptop.

How to connect mobile cast screen to a laptop?

Connecting mobile cast screen to laptop involves simple steps.
1. Move to Settings > Display > Cast.
2. Over here, you will need to tap the menu button and activate the “enable wireless display” checkbox. Here should display your PC for you to Connect if the mobile screen cast app is open.
3. Tap the PC in the display and it’ll instantly start projecting. It will start projecting the content of your mobile phone into the laptop.

How to connect mobile cast screen to sony bravia TV?

Mobile screen cast is very compactible with sony bravia TV. To connect both devices wirelessly to each other involves simple steps which are to follow the instruction below:
The instructions below use Xperia (Android™ OS 4.4 or later versions) as an example.
1. Tap Settings.
2. Select Device connection or Xperia Connectivity.
3. Select Screen mirroring.
4. On the Screen mirroring screen, tap Start.
5. Select OK.
6. Tap the name of your TV.

How to mobile cast screen with audio?

Casting a mobile screen with audio on Pc or on TV is very possible for android of version 5 and above. With mobile screencast, it is easier and simpler. Connect your devices using the cast app and also check the box for audio. By that, you can mirror everything into a bigger screen. It is most important for anyone that enjoys the sound system that most televisions produce.

Can we cast screen without the internet?

Absolutely, it depends on the mirroring device you are using. If you are using Chromecast, you will need the internet to cast video from the web. However, if you have mobile screencast, you will only need to cast the content of your phone. In casting the content of your phone, you do not need any form of broadband to access your files so you will not use the internet if you are using a Mobile screencast.

Can screen mirrowing be done on any TV?

Absolutely! Mirrowing can be done on a bigger screen not necessarily TV. You can do it on a laptop. However, you will need HDMI for most of the televisions and with such, it will be a matter of plug and play. So you can achieve morrowing on any TV if you are using mobile screencast.

Can screen mirrowing be detected?

Yes and No! It can be tracked and detected depending on the device and means you intend to achieve the mirroring. If the internet is involved especially in Chromecast, your mirroring can be detected and monitored. However, it will be by Google. If you stream from a device that does not have internet access, you can not be detected and tracked.

Can screen mirrowing be done without WiFi?

Yes. It can be done without WiFi if you are using mobile screen cast. Mobile screen cast does not need internet to project or mirrow the content of your phone on the screen of a bigger device. It works with the plugged in HDMI port to offer a zero-wifi services. You can also mirrow audio to the larger device. Mobile screen cast is really a must have.

Can screen mirrowing be done on Laptop?

Yes. If your phone has miracast features. All you need is to enable mirrow from your phone(Android or iPhone) to your laptop. However, if the feature is absent on your model of phone, you can go by Chromecast. The problem with Chromecast is that it may require wifi or internet for some of its services, unlike Mobile screencast which is 100% wireless and Wi-Fi-less.

Which screen mirrowing Apps are free?

The best and free screen mirroring apps for Android include these listed below:
1. Chrome Remote Desktop
2. Google Home
3. Microsoft Remote Desktop
4. TeamViewer
5. Your Phone Companion
6. Native smartphone solutions
The above-listed devices are free and very good for use. Each works to project the mobile screen on your window 10, or television.

What is screen mirrowing?

Screen mirrowing is as its name implies. It is the projection or casting of the screen content of a small screen to a bigger screen. For example, instead of stress my eye lens so much trying to watch a movie that is on my phone with the mobile device, what I will do is to cast or mirrow the video on my phone on a bigger screen for larger images as the video display. It is smart as the video will be clearer and the audio voice will be great. With a mobile screen cast, it is wireless and does not need internet or WiFi.

Why is screen mirrowing not working in Samsung TV?

There are some factors that could make you unable to mirrow the content of your phone to your Samsung smart TV. It could range from the poor connection of your screencasting device to poor app settings. In all, you will need to follow our instructions on how to make your mobile screen cast work to resolve the issue.

Why screen mirrowing keeps disconnecting?

This has to do with some background issues. The question you need to ask yourself is whether the means you are using to mirror the screen requires the internet. If yes, then check to ensure that your internet or Wi-Fi connection is still working. You can also check the app you are using for the mirrowing. Don’t forget to check the HDMI connection for a normal port connection. You should be fine after doing it.

Will screen mirrowing work without WiFi?

Yes. Except you are using chromecast, you don’t need Wi-Fi. Even if you want to use Airplay, Firestick or mobile screen cast, you will not need Wi-Fi to mirrow your screen.

Will screen mirrowing work with roku?

Roku is a router that helps to extend Wi-Fi or internet connection over a range of distance giving a better internet connection. You can use Roku if your mirrowing app requires internet connection to work. However, you can still use Roku when you want to down the screening app from play store or apple store.

Will screen mirrowing work without Apple TV?

Yes. Use apple Airplay to mirrow your iPhone into another screen on any kind of television. It must not be Apple television for mirrowing to be successful.

Are screen mirrowing App safe?

It all depends, for example, some persons are having fear on Chromecast that hence it runs on internet to mirrow content, it may also monitor what you are doing. Unlike the Chromecast, many other screen mirrowing app are safe for use. No fears.

Are screen mirrowing App free?

Yes. Most of them are free. All you will need is to download and install it on your device. So check your app stores for its availability.

Are screen mirrowing and Airplay the same?

The two do similar thing but not exactly the same. Screen mirrowing is for both Android and for iPhone while Airplay is particularly for iPhone devices. That is to say that you cannot use AirPlay with other brands of smartphones. To screen mirrow your content you will need an HDMI connection which helps your multimedia to be clear and better. Airplay on its own is more like a direct connection.

Why screen mirrowing is choppy?

Screen mirrowing can be choppy or disconnecting very often if the connection is not strong or well connected.

Why screen mirrowing is lagging?

Screen mirrowing can lag for many reasons. As you can understand, for you to successfully mirrow the content of your smaller screen device, it will need to pass through different layers from the phone to the HDMI before it will get to the TV, therefore, it will bring a little lag sometimes. However, if you are casting your screen with mobile screen cast, you will not experience the lag as the device makes sharing of data faster and clear.

Conclusion on how to cast phone screen

There are many devices to be used for mirrowing screen onto another bigger screen but the question is how long does it delay. Is it choppy and lagging or is it like the normal flow of video or presentations?

The answers to the above made me review Mobile Screen Cast to ensure it has the best fit to give the best screen casting services.

Its ability to reduce lagging, remain portable, no internet connection needed, very safe for use make it stand out as the best. It is very simple to be used and you don’t need extra skill to operate it.

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