MuscleRelax Pro reviews 2021: the best care for muscle?

MuscleRelax Pro Reviews

When the body aches or seems to be tight, we look for means to relieve the ache. Sometimes by getting someone to massage the area of the discomfort. When we feel the pain is intense, we go for pills that we believe can relax our muscle’s discomfort and get us going again.

The drug we take sometimes do almost nothing to relieve the pain or muscle tightness, partly because what the body needs is not relief through drugs but by enough massage. The danger of taking drugs when it is not needed is that it becomes poisonous to the system and needs the system extra work to flush the pills out. Moreover, you may not have direct control over the effects the drugs may have on your internal system.

In other words, drugs should be taken when you are sure that what is wrong is pain due to inflammation but if it is other causes like after exercise when lactic acid tends to build up causing pain within the muscle, all you need is to give it time for the liver to break down the acid or you can use a mechanical means like Massage guns to get rid of the pains.

Massage guns like MuscleRelax pro are very good at relieving muscle tightness. This it does by converting the electrical energy which powers it into mechanical pressure. As this mechanical vibration begins to percuss our muscles, it tends to stimulate our nervous system thereby leading to a surge of body hormones that breaks down the pain-causing factor.

Apart from the stimulation of the brain, massaging also helps for more blood circulation to the affected area. This circulation brings more nutrients like oxygen to the affected area. For more understanding let’s consider what muscle pain or tightness is and their possible causes.

MuscleRelax Pro

Muscle tightness or stiffness

One of the most predominant complaints people give these days is either muscle pain, fatigue, twitching, tingling, weakness, soreness, sprains, or strains. All these feelings may be caused by too much physical exercise, too much rest, or as a sign of existing or impending disease.

Assuming, for instance, that you lay on a bad posture while sleeping in the night, it is possible you will develop muscle weakness or pains in the morning. This discomfort comes as a result of the wrong positioning of the muscles while sleeping.

Also, if you do too much exercise especially the one that shortens your oxygen supply to the muscles, the muscles have no option than to undergo glucose breakdown without oxygen (anaerobic respiration), this is not too good for our health as it results in too much production of lactic acid which will have a biting or tingling sensation on our muscles.

Moreover, another common way our pain tends to tell us about damage or injury to any part of our body is through pain which sometimes comes directly from the affected area or may be directed to another area of our body instead of the affected area. The good thing about this condition is that it does not come alone; it comes with fever, redness, or even swelling.

When this happens, you need to see your doctor and consult with him for possible treatment. It is also good you know that almost all part of your body is made up of muscles, and pain can occur in any part of the body. If you have pains without other associating signs and symptoms, you may use a home remedy which includes the use of MuscleRelax Pro to massage the affected area. Let’s look at the cause of muscle pain or tightness so that we can know the source of our muscle pain.

Causes of muscle stiffness

There are many factors that may cause muscle stiffness. Below include the sources to consider any time we have muscle weakness, pain, or stiffness.

Bad posture:

Like I said above using how your position at night is, bad posture is really a culprit when it comes to muscle pain. This type is basically relieved within 24 hours or faster by using MuscleRelax Pro. If you notice muscle pain each time you wake up from sleep, there is a need for you to gauge your positioning while sleeping.

Excessive Physical exercise:

This is a major cause of muscle cramp, soreness, pains, and sometimes muscle twitching. What happens here is that excessive exercise tends to exhaust the oxygen available leaving the muscle deficient of oxygen which it majorly uses to break down glucose. As a way of warning us, the muscles will release lactic acid which will cause pain or muscle ache in the most affected areas like the shoulder joint and thigh.

Bad Nutrition:

The muscle works with the help of some of the nutrients in the body like the calcium, water, and vitamin D. Any resultant deficiency of any of the above could spell pains or ache for the muscle. It is also important that when you notice pain around your muscles over time that you do a quick check on your diet.

Lack of regular breaks:

For those that sit for long or lie down for long, it could cause issues for your muscle just because it at a place for long. So there is a need to always have a short break or move your legs a bit if you are in for a long journey or on a plane.

Pathological disorder:

Also in the list of potential causes of muscle pain or stiffness is a disease. This is exceptional in the sense that it most times presents with other signs and symptoms helping you to reach out to your doctor early enough.


The distinguishing factor when it comes to this pain is that those that are as a result of diseases come with other signs, stay for days or weeks, and maybe generalized sometimes. On the other hand, those that are not due to disease pathology will show within hours to just a day.

Those due to exercise and postures can also take hours to clear off but if you really want to get rid of it within minutes, then you can use MuscleRelax Pro to relax your muscle. For more understanding of how to get rid of this muscle pain within seconds, we need to review a product that is currently on the market, and according to many. It is very effective when it comes to relieving muscle pain. That product is called MuscleRelax Pro.

MuscleRelax Pro review

Muscle relax pro

You may properly have heard of massage as a means of relieving pains and muscle soreness. There is also an automated tool that is very popular for massaging like massage guns. Massage gun works greatly in achieving what you expect to achieve as regards relieving your pains and muscle twitches.

Fortunately and currently, there is this latest type that is very affordable, cost-effective, and user-friendly. It is called MuscleRelax Pro. This device has evoked attention most especially from those that routinely go for exercise. However, I will tell you all you need to know about this innovative and revolutionary device in this Muscle Relax Pro review here.

What is muscle relax pro

There are many massage tools out there that are either automated or manual. These massaging tools either do not reach some specific muscles due to design deficiency or because of other issues. Luckily, there is a new product that is here to help you out. MuscleRelax Pro, just as its name goes, is an innovative way of massaging any of the muscles. It works through mechanical vibrations of its head on the muscle or area of the body which you intend to relieve of pain or muscle stiffness.

Irrespective of the location and size of the muscle, the sleek and structural design of this product affords it the unique quality of reaching out to the muscle. It comes with 4 different adjustable speeds with different functions. It also comes with four different heads targeting different muscles of the body. With the head and speed variations, it can reach and do exactly what is expected from it on any muscle or muscle bulk.

This product is also great as it is very portable, has a lightweight, and easily stimulates the brain to increase blood flow to the area with pain. Its L-shaped designs give its user a firmer grip.

Components of the muscleRelax pro kits

This massage kit comes with a box containing all the accessories. With this box, you can carry it anywhere. So in case you are traveling, you do not need to bother on how to regularly massage yourself as this is enough. It also has to charge adapter and with cord. This helps as its voltage and ampere suits the device and make the speed to match the percussion rate.

Another thing that you will also see in the package is a minor massage which has its own functions. Also there interchangeable heads of different shapes. The four different shapes include; a spear shape for the back, cylindrical shape for deep muscles, ball-shaped for bulk muscles like the one on the thigh, and U-shaped for muscles of the neck region.

The four sizes of musclerelax pro

It comes with a removable and rechargeable lithium battery is also found in the box that comes with the delivery of the product. For easy usage, it also comes with instructional booklet.

So in summary, below are the list of what you will see in the delivery package of this massage kit.

  1. One mini MuscleRelax pro massager
  2. Four changeable massage head
  3. Type C rechargeable cord and adapter
  4. Instructional booklet
  5. Box for portability.

Specifications and technical facts

  1. Weight of 2.5 pounds: this makes it lightweight and portable.
  2. Has a dimension of 9.34 inches X 6.34 inches X 2.5 inches: this dimension gives it the L-shape with a long handle and mall head. It also helps for firmer grip while using the Muscle Relax pro.
  3. It comes with an in-built sensor for the pressure which helps the head to adapt to the changes in the mode of its speed.
  4. It has a high stall force that is able to give you an aggressive and effective massage
  5. MuscleRelax Pro comes with one Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh
  6. The charging voltage of this product is 110-240V 50/60Hz – 5A 24VDC-1A

Features of muscle relax pro

Below are the unique features you should expect from this product. This MuscleRelax pro review has also given the relevance of each of these features to the function of this product.

User friendly:

With the instructional booklet that is written in simple terms, this device will not be cumbersome to use for anyone. The device is also special as it has very lightweight which makes it easy to carry while in use and also easy to travel with to anywhere you intend to go with it. Its turn-on button is also positioned well at the end of the handle to assist you while you use the device.

Long-lasting Lithium battery:

One good thing about this massaging device is that it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last all through your massaging process. It also comes with a Charger head and a fast charge cord. The battery ampere in the MuscleRelax Pro lithium-ion battery is 22200mAh. The estimated capacity in the use of this battery is pegged at 6 hours after a full charge. This time limit is irrespective of speed or the gear mode you are using to percuss the muscle.

It comes with an aluminum coating:

As part of the sleek design of this product, it is made of aluminum which gives it lightweight while keeping it off from rust. This also helps it to withstand high temperatures and also resist corrosion that may come from water from our body while we use it during exercise. Its ergonomic design plus the space you can find within the long arm which offers you a firm grip is really outstanding.

MuscleRelax Pro reviews
  • Four different Gear modes

As part of ways to ensure it serves all that is expected from an effective massage gun, MuscleRelax Pro comes with four-speed modes which indicate different functionalities. For example, The lowest speed moves at 1600 rpm, this speed is generally to stimulate the muscles that are being targeted.

The next speed mode in the line moves at a speed of 2000 rpm; if you need your muscles to relax from its tightness or stiffness, all you need to do is to put your MuscleRelax Pro at this particular speed and you will have immediate effect.

If you just finished an exercise that lasts long and you need to relieve yourself of lactic acid accumulation within your muscle, then you should go for the 3rd level speed which moves at a speed of 2400 rpm. The last one moves at a speed of 2800 rpm and its function comes in place when you need to massage deep and bulk muscles that are located at the thigh.

  • Sound-Proof:

Unlike what is obtained in other mechanical devices that make much noise while in use, this MuscleRelax Pro when turned on and is used for mechanical vibration does not make noise. It is minimal or no noise even with its power of 90 watts and at its highest speed.  You will see its minimum sound in a video below. In that video and from what you will see when you buy your own, the noise will be highest at a range of 50 to 60 decibels.

  • It also features four interchangeable massager Heads:

Like I said when I talk about the component of this muscle relax Pro, it has four special heads for different massage and location of the body. All you need to do is to turn your device on and place it at the targeted position.

How MuscleRelax Pro works

Immediately you noticed any pain or stiffness or even weakness in any part of your body, you have to place your turned-on MuscleRelax Pro on the area with pain. Its mechanism of action is through mechanical vibration in which it stimulates the brain and causes more blood circulation to the affected areas. if you want to know more about your blood circulation, you can buy this oxygen monitoring device that can help tell you the level of oxygen saturation in your blood.

With this blood circulation, oxygen is supplied and the excessive lactic acid is flushed into the liver where it will be broken down or reused appropriately. It helps to break the cycle of that pain in the body thereby quickening recovery immediately. Once the pain cycle is broken by its vibrational therapy or treatment, it restores your movement capability which is the most important thing. Through this mechanism that started as vibration and reaches out to activate the hormonal system, it does its work perfectly.

How to use it

Under the bottom of MuscleRelax Pro, the power switch icon is there for you to on it. Long press the switch button twice to change to massaging mode. Every MuscleRelax Pro comes with multiple attachments to interchange, a long-lasting battery life, and four-speed options to fit the application it’s being used for. To change the speed to suit your application, there are four blue LED light which can be put on to change to any speed of your wish.

MuscleRelax Pro has four different head attachments. A ball, a flat-head, a spear pointed head, and a U-shaped head attachment. These attachments are all very easy to interchange. When first using an attachment, simply push the attachment opening allotted for the different heads.

If you want to change from the flat-head to the spear attachment, simply pull out the flathead and push the spearhead in. This process is super easy and convenient. The battery used for the Hyperice is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, similar but quite a bit larger than what is found in your phone which means it can be charged whenever it runs down.

Benefits of MuscleRelax Pro

The MuscleRelax Pro, just like all percussion massage devices and massage guns, has a variety of possible benefits. It is advertised to help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, promote circulation, and accelerate warm-up and recovery. The devices are used by many therapists to help loosen up areas of tightness or help warm up muscles before therapy sessions.

Some people see an increase in energy and an improvement in their quality of sleep. If you are injured or pregnant, you should always consult a physician before using a percussion massage device as the vibrations could lead to complications or further injury.

Moreso, MuscleRelax Pro is very easy to take with you on-the-go. It is a relatively compact size and is light enough that it won’t weigh you or your bag down. It can easily fit into a backpack, large purse, day bag, carry-on, or suitcase. The removable battery makes it even easier to transport if you are trying to balance weight while packing.

Pros and cons of musclerelax pro kits

As obtainable in other products with pros and cons, this product is not an exception as it has its own pros and cons as listed below:


  With the four different heads and speed modes, you can use it for any kind of massage.

  • Very portable due to its lightweight.
  • It has a sleek design
  • The speed offers it optimum vibrations
  • Improves pain relief
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Effective in treating Muscle Pain, Cramps, and Spasm After Workouts


  • It is not good for pain due to injury.
  • It is only bought online
  • Its stock is limited
  • Mostly used after exercise

User’s report on MuscleRelax Pro reviews

Below are the users’ reports which I have been about to gather from humans like me and you. I had to check for MuscleRelax Pro Amazon reviews and other popular review sites and I was able to gather the information below:

I use to have pains all over my thighs and shoulders each time I jog or run for two hours. It had persisted for close to six months before one of my friends broke the good news to me. When he first told me about this MuscleRelax massager I wondered how it will work out.

Finally, I had to get it and after applying this massager for the first three days after exercise, I noticed a great change. This change was enough to hold fast my confidence over the product. It really works.

Dia Allan, USA

Thanks to this device, it does wonder. OMG! I can’t believe that this MuscleRelax Pro can relieve my pain just like that. I really recommend it to everyone.

Jane Erics, USA

So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I use mine everyday and life wouldn’t be the same without it now. The instructions are super easy to follow which is good because I’d never used one before.

Maria A. – Chicago, USA

I love this massage gun! I run at home most every day, and my legs always feel tight. This massage gun can help me to relax my legs and easy to use. I can use it when I am watching TV.  Since I bought it, I used it every day. Relax my legs, my back, my body. Recommend!

Daniel S. – Atlanda, USA

Very pleased with this product. Looking for a massage that can target my shoulders and also massage my calves. I like the way it feels on my heels as well. The level on the massage is great, you can go from subtle massage to intense vibration.

Alex M. – Berlin, Germany

Frequently asked question on MuscleRelax Pro reviews

Can MuscleRelax Pro stop Muscle pull?

Yes! MuscleRelax Pro can stop muscle pull. Frequent exercise and gyming makes one prone to muscle pain and pull. But having a muscle massager will prevent one from having such experience.

Does the MuscleRelax Pro have a warranty?

Yes. The MuscleRelax Pro comes with a one year limited warranty that protects user’s from product defects and workmanship errors.

Who should use the MuscleRelax Pro?

It’s basically for everyone, but serious lifters and fitness enthusiasts that have the budget for additional recovery tools could benefit from the MuscleRelax Pro. Also, trainers and gyms can benefit with the MuscleRelax Pro for client use.

Is the MuscleRelax Pro worth it?

If cost isn’t an issue for you, and you want a quiet massage gun to use in the gym or your home, then this gun is definitely worth it. It has a strong motor and multiple attachments for tackling a variety of needs.

Is this device really good for teenagers?

Yes! MuscleRelax Pro is good and beneficial for everybody including the teenagers. As long as you exercise, gym, play football, basketball etc. you may experience muscle pull or ache, thus the need for muscle relaxing device like MuscleRelax pro.

Musclerelax pro price

You can check the official website for the price of MuscleRelax Pro. The manufacturer is also giving a 50% discount on every order made today with free delivery to your home. You will also have more than one option to make your payment. All the payment options have a 256-Bit SSL encryption. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this product in case you wish to return it if it does not suit your performance. You will get back a 100% refund.

Where to buy muscle relax pro

Due to many advantages, I advise people reading my reviews to check online stores. This will help for their names to be captured in the company’s log book and will help in case there is issue of return of product for money, there will not be any delay in effecting the 30-day warranty.

Getting to buy from the store helps you buy from the direct product price instead of the retailer’s price. There are many advantages, to see more click the button below.

Conclusion on MuscleRelax Pro

If you are tired of other option you have tried to use for relieving your pain without success, I encourage not to lose hope until you have used MuscleRelax reviews. It has been tested and trust.

Its gently way of making blood circulation sufficient in the area affected makes it outstanding. With it you can massage any muscle in your body without external massage tool. In case you want to check the price or to buy it click the link below.

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