OshenWatch Luxe Review 2021– the best smart wristwatch

Oshenwatch Luxe Review

If there is something unique that has happened in the world of wristwatches, it is the emergence of Smartwatches. Watches with smart functionalities, able to tell you about your health without stress.

Imagine that you now know when your blood pressure is going too high or too low in order to know when to take your drugs as a hypertensive patient. Even when you sit down for long, these smartwatches are smart enough to tell you quietly to stand up and walk around for some minutes.

Smartwatches changed the trend of events to the extent that most of the medical analysis that depended on a physician can now be done with a smartwatch.

That is exactly how smartwatches have turned out to be. To innovatively change our world through the inbuilt cutting edge technology.

The smartwatch industry has been increasing massively. We have seen these watches come in all manner of shape and sizes. We have also seen them come with different features, materials, and screen. All aimed at outclassing one another in other to give its user the best feeling they could ever imagine.

This innovative competition between different smartwatch companies is really good because it simply means that there’s always a smartwatch for anybody.

I’m certain that you’re here because you want to either own a smartwatch, make a purchase for your loved one, friend, or even family. It may even be to really understand what Oshenwatch is all about.

In this review, we will be thoroughly dissecting a smartwatch that has gained so much popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and even spreading its tentacles like harmattan wildfire to other regions of the world.

This smartwatch is the Oshenwatch Luxe. Here you will get to know every single detail about this watch; ranging from its features to its specifications, pros, cons, and even get to know the best and safest place to make your purchase in case you make up your mind on getting one.

Kindly go through this review on Oshenwatch luxe as we always add extra tips you may not see anywhere else because it stems from our experience with the smartwatch.

Now let’s dive into the review proper.

Oshenwatch reviewe

What is Oshenwatch Luxe Review?

This is a low-cost luxury smartwatch that has inbuilt apps for fitness, health, and powerful communication. It’s a perfect complement to your workout routine as it lets you do things like track your steps and distance, monitor your heart rate, track your blood pressure, and so much more. 

Unlike what is obtainable in some other smartwatches that poor ECG and oxygen saturation readings, the Oshen watch Luxe is a high flier in this regard. It has been noted that it measures with inch-perfect accuracy your electrocardiogram readings and O2 saturation level. In other words, this watch can serve as your personal health monitor most especially when you cannot access your doctor.

It is an android and iOS compatible. This means that both android and apple phone users can enjoy the power-packed benefits of this game-changing device. Is this all about this watch? I wouldn’t conclude so fast if I were you. Let’s see dive into its specifications before looking at its features

Oshenwatch Luxe Report Analysis

The OshenwatchLuxe features an elegant design that stands out especially on the wrists of men. The Oshenwatch Luxe is specially designed for men, and thanks to its modern yet masculine “dial”, it is the perfect accessory for everyday life, work, and celebrations.

The classic design is complemented by a sturdy bracelet in black or brown leather, Milanese style, or silver or black mesh. In this way, it emphasizes the simple beauty of smartwatches and fits into any outfit.

According to the manufacturer, the screen is a high-quality piece with an HD quality screen. The physical activity tracker is controlled by a small button right next to the “dial”.

The Oshenwatch Luxe is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and is guaranteed to run for a particularly long time. In addition, the manufacturer promises that the health tracker is waterproof. So you don’t have to remove it when washing your hands or swimming.

The range of features offered by Oshenwatch Luxe is thus unique. In addition to the usual data such as daily steps, calories, and sleep quality, the health tracker also collects blood oxygen saturation data. It is also said that you can measure your heart rate and take an electrocardiogram. ECG preparation and oxygen saturation measurements are very difficult features to evaluate.

A representative ECG that can be used to collect health data or present it to a doctor is not shown here. The measured oxygen saturation values are probably not what the doctor wants. However, Oshenwatch Luxe is a useful device. This can at least be a clue as to your own health status and can give you a clue if a doctor’s consultation is needed in the near future.

Being able to make phone calls, write texts, and take pictures is a key feature of completing the Oshenwatch Luxe. Therefore, the quality of the photos is probably not close to the images taken by the smartphone camera.

Telephony requires headphones, and writing a text message requires a lot of confidentiality. However, these are important features that are essential to smartwatches like the Oshenwatch Luxe. Visit the Official Oshenwatch Luxe Website

Specifications of the Oshenwatch Luxe?

Device Size44 mm X 10 mm
Device Weight50 g
ChargingUSB fast charging feature
ColorGray, Black and Brown
Screen Display1.5 HD IPS, 240 * 240 Touchable Screen
Bluetooth3.0 & 4.0 Support Bluetooth Calling
Battery380 mAh Li-ion battery
IP ratingIP 68
WaterproofIP 68 water and dust proof rating
Quality standardGB 4943, 1-2011, GB/T 22450, 1-2008
Oshenwatch luxe review

Oshenwatch features

In this section of our Oshenwatch luxe review, we will take a good look into what makes this device perfect for you.


This device is made primarily from premium quality materials that give it smooth curves and a luxurious feel. It has an alloy casing and a silicone strap that feels very great and comfortable when worn. This makes the luxe smartwatch perfect for both exercise and casual use. The luxe watch is properly cased in glass anteriorly and posteriorly and this gives it that majestic look whilst also making shipping very easy.

Battery Power

No one would ever want to get a smartwatch and end up charging it more than he uses it. If that be the case, you guess is as good as mine. Frustration and anger sets in. Luckily this is not the case with the Luxe smartwatch as it has a very good battery, one even better than the almighty apple 4.

It has a battery capacity of 380 mAh which is really high for smartwatches. One thing is certain, the Luxe watch lasts for 3-5 days on full charge [this could vary depending on the number of functions you perform at a time].

Also, the watch owns a ‘fast charge feature’ that allows your device to get fully charged with an hour using a USB cable.


Words on the street have always had it that “your smartwatch is only as good as the quality of the on-screen display”. The truth is the display of your smartwatch matters so well. It cannot be easily overlooked.

Luckily, the Luxe watch possesses a High-Definition Retina Display which matches those of other high brands. You’re certain to own a powerful display that has no business displaying blurring or unsharp images or icons when you own this watch.

Water Resistance

This smartwatch has IP67 water and dustproof rating. With this device on your wrist, you don’t need to bother about using it to do your daily washing, dishwashing, or other waterproof needs including swimming. Though you will need to understand that this condition does not apply when used under hot water.


Here’s another great thing about this smartwatch. If you’re the type that wants to lose weight or want to just maintain a healthy lifestyle, cardio is highly recommended. Whether you’re running or walking, you will really get the expected health benefits so far you’re determined.

This feature of the Luxe watch allows you to perfectly record the number of steps taken in walking or running. Make the Luxe your personal cardio coach today with its inbuilt pedometer then.

Speaker and Microphone

Yes, you can answer calls directly from your luxe smartwatch through its in-built speaker and microphone which are of high-quality. Your calls are crisp and very clear.

This good audio functionality and clear voice recognition are really great as it affords you the opportunity of picking up your call even when you don’t have your phone at your reach [maybe you are exercising or your phone isn’t just with you].

This feature eliminates the need to start scruffling for your phone when it rings and isn’t nearby when you could just pick up the call directly from your smartwatch that you have on your wrist.

Sleep Monitor

Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health. Fall short and it can take a serious toll on your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance, and even your weight.

We have been advised by the national sleep foundation to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day in other to be able to function properly. The Oshen watch luxe has a microchip that tracks your body movement during sleeping. This data is analyzed and monitored by applications you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

The two work in perfect synergy to give you good information on the amount of sleep you get a day, the number of times you woke up during your sleep, your daily averages, and so much more.

These sleep trackers are great for detecting and improving bedtime habits but if you are really having a hard time getting a great deal of sleep, go to a professional. The Oshen watch luxe is good at giving you tabs on your health but remember it cannot replace your doctor. 

Android and IOS Compatibility of Oshen watch smartwatch

The Oshenwatch smartwatch is android and iOS compatible, which means it can easily connect with your everyday mobile devices, allowing you to take phone calls and receive notifications all from the convenience of your wrist.

Benefits of Oshenwatch smartwatch?

Here are some of the reasons I feel you will enjoy this device.

  • Notifications: For us, notifications are one of the reasons you’d buy a smartwatch. The ease of having them sent to your wrist and being able to identify their importance without removing your phone from a pocket or bag is invaluable. It simplifies your life and it saves time – and time is important.
  • Social etiquette: Checking your phone can be rude. Replacing that with a quick glance at your wrist is quicker, simpler, and subtler.
  • Answering calls: Various smartwatches handle answering calls differently. The Luxe allows users to accept and decline calls on the watch but activates the phone’s speaker and microphone (or headphones, if plugged in) for the conversation. This is helpful when walking around with headphones on, or while driving, when your smartphone isn’t easily accessible.
  • Music: You can walk around town listening to music on the phone in your pocket, if a track comes on that you don’t like then simply hit ‘next’ on your smartwatch. You can also pause, adjust the volume, or line-up the next track. It sounds trivial, but it really does make listening to music easier.
  • Battery life: One of the biggest drains on your mobile’s battery life is that big, high-resolution display – as a smartwatch reduces the amount of time that a large screen needs to be on, it can have a significant impact on battery life.
  • And before you question whether being connected to a wearable all-day drains the battery – the Oshen watch luxe uses the most efficient Bluetooth 4.0, which isn’t power-hungry at all.
  • Customization: Being able to change your watch face every day is surprisingly fun, on the weekends I can walk around with a dancing Micky Mouse on my wrist, but at the Monday morning office meeting I can wear a more professional watch face.
  • Security: Ever found yourself in a rough area at night and too afraid to get your £600 smartphone out? Luckily a the luxe smartwatch is a lot more discreet (well, as long as you don’t go flashing it around).
  • Navigation: And finally we come to navigation – getting around an unknown city is much easier with the Oshenwatch smartwatch. Directions are sent to your wrist, telling you when and where to turn next.

Walking around while following directions on your mobile increases the chance of that glass and aluminum baby meeting the cold, hard concrete. Reducing the chance of this happening is another major benefit to wearables.

How to set up your Ohsen watch smartwatch with Oshenwatch app

Below is a little guide to help you get ur smartwatch started up once you make a purchase

  1. First, you have to download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Select your language. Once you put on your smartwatch it will ask you to select a language.
  3. You have to pair your device. To connect your smartphone with your smartwatch, prompt your device until you get into a selection screen.
  4. Choose the available Bluetooth device with the same code displayed on your smartwatch.
  5. Confirm pairing. Once this is confirmed finish the next steps on your smartphone.
  6. You should enable notifications to make sure your device is up-to-date.

How to connect your OshenWatch to a WiFi network

  • Just by tapping into your screen, you can activate your watch.
  • Swipe down to access the menu.
  • Tap into settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Connectivity.
  • Tap Wifi and choose Automatic.
  • Add and select Wifi Network.

How do you activate your OshenWatch

  • Remove the sim card from the sim holder on your smartwatch.
  • Note the last six numbers at the back of the sim card.
  • Insert the sim on your smartwatch sim slot.
  • Activate your smartwatch sim.
  • An activation email will be sent to you.
  • Also, remember to confirm the email and the deal becomes done

Is the Oshenwatch Luxe a scam?

Absolutely No! The oshen watch luxe is not in any way a scam. It works perfectly fine. This is by far a huge buy for anyone who wants a smartwatch that is very cost-effective and yet maintaining very high-end features. Its set-up, operation, and pairing to your smartphone are easy and user friendly.

Truth is, this is a device that everyone who wants to buy something cost-effective will be breaking doors to get especially with the 50% discount and money-back guarantee attached to it.

Does OshenWatch Luxe Work?

OshenWatch Luxe definitely works. You’ll have the ability to track all of your most important health stats and information from your wrist. The setup and pairing to your smartphone are easy, and you can:

  • Monitor your vitals
  • Keep track of your calories and steps
  • Monitor your sleep patterns
  • Get alerts when you’re too sedentary
  • Take calls or view notifications
  • So much more

Your watch is also IP67 water-resistant, so you can confidently wear it out in the rain or in the shower without worrying that you’ll break your watch in the process.

What is so unique about Oshenwatch Luxe?

Whether you are unable to get enough exercise or suffering from a health crisis, this watch is a ticket to your fitness and takes your life back from inactivity to full vibes.

Ohsen watch review suggests that this smartwatch synchronizes with your Android or iOS smartphone and allows you to connect with others and your body like never before. No matter what fitness regime you set to accomplish, Oshen watch helps you to maximize your activity and tracks your everyday progress.

It not only makes it possible to send text messages or make phone calls, but it also counts calories and steps along with measuring your heart rate and blood circulation. After carefully analyzing Oshen smartwatch review, we can conclude that compared to other similar watches from leading brands, Oshenwatch Luxe has a broader range of functionalities for users at an unbeatable price.

Before you get tempted to place an order, let us first walk through the specifications, benefits and customer feedback on Oshenwatch Luxe.

Pros and Cons of OshenWatch

So far we have not received any oshen watch complaints, but at any time we receive any, we will notify everyone through this platform. Normally, everything has its pro and con, and below are the pros of this great smartwatch.

Pros of Oshen watch

  • Long lasting battery life up to five days when charged to a 100%
  • Heart beat tracker, oxygen & blood pressure sensors
  • Multiple language APP for iOS & android
  • HD Retina Full Touch Display Screen
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative design
  • Fitness tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • HD Retina full touch display screen
  • Water, scratch and dust proof
  • Electrocardiogram result on your wrist

Cons of Oshen Watch

  • Stock is limited
  • Discount applies for only a few days

OshenWatch customer service

As a side note in this review, we think it‘s important you know who produces this device. The brand is wholly owned by Strong Current Enterprises Limited, a Hong Kong ecommerce company.

The company is one of the strongest suppliers of gadgets who not only put effort into fulfilling the demand but innovating in the world of high-quality useful, practical and trendy products that are worth every bit when coming from a reputable company and growing brand.

Oshenwatch luxe Price and where to buy

If after writing this oshenwatch luxe review and we don’t direct you to the safest and best place to make your purchase, we may not have done everything completely. I’m not saying you must buy through the link I put in this review if you have any doubts about it.

Like I restate always in all my reviews, the safest, secure and best place to buy products online is through the product’s official website.

Ordering from their website, you will be sure to receive a product that lives up to expectations. Also you will learn about the special benefits attached to these products and also will be sure to get your money back guarantee incase things go south.

The official price of the oshen watch luxe smartwatch is $99.00. If you are interested in making a purchase, click the button below this and get navigated to the brand’s official site for a safe purchase

What’s So Good About the Oshenwatch Luxe Smartwatch?

Does oshenwatch work?

There is so much good about this watch that I don’t even know where to begin. I guess the best thing about it is that it helps you crush your health and fitness goals. It sure is helping me crush mine!

Yes, It’s Worth It. And Yes, You Should Get Your Own While There’s Still Time

You’ll not only enjoy all the apps this smartwatch has, but you’ll love how good it looks. Forget having one watch for fitness and another for formal events, The Oshen Luxe smartwatch is the best of both worlds.

In addition, you’ll be getting the highest quality smartwatch for an incredibly low price. If this will be your first smartwatch, you’ll thank yourself for buying it. After using it, we can confidently say that it’s as good as the ‘big brands’. And in our opinion, it looks better too. Lots of editors here said that too

Right now only, the company is advertising very attractive multiple order discounts. So why not pick up a Luxe for a friend or family member? Take advantage of this great deal now, while you still can!

So get on the official website and get your own Oshen luxe smartwatch before they sell out, again. The company is having a hard time keeping these in stock as more and more people are hearing about them. Everybody wants one! These smartwatches are the real deal.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What can I do with my oshen watch smartwatch?

A smartwatch is like a small smartphone you wear on your wrist and looks like a watch. With this special watch, you can send and receive messages, make phone calls, and take pictures just as you would on an Oshenwatch Luxe. Many smartwatches can also listen to music, but some have integrated the functionality of a health tracker.

Can I make a call on my smartwatch?

Many smartwatches permit you to make phone calls. Oshenwatch Luxe makes that possible. Remember, however, that you always carry your Bluetooth headphones with you. Functions as headphones and a microphone.

Can I access the internet with a health tracker?

Almost any health tracker can connect to the internet. You may need to download the app for this. After that, nothing gets in the way of surfing.

Can I use the exercise tracker without my mobile phone?

As a rule, it is possible to use the health tracker without a smartphone. Some smartwatches can be connected to a computer, while others can display data completely without being connected to a computer or mobile phone.

Can I make a phone call with Oshen Smartwatch?

With many Smartwatches, it is possible to make a phone call. The Oshenwatch Luxe also makes this possible. However, you should remember to always have your Bluetooth headphones with you. They serve as earpieces and microphones.

How expensive is oshenwatch health tracker?

High-quality Smartwatches usually cost more than 100 Dollars. The sky’s the limit. Simple fitness trackers are also available for 40 to 50 Dollars.

Which is the best Oshen Smartwatch for men?

Men especially value a simple design and high functionality in a Smartwatch. The Oshenwatch Luxe offers exactly that.

Which is the best ohsen Smartwatch for women?

At first glance, the Oshenwatch Luxe seems to be especially suitable for men. This is because the brown leather strap is mostly visible on the product pictures. With a black or grey metal bracelet, on the other hand, the Smartwatch is given a certain elegance, which also looks good on the wrist of a petite woman.

When does the OshenWatch Smartwatch need to be charged?

When a Smartwatch needs to be charged depends mainly on its battery and how long it is used. Someone who wears the watch all the time usually needs to charge it more often than someone who uses the health tracker only rarely.

It makes sense to use a device that has a lithium-ion battery. These batteries, as they are also used in the Oshenwatch Luxe, contribute to particularly long battery life.

Who repairs OshenWatch Smartwatches?

There are numerous repair services for Smartwatches. The Oshenwatch Luxe does not necessarily have to be repaired. If you have bought the watch under warranty, you can simply send it to the dealer and have it repaired or replaced, as long as the warranty has not expired.

Which operating systems is the Oshen Watch Luxe compatible with?

You can synchronize this Smartwatch with mobile phones that use iOS or Android. The data transfer happens automatically, so there is little effort required to keep track of your fitness.

Is the Oshen Watch Luxe only available for men?

This Smartwatch is actually available in masculine designs. If your partner doesn’t mind these designs, the benefits are the same for female use.

What can you use an Oshen Watch Luxe for?

You can always carry your health tracker on your wrist. At first glance it looks like a normal watch. With the help of the device you can send and receive messages anywhere. Even listening to music or measuring your blood oxygen is no problem with the device.

Can I access the internet with oshenWatch health tracker?

Almost any health tracker can connect to the internet. You may need to download the app for this.

Conclusion on Oshenwatch reviews

OshenWatch is very popular as a watch, a medical analyzer, and a health tracker too. It has been tested and it boldly proves beyond expectations. It is cheaply affordable, easy to use, and very simple yet performing wonders in health analysis. With this review, I am confident that you will not only buy this device for fashion but to maximize the benefits of this Oshen smartwatch.

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