SmartLight Review 2021: the best smart bulb to buy

SmartLight review

SmartLight Review:

If you want your room or environment to look beautiful as a result of colour combinations, you no longer need more bulbs to achieve that. With Smart Light bulb, it is easy and affordable to have your apartment illuminated by a bulb of many colours unlike the time you need to buy many bulbs with different colours.

Sometimes you may feel tired and look for a remote or an alternative to turn your electric bulb on or off but this feature is not possible with regular bulbs. With smartlight bulb, you are advanced and at the same time modernized to use remote and voice command to control and customise the bulb in your room just with an app you can download the app into your smartphone.

What is a smart light? How does a smart light bulb work? Which smart light bulb is the best? Do smart bulbs work with any lamp? How do I buy smart light bulb? These and more questions you have in mind will be answered here. If you really want your room to be the talk of the town and you also need a remote-controlled smart light bulb. Then, follow me down to the end of this review to become an expert in smart light bulb and smart light switch.

If you are ready to take a step into the world of convenient lighting, then find out why the SmartLight is a perfect addition to your house by clicking the button above to make your order at 50% discount.

SmartLight review
SmartLight review

What is SmartLight Bulb?

SmartLight bulb is “light bulbs” in that it is a single bulb that can give many colours. It is a clear penetration of innovation into the technology of electric bulb. They look and feel just like your average light bulb, but they are specially designed to pack the whole spectrum of colours into one single light.

SmartLight’s unique technology means that you can choose from 16 million shades of colors to light up your room, all from a single smartlight bulb. According to Hypertech, the manufacturer and also our experience with this smart bulb has shown that the installation of the bulb is extremely easy; you can complete it within few minutes. 

SmartLight Features [Smartlight review]

Set of colours 

LED lights inside the bulb can be set to any one of 16 million different colors at the touch of a button of the phone app.

Music Sync Mode 

This feature automatically syncs your light bulbs to the beat of your music to provide a dynamic light show. This makes it perfect if you are looking for the bulb to use in your beer parlor, club center, event center, etc.

Energy Efficiency 

Just one SmartLight bulb can provide 20,000 hours of light, using just 4.5 watts – 80% more efficient than regular light bulbs.


A pre-programmed low lighting setting provides a scientifically proven level of light conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Party Mode 

There are 20 pre-programmed modes for each bulb, including a strobe function, to really get your party started

Smart Group Modes 

Group collections of bulbs together so that you can control all of the lights in one room to do the same thing at the same time

The smartlight tweak

If you’ve been searching for a light bulb that you can control by voice or with your phone, then this SmartLight review is here to offer the best product. Instead of walking around your home searching in the dark for a smart bulb switch you can use the latest technology to brighten every room.

Installation is easy and your bulbs will be ready to go within minutes of unwrapping them. With a lot of customizable settings and the convenience of being able to control it remotely, it is really a smart light LED like no other.

SmartLight reviews
SmartLight reviews

What is good about SmartLight Bulb

Most light bulbs are inefficient, consume a lot of unnecessary electric energy and add to the bill.

This Smartlight bulb, an 8W 800lm bulb, is around 80% more efficient and lasts longer than traditional bulbs.

It lasts for approximately 20,000 hours and has an E26 base that is the equivalent to 75W traditional incandescent bulbs.

This is certainly a big deal for most households where electricity bills are constantly on the rise.

It works through 2.4 GHz wireless networks making it compatible with most household routers. Using a wireless connection makes it easy to bring out the unique features that are available.

SmartLight review
SmartLight review

It is the best smart light bulbs for google home?

These include voice and remote control functions. By downloading the app Smart Life you can link your lights to Alexa and Google Home.

This means you don’t have to get up to press a button when changing the lighting in a room. Using voice control to adjust the settings is incredibly convenient and something that many people are choosing for their home.

The Smart Life app also gives you the option of controlling one light at a time or set up groups depending on which part of your home you want to illuminate.

With a plethora of settings, you can choose from one of the many colors, and even adjust its temperature and brightness to create the atmosphere you want.

Tell me, who does not like good thing? We all like this bulb and want to buy it. Get yours by just clicking the button below.

SmartLight reviews
SmartLight reviews

it helps me with the best light for any scene

It even comes with different scenes to match the activity in the home. These include Party, Meeting Mode, Sleep, Reading and others meaning there is something to match a variety of moods. Each one can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences.

It also support my schedules

You can also use the SmartLight to schedule when you want the lighting in your home on and off. This can be changed depending on what days you need to use this function.

Who Is The SmartLight For?

These bulbs are multi-purpose and can be used by many people for different reasons. It is special for anyone who values their time.

The fact that it can be controlled by voice and remote makes it everyone’s choice as it prevents you from having to get out of bed to turn the light off.

It also means you can dim the lights when you are watching a movie, or turn them on in the kitchen when you are carrying the dishes, and don’t want to be looking for a switch in the dark.

They are also good for anyone who lives alone. If you don’t like the thought of coming home to a dark house then you can make sure the lights are always on before you walk through the door.

The SmartLight is also great for anyone who likes entertainment. With the customisable features it is made of, include party lighting, they help to make any occasion more fun.

With Christmas lighting settings also help to make that special time of year more festive for everyone.

So, is the SmartLight As Good As It Sounds?

It really is. If you are looking to add some neat upgrades to your home, then these lights are one of the first things you should consider.

They add a level of convenience that is hard to rival and if you are already using the likes of Alexa in your home, then it is a must-buy gadget. They are long-lasting and made of quality materials.

Some people like to buy multiple packs so they can use them in multiple rooms at once. Others buy more bulbs later once they have experienced the convenience of the SmartLights.

They take the same time to install as a traditional light bulb and once you have downloaded the Smart Life app you will have your customisable preferences set up in no time. Before you know it, your home will feel incredibly modern and will be the envy of your guests.

Benefits of SmartLight Bulb

  • It brings a lot of conveniences. You no longer need switches in the house, just give your bulb a voice command, and it’ll do exactly as you want.
  • It is energy-efficient. It is going to save you a lot of money.
  • It lasts longer than ordinary bulbs. You will use it for up to 20000 hours.
  • Anyone can use it

What do smartlight bulbs do?

A smart light-bulb is an IOT enabled LED light bulb that allows color, lighting and brightness to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely. These smartlight bulbs enable the homeowner to control brightness as well as RBG color.

Buy SmartLight bulb

For you to buy SmartLight bulb, you only need to follow the steps below

  • Visit the official website through this link
  • Place your order and fill the other required spaces for the delivery
  • Expect your product in no time.

Why is it better to buy from the official website?

It is better to buy from the official company as it is safe, they currently offer 50% discount with free delivery under their recent promo. You can still get smartlight Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc, however, buying smartlight bulb from the smartlight website will save you some money.

Also, remember that you have to send the it back in its original packaging.As for the warranty, you’ll get three years of coverage on “defects in materials or workmanship”. Should any of the original parts break down under normal use, the manufacturer will repair or replace the parts that went bad.

Moreover, I have provided you with their support line below:

Support Team Contacts

Email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Conclusion on SmartLight reviews

As the beauty of a room cannot stand out of the level of illumination and colors of illumination it has, it is important for you to consider a special type of bulb that can give your room the best light tweaks. This has never been possible before the emergence of SmartLight Bulb. As the name goes, it is a special and smart type of bulb that is capable of receiving signals.

If you want to offer your home that special look, now is the best time to do that with this smart bulb. just click this link to navigate to the official website for your purchase.

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