Starscope Monocular reviews 2022: Is starscope monocular worth buying?

Is starscope monocular worth buying? This starscope monocular review will help you understand what starscope monocular telescope is, its benefits, features, and what users are saying about it.

For far too long, the mobile phone began to serve perfectly as an instrument for capturing the most fun moment of our life. This camera in our smartphones has been there as a companion in time of need. For example, you use your camera when you are on the beach trying to catch fun, you went out for adventure and you really want to capture your moment with the wild animals or the times you went mountain climbing. All these times were the special moment you used the camera of your phone to capture for memory’s sake.

While your smartphone can do all these, it has a limitation which it has not been able to surmount—the problem of capturing distant objects. The phone can only capture objects that are near. Even Apple and Samsung phones have limitations to the distance their focus can reach. In a bid to capture distant animals during adventures and mountain climbing, everyone began to make a shift towards a binocular telescope. While the binocular telescope was really helping out in giving the exact image resolution and zooming out of the image, it was not left without shortcomings.

A binocular telescope can offer you a picture of a distant object clearly but its weight and size are canceling out the good resolutions of pictures it can produce. People continue to manage it until an innovation came. This innovative replacement of the binocular telescope came as a monocular telescope. It can capture any distant object, it is very portable as you can put it in your back or front pocket while going for your adventure or before using it. It is so great to use that it is currently causing a buzz all over the world.

Here, I will be walking you through how to use the best type of monocular telescope known as Starscope Monocular. Starscope monocular review is made to give you the simple guide you need to capture clearly any fun or exciting moment of your life. This device is a great one, it can help you capture any object irrespective of the distance of the object. As a unique device, you can use it in combination with your phone or alone.

In this article, you will get to know all about starscope monocular—including why people are really going for it, its features, benefits, Pros and cons, and what people who are using have said about starscope monocular. Please kindly go through this review to learn from the extra tips here as you will not see it in other starscope reviews including on the starscope monocular instructional manual.
Let’s delve into the full starscope monocular review.

starscope monocular reviews
starscope monocular reviews

What is Starscope Monocular

Starscope monocular is a special type of monocular telescope that helps you to capture your favorite objects irrespective of how far they are from you. It helps you to see the beauty of nature and life. With your monocular telescope, you can have the most memorable time while outdoor for adventure or for a picnic. It is simple to carry as it is lightweight and portable. You can easily convey it to where you want to use it by putting it in your pocket or in your handbag.

You can also use it in combination with your phones to capture a clearer picture with more resolutions. To achieve this, you will need to clip your phone with the eye of the Starscope monocular. You may need to use a clip but your hands can still serve this functions.

Starscope monocular is easy to handle as you do not need to be affiliated to any profession or be an expert in photography to use. You can always use it to achieve your perfect pictures anywhere anytime. If you are on a date or you are out for a romantic proposal, you can use this starscope monocular in combination with your phone to create the memorable scene. It is simple and cost affordable.

This one-eyed optical device can do to you what you have been spending dollars to achieve by using drones. Starscope can go far to offer you the desired image of the object. It also works perfectly with all kinds of smartphones including Android, Mac, Apple, and other devices that take pictures. It is not stressful to use, all you have got to do is to place one of your eyes on the focal spot, and you are ready to see and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Starscope is currently making heavy waves in many top countries of the world—including the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Israel, France, Columbia, and other countries. So far, sales on this product are really taking a geometrical rate which means that this monocular telescope is really worth having by everyone.

starscope monocular reviews
starscope monocular reviews

Why you need Starscope monocular

Up until now, you have used your phone to capture many events and objects. Sometimes you had to put your phone in its maximum zoom level possible just to ensure you capture that targeted object. If I may ask, have you ever been challenged by the camera in your phone for its inability to capture clearly an object that is a bit far from you? Are there times, you went hunting or sightseeing, either with friends or alone, and you were unable to get a full view of some of the gifts of nature you saw?

The answer is definitely yes, it has happened to me. So do not see it as if it has only happened you. It happened also too many. The worst is that sometime, the more you zoom out the image while taking the picture, it will become blur.

Currently, this innovative device is here to help. With Starscope monocular, you can capture objects that are 50 miles away from you with the resolutions and quality intact. You can do it with this alone or if you want it to be captured straight into you device, you will clip your device’s camera on the eyepiece of the Starscope monocular.

People enjoy to carry it around and use it as their best camera because it is simple and ergonomic by looks, very portable, user-friendly, and also affordable. When you see an object or something to capture irrespective of the distance, all you will do is to pull out your monocular telescope from your pocket and take your shots. It covers more than 80 Kilometers.

If you are a tourist or that you enjoy photographing, this Starscope monocular is really your favorite. Singly, it is very sufficient to offer you any resolution of image you may want. It is not like normal photographing camera that you will have setup somethings before using it. Or still, some heavy weight binoculars that will make you to always have their stand before using them. This monocular is so simple that you can control it with one hand.

In fact, it will definitely make the difference you want. Currently, people are using this opportunity of promo to get one or two for their use. Each day, Starscope monocular stock keeps depleting from the stores as a result of the high demand for it every day. Students who go sightseeing are not left out in this buzz by Starscope. In short, it is a must-have by all.

starscope monocular review
starscope monocular reviews

Starscope Monocular Benefits

  • It is made of an advanced Lens: The camera in this monocular telescope is advanced with computerized numerical control. This makes it very nice for many things.
  • BAK4 Prism type adds more resolution: This type of glass is a special type that makes images produced from it clear and boosts its appearance. It is only found in a few telescopes which star scope monocular is one of them. With this, you are very sure of a picture with the right resolution.
  • It is very easy to use: With its simplicity, you can easily use it without being a trained photographer or without attempting to acquire skills for using.
  • You are sure of images of high resolution from far objects: You can always take images without waiting for a cameraman or drone. All you need is to have your own Starscope monocular and you will start snapping and taking different shots of images that are within 80km distance.
  • It is waterproof and fog-proof: You can carry it while going on adventuring, hiking, and camping without any worry. This is because it is made with IP68 rated material which makes it waterproof. It is capable of last for a reasonable minute underwater or rain without obvious damage.
  • Starscope Monocular is a single eyepiece telescope: It is a fully operable telescopic Monocular. You can look up to about 50 miles away by holding up to your naked eyes.
  • You will have clear images: The lens has multiple coatings to give you extremely clear photos that are there in the costliest lenses of the camera.
  • You will not be afraid of falls or scratches: It is also surrounded by a protective and non-skid coating. So, you may use it in any of the conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is too hot or too cold.
  • You can easily hold it as it has a nice shape: It has a streamlined shape which is very easy to hold.

Specifications of Starscope Monocular

Magnification10x magnification
Lens diameter50 mm wide lens
Lens makeupBAK4 crystal prism lens
Dimensions15.5 x 7.0 x4.4 cm
weight320 g
starscope monocular
starscope monocular

Features of Starscope Monocular

  • Water Resistance: It has an IP68 water-resistant rate. With this feature, it offers you the chance to use this device when you are out hiking, picnic, adventure, or on other occasions while you are confident that rain will not damage it.
  • Scratch-free: The materials it is made is tactical in such a way that fall or scratch from rough surfaces will not affect Starscope monocular. Though this device is ergonomic to look at, even if it falls unknowingly, it will not have a scratch. This is really great on the part of the producer as it is not easy to have materials that will offer you this feature.
  • Lens: It has the best kind of lens as it is made of BAK4 prism which is known for its clear images. This lens is always used for high-powered devices like microscopes. As a sign of quality, it is also present in this monocular telescope.
  • Durability: You are the only one that can decide to change yours. The manufacturer company places a minimum of 10 years on it but it all depends on how you manage it. If you are using with care, it will definitely last longer for you. You can also choose to have it too so that you can use them separately.
  • Magnification: This monocular has a 10 power zoom with a 50mm objective. That’s a pretty size objective lens that should let in plenty of light for a good image at 10x without a problem. We appreciate the high magnification power and the lens diameter that is perfect for stargazing and other observations of astronomy.
  • Precision CNC/CAD construction: It is made up of advanced and accurate Computerized Numerical Control or Computer-Aided Design construction which makes it advanced.
  • Super Clean Photographs: One of the best things about Starscope Monocular is that it has super clear and sharp photos. You won’t surely be embarrassed to posts your shots on your social media accounts because they will look as if you used a professional camera. This amazing tool will surely give you an optimal view of the outdoors.
  • Telescoping: Another good thing about Starscope Monocular is that besides using it for taking amazing photos, you can also use it as a telescope. If you are planning to hike somewhere you’re not familiar with, worry not because you can use the device to check the road ahead of you. In this way, you know if it’s safe to still push through or if you need to go back.

How Does Starscope Monocular Work?

Starscope Monocular is easy to use as it depends on how you intend to use it. If you are using it for a distant object as a telescope, you will need to adjust the diopter until you can see clearly. It is not hard to achieve that as you will fix one of your eyes on it to see when the image of the object is clear for capture. It also comes with an eye cup in case you are wearing eyeglasses. What you will need to do is to turn the dial until it fits your choice by giving you the perfect image quality you want.

Apart from using Starscope monocular as a binocular, you can also use it as a camera. In this case, you will need your smartphone to achieve this.

What you will do is to set your monocular ready to your best image quality, then clip your smartphone the camera of your telescope and capture your image. It will be very clear provided that the image is not too far, more than 100km. Also as a way to assist you, it comes with a tripod which makes it possible for you to work with Starscope monocular without holding it with your hands. This helps you if you want to use it as a camera.

How to use Starscope monocular telescope

This device, Starscope monocular can be used by many people including hikers, travelers, adventurers etc. Its main use is in two forms; either in combination with your phone for more resolutions or just as a telescope. Whichever one you wish to use it for, it will always be easy for you as it is very portable and easy to use. There is also a tripod stand to enable you utilize it well if you want to use to boost the resolution of your camera.

Pros and Cons of Starscope Monocular

To every product or device, there are some secrets you need to know in order to maximize the use of it. In the other hand, there are also little shortcomings you must be aware so as to have a durable device. Though we have not seen any significant problem with this device, it is important for you to know the following Pros and cons of Starscope before you buy it.

Pros of Starscope monocular:

  • Fog-resistant: Starscope monocular is made in such a way that even the early morning fog will not ruin your images. If you are disturbed by the usual effects of fog each time you go outdoors to catch fun or to view the beauty of nature, it will cease with this monocular telescope.
  • Water-resistant: When you go out on an adventure and unfortunately, the rain started, you don’t have to be scared about your adventure being ruined. You can still do your thing and view and capture as many moments as you can even in the rain because Starscope Monocular has nothing on you. It may mean that you keep your phone safe but if it, you don’t have to bother.
  • Hands-free with tripod: You can use this device because the Starscope Monocular package always comes with a free tripod when you order one. You will see it as you unbox the package. This tripod makes it easy for you to use the device without having to hold it the whole time.
  • Scratch-resistant: It is made to be tactical when it falls on a hard surface. You don’t have to panic when your Monocular hits any hard surface because Starscope Monocular doesn’t take note of scratches as it has a scratch-resistant build.
  • Easy and firm grip: It has a lightweight of 320g and a dimension of 15.5 x 7.0 x 4.4 cm, which makes it light to carry around and small enough to be gripped with the cup of your palms. It is unlike the binocular that you have to hold with two hands. Luckily, it offers even better resolution compared to some binocular.
  • Durable: The glass of this lens is crafted using the most effective materials and ABS plastic. The good metallic finish makes it lasting it won’t break after hitting hard objects. It can last longer than others.
  • Enhances camera: You can attach your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to your Monocular as the Starscope Monocular comes with a phone holder. At this point, your smartphone assumes your eyes and takes super clear pictures exactly the way the Monocular has magnified it to appear, except that, unlike your eyes, these pictures are saved in your phone so that you can always revisit them.
  • In-built compass: Whether you forgot to take your actual compass with you during a hike, you will be fine, as long as you are with your Starscope Monocular. You don’t need to worry about missing your way because this device has an in-built compass that helps you stay on track.
  • Precision CNC/CAD feature: It is made up of advanced and accurate Computerized Numerical Control or Computer-Aided Design construction which makes it advanced.

You can also improve your vision if it is getting impaired through proper vision glasses.

Cons of Starscope monocular:

Below are the shortcomings we have noticed with respect to this Starscope monocular.

  • It is majorly for individual use and not for organization or professional like the binocular telescope.
  • You may need to also buy a clipper for your smartphones if you feel you are not comfortable with placing Starscope monocular on tripod and using your hand to hold your phone.
  • It has one eyepiece, while it will give you the resolution you need, it may not be exactly like those with two lens.
  • Starscope monocular telescope is limited especially with the current promo of 50% off plus free delivery which has made many people to go for the product every day.
  • You can only buy it from the official website of the manufacturer in order to enjoy the benefits like a chance to demand for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase of Starscope monocular.

How is Starscope monocular unique from others?

There are three major things that makes this monocular telescope unique from other ones you may see at your local store or anywhere. Those unique features include the presence of BAK4 prism lens. Which this type of lens, you are pretty sure of very nice pictures. It is almost the highest level you can have for giving quality resolution to distant images.

Also, Starscope monocular is very portable and easy to use. You cannot compare the portability of this device with other devices there. The fact that you can carry it in your pocket without getting to worry about it entering or not entering has covered and made you stand a step ahead. You also do not need special skills to start operating it. It is very user-friendly.

Moreover, Starscope monocular has a tripod stand. This is basically important if you want to use your smartphone to capture yourself or a far object without your hand touching the device. It makes using it so simple and like never before.

Is Starscope Monocular a scam?

No! It is not a scam. While you absolutely don’t need a special guide to start using this device, it is very necessary to also read Starscope monocular instructional manual like in every other new gadget you bought. It does not take you time but it will help you not to call this device Starscope monocular scam. You know, when you are not aware of some basic things about anything, it may be difficult for you to use it very well. So read the Starscope monocular reviews and instructional manual to avoid unnecessary delays.

Starscope Monocular reviews customer report

Many people have bought and are currently using this device. Some have shared their views about this device, which is what this section of Starscope monocular review is to offer—what the users have to say about it.

One thing I hate is getting to buy a low-quality product online. That was my first fear of this Starscope monocular. I only decided to give it a try the moment I saw customer care details, which means that I can reach the producer in case of any unexpected issue. I also saw the 30 days exchange and return period and other discounts. So I decided to go for this device. It is truly incredible!! Clear and nice pics from it. It is really worth the hype.

Louis Wandris

I had to purchase a monocular for getting those perfect shots, but become seriously confused when I saw the many different offers available. Immediately I remembered my discussion with Jack where he made mention of Starscope monocular reviews he read from which he believes it is the best. When I entered the online store and saw the price, I told myself that it is cheap and worth giving a try by first-timers like me. I purchased it and tried the first selfie with my phone. It worked! It is great.

Zekil Dmedi

Omg! Thanks to the maker of this awesome product. I never knew I could get this product for this price. It is cheap and wonderful. I can’t imagine that with my smartphone and this Starscope monocular I can easily capture anything I want. I have waited for a time like this to come. I am happy I have mine and it is working very well. I have talked to my boyfriend, he is going to have his for our next outing.

Rose Dowel

Starscope Monocular Price

To buy Starscope monoculars, it is very affordable now. You don’t have to break your bank account in order to buy a quality monocular telescope. This is the belief of the producer of Starscope monocular—the company’s vision is to make it universal and available for all that want to enjoy the beauty of nature in any way. The price of Starscope monocular is given below:

The company offers you the product at discounted rates.

  • If you purchase one unit of the Starscope Monocular, you will get it for $69.99. Here, you will get a 40% discount.
  • When you purchase two units of the product, you will get it for $139.98. You will save a 50% discount for yourself.
  • For three units of the product, the company has set the price at $209.97. Here you have a 55% discount on this purchase.
  • The manufacturers are also offering you a promotion for a buy two, get one free for a limited time.

Best place to buy Starscope Monocular

The best place to buy Starscope monocular is from the manufacturer, not only that you are sure of the quality you are buying, but you will also enjoy discounts and other entitlement which may include a 30-day period for you to demand either exchange or refund of your money if you decide to change your mind. It is simple to place an order on the online store of the manufacturer. You can still buy from starscope monocular amazon but the starscope monocular website is the best.

Sometimes, offer like Starscope monocular that id on high demand use to limited. Luckily, the company has switched to weekly production to ensure that it is available for all that want to buy. There current promo may also not last for long and that is why everyone is making their purchases now.

You can also see the best device for storing your pictures.

There is also contact details of the company, in case you want to reach out to them for any enquirers or follow up of your order. They are always there and ready to hear from you.

Customer care details

  • By Email:
  • By Phone: United States: 609 414 7087
  • Canada: 778 300 0854
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316

Address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 2020; 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands.

Extra tips on Starscope Monocular Reviews

What is a BAK4 prism?

BaK4 is a special feature in-camera that stands for BaritleichKron (German for “Barium Crown”). It is used in high-end binoculars to offer high resolution and quality images. It is the highest quality, most desirable way to build a monocular or binocular prism. Being part of Starscope monocular makes it unique and of high quality. With this lens, you are very assured of clear images from this device.

Frequently asked questions on Starscope Monocular Reviews

Is starscope monocular worth buying?

Starscope monocular from people’s review so far, worth the hype and it is really the best buy out there. Therefore starscope monocular telescope is the best buy.

Will Starscope monocular work with my smartphone?

Yes, it will work with almost any Apple iPhone or Android phone. Just clip it to your camera in seconds and start taking photos. So easy!

Can I use the Starscope Monocular without a phone?

Yes, the monocular is a fully functional telescopic monocular. You can hold it up to your eye and see things over 50 miles away!

Is Starscope monocular Compatible with Both Android and IOS Devices?

Yes, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You have to just clip Starscope Monocular in your device’s camera in no time and you will start taking amazing photos. It is very easy to operate.

Can the Starscope Monocular Be Used Without a Phone?

Yes, the Starscope Monocular can be used without a phone. It is a fully operable telescopic Monocular. You can look up to about 50 miles away by holding up to your naked eyes.

What is the Starscope Monocular made of? Are the lenses good?

The Starscope Monocular is made of real, high-quality optical GLASS. They are multicoated just like the most expensive camera lenses, to give you super-clear images. They are the finest quality that can be made.

Is the Starscope Monocular rugged?

Yes, it is extremely drop resistant and is covered with a non-skid, protective coating. You can use it safely even under extreme conditions!

What is Starscope monocular Made Of?

The Starscope Monocular is made of finest and genuine optical glass. It has multiple coatings to give you extremely clear photos that are there in the most costly lenses of the camera. The outer body of the lens is made of sturdy polymer.

Is Starscope monocular Rough and Tough?

Yes, it is extremely rough and tough. It is drop resistant and it is also surrounded by a protective and non-skid coating. You may use it in any of the conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is too hot or too cold.

What are the Payment Methods Available for Starscope monocular?

The payment on the company’s authentic website is safe. The payment methods available are Visa card, MasterCard and also by PayPal which are acceptable all over the world.

Conclusion on Starscope Monocular Reviews

Starscope monocular is a one eyepiece telescope which you can also use to capture high resolution and quality images when used in combination with your smartphone. It is user-friendly and very portable to handle. Alternatively, you decide to use the tripod that it comes with from the package. This makes it contact-free.

It is made of the highest grade of lens—BAK4 prism. This helps it to capture with quality display, an image that is within 80km. It is easy to operate and cost-effective. Buying it from the official website assures of 3 things which include:

  • 30-day exchange and refund rights.
  • Discount which increases with increase in units.
  • Originality.

So, get yours from the official website today to enjoy all it has to offer. Use the button below for your purchase.

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